Victoria Justice Sexy Stomach Videos

Victoria Justice stomach

Teen Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice shows off her bare stomach while dressed like a typical Western whore in the videos above and below.

Most infidel women have flabby guts that are covered in stretch marks, abortion scars, and needle marks, so it is not surprising that Victoria Justice is proudly flaunting her relatively unblemished midriff.

Unfortunately for Victoria Justice her stomach vanity will be short lived, as she is long overdue to be knocked up by some Puerto Rican. Leaving her body in these videos a distant memory of her lost youth.


Victoria Justice stomach

  • First One

    Sexy abs!

    • Philly Phanatic

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  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    Long overdue…???

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    …and I have some “fill” for that juicy belly button…..

  • Not Gay

    I wonder what her pussy tastes like?

    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

      Pennies and tuna…

      • Not Gay

        Maybe it tastes like dick!

    • Moshe Dayan

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  • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

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      • james

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  • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

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  • Link

    Ugh her stomach.. All the americans are fat these days.

  • Moshe Dayan

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  • Abdul Kiar

    Victoria Justice needs to take that rope wrapped
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  • Zeppelin

    At least they finally got the porte rican thing correct.

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