Victoria Justice Drops Her Panties At Award Show

Victoria Justice panties

Saucy teen Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice lets her panties drop to her ankles while walking the red carpet at the “Teen Nick Halo Awards”.

This brazen display of sluttery is what we’ve come to expect from Victoria Justice, who apparently will stoop to almost anything to gain the limelight.

In fact Victoria Justice probably only wore the panties because this was a children’s award show. If Victoria was attending the Grammys she would certainly be going commando with a butt plug stuffed firmly in her anus (of course she wouldn’t be the only one… Justin Bieber).

  • Dr. Frankenfurter


    • aghmed

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  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    This brazen display of sluttery is what we’ve come to expect from Victoria Justice, who apparently will stoop to almost anything to gain the limelight.…..

    …we could use a picture of her stooping… as to judge the full extent of her harlotry……

    • Anubis

      If this filthy Nick slut were to stand on her head while doing 180 degree split leg scissoring exercises, the camera would zoom in so that the total extent of her blatant debauchery would be revealed.

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  • Word of wisdom

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • Umar the Brown

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  • Zeppelin

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    • TBEAR182

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      • FAN

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  • reptillian creature

    Tbear, of course it’s very accurate and true. Everything on this site is authentic. I can swear to that. In fact I do swear all the time.

  • Visitor

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  • Jihadist

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    • Imam Khalid


      • Peacist

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    • Raj

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  • The Lords Soldier

    first of all FAKE!! second y do u think its ok to trash someone and anyone u don’t like, its because ur so unhappy with ur own lives tht u have to go on tryn to make someone elses life miserable. muslim or not she moved to the united states n shes one of us now n I don’t praise allah I praise the Lord God almighty, Alpha and Omega, Father, Son, and holy spirit he is the true God and one day here on earth everytounge will confess with their own mouth tht jesus is lord and will bow to my God or will face Hell with a weeping and knashing of teeth. keep ur mouth off of a sweet girl of face judgement for ur actions from The one and only God.

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