Victoria Justice’s New Black Boyfriend

Victoria Justice black boyfriend

It has been well documented on this site that when teen actress and slut Victoria Justice isn’t shoving over-sized phallic objects in her diseased baby box, she likes to bang black guys, as she has been romantically linked to every one from LeBron James to Jaden Smith.

Now it appears as though Victoria has found some new dark meat to feast upon, and this new black boyfriend is one goofy looking bastard. Of course Victoria Justice isn’t a picky woman, but still this guy looks like a damn Muppet.

Victoria Justice must be extremely desperate for the black dick to settle for this Urkel. Could it be that there are now so many race traitor sluts in the heathen US of A that black men are in short supply?

It is like the great cotton crop of 1816 all over again!


    the owner of this stupid FU*CKING site really should get a better job then posting all these fake photos and stories

    • Kahlid

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    • Queer Pete’s Boyfriend

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    • idiots

      This site is satire. Which means its fake and made up.

      The owner of your stupid fucking body should of aborted you. Or did a better job raising you. Your mom is probably some burnt out meth whore lying in a ditch with her legs spread.


    and not sure why this owner hates US celebs, actresses and models so much till he always posts all fake photos of them.

  • Hamish

    CELEBS FAN. You are quite possibly the dumbest fuck alive!


      i admire them a lot. not like u Muslims who are always waging war in the world


    plus fake and dumb stories about them also. hope the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security and Interpol arrest him and sentence him to life in prison without parole and fined him US 600,000,000

  • Kahlid

    Her coal burner status is confirmed.

    I hope she enjoys Hell.

    Then again, since she is subhuman, I don’t think she has a soul. Abids definitely don’t so they may not suffer eternal damnation.

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  • Tyrone shoelsces

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  • Observer

    I believe that is simply her house boy…..

    ….her field boy is outside feeding the goats….

    • Tyrone shoelaces

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  • idiots

    It saddens me this whorish wetback only takes giant black google dicks.

    She can probably fit a parking cone up her stretched out slab of roast beef.

  • jp

    He looks like such a nerd!!

  • fuck face

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  • Kahlid

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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          • Mufti David

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            Brother Abdullah

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  • habib kahlid ali mustaffa

    Jr Shoelaces

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Nyan Cat Wuvs You Americans

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  • Nyan Cat Wuvs You Americans

    Nyan!! That is Berf from her TV show “Victorious”. She is just taking picture with her onscreen buddies such as berf, cat, beck, robbie and andre (not mostly jade). Berf is the only friend of the weird onscreen Sinjin Vancleef, who is good at audio and spying and mostly weirdness like collecting past president’s relatives teeth. Berf is also the type as Sinjin but doesn’t have an obsessive crush on Jade or Tori. Berf kid is not the new boyfriend and please close up this site or I will shoot you unless if you answer with my nyan gun!!

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  • Grand Kleagle Otis

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  • Kattie Williams

    fuck all ya cause whoeva posted this is rasist for saying new black boyfriend they could have reworded it like just new boyfriend. black boyfriend was unessesary. im sorry it just might ofend some people