Victoria Justice & Ariana Grande Finger Their Vaginas

Victoria Justice Ariana Grande finger

Fellow Nickelodeon stars and “besties” Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande appear to finger their vaginas by the pool in the shocking photo above.

Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande just can not seem to keep their hands off their filthy lady parts. Of course this is what happens when the barbaric Western practice of not circumcising women is allowed to run rampant.

It doubtful that Victoria and Ariana would be constantly playing with themselves if their clits were shorn into desensitized nubs like Allah intended. When Islam finishes conquering the West we will lop off many clits and put a stop to all sinful female sexual pleasure once and for all.

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  • I’mLovinIt

    Now that’s a super sized value meal that I would eat!!!

    • Team America


      The only super sized value meal you eat is cock. The super sized part makes me fear that you may be after my cock. Stay away from me, homo.

      America! We go forward to defend freedom!

      • Ryan Daniels

        LOL go america!!!

        • Team America

          Actually, scratch that. I DO love cock and so do my many other aliases Whitegela, Blackfella, THEMADMEXOCAN, Dancing Boy and a whole host of other that are super gay.

          America! We go towards ass lube!

          • Whitefella

            Get back down into your hole, Khalid AKA BadFart. There’s a good boy. And take your tube of ass lube with you. It looks like Hashish and Butt Chomper are right behind you… as usual.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    When Islam takes control of hollywood, there will be no more out of control harlots having rampant lesbodyke sex.

    All females 10 and under will become our concubines and women 11-19 our cooks and other manual laboring slaves. Women over 19 will be shot with the AK-47….because they have been too corrupted by bad morals and satanic lifestyles to ever improve.

    After us Muslims take over and these infidels get a taste of Muslim Jizz….they will never leave the Harem.

    islam will save america!


    • Sexy terrorist

      Canada will save America from invading muslims

      • Sexy terrorist

        And I will ask Victoria justice to be my gf after I save her from the muslims

        • Victoria Justice

          I will never be your girlfriend, because u are an ugly sand niggah

          • Sexy terrorist

            Actually I’m not a sand niggar I’m a good Canadian boy

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Canadastan is the last of our priorities.

            It’s a country of stinky frog leg eaters, drunk Injuns and white America puppets.

            We despise them. When we decide to take over Canada a single day will be enough.

        • gAymerica

          if u take gaymerica ull get canada priceless, a country made for surrender

      • Uncle Ruckus

        Canada could not careless for a country thats been overrun by jiggaboos, niggas and dirty gaboons. The whiteman whom i worship despite myself being a nigga, is indeed the most pure race. But when racial equality came all that went out the window, the pure white womans chastice was violated by these VD ridden apes, whom Im very much ashamed to be mistake as often because of my skin tone. Make no mistake, I’lk gladly live in the whitemans servitude for another 200 years; until my re-vitiligo clears up and my skin goes back to its original white pure tone. (Its the opposite of what Micheal Jackson Had)

        All praise to white, jesus.

    • I’mLovinIt

      It’s obvious that you’re nothing but a child predator!!!

      • Team America


        Why is he a child predator? Because be thinks Victoria Justice is attractive? I think your the child predator who was preying on Sexy Terrorist and became upset when you discovered he’s already gone through pubity.

        America! We go forward to defend freedom!

        • I’mLovinIt

          Team America

          I was responding to Abdullah the Butch, not the Sexy Terrorist. I support the Sexy Terrorist.

          • Sexy terrorist

            Thanks for the support

          • Team America


            Sorry. My bad.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            you support fucking donkeys and drinking beaver jizz. You and you’re pals, team homoqueer and the smelly exorcist had best shut the fuck up or each of you turds will get a visit from a very pissed off Muslim.

            And he will kill you.

          • I’mLovinIt

            You’re very welcome Sexy Terrorist
            It’s ok Team America
            Don’t be jealous Abdulloser!

