Victoria Secret Model Marisa Miller Changing Bikinis

Marisa Miller

Here are some behind the scenes pictures of Victoria Secret model Marisa Miller changing bikinis.

I have to laugh at the woman trying to cover Marisa’s ass to protect her modesty. Marisa’s whole life revolves around wearing next to nothing and changing clothes in front of large groups of people. I don’t think she is exactly bashful.

However I do have to give props to the towel girl and guardian of Marisa Miller’s virtue. She showed up to work on a Victoria Secret bikini shoot in a bikini with her beer belly just hanging out. That takes guts… literally.


Marisa Miller Marisa Miller Marisa Miller Marisa Miller
Marisa Miller Marisa Miller Marisa Miller

  • Uncertainty99

    She’s pretty, but obviously not Marisa Miller.

    • Marisa Expert

      The girl in the white shirt showing her ass IS MARISA MILLER!

      The girl in the bikinis and being covered by the towel is Candice Swanepoel

      • Uncertainty99

        The checked-blue bikini girl (behind the towel) and the white-shirt girl are the same person. Note the band or tattoo on the left ankle.

  • olmk

    That’s Candice Swanepoel

  • urstupid

    Wow thats very much false advertisement. Dont mess with my heart strings like that

  • No One

    Yo idiot, she’s pregnant, not fat.

    • you

      Same thing, moron.

  • Lakawak

    I just wonder if the person who wrote the “beer belly’ part will hav hte integrity to admit how stupid he was for not realizing the difference. My guess is no. No integrity whatsoever. You will just slink back into the obscurity that you “life” your life and hope that like always, people forget about you the second you leave.

    I guess when you know that no one will ever have sex with you so you don’t have to worry about seeing someone pregnant, you don’t understand what it looks like,.

  • me

    that’s a roll of back fat, whether pregnant or not!

  • BaBa Booey

    I want to see her asshole.

  • Dead Edâ„¢

    Nice. I didn’t even have to rub one out. It just came out. Wow.