Victoria Justice Naked Straddling A Log

Victoria Justice naked

It appears as though teen Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice has been caught naked straddling a log.

Could it be that Victoria Justice is feeling nostalgic, so she is reenacting how she floated to Florida on a piece of driftwood from the Mexican country of Cuba? Or is this naked picture just another symptom of Victoria Justice’s insatiable lust for large phallic objects?

Regardless of the reason for this pic, two things are for certain. This Victoria Justice naked picture is a stoneable offense, and that log now has a nasty case of herpes and will have to burned post haste.

  • the love doctor

    I am really starting to hate this site.

    • Abdul Rasul

      I feel the same way about you Americans

      • Johnny Rotten

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        • Zohair – The Good One

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          • Zohair – The Good One

            Gay Christian

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          • Moshe Dayan


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            What do you say?

          • Pedant Jihad

            Motherfucker Moshe,

            We of the Pedant Brotherhood unequivocally condemn semi-literate defilers of the English tongue.

            What is a “homoqueer”? Repent of your loose use of words, or DIE!

          • Zohair- The Good One

            Pedant Jihad

            I agree with your comment 100%. Homoqueer is not a word. It is redundant.

            It’s like saying homogay. Does not make sense. I have tried to make my brothers quit using this word numerous times myself.

            Correct me if I’m wrong, but you are a Muslim right? Just in case you aren’t…. I highly recommend you convert to Islam post-haste.

        • Kwame

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          • White Knight


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        • sosa

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        • cunt eater

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        • Angel Of Justice

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      • Josh

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        • marvin

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          • marvin

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      • peter parker

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    • Jack

      For real she’s fine I’d fuck that hard on that log or anywhere

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      The lover of cock,

      If you are a fag – which most probably is the case – a jew, a google, a beaner, etc., you have good reasons to hate this site; if not, you must love it or prepare to die.

      Note – Welcome to 2013, bitches. Enjoy it while you can, because it will be your last one of sin against Islam.

      • Not a fagget

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  • Abdul Rasul

    No doubt this kuffar Mexican slut is thinking about us Muslims, and the only thing she could get remotely close to a Muslim cock is a that log. Keep fucking trees ms. Infidel you will never get our Muslim tube steaks.

    • Zeppelin

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      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Punctured baloon,

        This whore’s mother is from Puerto Rico therefore she fits in the category of “mexican”. Don’t you dare to question the wisdom of a brother.

        • Rican Boy

          We are not Mexicans you dumbass Muslim piece of shit.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

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          • Rican Boy

            You stupid asshole. Wetbacks get that name from crossing the Rio Grande. Puerto Ricans are American citizens and we are here legally. Don’t you ever compare us to those Mexican Indios.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Shut the fuck up you donkey lover.

            Everybody knows that all inhabitants from the Rio Grande downwards are Mexicans: they drink tequila, eat beans and sleep the siesta, instead of praying turned towards Mecca.

            They are also related to chimps, like their cousins, the googles.
            Only Jews and fags are more despicable than these two.

          • SEAL

            You complete dumbass this s becaus they are smart and do not beleive in this fake person or thing that is a mother fuckng lie and you all waste you low life lives on “praying” to everything fake

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Note – the only difference among Mexicans is that the Mexicans from Brazil speak portuguese an don’t use sombreros. Besides, instead of getting drunk with tequila, they do it with cachaça.

          • Rican Boy

            You are a dumb fucking Muslim asshole. Do not compare all Latinos to Mexicans. Mexicans are the googles of Latin American just like Irish are the googles of Europe, Filipinos are the googles of Asia, and you Muslims are the googles of the world. Even black people are better than you.

            Puerto Ricans are educated and successful people. We are not illegal. We are not wetbacks. You are so ignorant.

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Rican Mexican,

            You island mofos survive thanks the paycheck of uncle Sam. You are useless lazy beaners and half googles too.