          • I’mLovinIt

            Oh, by the way I am another Team America/Whitefella persona. :)

          • Whitefella

            Khalid BadFart, You know what the dumbest thing about your little interjections like the one just here. Team America, I’mLovinIt, BlackFucker, me, etc, etc are really different people. Well I can vouch for me and I’m pretty sure BlackFucker is because he’s said stuff that only Aussies would know and TA would have no reason to say the stuff that I’mLovinIt does under a different persona.

            You’re as stupid as you’re obvious and unfunny. But I guess it’ll just keep happening because you’re too stupid to get it. Start yourself on a diet of real meat AKA pork and get off that camel jizz and your brain might actually start to work.

          • I’mLovinIt

            Yes Whitefella….that’s definitely an imposter. But there are definitely clones here with no originality, so the copycats don’t surprise me.

      • Sexy terrorist

        You should no that Victoria is 20 years old show I’m not a child predator since that term refers to people who bad things to people under the age of 18

    • Imam Abbas

      Brother Abdullah

      I can easily see the males in the family’s of shameless trollops taking action to preserve the family’s honor – especially given the nature of these filthy sluts. At least, thats the way they deal with these matters in *civilized* countries.

      This wouldn’t even be our problem, if the nations that spawned and raised these whores had even the slightest sense of common decency. Now, I find myself agreeing with your premise that we may very well have to use a lot of ammunition to clean up these so-to-be muslim nations that are overfilled with the detritus of society. After all, there are only so many stones people can throw before they simply get plum tuckered out.

      Instead of taking action, these infidels leave these walking moral disasters for us peaceful Islamists to clean up.


      Allahu Akbar!

      • Team America

        Jizz Whiz Abbas

        You’re back. If you Islame homos really want to clean up society and get ride of the detritus, then you should all start by having abortions.

        America! We go forward to defend freedom!

        • Imam Abbas

          Team Skid-mark

          Us pious and superior muslims have no need for abortion. The infidel American society does, but clearly the US abortion practitioners need more education, because for some sick reason you survived.

          At least your sister tried to rid herself of the disgusting progeny of incest (i.e. yourself) after your brother pissed in her.

          For you and your family, freedom simply means being able to continue your disgusting and incestuous family traditions, by procreating more burdens on society such as yourself.

          If you had the slightest bit of common decency or honor, you’d commit hari-kari.

          • Moment for Applause

            I congratulate Imam Abbas on his absolute destruction of Team America through his failed abortion joke. Cracker.

          • Team America

            Moment for applauding that gay joke

            You also congratulate Abbas after he’s finished butt pumping you and the only thing destroyed was your anus after all the other homo Muslims joined in and gang banged you. The only way you could find Abbas’s retarded dribble funny is if you yourself are a retarded homo or you just happen to be one of Abbas’s alter-egos.

            America! We go forward to defend freedom!

          • Imam Abbas

            Team Skid-mark

            Your sole fixation is anal-centric faggotry and little else – which I would guess is good news for the pious, manly muslims that frequent this site, who have little use for you and your kind.

            The more fixated and/or infatuated you are with plooking the other homo-queers and trannys on this site means that you and all your personas are unlikely to procreate. In the mean time, your long-untreated case of syphilis continues to rot your brain as you spread your STDs to un-kosher Moshe, brokeback Pete, Angel of the Douche-bags, and other social outcasts.

            Hence – at least part of your disgusting incest-riddled blood-line is likely to come to a screeching halt.

            Thats just less ammunition we jihadis have to use to eliminate you when we decide its time to take over.

            Allahu Akbar!

      • Imam Khalid

        Very astute, fellow Imam. Team Anal and his many obvious impersonations and boring personalities only reconfirm his obvious love of the homoqueer trifecta: the meat pole, the dirty sanchez and gay butt pumping.

        He and all his gay alter egos will die horribly from the AK-47 if his full blown case of AIDS doesn’t first.

        Then he will burn in Hell with Shaitan ass ramming him with what will likely be a barbed cock. Of course, I’d guess he’d actually look forward to that they way he looks forward to his daily gloryhole visits.


        • Imam Abbas

          Brother Khalid

          Indeed, Team Skid-mark and his other personalities are a burden upon society, including the infidel society he lives in, that at least still has the decency to frown upon his sick family and their incestuous progeny. That homo-queers infatuation with sex between men is only surpassed by his sicko fondness of sex with farm animals.

