Victoria Justice Tries To Seduce Muslim Men

Victoria Justice flirt

Victoria Justice went on the popular Al-Jazeera morning show “Nasir & Nasib”, and shamelessly tries to seduce us virile Muslim men in the video above.

If Victoria Justice thinks that by suggestively winking and seductively licking her lips us Muslims will honor her with our enormous tunic snakes and potent man seed, she has another thing coming.

As the Qur’an teaches us, a woman is repulsive by nature, and must only be tolerated for breeding purposes. At 19-years-old Victoria Justice is well beyond her best birthing years, so really her only shot at getting some holy Muslim dick is to pretend to be younger and hope that a Muslim is in such good spirits from drinking fermented yak’s milk that he doesn’t notice.

  • Osama Gaddafi


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          • Imam Khalid

            She is licking her lips to entice me but she will never taste my Islamic baby batter.

            It is reserved for devout Musliminas like Hayden Panettiere and Jennifer Love Hewitt an only if they are good and don’t backtalk me.

            We don’t brook back sass from any of our phillies.

            ALLAHU AKBAR!

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    I’m glad to see my iPhone camera is working……

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    She can be quite fashionable when she wants to be……

  • The Unholy

    HA HA. Durka just pulled one of the “reptilian shapeshifter” videos off of youtube.

  • Mehmet

    I love that show Nasir and Nasib. It is the best!

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Ohhhh Goddddd!!!! I waaaannntt heerrrr sooooo bbbaaaaaaddd!!!!! I could cry!!!

  • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

    Shut your mouth lesbodyke!!! She is not for you!!! She is for Muslim men!

  • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

    She is hpoing to be permitted to lick the assholes of pious Muslim men.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Hells no! She wants to circulate her tongue through my wet pussy.

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    If you guys at the BFRO want me to show you the area I can but I ain’t going in to the woods this thing is pissed about something and i belive it was a Bigfoot.

    Thank you Jake.

    • Ahmadi

      Dat what you get for pranking Bigfoot, you dddumb shit.

    • America rules

      Wrong site Jake

      This is not the BFRO this is a gay muslim site while these filthy muslims may smell like a Bigfoot and almost as hairy there just gay muslims.

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        • TheCognizantBeing


  • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

    Oh, don’t be concerned. That’s just brother Khalif. He lives in those hills, and he only showers one per year, in the spring usually. His annual bath is coming up in April I believe, so he smells very badly right now. He doesn’t bight unless provoked.

    • Ass rimming muslims are gay

      Sounds more like that Fat ass queer abdullah was swinging his huge dildo at this poor sot.

  • Pindar The Great

    If I remember this episode correctly Nasir & Nasib smacked Victoria across the face with their balls knocking her off her stool.

  • The West Is the Best

    Pindick the geek.

    No it was the one where you were taking it up the ass from a large black dick.

  • mayhem


  • Abdullah The Butcher

    At 20 years old, there ain’t anything us Muslims would want from old “granny” victoria.

    Our Harems ain’t “old folks homes” If that old beaner wants a virile Muslim…she should have thought about it 14 years ago, when she was in her sexual prime.

    Go to hell victoria, you disgust us.

  • Homer

    She is fukin sexy!!!

  • Ham

    Bitches on this website are u gonna believe she is doing what it is ,
    It is the paparazzi u morons they make up stuff

  • Donald

    Yeah I could see that.

  • A Paki

    you pakis wish u cud get that stfu with ur repulsive talk acting like shes a slut u wish she tried doing anything like u wud be jumping all over her u paki

  • TheCognizantBeing

    What the fuck?! I’m Muslim and this site is repulsive! I literally almost flipped when I scrolled down to the comment box only to see it say, “Speak out against the Infidels”, man you dumbfucks must be shitting on a brick. This is what makes Muslim people look bad now, people who take the religion of Islam, abuse it and ascribe false political policies in it. Go fuck with yourself. This is a Muslim group that should drop the hard ball internet act and pray to Allah and repent for your sins!

  • CAC BU

    Muslim men do nothing but drooling ..and licked her asshole