Victoria Justice Caught Cheating At Skee-Ball

Victoria Justice cheating

Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice was caught shamelessly cheating at skee-ball by climbing onto the game and dropping the ball into the hole.

This picture speaks volumes about Victoria’s immoral character. Despite making a good living corrupting America’s youth for her Zionist masters, Victoria will still stoop to cheating to acquire tickets for prizes.

Though it is surprising that Victoria Justice would need to cheat at skee-ball considering she is an expert at fitting things into rubbery loose holes.

  • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

    Brother Durka Durka,

    What caught my attention is that these sick sluts so called “artists” have a completely deranged sense of beauty. She is as skinny as one of those 40 million of Americans living in trailer parks.

    Come to Qatar darling, that my employees will feed you properly. Afterwards you will be in condition of taking care of my goats.

    • Anubis

      Brother Hashim –

      Excellent observation, but I’m afraid the infidel heathen masses will look upon this slutty Victoria bitch, such as her very fatless body and long slender naked legs and get horribly turned on by them. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the horny infidels are right now masturbating vigorously looking upon her sinful enticing legs.

      Between Victoria and that Satan worshiping Limey tart Emma Watson, we at least have our Islamic piety to protect us from their seductive western sluttery.

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil says

        Brother Anubis,

        You are accurate as a Jihadist’s AK 47 with your deep and righteous observations.

        The perverted tribe of American kaffirs can get horny just because of looking to a hole in the pavement with less than 20 inches wide.

        No wonder they start salivating when they see those walking zombies with a snatch.

        All these sick people are doomed to meet Shaitan in the near future when we’ll take over “U” S of A.

        Allahu Akbar

        • NotGay

          I wonder how big Tori’s cock is?

          I bet her’s is really thick and topped with a sombrero since she’s a spic.

          Mind you, I only winder out of scientific curiosity. Not because I’d want it deliciously stretching my anus.

  • Barak Hussein Obama

    Loosing the debate last night was all a part of my brilliant strategy.

    My plans will unfold like some complicated gook origami flower.

    Allah (SWT) is with me and I’ll rule you infidel honkies and spread your wealth around (mostly for mine and my big ass Lady’s lavish vacations) for another four years.

    Suck my Socialist cock. mofos.


    • Mitt Romney

      My balls are still wet from the gargling you gave them last night. Say hi to your wife and my kids, mulatto butt!

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Victoria Justice is well suited to juggling my ball-sac whilst I inspect her orifices for non-existent signs of virginity….

  • Jennings

    She can cheat with my skee balls banging against her chin.

  • Jabbar Muhommed Kareem Ali

    This harlot has left her tent wearing a jean jacket over her lingerie. She has no style at all.

  • Infidel Mujahedeen

    I’d let her climb on MY, uh … Skee-Ball table? Am I doing this right?

  • Kabal Mohhamed

    Allahu Akbar

  • The west is the Best

    She is not cheating she is smiling and holding the next skeet ball she is going to throw at a muslim the first ball she threw hit the muslim in the face and broke his nose and knocked out his front teeth that is why she is so happy because she hates muslims like all good women of the west.

  • Einsam

    she cheats because she has no ball skills even know she takes a lot of balls to the face

  • Abdul Rasul

    The only skills a zionist heathen infidel American has is using their fat mouths. Either they are eating mcdonalds, talking too much or begging for a Muslim cock.

    • The west is the Best

      Abdul ass rash

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  • Black Knight

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  • Grand Dragon Pete

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    • Niko Bellic

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      KKK is gay

  • Kahlid

    Beaners are not human beings.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Victoria is laughing because “west is gayest” asked her to shove a skee-ball up is ass and it rolled back out.

    Ha….that dumbass mofo got ass fucked by a few too many donkeys in Tiajuana and now has a condition called “homo-ass”…which means the anus is stretched to ungodly proportions and resembles the cave in Tora Bora where brother Usama eluded the infidels for years.

    Also…when big fag pete was asked about his “friends” condition…he just replied with…”well…at least he can still suck it.”

    Proof positive that not only are homoqueers degenerates…they make bad friends.

    Death To Homoqueers!


  • adolf hitler

    When Germany attacks the world the blonds. Will rein supreme an all you assholes will die

  • Zepplin

    is this really all you have to talk about really you cant bitch about how Hati is still fucked up from the earth quake or how peaple in africa are dieing from the preventable Illness. but no victoria justice posing for a photo shoot is more imported then a huge money problem with the whole world. no a nineteen year old is more impotent

    • NotGay

      So what you’re saying is that you crave dog cock?

      • Zeppelin

        No i don’t I just think your dumb becouse 99.9% of the world doesn’t get two shits about this

  • Alissa DiCarlo

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  • Hasan

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