Victoria Justice Shows Off Her Fav Sex Toys

Victoria Justice

Teen Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice is happily showing off her 2 absolute favorite sex toys in the photo above. Victoria won’t go anywhere without her solid gold dildo and tiny sex doll, and it is pretty obvious from the picture above why.

From Victoria’s smile and that twinkle in her eye, it is painfully clear that she enjoys shoving that gold dildo hard in her ass while she pretends to lick that doll’s plastic cooch. She then double penetrates herself by sticking both firmly up into her disgusting holes.

As this picture of Victoria Justice with her sex toys proves, she is definitely one sick sexual deviant.

  • theheadchimp

    Its even sicker than you think, her plastic doll has its own dildo…..

    • ishitonmuslims23

      fucking idiot its a mic

  • Anubis

    Look at the size of the solid gold dildo. That rich bitch doesn’t mess around with that thing. When she’s horny, she goes for the gusto, shrieking and lashing her legs about when that thing buzzes away like a jackhammer.

    I just realized something. I think her sex doll holding the small dildo looks a lot like lesboqueer Selena Gomez. Now how sick is that? She must really have the hots for that Disney slut, and gets off thrusting “Selena” in and out of her shaved clam moaning her name. The big ass golden dildo buzzing far up her butt, then switches holes so that “Selena” visits every pleasure hole. Her sexual depravity is appalling.

  • lazyspeller

    I say : she must ordered to do that posing with those mic and doll…. she may not notice her doing its zionist who controll all entertainment industry….. and boys…stop think dirty.