Vanessa Hudgens Has Disgusting Nipples

Just look at these disgusting pictures of Vanessa Hudgens. In a shocking display of female disobedience, the pop starlet decided to walk around with her nipples protruding like a pig in heat. Has she no decency?

Vanessa must be held accountable for her actions. Whether she likes it or not, millions of girls look up to her. When they see these photos, they are going to think it’s OK for girls to have nipples, which we all know it is not. I will not stand for it!


    Vanessa Hudgens claims to be of Irish, Mexican, American Indian, and Filipina descent. Where I’m from that kind of dog is called a mutt and they are to be shunned and cast out from society. It is the same with this disgusting whore! Shamelessly showing off her hard nipples although it is a step in the right direction from her nude pics. My third wife once went outside wearing a similar top and she punished herself for such a display. She volunteered to wear a bra made of barbed wire and razors. The resulting scars remind her of her sinful nature and now she remains covered at all times. My other seven wives know not to repeat such mistakes! ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!!

  • Dar al-Harb

    In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful , Assalaamu `alaykum brothers! Someone should throw acid in her face! The whore will cover up after that! Taliban por vida homies! Allahu Akbar!

    • eric

      dar al of zoiets , your are an dumb ass

  • austin

    What country do you live in? I live in rhe U.S. and there’s nothing wrong with what Vanessa is wearing. Why don’t you dogs come up to the 21st century and give freedom to your ladies? They deserve it, after putting up with you ignorants.

  • Sónia

    yeah I agree with austin.. that’s what I was going to say ! What’s is wrong about going out like that ? NOTHING It’s her body! Does go out with no bra turn a woman into a bitch or something? Kids must see their moms at house with no bra underneath her clothes sometimes … It’s just that NORMAL! Sometimes I go out like that and I don’t consider myself as a bitch, whore or anything like that! women are always seen and judged in a different way, but aren’t judged like that… it’s incredible and SAD. Get over it. We’re in 21st Century.

    • Dar al-Harb

      In the name of Allāh, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, I am from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but I am student at UC-Irvine right now. I study chemistry for a special operations in the future. A hint, kuffar blood will rain from the sky, Inshallah! But why you say she do no wrong with no burqa or at least niqab? Do you want to incur the wrath of Allah on you? I assume you are a whore too, who goes out in the public to allow yourself to be eye raped by unlimited men?! Maybe a pious Muslim will put acid in your face?! Then you will cover too! Alhamdullilah!

      • Bootlegger69

        Shut the hell up you blithering idiot, if you do not want a woman that looks hot like that it is not your right to deny those of us that appreciate the ‘slutty’ look. I would not marry a woman who would not dress like a slut. You want a prude there are plenty of them out there don’t try to change all of the hot slutty ones to fit your profile, I’m not trying to strip your prudes and put them all in mini skirts and garter belts and stockings so if you don’t like it LEAVE.

  • Ali bin-Fuqrab

    In the name of Allah (pbuh), most merciful, both of those pokies deserve 100 tongue lashings from me.

    That’ll teach her to pollute the world with her immoral western ways!

  • Odion

    The barbaric &unlawful nature the western people dress nude is realy a big problem becouse no religion support such immorality mary mother of jesus dressed nude in any chapter in bible or qu’ran

  • Odion

    The barbaric &unlawful nature the western people dress nude is realy a big problem becouse no religion support such immorality mary mother of jesus never dressed nude in any chapter in bible or qu’ran

    • Bootlegger69

      If you want to live your worthless life by the antiquated laws of ancient books written by extreme control freaks who felt the need to make up stories to keep the uneducated masses under their thumbs with silly promises of many virgins waiting, who wants a virgin that doesn’t know what to do? I am not trying to make you believe the way I do at least have the decency to not tell me, or anyone else, how to live our lives. Religion has been tied into the main cause of almost every war since the beginning of recorded time this is the twenty first century if you want to practice some religion or worship some god then do it in the privacy of your own home or with others that are already into the same thing QUIT TRYING TO CONVINCE OTHERS TO JOIN YOUR CAUSE. And if you don’t want to look at hot chicks in revealing clothes then QUIT LOOKING!!!!

      • Jimmy Jihad

        How dare you try to make me believe the way you do and tell me how to live my life!

      • Scipio

        i believe religion is more of an excuse for ‘almost every war since the beginning of recorded time’ really its just people who want power saying they are doing this for god(s), even the crusades were more about power than religion.

  • Babydoll

    Okay let me give you a lesson on FASHION 101 that cami top has a built in bra, and they are thin but still it has a bra, and yes womens nipples do get hard at times you ignorant fool. It’s not like her breasts are exposed and why are you concentrating on her nipples you obsessed freak. She has small breasts not like it’s huge and popping you in the head you must really want her to concentrate on her so much get over yourself.

    • Jimmy Jihad

      Are you a woman? How dare you pollute our holy site with your vaginal impurity! In the name of all that is holy and good, begone. Take your disgusting nipple talk to a site run by infidels and Jews!

      • robin ronald

        this is jihad great site i love it
        but why you promot porno and hookers in your website advertisment
        that why you are shity stupid muslem
        the problem of the muslems is that they cant see a women like a person they must control her like she is a dog
        and dogs they cant have in ther houses
        stupid religion

      • Babydoll

        Okay you ignorant fool you need to learn how to spell for one, and you’re a contradiction in terms and a blasphemous dork. My nipples would never want your ignorant foolish self and I will comment where I want too. FREEDOM OF RELIGION IS ONE THING there is no excuse for stupidity like yours.