          That he will roast in the eternal flames of Jahannam is certain. The only question is how that disgusting man-whore gets there: whether he’s killed by syphilis, AIDS, or a full clip of AK-47 islamic whoop-ass.

          Allahu Akbar!

    • Team America

      Abdullah the butt-plug

      If Islame actually takes over, there will be out of control Muslim fags having rampant homo sex.

      America! We go forward to defend freedom!

      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Team Asshole,

        America leads the way on faggotry, marshmallow barbecues and ass lube production according to the UN Anual World Industry Survey.

        • Team America

          Hashim the firsties

          We lead the way in producing ass lube and other homo paraphernalia to sell to faggot countries like yours. You should be happy you can now buy these things online and no longer have to suffer through the embarrassment of purchasing them in person.

          America! We go forward to defend freedom!

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil


            You are the bigger producer but also the bigger importer, according to the same sources.

            The reason why is obvious…

          • Whitefella

            By the way, Hashish. Does using surf board wax work as lube? Not that I’d like to try it tonight at the gloryhole or anything. Just curious, mate.

    • Ernie

      you ass! what is up with you muslims! im christian and I think your being fuckin mean and by the way what u want to do is called slavery, places like india are shit! they’re poor their water polluted and hell! people can barely afford a 50$ tablet! while we get android jellybean 4.2 tablets and for apple fans iPad’s and even though the US and pretty much all america (counting central and south too) has more money and no offence prettier people than any fucking racist muslim country (like india) christian, muslim or any other religions ARE EQUAL we all have different believes and thats all right so this website is just wrong and not just beacause of ALL THE FAKE PORN! think about it!

    • Umar the Brown

      Brother Sheikh Abdullah,

      This is an ambitious plan, but I think it is feasible. It has my full support and will have the full support of my Emirate, the Emirate of Western Americastan.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Umar

        With your support and the blessings of Allah all things are possible.

        Soon us Muslims will be racing our camels on Sunset and Vine as we go all the way to the “dead infidels curve.”

        Just imagine, we shall own Beverly Hills…which we will now call, “Mount Ayesha”


      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Brother Umar,

        Where that will be? Former Hawaii?

        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          …If so, I presume you’ll forbid all the sinful surf activities. As well as surf boards wax, that is just an excuse for hawaiian homos to get their extra dose of ass lube.

          • Whitefella

            Hashish, that’d be right! You and your buddies here wouldn’t want there to be any chance of a shortage of ass lube.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            wwhite fag

            Us Muslims don’t have a use for ass lube but if we did, you have about 10,000 bottles in your mommy’s basement ready for the taking. Which us Muslims will use to boil you in when Islam takes over.

            Ha…what irony…you (a notorious fag) being boiled alive in your own ass lube.

            This torture idea should earn me Jihadist of the year back in Tikrit.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Brother Abdullah,

            This White Fellatio / Team Asshole is indeed an annoying bug that deserves to be baked inside an ass lube filled pressure cooker.

  • The American

    I agree with Team America. You Islamic bastards are all homosexual fags.

    • Mater the Greater

      you Yankee cuckolds just love eating you wives arse chutney off unfeasibly large Muslim penis’s

      • Team America

        Mater the gimp

        You love eating the shit off the immeasurably small Muslim dicks.

        America! We go forward to defend freedom!

    • Troll

      Nobody with any self-respect ever agrees with Team Ameri-cunt.

      Unless, of course, they are also a homo-queer or tranny.

  • Bob

    id fuck em

  • America

    Usa willbeat them ugly ass muslims because we have the best military force known to man true fact

    • Najid Hussein

      Sure – how’s your Iraqi invasion going these days?

      Did you enjoy us arabs giving all the oil deals to the same Communist Chinese our ally and friend George W Bush borrowed trillions of dollars from to invade our country to no good end? Here you suckers in the USA took out Iran’s greatest enemy and put us Iranians into the power-brokers seat in the middle east. At US expense!

