Victoria Justice Flaunts Her Tight Butt In Jeans

Victoria Justice butt jeans

Victoria Justice is a danger to Islam and she must be stopped!

As you can see in the picture above Victoria Justice shameless flaunts her tight teenage ass in jeans to try and seduce and corrupt us virile Muslim men. Obviously Victoria has heard of the skilled love making and extraordinary large genitals of the Muslim man, and now covets them with a strong desire.

Victoria Justice must learn that she can not seduce the Muslim man with her firm butt and eager sexual stare, and to continue trying to do so will only bring about a swift stoning under Sharia law.

What Victoria does not realize is that the only thing that lights a fire in the loins of us Muslim men is the thought of servicing Allah… and of course Miley Cyrus. Allahu Akbar!

  • pencildick

    I would feed her baked beans all day and in the eve of that day, put a blanket over over her and put my head under that blanket and enjoy the sweet aroma that would be emitted from between those taut buttocks.

  • Prophet Mohammed

    Exactly how big is that thing going to get? It is now more clear than ever that this dumb skank Victoria is either after a google or a mexican, which are equally awful in the eyes of Allah. The only other reasonable explanation is that she has let herself go in the hopes of attracting a strong butch woman, someone like Hillary Clinton, who may be the biggest dyke of all infidels.

    Whoever she is after you can bet that Allah is 100% against it and you can also bet that this dumb slut will find herself in Sharia Court when Islam takes over, quickly followed by a swift stoning.


  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Prophet Mohammed

    This infidel ho has done a good job of hiding a very shameful secret; she is part puerto rican.

    She avoids getting into the sun so she doesn’t darken up like a “high yellow” coon and runs from anyone carrying food cooked in aluminum foil. This has gone a long way in keeping down suspician.

    But there is one thing she can’t control; the puerto rican ass gene.
    I predict that soon her ass will become so large, that she will be irresistable to googles, and become a mudshark by default.

    Her only chance is to convert to Islam, wear the extra large burka and join the harem of a powerful Muslim. That will save her from the googles and keep her out of Sharia Court.

    Hopefully she will read this post and be on her way to Tikrit by next week.


  • Victoria’s Lover

    This site is very bad at lying, I suggest an asylum, and she doesn’t hide her heritage unlike how Muslims SHOULD have to

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      victorias stalker

      You are a douchebag and an idiot.
      This site is the only place on the internet where nothing but the truth is spoken by us Muslims.

      You infidels lie like crazy but that’s all you mofos are good for.

      Watch your back kuffar


      • Victoria’s Lover

        You’re not a Muslim, not even a Muslim is as stupid as you, dumb tranny. No truth comes out of the mouth of even a REAL Muslim!

        • theheadchimp

          Victorias luber
          We always speak the truth. Did you not hear she was a Puerto Rican twat on this very site? On her Mothers side, now would you like to hear the truth about that? Her father is Irish so when she was conceived everybody was drunk.

          • victoria other other lover

            ur retarted

    • Ali bin Fuqrab

      Our ‘heritage’ as Muslims extends across all races you racist! I’m going to alert the internet civil rights defenders to your evil, anti-Muslim comment!

      Like Abdullah said, us Muslims speak truth and it is you infidels who lie!

  • osama bin hard-on

    another cheap hollywood whore

  • Mohammad Najdi

    Dont hate on Victoria Justice, She isnt a whore. Shes a very talented singer and actress and I for one love her work. She hasnt done anything wrong and is actually very nice in person. The real crime out of this comment thread is all the hate saying shes going to hell cause shes a slut when she really isnt. You all should be ashamed of your selves, Islam is supposed to be full of acceptance and respect. I barley saw anyone here show that. Be real muslims and show kindness and respect.

  • Tony

    i think that shes is not a slut or whore. even though her jucy big butt is nice does not mean she is a slut or whore. i think she sing and act as well as looks and she is very good at those things. just because she is beautiful, does not mean she is a slut or whore. i think all you guys that are talking smack about her sould go to hell. so don’t be haten because she is has the hot stuff you guys don’t.

  • anthony

    I think victoria’s booty looks nice in those jeans.

  • Tony

    instead of call her names you should look at the pic and say wow she looks beautiful. i look at it and makes me want to lick that pussy. her butt looks as round as an apple.i dont know about her naked i thing her croch wins that one over butt. that photo of her naked in the shower, her croch wanna lick it for days

  • victoria’s other lover

    nice ass but is she waiting to get fucked before she loses it

  • victoria’s other lover

    she needs to get fucked by me and needs to lose that ass

  • victoria other other lover

    damn that ass is fine i want to fuck it hard all day and all night long

  • you racists are idiots

    you sand googles need to stfu their is no such thing as god morons

  • rsmires

    I like ese hermoso culito megustaria meterselo por el culo asta serla llorar.

  • This Comment Section Is Fu**ed up

    Muslims preaching Allah & Shit on a PR0N site? you dark, smelly brown, hairy, unstylish racists need to stop this

  • abc1234

    Sweet ass

  • Chris

    I LOVE your butt keep posting the alsome pictures

  • David

    Love the picture

  • jason

    I think u r embarisinh your self

  • victoria’s biggest fan

    That picture is alsome!!!

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  • eliot

    I want 2 kiss that ass

  • chris young

    ok, victoria was not trying to flaunt her butt to seduce anyone, and the guy that said that needs to get over it. she does not care how big a man’s penis is and if thats what you spend your time thinking on then maybe its YOU that’s disgracing Allah, not victoria justice. she has more things to worry about than a racist Muslim who spends his time criticizing young women ( or teenagers) negatively over the internet because he thinks that his opinions really matter in the eyes of the public. no one really cares. and Allah is God, and in the eyes of good everyone his equal. so that gives you now right to determine who is bad in his eyes. the only person who is being bad in Allah’s or anyone elses eyes are YOU because you have let your ignorance and your righteousness get the best of you and overshadow the mind that was put in you for you to know right from wrong and what needed to be said and done. you commenting on vvictoria justice in this way and manner is not what your mind was made for. and while you are negatively criticizing people over the internet you need to be more focused on ways to make a positive change in yourself before you can ever fully judge someone. And even then judging people will never be your obligation but it will be that of Allah’s. you say victoria justice is a danger to islam and that she must be stopped. how is she a danger? if she really was a danger then she would not be there. and you say that she tried to get the Muslim men’s attention, well it seems that the only Muslim man’s attention she got was yours. that’s why you’re trying to make a big deal out of the picture. you feel that you have sinned in the eyes of Allah when all you did was sin in the eyes of your self righteousness. see my point. if you look at a beautiful woman such as victoria justice you might go through some feelings. but thats not a bad thing and you didnt make any wrong choices…besides your childish blog. so maybe its you thats a danger to Islam because you’re trying to get a very bad debate started over a picture that could lead to arguing, then fighting, and then maybe war. all because your ignorance got the best of you. so you need to grow up and not ever right mess like this again. because its not your duty.

  • chris young

    that comment was for the man that created the blog about victoria justice being a danger to Islam.

  • Josh

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  • alex rummage

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