            Kiss my ass.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

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          • Imam Khalid

            You smelly greasers are not ‘latinos’. Were you born in Rome, do you speak Latin? No. You’re a bunch of google-like savages that were bettered by European contact.

            The reasons you worthless scumbags call yourselves ‘latinos’ to try and make your pathetic race of gardeners and toilet scrubbers seem less pathetic and disgusting.

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            Get the hell off this holy Islamic site!!

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          • Rican Boy

            You people are so fucking stupid arguing with you is worthless. Not all Latinos are Mexican. We do not all mow laws or clean toilets. Only Mexicans do that because they are the low class of Latin America. Every region of the world has low class people. In Europe all the Eastern Europeans and Irish are low class. In Asia all the Mongolians and South East Asians are low class. In North America the blacks and white trash are low class. In the Middle East you are all low class. Muslims are more like Mexicans than Puerto Ricans. We are smart and successful. You are inbred camel fuckers.

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          • SEAL

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          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Rican Mexican,

            You are “successful” thanks to the paycheck of uncle Sam in your pockets. With that charity money you buy dope.

            You half googles can’t have a decent life, anyway. And this is common to all Mexicans, living in the south hemisphere or in the debauched states of California, Florida, Texas, etc.

            You are bringing stupidity, crime and laziness to “U” S of A although, in a certain perspective, us Muslims must thank you for that…

            So: carry on, donkey lovers.

          • Rican Boy

            You are a moron. Puerto Ricans contribute a lot of great things to America and the world. It is the Mexicans who are the illegal stupid criminals. Do not lump us in with them. We are not googles we are Latinos. We are the best Latinos with the highest status, wealth, and intelligence.

            You Muslims are a plague to this world. You are so ignorant. I’m done talking with you because you are too stupid to argue with. You dont know anything.

          • Abdul Rasul

            Mexican trash

            Why are you talking to us powerful Muslims. When Islam takes over the world you little taco benders can still mow our lawns and clean our camels assholes with your tongue. However there will be no more siestas for you lazy beaners, unless you want 20 lashes

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  • Me Gusta

    The standards are really dropping on your fakes

  • aghmed

    She shall never fetch a mate with that hairless rectum.

  • Anubis

    Brother Durka’s newest update above once again made me gag while drinking my daily intake of warm goat’s milk. Such a risque photo of that Victoria’s nude nubile body would make even a Satan worshiping slut like Emma Watson blush.

    After seeing this, horny tarts like Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove and beaner Selena Homez would no doubt try to outdo her in upcoming photos of their blatant debauchery. I hope my fellow Islamic brethren have strong stomachs for the upcoming new year.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Brother Anubis

      Her huge wetback asshole would be perfect for target practice. I know I could hit it with the AK-47 at 300 meters.

      • Anubis

        You are well known to be an accurate shot with the AK-47 brother Abdullah, and I have no doubt you could hit the beaner’s anal target easily at 300 meters and beyond. I think I’d try my hand at archery though, maybe even a crossbow. The feathered end of an arrow sticking up out of her diseased anal brown eye would make a fine awe inspiring pinup poster for future jihadist recruits.

        • Johnny Rotten


          A picture of Abdullah’s mouth at a Tikrit glory hole would probably make a more awe inspiring pinup poster for future Jihadist recruits.

          • Jimmy

            Abdullah The Bi-otch
            Anubis (A-Neutered-Bitch)
            Both of you are ridiculous and idiotic. Are you really choosing weapons so you can kill your imaginary “infidels”? I also think it’s time to stop this ersatz homoerotic relationship you guys(Anubis, Abdullah, and Hashim) have created. I mean, its pretty obvious all of you have to rely on each other for likes and assurance. If you don’t want to believe me, look up at the intellectual lacking conversation you two dumb asses are having.

          • john

            is he wrong? No

          • Anubis

            What’s the matter poor little Jimmy boy? Got your pink cum stained panties in a twist over our comments? Infidels like you are such obnoxious dumb shits! You come to an Islamic site with the name celebjihad, and then get pissed off that we make fun of your slutty idols. Well tough titties! You can take your infantile pouting rants and shove them up your putrid stinkin’ homo ass.

