Victoria Justice Sets A Bad Example In A Bikini

Victoria Justice bikini

Nickelodeon star and teen slut Victoria Justice has finally gone too far by getting her picture taken while flying through the air in a tiny blue bikini.

Dressed like that we can only assume that Victoria Justice is jumping into a big pile of cock! Why Victoria thinks it is OK for her to wear a bikini like this when she is a role model to millions of mentally challenged teen girls is beyond me.

Already I have seen the devastating effects of this Victoria Justice bikini picture when I went to my local public pool. Teen girls of all shapes and sizes are wearing revealing swimsuits obviously in an effort to be just like Victoria Justice.

Of course I yelled at them in Arabic that they are whores and Victoria Justice is a false idol. They ran away screaming which tells me they know they were doing something wrong. Victoria Justice should be ashamed of her self for corrupting the minds and morals of her fans with this bikini picture.

  • arlle


  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Just wait until her “puerto rican ass gene” kicks in full power. There won’t be a tent at Target large enough to cover her soon to be extra large ass.

    This infidel will be causing trouble for Islam for a long time to come….unless she is taken care of in Sharia Court.

    I say….issue the fatwa and rid ourselves of this demon.


  • FUKislam

    you muslims are so fucking stupid. So is every other religious group but you guys are by far the dumbest and most delusional. Every single one of you bastards could go blow yourselves up and the world would not give a shit. go pray and eat goat shit you fuckin swine.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      brainless asshole

      No doubt you learned your profanity from growing up in the whorehouse where your mother worked.

      When Islam takes over, your tongue shall be cut from your filthy mouth and shoved up your ass.

      • SEAL

        You filthy pieces of shit will never do anything you have no fucking followers we all know you have a god damn corrupt government and you need some one else to help you manage yourselves.

        You worthless cock sucking bitches deserve to be blown up along with your whole country and religion

  • Victoria’s Lover

    Bro, again, they’re not Muslims and Vic isn’t a whore, she doesn’t have a puerto rican butt gene, because for one, that is brazilians you retards, the other “big butt” picture was just shot at a bad angle, she has a taztouz but its nice, shou hal taztouz el helweh, Vic is actually very well mannered and good looking, no need for you “Muslims” to get all up in OUR face, you guys need to stop being stupid and proving you guys arent Muslims! I’m ashamed to have to call you perverted pigs humans, let alone Americans(sadly) don’t act as if this isn’t true

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      victoria’s stalker

      You are a dumbass, dress wearing transqueersexual, with an erotic attachment to a fat assed, high-yellow half-spic.
      You also break into “google mode” from time to time, which tells us Muslims you have ghetto experience.

      Do not waste space on this holy site with your stupid comments.
      If you want to speak against the infidel whores of hollywood or the corrupt american culture, that is fine. But do not waste time going on with your boring lies about how victoria is some kind of upstanding female. She is a slut like all hollywood females. It is the truth and it cannot be disputed.

      Now…fuck off homoqueer.


  • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

    Victoria’s Lover,
    Hold you alien tongue for audiences that will not despise it. What heathen language was that even?
    Perverted pig people? Was that the best insult you could muster up out of your feeble infidel head?
    Do you insinuate that some of fine, strong, fully bearded, holy muslim men here are in fact Nascar-brained ignorant fat ass Americans? This is an insult to Islam itself.
    Infidel bitch, a fatwa shall be issued. You head will be skewered on a pike outside my farm as a reminder to all American lard asses of what happens when you think you’re better than the rest of the world.
    Enjoy what’s left of your sinful life.

    • SEAL

      You say you mother fucking pussy’s are “fine” and “strong” what you really are is low life bastards that think because they have a fake god they are more “precious”

  • notyalc

    Osama, I’m pretty sure that the declaring of a fatwa requires at least some stature or rank not just somebody who has taken the nickname of a dead man who died hiding behind a woman.

    • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

      As I am not as of yet a mufti, I am acquainted with several scholars of Islam. Now you’ve given me the trouble of explaining this to a crack head infidel like you and insulting one of our national saints I will suggest a haraam be ordered on you too.
      If these fatwas do or do not come through needless to say when Sharia Law takes over you will all experience our holy wrath first hand.
      We are no Sunni bitches.

      • notyalc

        Absolutely right… you’re just bitches

  • IHateCelebs

    She has a tiny little rat head.

  • hinduawesome

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    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Your racist rant only makes us muslims laugh.
      From the way you talk, you must be part google and hindu. Which would make you the filthiest asshole alive.

      Us Muslims are obedient to Allah and in return he has given us the world.

      Eat shit and die mofo

  • Les miserable

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    My Way:
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  • Les miserable

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Les Google

      Your ghetto philosophy is stupid.
      Don’t waste space on this site with your mindless, google drivel.

      In other words: go baks to wherz u came frumz.

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      • notyalc

        Yeah Les! This site is for mindless Muslim drivel only! GEEEZ!

      • SEAL

        Hitler was no “bad guy” he was a true hero because he tried to kill annoying as fuck muslims to rid this world of your presence

    • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

      Les Gullable
      You’re a christian.
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      Your ignorance is pathetic. “yall sum dum bitch ya herd?”

  • asdfadf

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      Muslims is a strange name for your mother.

  • osama jerks off

    but not to this bony bitch. no body on this skank

  • YourWhite MAMMA

    WHO GIVES A F*^K SHE”S LEGAL I GOOGLED HER AND SHE Was born February 19, 1993 BY MY CALCULATIONS SHE”S OVER 18 so YOU ALL CAN GO AND F*^K EACHOTHERS MOTHERS & GOATS OR WHATEVER THE F*^K YOU DUMBA$$ES DO AND LET HER DO THE SAME IT’S CALLED THE F^*K!N LAND OF THE FREE SO FUCK OFF. One last thing her being soo old why does she have a body of a pre teen? Is Nickelodeon stunting her growth to make her appear younger I think that might be a better F*^K!N better story then her F^*K!N wearing a bikini SO WHAT WHO REALLY CARES?

  • Abdullah The Butcher


    You dumbass mofo.

    This pic of the infidel slut victoria, was clearly taken after a month of crash dieting, in order to play the role of a kuffar preteen.

    Like a dumbass, you are concerned with her age.
    Us Muslims are more concerned about morality and virtue. It is clear that only a whore would leap through the air in her underwear. This means victoria is a slut and deserves the full penality under Sharia Law.

    Under Islamic rule she would have been married to a fine Muslim years ago and this sort of behavior would not have happened.

    After Islam takes over, we will make decent women out of the whores of america.

    • Victoria’s Lover

      This was years ago you idiots, I’ll be the bigger man here and end this pointless conversation which is going nowhere, guys, shun these pieces of trash, you can hear me all day but your foolish mind will not comprehend the words I speak, I give up on trying to change your stupidity, annoying troll, not Muslim, again…trolls…

    • Djdjdjdidishdjssodjskaozpsjdnd

      Well obviously she is not Muslim and that is a swimsuit that she is FREE to wear

  • DravenDaniel

    Hey you fucking Sand Googles dont fucking worry about Victoria Justice i’m sure she would’nt want to be around a bunch of stupid ass Muslim Camel Jockeys you bunch of punk cock sucking bitches