Victoria Justice & Ariana Grande In A Nude Embrace

Victoria Justice Ariana Grande naked

It looks as though Nickelodeon stars Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande were caught sharing a nude embrace in the photo above.

Any one who watches Victoria and Ariana’s show “Victorious” could pick up on the sexual tension between these degenerate lesbodykes, so it is not at all surprising to see them engaged in this disgusting behavior.

Yes our greatest fears appear to have been confirmed, and Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande are in fact lesbian lovers who enjoy caressing, licking, and sucking all over each others taut female bodies. Gross!

  • Farzan The Wise

    By the grace of Allah’s mighty beard I will stone these heathen rug munchers streight to Satan !


    • Supp nigsa!

      Thats what u muslims shout before u a about to cum in ur daughters hand?

      • Farzan The Wise

        Super Google

        It’s what I yell before firing my AK-47 into a googles head. You will be hearing it soon boy.

        ALLAHU AKBAR !

        • Imam Khalid

          Why do Googles put their garbage in clear plastic bags?

          So Mexicans can window shop.

          ALLAHU AKBAR!!!

          • Sheikh Zayd

            Talking about Googles, This Jamal bloke, boyfriend of Yard Ape, appears to be Black Knight (Kwame)

            But then again, all chimpanzees look and talk alike, so I couldn’t say with outright certainty

            Time Shall Tell

          • Yardie Derrick


            Me know you be kind of guy who wet up 10 year old poom poom. Call you a ‘pro-teen Sheikh’ ZIMMY! Pussyclart, don’t hype up when you be daggering kids in nursery.

          • Sheikh Zayd

            Yard Ape

            I deciphered this from your heathen gibberish : ” Honourable Sir Sheikh Zayd, I would like to offer you my 10 year old Google Sister in exchange for a Watermelon”

            Well, Google of any gender, of any age, and of any kind, is still………a Google! Hence, my answer is no, I won’t indulge your sister.

            As for the watermelon, Sheikhs are benevolent as you must be aware, so today might be your lucky day. Come by my mansion, and I shall bestow upon you at least 100 watermelons, provided you stop smoking Crack, like you are doing in your Avatar

          • Why?

            Why does this new homo who calls himself Sick n Zodomized got an obscene avatar pic which shows a whuite cloth rucked up to expose black pubic hair and an ugly little dick?

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          • usa rules

            Racises ass motherfucking bitch

          • Yardie Derrick

            Sheikhs his cocky to get Payd,

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            All Fassy Fi Dead!

          • Sheikh Zayd

            Mr. Why

            Your crying and whining are a testament to my prowess. Thank You.

            Keep up your whining, and your Mommy might just ground you. This time for an entire week. It won’t be pretty that much is for certain

            Yard Monkey

            Last time I checked, Pakistan wasn’t in the Middle East. It seems that all that Crack Cocaine is going to your head. You are Hallucinating.

            It awfully is hard to distinguish, since normal Google behaviour is Hallucinogenic behaviour by the Human standard as it is.

          • Yardie Derrick


            Me no care if you na from Pakistan, you group me with them smelly Africans, so me group you with the duttier Pakistanis.

          • fuhck towelheads

            Q: What do female Muslims use for birth control?
            A: Their faces.
            Q: How do you get a Muslim woman pregnant?
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            Q. What do Muslim men do during foreplay?
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            GOO faak a goat and thank ju cam aagen

      • Bob

        Fuck u bitch we don’t believe in sex and all that bullshit

    • Merica’

      You spelled straight wrong, take an English literature class if your going to try and insult us with our own language

      • Ahmed

        اللعنة عليك الغربية وتبول تبول الصغيرة الخاصة بك.

      • Yardie Derrick

        Your name be ‘Merica, English not your language you fassy. Me get me London bredrins to run up pon your shack in your ranch and duppy you! Typical American pussyclart try to take what not be theirs.

    • Fucku

      Eh Ayrib emak wa shaklak ya mentek

    • Badru the Pious

      Spot on my brother!
      My blood boils just by the thoght of these two lesboqueers doing the naughty!
      Allahu Akbar!

  • CANNIBAL Alert

    Horrible photoshoping! –______–

    The least you can do is make it look realistic -_-

    • Supp nigsa!

      Incorrect, the “least” thing they can do; is nothing.

      • CANNIBAL Alert

        Hey you…….. Hey Stupid ass! ……………..

        You speak when i ask you to speak, or feel the pain of mother chewing through skin. I bet your skin taste like strawberry cake…………. GIVE ME A REASON TO!!!!!

  • Yardie Derrick

    Oh Lordie!

    Butters gyal dem ain’t got no backoff, how me gonna dagger that? American gyal be disgusting, me no want to be fucking the skeleton, me want have me cocky pon the big bumper and breast, ya zimmy!?

    • Farzan The Wise

      Yard Ape

      Oh Lordie !

      Isn’t that what you dumb googles used to say back when you picked the white man’s cotton in the US of A ! Thanks for the laugh boy.