            Obviously rotten Johhny had been ramming you in the ass so hard that the shit is spewing out of your heathen mouth. Queer infidels like you are what sickens us pious Muslims. Why don’t you depraved queer pigs go back to your shemale porn sites and jack your micro “peepees” off.

          • Jimmy

            Haha holy shit! What an idiot! And he calls me the homo. Let me tell you how many times you mention disgusting homoerotic content. “Cum stained panties”, “putrid stickin’ homo ass”, and “peepees”. What kind of sick, homosexual obsession do you have? You’re the one saying it, dumb ass.

            I only commented because of the stupidity you three jackasses were saying. And this homoerotic content filled rant you were saying, this is just weak and terrible. There’s no way something this stupid could insult me. I mean, who would be insulted by an immature moron that clearly watches to much “shemale porn? *Scoffs*

          • Zeppelin

            Everyone on this site is an idiot. Nothing else.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            jimmy jizz juicer

            I agree…you are an immature moron that clearly watches to much “shemale porn.

            You are also a homoqueer…..a soon to be dead homoqueer.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            jizzy jim

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            you are a fucked up mofo. Go to hell.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Jimmy

            What the fuck are you ranting now, homo perv? Oh, now it’s “she-male” you’re obsessing about. Why do you have to push all your homo peverted nonsense on to every one? It’s sickening, and you sound like a dumb shit anyways. There’s no way you’re an adult.

        • Anubis

          Jimmy boy, you back again, geesh, probably pissing your panties. Get lost you retarded pig. This isn’t some homo dating site for you to get off on.

          • Jimmy

            This is a weak reply, you bitch. You sound like a fucking moron. You have shit for brains, that’s why thats all you can say. Fucking loser.

          • Abdul Rasul

            Gay jimmy

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

            jimmy the jizz drinker

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            Well mofo, thats what you get for being a fag.

            Just don’t come here and complain that your boyfriends mistreat you at thre glory hole: us Muslims don’t give a damn about you homoqueers and we hope all of you die.

            And I got some news for you….one punch from any Muslim and your face would explode from the power of a Muslim fist.

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          • SEAL

            Your punch would do nothing youd get your worthless ass wooped in our ountry and your beloved god or what ever the fuck he is is a fake that your parents tell you tlet them fuck you

          • Jimmy

            Abdul Rat Ass
            Abdullah The Bull Shitter

            Abdul, the fact that you are able to talk without the muffled sound of your tongue up your boyfriends ass(Abdullah) is surprising. This is exactly what I was talking about, a bunch of wannabe Muslims kissing each others asses. This is pathetic, since this isn’t even your argument, dumb shit. 

            Abdullah, the bull shit you just blubbered has no logical sense to our argument. You’re just a moron saying disgusting nonsense. “Just don’t come here and complain that your boyfriends mistreat you at thre glory hole”. What the fuck is this shit? I never said anything like that, shit-for-brains. 

            Both of you really are stupid. I think it’s time to get a life, losers. 

          • Jimmy

            Abdul Rapist
            Now, you’re talking homosexual nonsense. What the fuck is with you and all the other fake Muslims, all of you are obsessed with homos and “glory holes”. Can you just fucking grow up, you dumb shit.

          • Abdul Rasul

            Gay jimmy

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          • Jimmy

            Abdul Pedophile
            Why can’t you fuck off? I don’t wanna hear about your sick homo bullshit. “cocks, glory holes…”, I see you’ve gotten no smarter, since you can’t even think of something new, you dumb, fuck head. Most of your words have the logic of a true moron.

            The first thing I noticed about you, was your god awful avatar. I mean, didn’t you know your picture looks like Uncle Abdul likes his children
            Meaning, your profile pic looks like a prowling pedophile predator.

            Fuck off, faker.

      • marvin

        i could beat the stupid out of you with a hickory stick at 1 meter, pigdog.

