Vanessa Hudgens’ Sexy New Makeover

Vanessa Hudgens goth

As you can see in the picture above, Vanessa Hudgens has undergone a dramatic transformation to change her appearance to something that is much less offensive to Islam.

While covering up her shameful body and adopting a more androgynous hairstyle is a nice start, Vanessa Hudgens is still going to have to wear the burka if she wants to escape the wrath of Sharia law for crimes against morality.

Hopefully Vanessa Hudgens’ hot new look is a sign that she is ready to accept her role as a humble homely woman, and keep her disgusting feminine body parts hidden from view. However, I do not hold out much hope that a degenerate slut like Vanessa Hudgens could change so easily.

  • Infidel

    That’s sad to see. She used to be quite hot.

    • Osama Bin laden JR

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      allah akber

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    This dumbass, half nigger lesboqueer ,got a brain yeast infection from eating too much skanky pussy and she is now insane. She has what the homoqueers call “adam lambert syndrome.”

    It wont be long before the bull dyke demi lovato develops the same disorder.

    All I can say, is that when Islam takes over, us Muslims are going to need a lot of stones.

  • IHateCelebs

    Where is Hot Coals aka Gay Holes? He hasn’t showed up yet to continue his public mental breakdown and tell us we are all the same person from Michigan, or California, or whatever fantasy his tiny little brain has come up with this time.

    C’mon you mofo Hot Coals…bring it! Asshole.

    • Osama Bin laden JR

      i really miss him, hi is very americian nigger stupid

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      That dumbass hot turd (hot coals) is a carnival freak in training.
      He’s the kind of mofo, that if you stuck his head up a camel’s ass, he’d like it.

  • Abdullah The Butcher


    vanessa is the same color as michael jackson.
    And she is ugly as fuck. She looks like some kind of lesbozombie.

  • Heil Jesus

    It is finally upon us people. The rapture is finally here! We have failed to satisfy God Almighty and he is turning our women into zombies. All you Muslims out there had better repent and convert before God reaches out with his Almighty appendage and turns you into zombies as well. You must find a sensible religion, and Pentecostal Christianity is the ONLY sensible religion. I will leave you with a prayer.

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  • Thissiteisfuckedup

    this is for a movie you fucking freaks