Victoria Justice Caught Playing With Jennifer Lopez’s Ass

Victoria Justice Jennifer Lopez

As you can see in the photo above, Nickelodeon star and teen slut Victoria Justice was caught playing with Jennifer Lopez’s enormous ass. These 2 degenerate Mexicans are obviously in some sort of passionate lesboqueer relationship!

One can only imagine that J-Lo takes the lead in the bedroom gently caressing and kissing Victoria Justice’s subtle young body before working her way down to her quivering thighs… her tongue exploring the outline of Victoria’s wet teen hole… teasing her with every lick before she devours her aching clit… the thought turns the smoked goat’s meat in my stomach.

Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Justice will pay dearly for invoking such revolting sinful images of hot lesboqueer sex. I hope they think the hours of seemingly endless sexual ecstasy they experienced was worth facing the wrath of Sharia law.

  • le jew

    sadly thats a wax figure of Jaylo. nice try tho

    • Anubis

      bad juju bwana –

      Jew boy, if that’s true, then that just proves that Victoria is even more of a sick perverted lesboqueer than we Muslims thought, who starts molesting any female in sight by thrusting her fingers up their ass, even wax figures of them. Dirty Kuffar! Western females are such disgusting skanks that it is no wonder how easy it is to disparage and make fun of them.

    • Word of wisdom

      It can’t be a wax figure because islam forbids producing figures which represent human beings (even beanners), and even a heathen wouldn’t dare to go against the words of muhamad (mhsh). It would be madness to risk the anger of allah, I can’t imagine someone defying him. It would be such a madness, even for inferior civilization such as yours… So it can’t be a wax figure.

  • NotGay

    She probably sticks her fingers up her asshole all day and night.

    • Kahlid

      I am sure she does.

      The smell reminds her of home (Mexico).

    • NotGay

      Correction. All day and night when he tounge isn’t up there.

    • Kur

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  • aghmed

    She’s just looking for taco meat.

  • Tyrone shoelaces

    Stupid muslim mofos.

    I wants a threesome wit dis two bitches likes dat big ass on j-lo and dat skinny justics bitch ain’t bad i sniffs there pussies before i licks dem

    • Mufti David


      The only “threesome” you’ll ever get is from the pet pigs you keep in your trailer park.

      • Tyrone sholaces

        mufti=Child molester

        I has many threesomes wit hot white women they like da BBC I notices yous like to speak about animal sex a lot and i knows you muslims are into goat and camel fuckin now i sees yous into pigs also are no animals safe around you muslim mofos guess not.

  • Fuck your god

    Hey Muslim fucks. Why don’t you go marry your cousin and then go have gay sex with your friends in the desert! Leave the beautiful woman to us. Including yours.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      fucks goats

      That may be the way you infidels have sex but us Muslims treat women and family with the greatest of respect.

      That’s why us Muslims are the smartest and most athletic people in the world and you hillbilly mofos are inbred swine with 12 toes and an asshole where your navel is supposed to be.

      eat shit and die

      • Tyrone sholaces

        Blow boy butcher

        You seems to knows a lot about assholes I guess it’s from fuckin and lickin da asses of the rest of da muslim homos on dis site.

      • Zepplin

        How come Iraq didn’t walk away with any gold medals ow ya because every one over there that can spirit was blown up a long time ago

  • Tyrone sholaces

    Do yous all think dat that justice bitch washed her hand after playin wit j-los ass or did she leave it so she could sniff it for a while?




    Die Sand Googles DIE DIE DIE YOU BROWN fuck your country is the ASSHOLE OF THE EARTH

  • Sundree

    Thank you both for reading and cominntmeg I have so much to say about all this! Too much for a comment box In a way I had an easy out in my explanation to my son even though he was four at the time, I could still explain our country’s history of racism and segregation and the important role a school like the college where I teach played (and plays) in providing opportunity for Black Americans especially the kids at my college, who come from underprivileged backgrounds and are often the first in their family to attend college. In the years I’ve taught there, too, I have never had a single student question my ability to understand issues off race, and to talk about them; I haven’t always had the same experience with the adults around me, but I do think generational differences are at play.It’s been eye-opening, too, to listen to my students talk about difference among themselves. They openly talk about the perceived stigma surrounding having dark skin, versus their lighter-skinned peers. Then there are those who walk the color line (as one student put it to the class one day) who get accused of being white by their peers because of they act white . Being a white teacher at a black college has definitely shaped and challenged my own perceptions of diversity and made me aware of how little the world at large around me understands or even tries to understand issues of race. There is much work to be done.As a related aside, three years after that conversation with my son, he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. We are negotiating through another type of terrain, as we work to help him understand and feel pride in his difference . Your words, Montclair Mommy, I want to make him feel beautiful and comfortable in his skin without making him feel set apart or othered. I want him to know that I see the difference and that other people will see it too, but that it doesn’t have to be the only thing that he sees or that other people see… resonated with me on many levels thank you.Alissa

  • Zepplin

    At what ponit did that become bad?

  • khalid Is A Arab