        • Sonterp of Whogivesashit kingdom

          What happened to peace and love? What the hell is wrong with you idiots beating “stoning” and shooting women with ak47’s? I honestly thought this was a porn site with Islam humor attached to it. Either it’s the best trolling in the world or you Muslims need to read the REAL bible. In Jesus name, Amen.

      • SEAL

        You just wan to see his asshole and good luck with 300 meters you couldnt even touch him from 2 now shut your mouth and go die in a huge ass explosion that rids this world of your race

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    It boggles the imagination but there it is……the infidel skank victoria trying to get the attention of us powerful Muslims, by winking at us…..with her asshole!

    Since her short-lived tv career is over, she has hit rock-bottom. I can tell her for sure that no Muslim wants to buy her now that she has hit old age…even if she goes for 1 drachma.

    She is now broke, busted and banged. It would not surprise me if she shows up in Tiajuana by the end of the week and ends up as just another donkey fucking wetback. It is her only option.

    Death To America

    • Imam Khalid

      Quite so, my Brother. Beaners are rode hard and put away covered in semen, vomit and shame by the JEws who run the entertainment industry in the US of A.

      The Disney skypes are the worst. It was once a proud, independent and wholesome company until Jews bought it and took over after Mullah Walt Disney was killed by them.

    • Rican Boy

      Victoria is not Mexican! Does she look Mexican to you? Mexicans are short, fat, dark, and Indian looking. Puerto Ricans are tall and exotic looking. We have sex appeal. Victoria is half Boriqua. Why dont you do research before saying stupid inaccurate things?

      Puerto Ricans are legal U.S. citizens. We are not wetbacks. Mexicans or Cubans are wetbacks because they have to sneak into the USA over water (Rio Grande and Caribbean Sea). Puerto Ricans can come here whenever we want.

  • amberthegirl

    Hello Guys…<3

    • john

      fuck off please. If ur were 14, only pedophiles would be into you. And there’s also the fact that YOUR NOT EVEN FUCKING PRETTY! I repeat, fuck off. It’s pretty obvious you’re a attention whore.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      you’re no female. you’re one of gay pete’s trannyclan mofos in drag.

      • amberthegirl


        stfu i try to be nice to u and now
        ur saying im not even a girl?!!
        idk what to do cuz idk how to
        prove it without telling u my full
        name.only thing i could do would
        to send pics or skype.idk.and plz
        stop being mean to me,i never
        did anything to u.

        • Kwame

          Shut up Amber you fat fucking white bitch. Go suck off Pete at the local trailer park gloryhole.

        • Moshe Dayan


          What Anal Abdullah would really like is for you to show him your penis and maybe let him play with it for a while. Anal Abdullah is a pedo-queer and thinks pussy is disgusting. He loves cock though and as soon as you give him some he’ll stop being mean to you.

          • Vagina lover

            Hello you stupid Muslims its so funny how you fucknuts are getting all amped up over a girl poping up on your queerish Allah website

      • SEAL

        You dont even know what a girl is no suprise all you fuck is other guys and camels that you tie down so they cant run away

  • Dan Schneider

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  • WhitePower

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  • WhitePower

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    • Imam Khalid

      You are a sick mofo. I cannot wait until we track you down and burn your tranny porn in front of you. The psychic trauma alone will likely kill you.

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  • Alissa DiCarlo

    They always shop this same nasty body to such beautiful women. I don’t get it. Anyway, lets party. Its 4 hours til New Years!!!!!

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    I’m here in Hollywood tonight just waiting for you!!!!

    • White Knight


      What street corner are you working tonight?

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    We can always watch the ball drop in NY on tv at 9 o’clock. Boring.

  • Tecumseh

    Clearly the picture above is one of the hottest celebs on the net, showing her pussy for indian people on the greatest place in the world the woods, keep the positive indian virtue alive with more pictures like this,

    • Abdul Rasul

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      You are a drunk kuffar redskin. The only positive about Indians is that they are easy to kill.

