Victoria Justice Lifts Her Shirt In Public

Victoria Justice

As is common practice upon teens in the Western world, Victoria Justice lifted her shirt in public exposing her bare midriff, signaling that she is looking for anonymous sex.

By nearly undressing on the streets like this Victoria Justice is sending the clear message that she is desperately horny, and she would like to be rode hard by the first man who approaches her.

The infidels actually have a festival that celebrates this kind of deviate sexual behavior called “Mardi Gras”. Whores like Victoria Justice lift up their shirts and expose their bodies while beads (which symbolize male ejaculate) are thrown at them.

At the end of the night the girl with the most beads gets gang-banged in a back alley on top of an alter of vomit, piss, and broken glass. Clearly Victoria Justice wants to be that girl.

  • phillip mccracken

    After spending a long night indulging in white castle, taco bell, and ice cream…. her stomach looks like it’d be the perfect place to honor her by pissing orangish-brown colored liquid shit out my asshole onto. U know, if her face and mouth were available at that moment.

  • fuck

    vc tá com inveja, pq essas pessoas são alguma coisa e vc não, e assim vc faz montagem barata

    • Word of wisdom

      Mup da doo didda po mo gub bidda be dat tum muhfugen bix nood cof bin dub ho muhfugga

    • NOBODY

      Could you tell me what language that is so I may translate it

      • Kahlid

        Bix nood.

  • Kahlid

    Her abdomen is probably the only part of her body without cutting marks.

    That’s why she is wearing long sleeved shirts.

  • bonnie and miley are stupid ugly whores

    too skinny

  • Ectomorph

    Wassat you say? “gang-banged in a back alley on top of an alter of vomit, piss, and broken glass”

    Such metaphorical flights of fancy! Obviously your imagination has contracted the Ebola virus and is dripping pus and rotting flesh onto your keyboard.

    Oh, and it’s spelled “altar”.


    Looks more like Selena Gomez
    But know Selena gomez has colorful dye
    In her hair which is ugly and I don’t believe Selena Gomez has that
    Long of hair so I guess it must be Victoria justice just really looks
    Like selena

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You are a real dumbass.
      When us Muslims stone you….we will have to avoid “head shots” because there ain’t anything there to damage.

      • islam is evil

        i had adisturbing phone call from my mom yesterday. she said we had muslimps in our family tree. i rushed home and im glad i did. they looked so good hanging there

      • NOBODY

        At least our country/continent
        “ain’t” living in the poop sewers
        And we have cars you have dumbass
        We have guns you only have your fake Islam god to pray to
        so you don’t get destroyed
        GOD HELP YOU!!!!
        dora jote është që ju letër higjienike
        tangan Anda adalah Anda kertas toilet
        I don’t know where you from or what other language
        You speak
        But….. Take that
        if you can read it or translate it
        The first is Arabic the second indoniesia
        Go on to translate it

      • NOBODY

        No need to comment Abdullah I mean you do that to
        People who ain’t talking to you and that didn’t mean no harm
        Me: I didn’t mean no harm just an opinion of what her face looks like
        And it looks like Selena Gomez ” out of my opinion”
        People are allowed to share their opinions without being called a dumbass
        And of course your opinion is that you don’t think she looks like selena
        People have their opinions…………………
        DUMBASS BIIATCHHH!!!!!!!

      • Big Pete

        Anal Asassin Abdullah

        Stop talking about “head shots” you sick bastard. Nobody wants to know what you got at your gloryhole in the caves.

        • islam is evil

          thanks pete

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            eveil infidel

            Thanking pecker licking pete, for a reach around, is perverted and gay.

            Then again, you are an infidel.

  • ferden

    I would tap that fine ass

  • ferden

    And I would tap selena gomez in a second

    • hardpenis

      you would tap a goat wearing lipstick

  • Quief

    I still wanna sniff her pussy,pits and butt hole

  • Quief

    She is so hot I make my girl wear a Victoria mask so i pretend iam doing her whenever i see a pic of her I jerk off I don’t care if it’s in a store on the street or where ever so if you see a mag in a store with her pic on it don’ buy it or even look at cause the pages will be stuck togerher if you no what i mean