Twilight Nip Slip Deleted Scene Video

Twilight Nip Slip

In a recently released deleted scene from the original Twilight movie, there is a very provocative nip slip that went unnoticed by the director.

In the video below you may be able to catch Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) nipple. If you watch closely you can see Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) stunned reaction to the glorious sight. No word yet why this important scene was originally cut from the film, but for me it really ties the whole movie together. I understand the Edward character so much better now.

  • Dead Ed™

    Epidemic. Convinced yet? [laughing out loud]

  • God

    Very Disappointed!

    • Susannah

      I only have one thing to add: eeeeee!Too eixtced about these. When we saw the copies for the first time it pretty much felt like Christmas at Atom Towers, so I can just imagine how great it will be for all those who get them as presents!

  • Sean Serritella

    The best scene of all time.

  • Dead Ed™

    Do you remember a long time ago when witches were something to be feared? Then Harry Potter came along. We used to fear vampires too, until Twilight…
    So I went to a library and asked for a book on Obama’s autobiography and Marx and Engel’s Communist Manifesto.
    I knew what I was getting myself into, but fuck me, this guy is the only thing left that’s scary. Same socialist agenda.

  • Dead Ed™

    Today, I was studying biochemistry when I read about a disease called Edwards’ syndrome that causes profound mental retardation and an oddly shaped head.
    It reminded me of Twilight.   

  • Dead Ed™

    Scientists have announced that the Twilight series may NOT be the biggest load of utter bollocks ever written.
    Decide for yourself: Read the health care bill.

  • Dead Ed™

    Twilight re-write #4668:
    “I know what you are, you’re pale white and ice cold”
    “Say it.”
    “Michael Jackson?”

    • Beatrice

      it will b really axtalraiing experience to hav both the black & thd white book with me, i’m dying to buy these new white paperbacks

  • loveghosts

    oh my gosh, hahahahahah ..You are so funny.. I know this is other bullshit.. Good one..

  • k


  • mike