      • Yardie Derrick

        Hard’pants when looking at a 4 year old

        Me ain’t over 150 years old, pussy. Me never picked no cotton in me life. Me got me youth on me side, ya zimmy?

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Brother Farzan,

        The Rasta Google is right: down in Jamaica they pick is pot, not cotton.

        That’s why they are also responsible for the decadence of American youth. I think this is not bad at all ;)

        • Grand Dragon Pete


          You’re a big time homo and chief imposter of this site!


  • Grand Dragon Pete

    These two were in such fear after seeing my enormous pants python for the first time that they embraced one another…..knowing that their virgin pussies would be stretched to the maximum.

    Today….after pounding each of them 100 or more times…..they can finally take the meat stick without crying.


    • aghmed

      The tight anus’s of these dancing boys were still too large for your trouser maggot.

      • Grand Dragon Pete



        Its “anus'” you nitwit.

        Also…..dancing boys are only found in the mid east. Vic and Ari are fine women who love their position as sex slaves.


        • aghmed

          “anus” ??

          Well, I guess only you would know so much about “anus”

          What this stuff about dancing boys? Is that what you call your Henchman’ssssssss?

          You a bigtime Fag Huh?

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Undereducated Miss Piggy, you ignorant:

          The plural of anus is anuses or ani. It comes from the Latin you moron.

          • Farzan The Wise

            Assalamu Alaikum Brother Hashim,

            I am quite shocked gay Pete was unaware of this. Him being a major ass pumper I would assume he would be very familiar with all known descriptions of the male anus hole.


          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Homo Hashim

            You dumb, worthless, impersonating mofo….shut up!

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          • Farzan The Wise

            Poop Pusher Pete

            It’s your favorite day of the week…….Free rimjob Monday at the Klan gloryhole!

            I’m sure you will have your hands (and tongue) full tonight.
            Your one sick homo.


    • Farzan The Wise

      Poop Pusher Pete

      The more likely scenario is they took one look at your shriveled, crooked dick, gay butterfly tattoo’d chest, and stomach spattered with West is Bests shit, and have now rejected men all together.

      You turned them into lesbos with your faggotry. I will soon be trampling you with my camel.


      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Fag Farzan

        You’re a big time homo imposter and what you have to say is usually ignorant.

        It would be wise of you to return to the cave you crawled out of and continue to suck cock.


        • The Truth

          Farzan and Hashim, you are right that these women should not be taking pictures of themselves naked.
          Pete, while sometimes what Hashim and Farzan say may seem ignorant, it is their opinion. Second, a lot of your comments are just as ignorant, if not more, than theirs.
          -The Truth

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            False truth

            Shut up you butt pirate.

            My superior intellect does not allow me to say anything that’s ignorant and my moral compass, for which God gave me, does not allow me to speak anything but the truth.

            The truth is that you need to be executed for being a loud mouthed asshole.


          • The Truth

            Pete, you say you have a superior intellect but you don’t know the plural form of “anus” is as Hashim said, anuses.
            Also, knowing what the actual plural form is doesn’t make you a fag, gay, or a “butt pirate.” It means that you know proper English, something Hashim and Farzan seem to know even though English isn’t their first language.

  • ObserversDickIsAFatwa

    Allah has a beard???

    ….and if I can’t see nipples, areolae, clitoredes, labia (major and minor) and anus……then I haven’t seen a nude….

  • White boy

    U are all Jews suck my big white balls pakis

  • Jerry From Jersey

    Thats jusy fake gay!

    • Imam Khalid

      Jack Off from Jersey,

      I see one homoqueer left from the hurricane Allah (SWT) sent to smite you fagggoty infidels last year.

      We righteous & holy Muslims will bury you head frst in Snooki’s foul, cavernous cunt and then shoot you both with the holy AK-47.

      ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Instead of a nude embrace, them whores need to be asking Allah for forgiveness and then putting on a Burka.

    For their crimes…they will get killed by stoning.

    • Farzan The Wise



  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Justice and Grande are so beautiful, but their heads are shopped onto two really repulsive bodies this time around. Oh well. Go ahead and stone them I guess.

    • Imam Khalid

      You tell us NOTHING, you rotten, AIDS-ridden harlot!!!!

  • Merica’


    Are you grumpy because the other Muslims kicked you out of the bathroom containing the Muslim gloryhole?


    Last few porn shoots I’ve done, Ive been on Molly. Makes me sooo fuckin’ horny. Ill fuck anyone and everyone on Molly, and I do, hahaha. Sooo fun! Coming back down after not so fun though :-(

  • Merica’

    Homo Hashim
    Stop impersonating people on this website it’s disgusting the fantasies you have for the people on this site. Go back to the glory head towel head

  • Hotstuff

    It’s photo shopped duh if you look at there faces for a wile its photo shopped


      I’ve done porn shoots with double penetration and everyone says the same thing about the stills taken during the shoot. They think its photoshopped, but its not. Its real. I love taking in two dicks.

  • Rehan the Reporter

    How many views does this website get primarily for the porn, and how many primarily for the comments (either to just view the comments, or to participate in the commenting)?

