Victoria’s Secret Photo Shoot Outtake Video

Victoria's Secret outtake

As you can see in the video above, disaster struck on the set of the latest Victoria’s Secret photo shoot when model Sveta Crapova pinched off a log into her panties while being photographed for the summer catalog.

Of course women shitting themselves is a common occurrence in the Western world, as they lack even the slightest bit of self-control and will often defecate whenever and wherever they please.

Come to think of it this is probably a clever marketing ploy by Victoria’s Secret to advertise to the filthy Western women that their panties hold up to even the most robust of dumps.

  • ur mum

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    • Niko Bellic

      This is the most disgusting thing I ever saw on this sight. Seroiusly, what is that? A model taking a shit? Gross as Big Pete’s sexual fantasies.

      • Luis Lopez

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        • Bennie

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    • Nuttyscat

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  • Adolf Hitler

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    • Jemima

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      • Jemima

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  • Paco


  • Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Jemima

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      • Abdullah The Butcher


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        • Uncle Ben

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  • Kahlid

    Typical Western whore.

    Selena Gomez does the same thing only she does it directly into Justine Bieber’s mouth. Coincidentally, that is how Jews are conceived.

    At least professional wetback Demi Lovato only poops in the woods.

  • slick dick willie

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    • My name is not required

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  • Observer

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    • My name is not required

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