      Eat shit and die buffalo nut licker

      • Imams Love Pig Semen

        Abdul R. Asole,

        For how long have you had this obsession with buffalo nuts? It is their big hairy physique which turns you on? Is it the thought of those mighty shoulders which makes you weak at the knees? Do those big powerful thrusting horns make you dizzy and make your rear end twitch? Do you whimper when you think of riding one?

        By the way, when you try to smile like that, does the wind whistle through the gap between your front teeth?

        • Abdul Rasul

          Pig fucker

          Shut your heathen dick sucking lips up. When I want to talk to a homo I will have my AK-47 shoved up your faggot ass, and fire so many bullets they will come out your mouth along with all the jizz in your belly from your glory hole session.

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          • Imams Love Pig Semen

            I understand your problem. You secretly like pigs but your pretend religion prohibits it, so you make do with buffaloes instead. You probably have one as a pet, and shave it so that is shiny and pink like a pig. Do you have pictures of buffaloes all over your ceiling, so that you can lie on your back in bed and imagine them licking your shiny head…

            No, I don’t really want to think about it.

            Peace be upon you.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      indians are only interested in gay bufallo porn and have no interest in kuffir pussy.

      also, sucking bear dick is not a virtue to anybody but red-skin assholes and don’t expect to see any of those pics posted on this Muslim site….ever.

      • Arapaho Native

        Abdul Reject
        Abdullah The Bonehead 

        What the fuck is wrong with you? “Takes cum and shit in the face”. These are your words, you fucking sick moron. What the fuck are you talking about “Indians are easy to kill”, you ignorant shit head? The American  Indians Wars lasted until 1775 to 1924, after which most Native Americans assimilated into the general population as citizens and to live on reservations. You’re just to dumb and ignorant to know this, you dumb ass. 

        “Indians are only interested in “bufallo” porn….kuffir sex”, this just sounds like more disgusting nonsense, since it is simply just not true, you dumb fuck. Your syntax doesn’t get better either, since after that you just blither more homo nonsense. You really must be a sicko if this is the only way you can speak. Both of you can fuck off, you don’t know shit about Indians and all you can say is dumb, homo nonsense.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          the indians were stone-age assholes who thought it was cool to stick feathers in their hair and hump buffalo.

          all indians were known homoqueers and had drag parties where they danced around the fire and ended the evening with a circle jerk.

          indians are almost as low as googles and maybe one notch below mexico mexicans but not as good as puerto rican mexicans.
          No matter how you look at it, indians are assholes.

          And yes, indians did suck buffal and bear cock and eat the balls of all male animals. Word also has it that they made a big dinner of custer’s cock and balls after the little big horn.

          They called it…”the little bighorn…bighorn feast.”

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          • Arapaho Native

            Abdullah Dumb Fuck

            What is this? It’s disgusting nonsense. You just don’t get it. By continuing to rant about your homosexual tendencies, you make yourself look stupider and stupider. What kind of loser repeats the same homo perverted nonsense over and over? 

             And it’s not even good insults. It’s terrible and it’s obvious you have no creativity with insults. Get some new insults, because this is some weak shit.

             Why don’t you fuck off, you perverted impersonator, you’re not impressing anyone. 

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            you’re the one dancing naked with a bunch of fags around a fire and then humping the injun brown eye…or is that “red eye”?

            All you injuns are fags and look like village people rejects.

          • Rican Boy

            You damn right Puerto Ricans are above the blacks, Mexicans, and Indios. We are also above you Muslims so get that through your head. You people are so stupid you dont even know what a Puerto Rican is. We are American citizens. We are not illegal wetbacks.

          • Arapaho Native

            Abdullah The Brainless Moron
            Abdullah, you homo obsessed moron. Are you really this stupid? You must be mentally retarded, your posts have no logical meaning. . What is with your disgusting obsession with “dancing naked with a bunch of fags” and “brown eye”? Your the one creating these sick fantasies, so your no less perverted then your homoerotic dreams. And you still calling yourself a Muslim, but listen, shit for brains, I gave actual proof why you’re not a Muslim, but here you are making an even bigger asshole of yourself. Dumb fuck…

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            You injuns are too brain damaged from when your alcoholic mothers stayed drunk while pregnant.

