Victoria Justice Topless In Jeans

Victoria Justice topless

Teen Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice shows off her tight body and perky tits in the topless photo above.

This topless pic of Victoria Justice was inevitable as her career in heathen Hollywood has failed to take off despite the fact that she is just as slutty as her rival Selena Gomez.

Unfortunately for Victoria this isn’t the 90’s and a topless photo just isn’t going to be edgy enough to kick start her career. The infidel public’s appetite for depravity has grown considerably, and now only a video of Victoria getting her ass stretched by a big black one will get her the attention she needs.

  • Arcachnar

    That’s hot. Nice body.

    • Arcachnar


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      • Arcachnar

        Oops typo is should read women.

        • Arcachnar

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          • Arcachnar

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    • sam

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  • The real Big Pete

    I’m sick of looking at this relic from the 1800s.
    victoria reminds me of a camel that is on its last caravan.

    Hopefully Islam will be conquering the u.s.of a. soon and these “Giwf” (grannys I wouldn’t fuck) pics will be no more


    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Big gay pete

      I told you earlier to not steal my identity…….even though this post does make sense.

      • Tecumseh

        shaddup and sit down you big fat fucks,

        Victoria Justice is the eagle that sores higher then the rest, she wears her war feathers well. She soars higher then any of these other lesser, celebs on this site.

        She is a proud strong Native American. I may even make her one of my wives. With the correct training, she could some day lead a tribe, and eradicate the whiteman so we may take back are country the great Turtle Island.

        Anyone who speaks ill agaisnt her has to deal with the Great leader Tecumseh!

        • Prince Juan Carlos Balone

          Ms Victoria’s mother reigns from Spain and that’s where she gets her beautiful, long, flowing dark hair and perfectly shaped body.

          The coast of Spain is filled with beautiful women who take their taut bodies to the beach every day of the year. The best of the best are given gold bars and brought back to my estate where they are given the sexiest lingerie and have the pool and butler at their service.

          Spanish women are treated like the beauties they are and in a very short period of time, Ms Victoria will be making her way back to the mother land to enjoy all that me and my estate has to offer.

          • Tecumseh

            Prince Waun Emanual Taco Meat

            You believe some whitemans lies, at your read on some whatmans site named Wikipedia. All of your lies and corruption will get you thrown in a jail cell, on the beaches of Spain where you will eat nothing but rats!

            If this Victoria Justice aka Sweet Hairless Fox (injun name) was spanish, she would have a bowl of rice in hear hands and a flower in her hair, and she would be about go get raped by some dutch pirate(probally this gay pete i hear about)

            She wears the Tribal feather Sweet Hairless Fox belongs to me. I may one day even trust her enough to fetch my FireWater on command.

            Do not judge your neighbor until you walk two moons in his moccasins

        • Ifuckedvictoriajustice

          ^^^WHAT THE FUCK???^^^

    • USA

      good luck taking over america. we’d stomp on you so hard your head would spin. And if our women don’t appease you why do you make a website that shows beautiful American women. I think its because muslim women are dried up ungreatful whores. So thank America for women that you masterbate over

      • Abdullah The Butcher


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        • Jack

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        • USA

          What the hell is wrong with our world,tv is dead, music is dead, and the dark knight rises sucked. Victoria justice is hot. But not hotter then ariana

          • Abdullah The Butcher

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            And when Islam takes over, you’ll be dead.

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      • USA

        What the hell is wrong with our world?

    • a guy

      Good luck with that. Now that we have osama and hussein taken care of, all we have left to worry about is the rest of you towel-heads.

    • DumThatYouPostedThat

      Question. If you are so offended by her and by these kinds of photos, then why did you look them up? Idiot.

  • Calvin Jackson

    Pete, you wouldn’t fuck her lookin like that? C’mon, who are you kidding?

    • The real Big Pete


      big gay pete is a fag. the only way he’d fuck her if she had the transhomoqueersexual operation and became a man.

  • NotGay

    Is she mexican or what?

    • Kahlid

      Yes, she is a filthy wetback like Selena Gomex and Demi “Linebacker With Tits” Lovato.

      They will all be lapidated.


      • Tecumseh

        @ cunt lid

        I warned you, you fucking sand monkey… leave this one alone

        @not gay

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        • Grand Dragon Pete

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          • Isbt

            Grand dragon Pete
            It sounds like you are mad. You need a hug.

          • Tecumseh


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        • USA RULES

          Are u fuckin stupid? Victoria Justice was born in Hollywood. Her mom is puertorican and her dad is English,german,and irish decent. Not only isnt she a red skinned gold stealing idian but shes never gonna be ur wife! Shes a whore already! And as for u and the muslims, who killed osama bin laden, who has nukes tht could wipe out half of africa, who won world war ii,heres a hint, USA! Ur just all haters. Ill make sure to kill more buffalo! And for the taliban queers,im bombin ur buildings bitchez!

          • Arcachnar

            While you are right about Victoria, you do missed the facts that:

            1) The US helped Canada and the British to win WWII. Don’t make your country contribution bigger than it was.

            2) The US would be real dumb, if they began to nuke other countries. It will ruin their reputation (which is already bad), causing all out war and destruction of the world and civilization. (The US will feel the consequences with the banks and everything.)

          • Abdullah The Butcher

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          • Luis Lopez

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          • Jacks Real Name Tyler

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          • USA

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          • Arcachnar

            @USA Marvin Marvin? Who is that?

        • Ifuckedvictoriajustice

          Its sand google not sand monkey

        • michael

          wow she is hot

        • michael

          i think this is photoshopped

        • The Real American

          i think youre the mexican Tecumesh because Victoria Justice isnt Mexican youre right about that but shes not indian either shes full blood American

  • Vj fan

    I love her ;)

    • Dick Hertz

      Damn, man, you were doing your granny until she passed away.

  • Dick Hertz

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  • Samuel

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  • Samuel

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      • USA RULES

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

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      • Jacks Real Name Tyler

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    • The Real American

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  • Frank

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    • Jacks Real Name Tyler

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  • Suck a cow

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  • IceBlade21

    This photo was edited with photoshop but she’s still damn hot

    • I’m 2 awesome 4 u

      it doesnt look photoshopped to me but i will look around the picture and see if i can find any evidence

  • I’m 2 awesome 4 u

    Wait I spotted sumthing fishy! Its because this picture is to damn hot!


    This is real

    • I’m 2 awesome 4 u

      Is it really? If it is I’m the happiest man on Earth :D

  • I PWN

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    Lol, I’m not sure whether to take this site seriously or not… First of all, the photo is obviously photoshopped, but is done so quite well. This is an even better porn site than xvideos or the like. Good job trying to prevent whatever the fuck it is you’re trying to do. In the meantime, I, and many others, will continues fapping away to all of these photos.

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  • lucy

    i love the photo shop. 1. the neck 2. she has bigger boobs 3. she would never do that. 4.who would smile during a half naked pic lolol. but its def not real

  • lucy

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