Victoria Justice & Ariana Grande In Leotards

Victoria Justice Ariana Grande leotards

Nickelodeon stars Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande prostitute their taut teen bodies while wearing leotards in the disturbing photo above.

Just look how Victoria and Ariana mock Islam by having their bodies covered in fabric, yet instead of it hiding their shameful feminine curves like with a burka, the leotards accentuate their sinful sex organs.

Once again Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande have shown themselves to be enemies of the Muslim people. They may flaunt their swollen nubile camel toes in our faces now, but mark my words one day they will feel the rock hard wrath of Islam thrust upon them for their crimes.

  • Grannyfucker


    • Grannyfucker

      Guys don’t worry!

      My nick is Grannyfucker not because I made sex with her (LOL, I’m gay) but because I stole her retirement paycheck.

  • Faizal, Allah’ Soldier

    Brother Durka, what the eff! That’s two bloody lemons one after the other!

    Awful pic, zero imagination, zero imagery, and absolutely flat, bland commentary. Again! Second time today!

    Brother, you are getting lax. Laziness is a sin, as you well know. I am sure you know the punishment prescribed for repeat offences. I had warned you last post, I warn you again now: for a third offence, I don’t have ti spell out what is prescribed. Once Allah’s soldier’s strong arm rises up with the scimitar (or a stone), it shall come down with blood. Thw whore’s blood, the infidel’s blood. And if you can provide neither, then it might, next time, fall on you!

    Come on, wake UP! Two large mugs of goat’s milk, and a brisk trot on your camel!

    Let’s have something CRISP next time. We cannot afford laxity, brother, in our holy jehad!

    Allahu Akbar!



    Brothers Abdullah, Hashim, Anubis, Umar, all of you … Quick, some blood, some guts, some bodies … Let’s cover up ourselves these rare lapses by Brother Durka. Let’s try to save the day.

  • First One


    • Mandy


  • Mandy

    Some one has a I-D-10-T Error

  • Dan Schneider

    God, I love smashing these two, cornering the in their dressing rooms, pressing my fat body agains them, sliding into their tight teen holes. So great.

  • Assad Hariri El Mahmud

    Stfu!! These whores must be put down like sick cattle. Let’s get it over with. Where’s my Glock 17?

  • Jamie

    Short stubby legs.

  • Carlina

    Dopey photo

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Them two infidel whores have skulls the size of a toyota truck.

    Even the Blind Sheik could stone them skanks without one miss!

  • Jake


  • Licht

    The problem are not the woman who don’t wears burka or something like this s***…it’s you Moslems because you believe in god and discriminate with your religion you discriminate woman because you cannot control your fantasy and your dick. When yoy say that god create human, he create also woman. So what is the problem, when yoy dont want watch girls then close your eyes and learn to control yourself and your fantasy when you see a cute girl. Don’t believe Moslems that the path of live is written before born? So its unimportant what a human do, his destiny is written and cannot changed, right? If you don’t want to see a cute redhead girl, than don’t post her pics, shut down your pc and go praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The destiny of human is to learn Pain,
    The reason for war is religion,
    Ataraxi is the real answer.
    The real Peace will come when every people become death…
    I believe in Xibalbá, the only true in this world full of shit

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      dick licker

      you will know pain and punishment you mofo and then you will know hell fire.

    • Faizal

      Dicht Licher:

      The holy Quran clearly states that Adam was created by Allah, and woman was given to him as his obedient slave.

      Queers like you are Shaitan’s spawn, to be tortured and killed when Islamic rule is establishes, soon now.

  • Kanye West

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    • White Knight


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      Know your place……BOY

    • The West is the Best

      KY West

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  • Imperial Wizard Cletus Jones

    Two Aryan WASP goddesses from the American south dressed in leotards… can’t get any better than this.

    • The West is the Best

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  • Zeppelin

    Good this give you fuckers something to squirm about. In all honesty this is from three, four years ago.

  • Tsongz

    There hot

  • The West is the Best

    These smelly filthy unwashed nick whores should move to Tikrit they would fit in with the stinking muslim women and they can clean up abdildo the gays gloryhole.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      • The West is the Best

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        Any women from the west could not move to Tikrit because there not hairy and smelly like Tikrit women.

  • Name (required)

    Arianda Grande reminds me of a girl i fucked in the 6th grade…

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      inbred infidel

      the only 2 girls you fucked in the 6th grade were your sister and grandma: which one does the whore arianna remind you of?

      • Name (required)

        come to think of it she kind of looks like you….

  • Celebjihadist

    Damn if only those Leo’s were see-through

  • Anonymous

    These girls look 11 and bore me

  • *********

    You say all of these girls are infindels,but why do you go around the internet looking for pictures like these?
    Also,just about all the pictures of these girls are fakes.

  • Fgk,kmnbb

    This are rack they are all made by the same person

  • Cody

    I love how all you bomb loving sand googles jus love our women and would rail them all but you continue to dog them out and say they are all hookers and shit.

  • ryan

    These pictures are clearly photoshopped. The heads are way too big for these bodies.

  • ryan

    These pictures are clearly photoshopped. The heads are way too big for these bodies.

  • Fuck Taylor swift


  • Fuck Taylor swift

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  • dopeness101

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