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          • SEAL

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        • Arapaho Native

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    Blotter # 199364-PD
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    • Moshe Dayan

      Abdullah The Butcher aka Anal Abdullah aka Anal Abdiullah the Buttfucker
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      Glory Hole Activities/Unsafe Anal Sex/Bestiality/Sex with Boy under 16/Transvestitism/
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      Blotter # 69696969-PD
      Bail: By his gay boyfriend Homo Hashim

      • Monte

        What’s with all this strange police data or whatever fake shit it is? This site is so fuckin’ strange.

        • Troy

          Well maybe its strangeness is why people like it? Idk

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  • The Intellectual

    Joining the Ak-47 debate. Western M-16s and M4A1s are much more effective. Also, the AK-47 is not anything linked with Muslims… it’s RUSSIAN! (But the Ak is still pretty epic :D)

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      the homosexual

      The AK-47 has killed more infidels than the clap and AIDS combined.

      It is the world’s deadliest rifle and us Muslims won’t Jihad without it.

    • Troy

      There are several reasons that the AK47 is so popular. It is extremely reliable. It does not jam even when dirty and poorly maintained. But most importantly, more copies of it have been made since its introduction in 1947 than any other small arm in the history of the world. 40 million units have been produced. Consequently its cheap and stupid Arabs can afford it.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        your mother, the prostitute, is cheap and stupid and even a beginner JIhadist can afford her……

      • Moshe Dayan


        Maybe you can enlighten Anal Abdullah on what an IMI Galil would do against his crap AK.

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    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

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  • Imam Parenthesis

    Brother Pedant, I am with you. Our Prophet Ellipsis (grammatical felicity be unto him) has clearly spelt out Tautology — unless poetically intended — as one of the twenty-seven deadly sins.

    So you are right in calling Moshe Dayan a motherfucker, because he fucks his mater only once in a while (like today), but calling him a faggot arse-slave would be superfluous, as he is that always. He is, and always will be, a homosexual, or in short a homo, or a queer, but never a “homoqueer”: there is no such thing, and using that word (except to correct vile horse-cock suckers) is a cardinal sin.

    Moshe, we give you fair warning: repent of your evil laxity, else prepare to DIE!

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      Imam Paramecium

      I don’t know who the hell you are but I can guess you’re an infidel trouble maker.

      I did not coin the term homoqueer but I made it’s use famous through many attacks on every type of infidel. If you were educated you’d know that the compound word homoqueer means “man-gay”
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      • Imam Parenthesis


        Note that I refrain from calling you Anal Abdullah, as that would be Tautology, one of the 27 deadly sins.

        You don’t need education to know your own tongue, just clarity of mind and the basic discipline of thought Incidentally, “homo” means ‘same’, not man (and is not related to ‘homo sapiens’ which, in any event, refers to the species as a whole, and not to one particular sex) so that homosexual means queer, means gay, and to say “homoqueer” is like saying ‘homogay’ or ‘queergay’.

        I am the Imam Parenthesis of the Pedant Brotherhood. We follow the Prophet Ellipsis (grammatical felicity be unto him), and powerful Pedants round the world have declared Fatwa on the desecration of our tongue.

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          • PLEEEEASE don’t put me on the tartan rug again, said the chameleon

            Hey there, jizzy lips,

            You seem to know a lot about “jizz barf” and “gullet backflows”. I take it you are some kind of expert. Wikipedia desperately needs your kind of in-depth specialist knowledge and experience – perhaps you should submit a few articles on unnatural practices. You would find a large audience for your essays on inter-species miscegenation.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


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          • The Holy Quran Speaks

            Abject Butt Jerk

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    Brother Zohair,

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