Victoria Justice Joyful Nude Photo

Victoria Justice nude

Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice appears to joyfully expose her nude body in the photo above.

Obviously Victoria Justice is ecstatic about showing her nude female frame in this photo, because she knows it will offend us pious Muslims and please her lord Satan.

Victoria Justice should know that as the champions of all that is good and righteous in the world, us Muslims will not stand idly by as she attacks us with her sinful naked feminine frame. As we speak imams are preparing a strongly worded fatwa that will surely cut Victoria Justice down to size once and for all.

  • timmy

    fit, sexy pic

    • The Real West is the Best


      I just messed up my panties………..again.

      • The Real West is the Best

        Please don’t tell Alissa

        Or She will spank me so hard I will cry……again.

        • Sal

          Dhar S Patel
          Soc Sec #136-88-7344

          • TIGHTY WHITEY

            When are we gonna see her Naked?

            I mean really naked. SPREAD EAGLE NAKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Justen Biebers

      I gonna date her when i grow up.

  • Bill

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  • Farzan The Wise

    May the mighty stones of Allah rain down upon this heathen harlot !


    • a


      Your last avatar was gay. This new one is depressing and gay. You might wanna choose an avatar of an arabian Sheikh. That would be much better

      • Farzan The Wise


        My avatar is of a powerful Iranian jihadist wrapped in the mighty flag of Iran,


    • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

      The mighty stones of Observer frequently rain due to this chick and her “body of work”…

    • Grand Dragon Pete

      Fag Farzan

      You’re going to have “stones” rain down upon you tonight… the gloryhole.

      Its going to be a night of teabagging by Anal Abdullah, HIV+ Hashim, and some other muslim butt pumpers.

      Of course….you call it “heaven on earth.”


      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        You’ve been teabagged so many times that lipton has created a line of dick and jizz flavored tea for you homoqueers..

        drink up muthafuckers!

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Anal Abdullah

          You’ve fucked so many camels to death that trojan is now using camel skin for condoms…..none of which are big enough for me.

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          • hmmm


            You might wanna change your signature from KKK to Aryan Brotherhood. Think about it

          • Farzan The Wise

            Hmmm’s On Nuts

            Poop Pusher Pete is a jew lovin klansman, the only one in America

            Joining the Aryan Brotherhood would go against all his beliefs, for
            Pete enjoys a healthy dose of kosher cock.


          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Miss Piggy Z,

            You KKQueer gang mofos are the scum of the Earth.
            Everything you say is worth nothing.

            Everybody knows that Jews and shemales are masters of deceivement and lie. Well, you have both of those “qualities”.

            Eat shit and die scumbag.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            gay fag pete

            The closest I came to fucking a camel was last year when I banged your mother at the Mosque.
            BTW…she is a “two humper” and she gave me the clap.

        • Ain’tNoMark

          Did u actually name ur self abdullah the butcher. Guys better watch out, he’s gonna blade you.

      • Uncle Ruckus

        Dear Dragon Pete,
        I am deeply ashamed of myself as a darkie, I am very glad you take this stand against us as we are inferior to the master almighty causian race. Everyday I wake up and I praise white Jesus, and I dunk myself in my bleach bath hoping to restore my original pure caucasian skin colour, even though it seems futile I shall keep persisting in my efforts to reversemy revitiligo (its the opposite of what Micheal Jackson had. I’m very glad to see you taking this stand againist these dirty darkies and homos, as there seems to be a surge of godless queers who are new on this website, as they have clearly not looked upon the face of white jesus, and felt his White power.

        I would be honored to become an honorary member of the klan if you would permit that? These darkies will never see what hit them

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Uncle Fucksass

          It is good you praise the almighty lord and savior……Jesus Christ, but he does not care for googles.

          That said, I’m willing to give you an honorable position in The KKK. Come down to the southeast corner of Alabama chapter of The Brotherhood and we’ll get you “fitted” for a nice fitting robe and nylon necklace.

          Also…..if you could let me know how big of a fat ass you are in advance it would be appreciated. I need that info for a proper robe size…..NOT to ensure the tree branch I hang you from is strong enough.

          See you soon, brotha.


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            gay fag pete

            Ha..I’d say your uncle knows all about your ass….since he was probably the first infidel pervert to pound it.

      • Farzan The Wise

        Poop Pusher Pete

        What is ” heaven on earth ” to me is using the mighty justice stones to crush the bones of homo, jew loving infidels such as yourself.

        But due to the fact that I worry of your AIDS infected blood getting on me, I will instead shoot you, and leave you in the street like a dog.