      That was a beautiful diplomatic kick-in-the-balls on your way out wasn’t it?

      It is written that revenge is a dish best eaten cold. And its yummy!

      And after destroying the US economy, our republican allies in the House of Representatives have prevented any actions that could repair the economy they fucked up under our orders!

      You haven’t beaten anyone except yourselves, you delusional POS!



      • Team America

        Nutjizz Hussein

        You are simply retarded and I have already successfully refuted your retarded dribble.

        America! We go forward to defend freedom!

  • Wolf man

    They hate each other irl so I dout this would happen USA USA

    • Imam Khalid

      Nonsense. They are both spics and they tend to love each other the same way cockroaches do. That is unless one of them stole the last taco.

      • Team America

        Badfart Khalid

        Good to see you back posting under your own name. Your cockroach analogy would be better suited to describing you Muslims as you scurry around the desert until an American appears and then you run away and hide in your caves.

        America! We go forward to defend freedom!

  • Whitefella

    NajIs Insane.

    The Yanks, Poms and us cleaned out Iraq as fast as it took for the cowards in their military to run away. The job is almost done in Afghanistan. You lot would be next except that you’ve been smart enough to elect a moderate government which will soon be joining our Commonwealth of Nations. Being the progressive and tolerant people that we are, we will welcome your cunt-ry, with the exception of all Stone Age jihadis, such as you and the rest of your crew of deadshits here.

    The only option for you, for Khalid (aka BadFart), and for the rest of you all is to surrender and to start getting a taste for bacon, (and not each others’, which you already have).

  • mexicanstyle

    i would fuck both of them

    • Whitefella

      Yeah spick, but would they fuck you?

      • Whitefella

        I would fuck you. I love spicy spic cock. :)

        • Whitefella

          Khalid BadFart, you forgot to use your avatar when you tried to crack on to the dago in that last comment. Maybe you were worried it’s so ugly it’d scare him off and you’d miss out on fucking him.

          • Sheik Hassan al-Hassan

            Whute Fellation,

            I often just browse the comments on Brother Durka-Durka’s proud Islamic site but I had to say something. You are one of the gayest kuffr to ever post here. I look forward to the day when you and your multiple personalities are stoned to death in front of the US Capitol building which we shall turn into a mosque.

            Get in all of your time at your gloryhole you can, Team Asshole. Your days of ass-ramming and spamming this site are numbered.

            First a ban here and then an IRL are in your future, madafackah.

  • ilovepussy

    My cock just broke through my pants. Shit, they’re fucking hot.

  • deee

    Fuck muslims

  • Fuck off Yankees

    Fuck of you Yankee bastards I’m british and I still don’t like you so I’m on the Islamic guys side

  • Baldjesus

    This site is just to lash out at Islams and create tension with the Musims and islams. If the following commentors (or viewers) have any common sense, they will leave this website and return ONLY to look at the pictures, not the words. I do not believe any religion is bad, I just believe that they all have different views, different ways of pleaing or praising their God, Godess, Gods, or Godesses. I myself am Christian, but i will soon become Athiest, because I believe that by being part of a religion will just cause tension and problems later on in life, as shown above. ALSO, do not comment badly about my name, it is just a statement of religion, and if you comment badly, I must tell you that saying Jesus was bald is the same as saying he had hair, ina spiritual sense anyway.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      bald jizz drinker

      Go and kill yourself now because when us Muslims get you there will be months of torture until you just die from pain.

      • I’mLovinIt

        Abdulloser…..why should he kill himself…..when you’re the Suicide Bomber!!!

  • Baldjesus

    Correction – pleasing – mid paragraph, top comment

  • Baldjesus


  • freeman

    Muslim men are so dumb.durka durka kEeps uploading photoshopped pictures nd u laylow life muslim bunkards keep comenting ur trash.Go get a life for ur selves.

  • I’m a girl for ur information

    Yeah i was watching victorious then I see this and it made me pissed so I texted her saying ur such a slut that why would u make freaking kids show then u fuck it up with that hill billy lesbian voice Ariana grande shit like if you think they both are lesbians and FYI IM A GIRL OK ( NO LESBIAN OK ). Lol

    • Whitefella

      What is it like not having a penis? I’m really an American and am thinking of getting a full sex change when ObamaCare is fully implemented. Those liberals don’t mind spending the tax payers hard earned money on deviants like me.