    To take part in this survey, please reply saying either “Porn” or “Comment”.

    Actually it will be both for most, but we are trying to isolate the primary, principal focus.

    One lucky winner, chosen by random draw from respondents to this survey, will get an all-expenses paid holiday for self and one companion, for ten days, in the US and Europe (or, if they so wish, covering the Middle Eastern Islamic countries).

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    Survey ends midnight of Sunday, March 24, 2013.

    Employees of Al Jazeera and their direct relation are not eligible for the contest (although they are welcome to respond to the survey).

    • Grand Dragon Pete


      I’d like for someone to report that you have died from dick herpes.


      • Rehan the Reporter

        Mr Pete,

        Your reply seems to suggest that your interest lies primarily in commenting (in your own fashion).

        I am putting your response down as “Comments”, unless you indicate otherwise.

        We reporters are trained to deal with all sorts of low-lifes. Your unprovoked and wholly unnecessary profanity offends and repels me, but I will still maintain my objectivity and do my duty as a reporter by entering you for the contest.

        • Grand Dragon Pete


          More importantly… Al Jizzera reporters are trained to take massive dildos up your ass.

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          Your emplyer will soon be changing names… Aryanera.


    • Hazrat Bakhsh

      In other words, the Comments.

      • Grand Dragon Pete

        Hazrats N Bakhole

        Jihad is for butt pirates who need Jesus Christ in their lives.

        Its the cleansing of colored mofos and homos that brings most people to this KKK site.


        • Hazrat Bakhsh

          Grand Drag-queen Pete,

          I do not generally participate here in my personal capacity, but only to further the interests of my illustrious employer, Abdul the Goat-herd, the Lion of Islam.

          However, if you persist with your insolence, I am sure my employer will not grudge me the 45 minutes it will take me to castrate you, pour molten lead down your faggot arsehole, let you jump and howl in pain for half an hour, and then decapitate you.

          • Grand Dragon Pete

            Hazrat Bullshit

            What a disgusting mofo!

            What your employer makes you do to his penis and asshole before dildoing him is between you, he, and God…..and God demands that both of you be killed for such extreme faggotry.

            And speaking of decapitate…..that sounds like a damn good way to kill you homos.


          • Hazrat Bakhsh

            Gay Gay Gay Drag-queen:

            Inshallah in another 24 hours you will die, very painfully, by my hands.

            And the world will be rid of a disgusting faggot pervert.

          • Henchman

            Hazrat Butt fucker

            The only thing that’s gonna be in your hands is Abdullahs tiny brown cock…and probably a load of smelly jizz too.

            Also, you couldn’t kill a homo invalid with AIDS, much less then a klansmen.

      • Rehan the Reporter

        Thank you, Mr Bakhsh.

      • Abou ben Adhem


        • Rehan the Reporter

          Thank you for your response, Mr Adhem.

    • Horny Guy

      The porn, every time!

      Enter me for the Euro-trip, don’t want to go to the hell-hole that is the Mid East.

    • Badruddin

      Assalam Aaleykum.

      I say: Comments.

      I never see dirty pictures. But I sometimes like to see how Jihadists beat and kill infidels.

      If I win, can you please send me to my Abba in the Vatican?


      • The Real West is the Best

        Badbreath 6 y/o son of Gay asshead

        How did Asshead have a son he is a homo butt fucker I bet he found you in a dumpster so get back to your dancing boy training you little shit

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          real fag west

          You know all about the dancing boys from that gay disco you hang out at when your glory hole is slow.

  • None

    Completely photoshopped!!!!

    • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

      You’re dick is photoshopped. You really have a flabby stretched vagina.

      • klord



    The celebrities in compromising positions. That’s why I’m here. So I would have to say…. PORN!!!


    PORN, PORN, PORN, PORN, PORN…I also like to play with the Muslims though, lol.

  • MuslimHater

    Fake. Fake fake fake fake, oh, thats what your mom said about your muslim dicks, idiots. Christan is the way to go!

  • Bre

    Photoshop!! It’s fake obviously. It’s not there bodies.

  • slfdfdkfn

    Thats looks so fake *-* and I’ve seen those EXACT heads (hair is in the same position) in pictures.

  • FUCK U ALL!!!!!!!!

    y do all u googles and dicks argue with each other wen u could be admiring their tatas???

  • This is fake

    This image is photoshopped. Its not real. They would never do this. They are not lesbians. And you all are very dumb for believing this.

  • Fucktheragheads

    This is obviously photoshopped. It’s too airbrushed, you can clearly see the separation between their heads and necks. The ragheads that made this didn’t know a thing about photoshop.


  • I_Masturbate_To_This!!!

    FAP! FAP! FAP!

  • Muhammad


  • jihg

    Fake like everything else on this site

  • Jo mama

    It’s fake but the girls themselves are do fucking hot

  • Jo mama

    It’s fake but the girls themselves are do fucking hot

  • Greg

    So sexy Ariana grande have sex with me


    faces doesnt match xDDD PHOTOSHOPPPP FAAAIL

  • klord