        Allahu Akbar !

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Fag Farzan

          My hard, chiseled body would be far too great a match for stones thrown by a ladyboy like yourself.

          The only thing you want to shoot a man like me with is your pants pistol (9mm)……but that ain’t happenin homo.

          You can spend all day praying to Allah to keep you safe from The Brotherhood…..but it won’t matter. You go anywhere but the gloryhole/mosque and your shitty cave and you’ll meet a klansman…..and then you’ll meet satan.


          • Farzan The Wise

            Gay Pete

            You are not worth the holy stones of justice, for your love of gay homo sex and jews has earned you death by decapitation with the holy scimitar.

            As you bite on a pillow with your ass in the air waiting for a cock, just remember that us Muslims have you on our death list.

            Your one sick queer

            Alhamdulillah !
            Death to Israel !

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Fag Farzan

            Your knowledge about gay sex and how to take it in the ass is both vast and highly disgusting.

            My guess is that you post between blowjobs and ass rapings.


          • Abdullah The Butcher

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            your asshole gets chiseled at the glory hole daily…but that don’t mean we want to hear about it.

            Keep your “fifty ways of gay” to yourself.

          • Uncle Ruckus

            I hope you still remember me, I’m the darkie with revitiligo (its the opposite of hat micheal jakson had) who wanted to serve as part of the klan. my robe size is round about size 16, i try to keep myself nice and thin like the good caucasian man should, as it seems all the fatasses i see are all dirty darkies, you never see a good white man rididng around on mobility scooter in these here great united states.

            I would have no reason to suspect you would care to lynch me almighty grand dragon as i see we are going to work together as I’d be glad to serve as the darkie ambassador to the klan, I’d feel completlty safe in your presence. I shall tell you about where they’re unholy jiggaboo congregations, where they talk about praising jesus when he doesn’t want no praise from a darkies, and i damn well know that, and thats why i give myself 30 lashes everyday to feel what he went through. I shall carry on doing my best to lose weight, so if the day comes where i get the honor of bein strung up the klansmen tree to purify my darkie soul, i’ll be ready, but i jsut can’t resist this calling within my blood telling me to eat chicken and goddamn watermelon. also i’ll have my butthole lubed up with KY when i get there, so if you want to sodomise me as i hear you so frequently do to each other at these here meetings it would be my honor.

    • white guy

      you muslums or whatever idgaf what you are…….you can’t compete with a sexy naked chick look at your like/dislike rate lol

    • 911alloveragian

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    • Eclipses1987

      I would believe that when you die you are going to swear alot of bad words when you find a very different god and how much you wasted your whole life praying for the wrong god

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    Who IS this chick…???

  • Imam Abbas

    This corrupting vixen strumpet is being investigated by the Sharia council. However, the council begs to differ, and believes that a fatwa is getting carried away, when a simple stoning will suffice.

    She will then be committed to Jahannam where her tookis will fry (and she will suffer eternal damnation).

    Allahu Akbar!

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Sooo believable as Victoria Justice. Durka finally found a body that suits her facial beauty, and even the head, neck and body musculature matches up. You know what, fuck it, that’s her. It’s real, and you know what, the realness of it really turns me on.

  • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

    Every pic that appears on ‘celebjihad’ is certifiably real. Every pic comes with a certificate of authenticity. You of all people should know this Ms. DiCarlo. Do not bring the wrath of Islam onto yourself, as you would only live long enough to regret it.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Ok, sorry.

  • Shauna

    I seriously want this site shut down. It’s brutal toward women and morally reprehensible.

    • Word of wisdom

      I seriously want you whipped. Your attitude is hostile toward islam, and morally reprehensible.

      You bring dishonour on your husband’s house. Did you only keep your burqah on while typing ?

    • Imam Abbas

      We are not amused. Your master is going to get the public beating of his life for failing to teach you how to behave in civilized society – let alone on this holy website.

      As for you: The Council has determined you are beyond help and are to be stoned by beggars and stable cleaners.

      Consider yourself fortunate. The original thinking was a magazine-emptying fully-automatic burst from an AK-47.

      Allahu Akbar!

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Oh no, not another fuckin feminist. God help us all.

    • Respect Women ! Women Rule America !

      OMG seriously, what on earth is wrong with you Alissa??? Why the hell are you against us feminists who are on your side!!!! What the f*** ??

      And shauna soooooooo lovely to see you here :)). You are now the 4th feminist here! Congratulations and please stay!

      Equality = Man paying for Woman. Respect Women! Women Rule America!!

