Vanessa Hudgens Simulates Oral Sex

Vanessa Hudgens oral

Former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens simulates oral sex on a hand drawn picture of a virile Muslim’s manhood in the video above.

If Vanessa Hudgens hopes to ever fulfill her dream of tonging the piss slit of a Muslim man in real life she would be wise to apologize for misrepresenting the size of our meat rods in this video.

A Muslim’s genitals could never be drawn to scale on a standard piece of paper. Vanessa should have used a poster board or included a scale at the bottom stating that 1 inch on the paper is equal to 10 inches in real life… oh and the balls should be covered in hair… lots of thick glorious hair.

  • Ramadan


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  • Abdullah

    Disney must be SO proud!

  • Beastly man

    Leave my Vanessa alone, that’s my future wife’s sister!!

  • Abdul the camel fucker

    I’m just glad she’s keepin’ it classy. Thought for sure by now she’d be doin’ donkey shows in Tijuana.

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      It’s not fake dumbass, she did this for spring breakers! -_______-

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