        • Jimmy Jihad


        • Bob

          Jimmy had no spelling errors, although you did. You wrote too instead of to. Also, calling him a contradiction in terms makes absolutely no sense, and he is in no way blaspheming. Perhaps you should learn the definition of satire, and stop attempting to present yourself as intelligent.

    • Troll

      You bitches seriously need to calm the fuck down. Celeb Jihad is a jest, and you clearly cannot acknowledge that. Be mature and learn how to take a joke. Oh, and FASHION 101? That’d be great, if we honestly cared.

      Oh, and maybe not knowing that womens’ nipples get hard is suddenly ignorant? Uneducated, sure, but not ignorant. It’s not as if learning about womens’ nipples are a daily thing. =/ And, that person just might be a guy? Plus, since you’ve seem to have made the observation so clearly, you yourself have paid attention to her chest area. Please don’t bash out on people that are trying to give us a good laugh. Get off your high horse, it’s not like anyone is actually paying attention.

      If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

  • em

    you’re kidding me right? Obviously that’s sports wear and she was leaving the gym. Leave the poor girl alone. She is wearing a freaking jacket and has her mom behind her and her sister next to her. Do you want her to wear a box over her body too, for no one can tell she has a figure. Get real.. i mean seriously, she was leaving the gym. I am disgusted by your words honest.

  • Babydoll

    Ban me I don’t care it only further shows your ignorance and I guess you like cock instead of women so suck on a big hairy cock :) you freak of nature.

    • Jimmy Jihad

      You Americans are so intolerant of others. It’s almost sad. Racist.

      • eric

        i’m from belgium and your talk is full off shit . act normal and go fuck a donkey …

        • Jimmy Jihad

          Soon to be the Islamic Republic of Belgium, god willing! A pox upon you!

          • Dar al-Harb

            We will call it Belgistan! Germany will become New Turkey! France will be North Algeria! Spain the CAliphate of Iberia! UK will be North Pakistan! All these great changes will come soon! Keep letting us immiigrate and we will take over soon, Inshallah! Or women have so many babies you can’t keep up, Alamdullilah!

  • Anonymous

    ok so im not trying to be offensive but i happen to visit your site and i see the only main important subject there is about women and wat they are wearing, i mean they are a different religion and its upto them wat they want to wear, you shudnt say such things like that about them ISNT THAT A SIN IN ISLAM TO BACKBITE ABOUT SUMONE AND TO HATE THEM. you can talk about other things on Celeb Jihad like celebrities that are muslim. e.g Ice Cube.

    • Dar al-Harb

      Islam is all about hate for the kuffar! Maybe you should read the Holy Queer’an sometime! Why do you think over 60% of it is about hate for the kuffar?!

  • ken

    why are you people like that?it’s her life.omg if u reallly don’t like her why do u create this website?seriously think of something else!!!!!!!!

  • Anwar El-Ibrihim

    This site is awesome!

  • Nipped101

    Nipples? I love nipples. Babies get breast fed… Men get to fondle…. nipples…. I love women….
    Nipples….Gotta love ’em!

  • Holy Shit this is the best site in the world

    This thread has me in tears I’m laughing so hard- keep it up!

  • Nipped101

    I’ll bet after you’ve updated this website with all these sexy women; at the end of the day you’ve exhausted both hands!

  • lindaa

    WOW!!…………………………………………seriosly!!! The world that we live in today, is a disgusting place! all people care about anymore is sex and drugs. I would like to give my personal opinion that this website is horrible! I respect all religions, but this is taking it a bit toooooooo far! i mean come on, i shall ban you!!! wtf is that????? I can not believe i just spent about 20 min. on this…………………………………..BAHHHH!!! i hope you all have a good day!!!
    P.S: obviosly, none of you are actual adults, because THIS is NOT how we have a conversation, acting like immaure 5 year olds!!!

  • Tay

    Im done with this site

  • Diana

    lmao oh god : D i find this website hilarious, people come on, you cant believe the writers are serious. its satire, its irony, its hilarious.

  • 5yrold

    Most 5 year olds don’t talk ’bout religion, much less of sex and drugs; although the nipple guy caught my attention.

  • anonymous

    They’re just nipples! They’re not disgusting and so what if they’re hard? She’s probably thinking about Zac or she’s cold.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      anonymous deviate

      This lesboqueer loving dyke has no business being out without a burka.

      Anyone who says differently is morally corrupt and will be stoned after Islam takes over.

  • Lorenzo

    I’m in the same boat as Wendy – I have a small child and, try as we might, we can’t stop the gerrdpanants from buying him things. I do think it’s because we live far away – my mom got over buying things for her geographically-near grandchildren, because she saw how having too many things made the kids value them less. With mine, she only sees the first few days when it’s the treasured new thing. Consider yourself lucky to have been allowed to opt out ;)

  • vengeance

    I have been reading ur posts for a while and man, u are all a bunch or idiots, morons no brainer. Man go fuck urselfs all ur commebts are really stupid. I was trying to fine tge stupid ies of them all but i couldnt find it. All of u are just idiots. The owner of this site its the stupidiest of u all. What the hell u know about celebrities? All u do is post some pics of them and talk ur shit and ur stupid arab opinions on other countries. Man u are a pease of shit all

  • the_Spider_Man

    ey jimmy jihad who the fuck u fink u r to say that vannessa hudgens niples r disgusting u mother fucker shes hot very hot and u fucking muslim man r just a fucking country that like to suck dicks and man balls you fucking homosexuals you r saing that they r disgusting so u dont like womans u prefer man so u r a fucking gay .