Victoria Justice Visits A Sex Toy Factory

Victoria Justice dildo factory

Teen Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice appears to be visiting a sex toy factory in the shameful photo above.

Victoria Justice’s love of dildos is certainly no secret, as it has been painstakingly documented on this holy Muslim website, so it really comes as no surprise that Victoria is taking her sex toy fetish to the next level by going to the source for her dildo needs.

It looks like Victoria is ordering 10 crates of the jumbo sized black dildos, but she may be ordering just five and the other hand is the number of pallets of anal beads she requires. Regardless the Chinamen in this factory are going to be working through the night to meet Victoria Justice’s ravenous sex toy needs.

  • Grandma Henchman

    This site is very inappropriate.
    Besides there were no plastic penis in the good old days. We only had sex with regular man meat (If you know what I mean…)

    My homosexual grandson Henchman told me that one of the clients of these kind of sexual artifacts is a person with the nickname of Grand Dragon Pete. Is that true?

    This is not nice and a big sin too.

    • Zohair – The Good One

      Well Good Evening Grandma, and how nice of you to drop by.

      Unlike the rude American Infidels, we Muslims respect our elders, even when we don’t particularly love them.

      Anyway, I cannot speak about Henchman, however I can inform you about this Pete character that you mentioned. He is the Undisputed Heavywight Champion of Cock Sucking Worldwide

      He has won this title 6 consecutive years in a row now, and the Worldwide Homosexual Association is thinking about naming a city after his Cock Sucking skills.

      Many a Gloryhole has been named after him already , he truly is the greatest American Cock Sucking hero.

      So I am sure whatever Dildos that you are looking for, Pete must know about them

      • Grand Dragon Pete


        That was one homo filled comment.

        Ha. Ain’t nobody on this KKK site believes that mountain of bullshit you just wrote.

        I’m bored with your posts.


        • Zohair – The Good One

          Ah Pete! You broke my heart…

          Here I was thinking, we could be BEF (Best Enemies Forever) :)

          Anyway, on a serious note mate, only the Mentally Handicapped and the Googles get bored so frequently………..and this time I’m not kidding

          So just in case you actually aren’t a google…….you might wanna visit you nearest Psychiatrist to get your Mental health checked

          • Grand Dragon Pete


            And only homos talk about sucking cock as much as you did in your previous comment.

            You may want to visit a suicide doctor to get help with that problem.


          • Artist

            Whoa! That girl is a freeky.

          • The West is the Best

            Looks like my nurse is all set to give me my enema so Grand Dragon Pete will have a smooth slide in and out, in and out.

          • Zohair – The Good One

            Hey, The West is the Best

            Be honest, You are a negro right?

          • The West is the Best

            Yes i am so wat

          • Zohair – The Good One

            If you have to ask ‘So what’ you don’t deserve to know.

            Being a negro itself is grounds for incarceration.

      • Grandma Henchman

        Nice to know you, young man Zohair!

        Actually, I’ve already been told that Muslims are good, well educated and mentally sane people.
        About that Mr. Peter character: I see that he is a lost soul and a very bad role model for young people.
        You can tell him to come to my home in Arkansas. I’ll be waiting for him behind the door and I’ll shove a broomstick covered with taco sauce up his junk in the trunk.

        • Zohair – The Good One

          My word Grandma!

          You’ll ‘shove a broomstick covered with taco sauce up Pete’s Ass’ ???

          Do you want to torture him or give him the best day of his life???

        • Grandma Henchman

          Maybe you’re right young man.

          I tried the same recipe with my grandson Henchman #1 and I couldn’t heal his homosexual sickness. But he is also masochist.
          Maybe with this Mr. Pete case things will run better.

          PS – The taco sauce I use is very, but VERY, spicy.

        • Henchman #2

          Beloved Grandma

          I’ll help you with dealing with Pete.

          Then i’ll take over the KKK and get rid of all the Fags ( which will be all of them) and replace them with “normal people”

          Then we will make America a better place by executing all of the previous faggy klan members and then executing all the fags in America!

          Hope your proud grandma!

          -Henchman #2

          • Grandma Henchman

            That’s ma boy!

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Homo #2

            And then….and then…..and then….

            And then……your daddy put his cock in your mouth and you finally shut up.

            What’s it like to be 15 yrs old and still suck on a “pacifier?”

            Ha. You love it.


  • The West is the Best

    What this is is Victorias new job since her show was taken off the air she works baskstage at the TJ donkey shows she is shown here having the nasty task of cleaning the dildos and other toys Alissa DiCarlo used in her donkey act she is wearing the gloves so not to get any std’s left on them by DiCunto this is just before she put on a gas mask because the foul odor was making her retch.

    • All American Male

      I know what your talking about I was in Mexico last week and saw this DiCarlo do an afternoon show I felt sorry for the donkey she is a nasty looking swine not only that but even sitting 4 or 5 rows back her pussy and ass smell was so bad I was choking and had to leave half way thru the show because I was going to throw up.

      • The West is the Best

        All American

        Thats to bad you had to witness and smell that horror I hope you got your money back.

        • All American Male


          No they would not give me my cash back they offered a free ticket for the next show and I told them if it’s with that foul DiCarlo bitch no way.

  • Anubis

    The filthy sex crazed Nick whore must be branching off from her Victoria’s Secret slutty clothing line to her favorite line of perverted infidel sex toys. Homos like Queer Bob and the skype Douche Bag Gayan will be flocking to her store to find fudge packing ones.

    Even beaner harlot Selena Homez may take time off from her TJ donkey shows to find a double ended dildo to use on other celebrity lesboqueers like limey Emma Watson or Jennette McCurdy.

    This disgusting Kuffar sex toy facility must be shut down immediately before more western sluts and other homoqueers become even more degenerate.

