Victoria Justice Bouncing Her Boobs Video

Victoria Justice boobs

Has Victoria Justice no shame? After seeing the video above of her brazenly bouncing her offensive breasts the answer is clearly a resounding no.

Victoria Justice and her heathen breasts have insulted Islam with this display of wanton sexuality!

If Victoria refuses to duck tape down her titties, then us Muslims will be forced to take drastic action by issuing a fatwa against Victoria Justice and her chesticles at afternoon prayer.

Victoria has no one but herself to blame for the vicious tongue lashing her breasts are about to receive.

  • The Guy with the EyE

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      Eye babe

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      • The Guy with the EyE

        your mom got firsties!!!!

        • The west is the best

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          • The Guy with the EyE

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          • HurrrkaDurrka

            Why don’t you two just fuck and get it over with?

      • Loading…

        Wow I look up Victoria justice and end up on a Muslim Porn site…

  • Victoria Justice Lover 015

    Victoria is sch a beautie xxx love you Victoria

  • Skye Simmons

    That is from the show ‘Victorious’ on Nickelodeon and she didn’t bounce her boobs on purpose she was jumping up and down because she was happy.

    • ObserversDickisaFatwa

      “Her” reasons don’t matter……the sin stands on its own…..

    • Obvious man

      What a hero, come to the aid of such a classy young lady. She probably already wears the red string of lucifer.

    • Umar the Brown

      So this whore does not know that she has large, round, soft and firm perky breasts with medium sized, pinkish-purple aereolas and nipples shaped like pencil erasers, that are heaving at the whorish material of her whore designed whore blouse? Do not think that we cannot figure out what she is doing, kufahr! She is jumping for the pleasures of her Zionist Hollywood filth masters who are dangling a hundred dollar bill for her off camera.

      She will pay the price for her sins when Islam takes over. I hope she can run faster than a thousand stones flung by the righteous sons of Allah!!!!!!!!!!

      • ObserversDickisaFatwa

        If she chooses to run……I hope she takes refuge in my tent……I already have a pole to hold the tent up…..

    • Tori is awesome and would not do that!

      ya that is right it was just because she was happy cause my kid watches this show and she is 5 why would Tori be bouncing her boobs on a little kid show?I mean she is not that type of person at all so leave her alone people!

      • HurrrkaDurrka

        Why is your daughter watching this show and not already married and pumping out brave jihadists? You better hurry before she reaches eight and is no longer marriage material, old maid!

  • Kahlid

    She can bounce her floppy mosquito bites back across the the border of Mexico with the rest of her fellow heathen illegal aliens.

    Or to her eventual stoning in Sharia Court for her many acts of whoredom.


  • Abdullah The Butcher

    She wont have to worry about titties after Islam takes over. Them things will be “removed” and made into saddlebags for my camel.

    • fuckmusslims

      You know Islam is a peaceful Religion.

      • Zamil the Extreme

        Not with an outrage like this. KILL IT FOR ALLAH!

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          sucks fags

          Yes you asshole….Islam is a religion of peace and love.
          And if you say different I will shoot you with the AK-47

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Buttt plugger Butch

            Islam is a religion of homo sex and weaklings.

            Shut up before we sick the jews on you ladyboys.


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Shut up asshole.

            Us Muslims already know that …….you trannyklan mofos….. “suck the jews while dressed like lady-boys.”

    • Zepplin

      why would you wont to remove them they look pretty good where they are to me

  • crossmiester

    she could bounce thouse infront of me

  • yasser hussien islam

    The only justice she gets is at our Sharia Court. Her sentence will be gangrape then decapitation! These hollywoood hoes must get Islamic Justice! Allah is great!!

  • Senoir Devereau

    Finally a flattering video of a truly beautiful woman. No bullshit photoshop collage. Really very nice.

  • Alibaba the camel jockey

    Victoria must be brought to justice

    When my fifth wife Aisha became 15,by the blessings of the ever merciful Allah,She developed 32 D Breasts which made me thank Allah every day and suck her every night

    But then she started jumping up and down every now and then and her breasts were shaking in a harami way which was totally unislamic…….
    I went to a Imam in Riyadh…He issued a fatwa….
    Aisha’s nipples were pierced and heavy stone was tied to it ,so that when she jump up and down,the stone prevented her breast from jumping up and down

    We need to capture this Victoria Justice and tie heavy stone on her breasts

    • Rasool

      Alibaba the camel jockey


      Good one..keep it up :)

      • Bo’loz Elgnn

        Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves wearing swimsuits

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    This wetback is making a serious push to become an honorary klanswoman….even if just for a night.

    I think she might be one night away with a powerful white cock to become a full blown aryan.


  • Midnyte S.

    Ohhhh my gosh!How could she….no she couldn’t have she is not like that,is she ok I really just cannot believe this crap right now cause Tori is inisant to me your dumb if you don’t think so.

  • salim the executioner

    mydnite aka fag of the knight when islam takes over you and chesty mctits will be stoned and her nipples will answer to the giatine

  • God (not that fucking idiot allah)

    You should not say things that are not true. People have free will and you unholy islamic retards should realize that all people were created in my image so if you insult them you insult me as well.

  • FAN

    all u did was just rewind the video back and fourth. u are the one with no shame

  • Allah is gay, I’m Christian you motherfuckers

    You guys have got to be kidding me. It’s a fucking tv show (which you guys obviously can’t watch), and she is no way trying to show off, all of you fucking towel heads in fucking Middle East are too stupid (to the point of blowing themselves up) because America is the best country on Earth so we are the retards. Fucking get a life, and let your women be free so they don’t have to suck your fucking hairy dicks. God love you all, I’ll be back…

  • Fuck you

    I feal bad for all the women in Iraq all thes unholy basterds running around blowing themselves up