      Mine is so tiny I doubt I could ever get another woman who won’t call me baby penis.

      Oh and fuck you, Abdullah!

      America! Home of the free!

      • Whitefella

        Khalid BadFart, that’s not very nice of you to be saying ‘fuck you’ to your friend Abdullah. But thanks for saving me the trouble.

        Oh wait, now I get, you were saying to want to fuck Abdullah. Well that’s up to you. In any case, I say fuck you both.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          wimpy fag

          Do not make lies about my Muslim brothers.

          It is the dream of every infidel homo, such as you, to suck on a massive Muslim cock. But since us Muslims cannot be gay because Allah has made Muslims perfect, you’re demented dream will stay a dream. And Islam will wipe you homoqueers from the earth.

          ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Guest

            If we were lieing we would call you smart, intelligent and handsome but since your none of those, and any American woman is stronger than you bunch of pussy ass idiots that blow yourselves up to “win” a fight, I would rethink your plan to take over the northern hemisphere cause all it takes to wipe your kind from this earth is a single abram cause those camels can scratch the paint off it

          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

            gonad-chomping guest

            Mighty Jihadists blow themselves up to destroy the enemy and gain their reward of 72 virgins.

            You blow dicks at your glory hole to gain a big wad down the throat and have access to some fag’s asshole.

            From this comparison…us Muslims are clearly the moral winners!
            You and your fags will die as the Caliphate comes to power. The end for you is near….but not the kind you’re used to.

          • Fucking dickhead

            Yea the could be 72 gays you wog

          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

            sucks dick heads

            Your illiteracy makes us Muslims laugh. You should have spent less time at your glory hole and more time in special ed.

          • Austin Blackwood

            You should stop acting Muslim. It’s quiet simple to tell your fake. I mean the stupid remarks that you make are not Muslim. Such as the one above, if “Allah” made man kind then he would have adequate them how he wants them. Women wouldn’t have clips if he didn’t want them to.
            Get schooled

          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

            Asshole Black-dick-sucker

            You fags are always trying to tell us Muslims that we’re not Muslim….which would be like us Muslims telling you fags that you don’t suck dicks.

            Us Muslims are Muslims and you fags are dick sucking fags. End of discussion.

            eat shit and die mofo

          • DevildogsForLife

            Yeah, where the dicksuckers says the guy who would rather die with A row of C-4 strapped to his chest, than to die a peaceful death at age 80 with a loving wife and kids like us Americans. The way I see it we can compromise, you come over to the west and I fill you up with 5.56x45mm NATO rounds from my M4A1(PS: stop beginning your statements with Cheasy insults, it makes you sound more like a homo fagtard).

          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


            When us Muslims come to the west, we will take it over and make slaves out of the infidels that we didn’t kill.
            No doubt, when the Jihad begins, you’ll be in your gay bar sucking off some wetback or a google and crying about how it will hurt getting shot by the AK-47.

          • DevildogsForLife

            Ok you come over to the west on what I might add, your Cammels? And I’d like to see you try to touch us with your AKs, What will your M43 rounds do against a A10 Thunderbolt II raining down 30mm rounds from its GAU 8/A Avenger And what about our CROWS M1 Abrams? Maybe your goats can at least scratch them if you weren’t to busy penitrating them.And good luck inslaveing us because here’s a breve history lesson, your people coward in fear During mission Iraqi freedom because the only thing you could really do is take down two towers, we siglehandedly marched into your country and defeated your ass.(ps: your Isis shit is so cute, funny the only thing they seem to be able to do is behead people because if they fight as hard as they suck dick, the world would be praying to you rats)

          • Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit


            Ya Allah that was dull. Just give out the gps coordinates of your gay bar and us Muslims will send out a missile. It will be better for you than if we have to burn you alive in person.

