Twilight Eclipse Exclusive Screen Shot

Twilight Eclipse Blade

Hey fellow Twihards check out this exclusive screen shot from the new Twilight movie “Eclipse”.

I am so pumped to see this movie that my nipples could cut glass right now. This screen shot depicts my favorite part from the Eclipse book. It is when the daywalker Blade comes and takes Edward’s head clean off with his sword.

I wonder if they will show the full scene were Blade then gets Bella to blow him behind the old oak tree before he snaps her neck for being a filthy vampire f*cker. I think they should because that scene is an integral part of the story, and helps explain why Bella rises from the dead and sets fire to the town’s only KFC.

  • Jessica

    WTF no way whoever did this that was STUPID!!


    I am soooo glad they filmed that scene. This will make room for the scene where Edward rises from the ashes in the final movie just to set fire to himself after realizing he is a terrible actor!

  • Mohammed

    I invented Islam to be a perverse cult that shall abuse virgins and rape young boys.

    • sickofstupidpeople

      That’s funny, because the only rape allegations coming from any religion seem to be coming from the Catholic church.

    • Cranny 13

      Self rightious, bigoted and ignorant as a flock of way-word sheep..hmm… You must be an American

  • Grahf

    Blade is the only reason why I want to see the movie. Thanks for showing us that pic.

  • Cranny 13

    Thats what happens when you fuck with a real vampire you scrawny little bitch. Stab him in the eyeball for me daywalker

  • Tabitha Diamond

    Absoluty this is not a pic from eclipse…For one wesley snips is in another movie and edward doesnt wear the baseball shirt in eclipse….so try again we are not stupid ppl….

  • Bhete

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