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    Vic is pictured with the ‘Lil Pete 10’…….the dildo that resembles by 10″ penis from when I was a 12 year old boy. This is for women who are young and have yet to have big aryan cock penetrate them.

    Once they reacy 17-20 and have had big aryan cock in them…..they graduate to the “Big Pete 14”

    If they’re lucky… day they get the “Real Deal 16″…….which is my real cock.


    • Farzan The Wise

      Up The Pooper Pete

      Will those models have shit stains all over them like your pecker does ?

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Fag Farzan

        My dick is always clean…..because your daughter is always sucking it.


        • Farzan The Wise

          Up The Pooper Pete

          How could it be clean when its always pumping another klansmans anus? I’m sure your dick is so filthy with shit it looks like its covered in bacon.

          Eat shit queer

      • The West is the Best

        Fartzan the fag

        Yours dick is the only one with shit on it this happens everytime you finish packing Anal Abdullahs ass.

        • Farzan The Wise

          West is Gayest

          I’m sure you will be the first in line to buy the ” Real Deal 16 “

          • The West is the Best

            Fartzan the fag

            I see you have looked at Petes post when you saw the real deal 16 your mouth started to water and your little micro muslim 3 was trying to become erect you better stick with Anal Abdulla cause pete is not gay and I am not gay and taking Abdullah’s mini 4 which to a muslim is well hung the real deal 16 would kill you.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          gay west

          I see that beaner is working making replicas of your “peach colored pacifier” that you sucked on back during your teen homo years.

          I suppose now that gay pete has seen it…everybody in the trannyklan will be putting in their order by the end of the day.

          Well, suck them now because when us Muslims drop the Iranian atom bomb on california…your glory hole will get moved to hell.

          • The West is the Best

            Anal Abdullah the queer.

            No that is your traing dildo for new homo muslims so they can work there way up to camel dicks and you are the instructor it is the hight of your day to have the young fag muslim probie’s all bent over while you work the training tool(Dildo) in and out of each ones ass it must be a grand time at the training camp(Gloryhole) For you.

          • moshe dayan

            Anal Abdullah,

            Just wanted to let you know that your “special reserve” order of peach covered latex dildos has just arrived at the Tikrit dock. Each one in the skid of 365 bears the signature of one of your favorite gay porn starts so you can do a different one each day of the year.

            Eat shit and die sick mofo

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            west is gayest and mangina

            I hope you two fags kill each other by stuffing them peach colored dildos up each others ass.

            hell, one of you will probably fart and explode like a “shit-filled” IED.

            Ha…that would be a funny sight to behold….but not to be near.

          • The West is the Best

            Anal Abdullah the child molester

            I must say you are very good at multi tasking you can shove training tools(Dildos) up the asses of probie muslim homos and suck black cock at the glory hole all while being butt fucked thats amazing.

  • gabriel the glutton

    After this photo I will admit that most of the photos here are fake however they are fantastic. KKK is gay. PRAISE ALLAH!!!

    • The West is the Best

      Grabs dick the cum glutton

      And your an ass kissing fag you will do well at the muslim gloryhole.

  • big john

    fuck muslims allah is fake jesus will put u in hell

    • Sweet Brown

      Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!

  • mayhem


  • mayhem


  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    When Victoria takes out all the body pait colors I know she seriously wants to have fun :-)

    • The West is the Best

      Allsmelly DiCunto Aka rotten pussy,Acne ass and stinky

      Maybe you should take out some soap and shower every once in a while so you stench might not be so bad.

  • The West is the Best

    I guess I do have a short penis. I tried to measure it once with a ruler when it was stiff but I couldn’t get an accurate measurement cause my penis was curved and the ruler was straight. But its the same size as my thumb so? Big enough.

    • The West is the Best

      Imposter West

      You sure post about dicks a lot And i no you are Alissa DiCarlo because your IP address is the same When you post as the imposter west and as Alissa DiCunto so BUSTED BITCH!!!

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I don’t post about ‘your’ dick a lot cause its a 2 inch chipmunk dick and no one wants to hear about a dick that small. You need to learn to respect women though. You have a problem. You hate women.

    • The West is the Best

      Allsmelly Dicunto

      You are even more of an idiot that i thought this time you even forgot to ghange to my screen name before you posted all those donkey dicks must have cause you brain damage. Like I said before I don’t hate women just donkey&dog fuckers like you.

  • Fuck This

    She’s obviously tye dyeing a shirt. Some dumb shit poorly photo-shopped in some sex toys and all you fucktards go crazy. Yeah, you see that T-shirt behind her? And the TYE DYEING dyes? Those things totally represent sex in every way imaginable. Get off the internet you terrorist wannabes.

    • Imam Khalid

      Silence, homoqueer. All of the pictures on this Holy site are examined and approved by Islamic scientists certified in the field of photography.

      As documented here on CelebJihad, Victoria Justice is a slut bitch whore in heat and her crafting sin rockets for her foul snatch is among the least of this larlot’s crimes against man and Allah.

      Now shut your fucking cockhole before I track you down and burn your collection of tranny porn in front of you.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Suck my plastic dick you dumb google.

    • Crackhead Nigger

      Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    • The West is the Best

      Allsmelly DiCunto

      Not even a google would lower himself to suck a dildo thats been up your smelly pussy it would have to soak in bleach and sit out in the open air for 24 hrs. to rid it of your stench and remove at least some of the std’s.

  • Zaman


  • Abdul Kiar

    The parents of Victoria Justice pimped her out.

    She`s the biggest teen slut on this site,possibly the world besides Emma Watson .

    Fuckin shameful.

  • dumbfuckers

    dumbass you just photoshopped that dildo on there

  • Retards

    I was the one who photoshopped it