Victoria Justice Finally Reveals Her Bikini Body

Victoria Justice bikini

The moment we have been waiting for is here! Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice has finally exposed her tight teen body in a bikini!

Just look at the pictures below of Victoria Justice shamelessly flaunting her nearly nude nubile form. This is all the evidence we are going to need to convict Victoria Justice for crimes against Islam once Sharia law is instituted in America.

Yes Victoria Justice has just sealed her fate with these bikini pictures. It just goes to show you that if you give someone enough rope they’ll eventually hang themselves with it, or in Victoria Justice’s case, make it into a slutty bikini… either way same result.


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Victoria Justice Victoria Justice Victoria Justice Victoria Justice
Victoria Justice Victoria Justice Victoria Justice Victoria Justice

  • nolanbautista

    All hu AckBAr…sor y abOUT the Bad TYping..(my keyboard is sticky!)

  • FRANKT667


  • hai guys

    shes so ugly it hurts.

    my true loyalty lies in the almightly allah, with his monstrously attractive cock that i want to eat.

    • Victoria JusticeFan

      I feel so bad for you. Life must be very hard for the visual impared.

    • kaleb

      your a bitch

  • Anubis

    Some good righteous person there at the beach should have ripped that skimpy pink bikini off of that sinful harlot’s young teen body, bent her bare curvy fanny over his knee, and beat the living shit out of that round soft sexy butt of hers, literally. A fly gathering pile should eventually build up bigger than the smelly dumps that the lesboqueer Demi Lovato often leaves in the woods. (See past article of Demi Lovato poops in the woods). Maybe that will teach this slutty Nickelodeon prostitute wannabe to cover up that hard nubile body of hers when out in public.

    • IHateCelebs

      Anubis, I like your style. You are a welcome change from the usual collection of infidels, morons and queers that come and post here.

  • Mohammed Al-Islam Shariff

    Allahu Akbar! Someday when Islam conquers America, I will punish Victoria and give her the “justice” she deserves!

  • Westside willy

    Fuck all ya’ll, that bitch is jailbait you fucked up twits. Funny how a bunch of eternal virgins think they know about women. None of you even have a clue what to to with one, mind you women tend to act different when you pay them and that is your guys only hope; dirty greasy festering puss hole hookers is all I see in your future.

    • theheadchimp

      asshole willy
      Your future is aids muthafucker………….

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      backside willy

      victoria is over 8 years old and ready to join a harem. In Islam countries she is legal.
      And even if she was jailbait…..jailbait sex with a female beats jailbird sex with your homoqueer cell mate any day.

  • ahhgmed

    I shall plant many seeds in this kuffar woman for not wearing a burka.

  • Jeff

    haha nice camel toe she has

  • Victoria’s Lover

    That’s not Victoria, but a very close look a like indeed, I cannot argue with this logic

    • Victoria’s Lover

      Nevermind it is her, I couldn’t tell in the first picture, my bad, but she still isn’t a whore or slut, have you ever heard the definition of those, I do not believe so because for one you guys are not muslims as Muslims are not this rude and incompetent,even the radicals

      • theheadchimp

        Victoria’s Lover is a nitwit
        IT IS….IT ISN’T…..Well dumbass which is it? If anyone is rude it is you with your stupid comments that border on insanity. Use some manners when you post on this holy site.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        victoria’s tranny

        Take a look at the crack between victoria’s legs. You don’t get a gap like that at 18 unless you’ve been riding the one eyed dragon for many, many, years.

        Face it asshole….victoria is a big whore.

  • caddy050972

    First off Victoria is 18 and of legal age. It does not matter if she is in a bikini or not. This is not a staged shoot and the pictures were taken by a photographer that she did not approve. I think that it is not the right of you to pass judgement on celebs. They have a life and some of it does not have to do with the public.

    • IHateCelebs


      We here at CelebJihad all know that you found this site by trolling the internet for naughty pictures of young female starlets like Mila Kunis, Emma Watson and Justin Bieber. You act as though you were not trolling search engines looking to masturbate over suggestive pictures of young women like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

      You are most likely a middle-aged loser who lives in your parents basement and subsists on Cheetos and cheap beer while wacking your peepee to pictures of ladies like Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Justice and Justin Bieber, and yet you lecture US on morality?

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        IHateCelebs speaks the truth.

        I am sick of these basement dwelling subhuman trolls and their warped, perverted masturbatory habits.

  • rikardo dahkeens


  • adsfgaaa

    Please shut this site down… Im a muslim and i dont have any more friends because of this site.

  • bitch

    yall bitch:]

  • cameron grant

    dude why are you hating on victoria justice its not like she is doing anything bad plus every girl wears a bikini

  • 100% Halal

    This site’s oozing with hate, and i’ll admit after browsing the victoria justice section, my computer, dick and everything else within my reach is oozing with my cum.. I’d punish her real good! Latinaabuse kind of punishment

  • anonymous

    she is so sexy