      • .

        Feminists are soooo boring!

    • Arcachnar

      @Alissa It would not surprise me that it just the same person. Same kind of delusional “thinking” process. Completely without common sense.

  • Shauna

    Hey Alissa try shutting your face. You, another girl, liking this site? You’re crazy bitch.

    • The Reaper

      Slut Shauna

      STFU bitch and get in the kitchen and cook dinner you worthless wench.And leave Alissa alone she don’t want to be a smelly fem bitch go wash your smelly ass it’s stinking up this site.

      • Tefilo

        I like da ladies. I protect from bad mens.

  • El Comandante

    Victoria Justice is the reason why Tijuana whore houses are so popular. I wouldn’t mind smashing this Mexican slut’s refried beans.

  • This is fake

    This is as fake as her penis

  • Wisdom and hope

    Words of wisdom:- we are all equal some of us are poor some of us are rich some of us are white some of us are black this dosent change a thing we are the same all human some do unforgivable things but that dosent mean you should go on hating because of it we should embrace each other in happiness and joy instead of cruel ness and hate yes we have different religions but it dosent mean were all wrong some people take this to far an I say why can’t we all be at peace?

    • Word of wisdom

      The last thing we needed on this holy site was one more homoqueer fudgepacker…

  • Alan

    Sooo sweet and pretty and real. Can you imagine being a male school teacher of hers in high school? I’d wait till class was out, then sniff the chair she was sitting in.

    • Sally

      There are too many school teachers like you. That’s the problem.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      alan dumbass

      So what mofo, you ain’t the first infidel pervert that likes “buritto farts” to post on this Holy site.

  • daniel

    she wishes she had those tits

  • Anthony


  • Dylan

    Fuck Islam and all you fucking weirdos women deserve respect and you all deserve to burn in the depths of hell

    • Arcachnar

      Someone needs to earn respect, NOT demanding for it. Also, it is not for men to get pregnant. Only women.

    • Respect Women ! Women Rule America !

      Thank you sooooooooooooo much Dylan, the mangina

      Mr and ?…..take a look at Dylan above. This is the kind I was talking about. There are many like him that visit this website and a LOT of them are present in America. See?

      Dylan, I am sure you gave me Thumbs up as well. Thank youuuu. Equality = Man paying for woman

      Respect women ! Women rule America!

      • Dylan

        Your welcome

        • ?

          I see one mangina..

    • The Reaper

      Dingleberry Dylan

      Sissy boy yor deserve to have your face shoved in the fem bitches hairy smelly ass and then lick it you pussy go to your fem bitch and she will fuck ytou up the ass with her strap on.

  • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

    Women are inherently inferior.

  • CaptainSparklez

    fuck yeah, So sexy!

    • hfauc

      Dude, I thought you were a Minecraft nerd

    • hfauc

      Dude, I thought you were a Minecraft nerd

  • Dylan

    Bullshit if women are inferior! Do you know why men don’t get pregnant? Because men can’t take the fucking pain and stress!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      dick-licker dylan

      you are an ignorant mofo

  • michael


  • Dylan

    I don’t give a flying fuck what you call me I’m not scared of you or your people. I support gay rights and feminists if you don’t like it come find me and make me stop.

  • 91846

    she is extremely hot and fuckable

  • Strange dude.

    I would fill her up and make her my baby mama.

  • Dylan

    This site needs shut down

  • Dylan

    Doesn’t help that most the pics here are fake anyway

    • ,

      Mangina AlertīŒ·

  • napapijri2345

    she is nt victoria. victoria has very small boobs

  • hank hill

    googlelovin’ whore

  • Christian Robinson


  • Richard Ferrari

    the pics are fake her boobs are not that big

    • Will

      actually i think this pic is real because her boobs are actually that big, she has bigger boobs than someone i know and this pic appears to be real!

  • Zambie slayer

    Fuck ur fuckin hot btw I got a bornre

  • Zambie slayer

    P.s nice boobs

  • Cyclopes

    Allah forever us Muslims will rule the world

  • Thomas

    I dont know want you’ve taken but pls stop it. It’s obviously not good for your brain but you sir are definately the most retarded assfuck ever lived on this planet

  • Are you kidding me

    All that’s good and rite is I don’t think so

  • Are you kidding me

    All that’s good and rite is I don’t think so

  • showmeyourassandboobs

    Once again I absolutely love her boobs. By the way who would like to chat with me. Please

  • bruce blahnik

    she is a babe to me and she is hot

  • Death2Islam