          • DevildogsForLife

            33.2232*N 46.6793*E Look it up, it’s not a gay bar I go to but I’m sure you’ll recognize it(ps: Man, your good does have a weird saying for hell, I’ve never heard anyone else call it 72 virgins but whatever)

          • Jewish & Proud

            Whoever read the virgin part was obviously illiterate. It said 72 Virginians. You can write all you want but you don’t have the balls to take over America. Fuck you Allah! America!!!

      • lmmmmm

        Fuck u tranny

  • ali buster hymen

    Beaver alert!

  • HailSatan


  • wyatt fowler

    ok so basically all of you sand googles are saying that you are going to take over america.. buti would like to know how are you going to get here. rocket powered camels! hahahahahaha. go ahead and say im a queer and a homofag and stuff i dont care. have fun coming to america with a minute man rocket up your non-virgin ass. rot in the shit hole you call home
    . and dont forget to fuck your goats,chickens and camels. go to hell you cock suckers

  • JUPE

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  • Attack

    Celeb Hijad is just fake pictures about celebrities


    • you guys are tarted

      bumbass some pics on this site are real

      • Austin Blackwood

        99.9% are not

    • YO MAMA!

      Muslim skum you should all fuck off you know you’ll never take over the Western Hemisphere and even if you did you would not be able to stop lesbians

  • osama binladen

    You guys are fucktards and Allah is a fucking queer this is fake and the female clit is there’s not your filthy fucking faces so shut the fuck up you Allah cock sucking pricks

  • Problem with that

    Well I don’t have a religion but every body is worth the same as everybody else so stop fighting girls are just as good as boys :/

  • bob

    i would like to be a finger

    • Austin Blackwood

      Agreed… Just not on a guy.

  • John

    They both have pretty pussy’s

  • Tyler

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  • Clayton


  • Anonymous

    All of you Muslims should shut the fuck up you will never take over the Western Hemisphere

  • boobies 4 cunts

    so fake

  • truth

    whats with durka durka mohammed calling
    all the naked disney and nikolodeon stars whores
    sluts skanks and other things
    its rude and disrespectful

  • Mutdkhtdhmt

    I don’t understand what there goal is, to give us American MEN something to jack off to? It’s not like actually reads the wording .

  • Morgan Freeman

    Lol this is a scene from playboy porn web its photoshopped such gay shit editing disappointed as hell.

  • hope u die aallah

    AMERICA!!!!! we should fucking nuke your shithole of a country both my father and my uncle have served there time there and all they had to say is how bad ur country stinks and how ugly ur women are. go fucking blow your selfves up fuck iraq and fuck the uk you guys look like you have meth mouth

  • unknow

    Look mother fucker Sri talking about Islam and other stuff u better go cause I just rapped your mom Osama

  • Olsson

    Yo I sware all you are gay I da’re you fags to take over

  • kiro

    So when women have a sexual need its a sin but what about guys you sexist pieces of shit.

  • Geust

    You fucking Muslim pieces of shit fuck you all if you even try to take over the western hemisphere I will personally shove a rpg up your asses and blow you to fucking pieces fuck you all and go suck a dick you are gay because you hate lesbians fuck you all it is how they choose to live it is their lives not yours to control fuck you all you Muslim pieces of shit and go suck some more of allahs dick you fucking pricks

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  • Rj Flores

    This is Fucking photoshopped

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  • Allah

    Not you fucktards

  • Allah

    Think we should be calm and peaceful 😄

  • Glu

    Fuck you celebjihad this photo is in my backyard these two were getting by me fuck celebjihad

  • Austin Blackwood

    I hate to tell u dumbass fake Muslims, but you will never take over “the west”. Even if u do, and hell freezes over in the process, you will all still burn in hell.
    And here’s some other things u should look into: first, u should stop pretending to be Muslim. Then get some REAL pics, And lastly u should go fuck yourself.
    When these things are done, u will no longer be a complete dumbass, and you will be redeemed in the name of GOD! The real god.

  • derp

    blowing yourself up is far from perfect(musslims)but getting sex change makes you a lot worse(america)(bruce jenner, kaitlyn jenner, it)

  • derp

    ps these photos are fake