TV Stars Pose For Covered Nudes In Allure May 2013

Allure nudes

Allure magazine has just released the below photo spread of covered nude TV stars in their May 2013 issue. The TV stars in order of appearance are Clare Bowen from “Nashville”, Christa Miller from “The Drew Carey Show”, Naya Rivera from “Glee”, and Jennifer Morrison from “Once Upon A Time”.

These names will be important to remember as these women have all earned themselves a ferocious stoning when Islam finishes conquering America. It is one thing for women to show off their nude bodies, but to have the hypocrisy to feign decency by slightly covering their sin bits like this is beyond outrageous.

Us Muslims would have more respect for these women if they were gaping their assholes to the camera. At least then they would be owning their sinful whorish nature, and not pretending to have morals with these ridiculous “covered nude” photos.


Allure Allure
Allure Allure

  • 87

    Fucking Cock Teasers.

    Wear a Burka if you cannot show your body parts, pretentious cunts.

    They always show the rest….and hide the Best. Just to make the men keep paying for them.

    • 87

      Men- DO NOT let them pay you for fools.

      The could have easily shown the nipples like a normal woman would…but they intentionally did not.

      Why? So that you keep coming back for more… that they can continue exploiting you.

      Get it?

      • 87

        How can I say this you ask?

        Well I have been to Latin America. I have interacted with Eastern european women. I KNOW WHAT A REAL WOMAN IS LIKE !

        American women aren’r real Women ! They are Feminist whores who keep manipulating your desire for sex, and use this to their own advanted….by playing hard to get.

        Please tell me you understood some of it…if not I can repeat it in even simpler English.

        • stfu

          Boring, don’t believe it.

          • 87

            Of course you don’t. No Mangina does.

            Now go and worship your wife

          • stfu

            You’re a dumb ass.

          • 87

            What a mind-blowing comeback. I am so offended I can’t even insult you

          • stfu

            yeah, its well worth the microsecond of attention I gave your posts. I hope you aren’t flattered, ”women rule america”. you shoulda kept that name so people will know which post to ignore.

          • 87

            Are you seriously comparing me to that feminist ? Are you retarded or something? I am ANTI feminist you birdbrain. The OPPOSITE of feminist.

            Opposite, you know, that is AGAINST and not pro. Read a dictionary someday

            Seriously, where do you guys come from? ROFL

          • stfu

            then why are you saying ”go worship your wife” you asshole! maybe you should say why women aren’t superior instead of this dribble.

          • 87

            I was being satirical you idiot. I would hate it if you worshipped your wife! Is sarcasm so hard to grasp? I hate that Feminist whore and am so glad that she didn’t post lately. I hate her more than you do

          • stfu

            how was supposed to know you were being sarcastic? don’t you know its hard to convey tone in texts? any non mangina would be offended if he didn’t know it was sarcasm.

        • Man of wisdom

          American men do not praise their wives.

          Infact men no matter what country they are from, disrespect their wives like they should. Most of them cheat, most of them beat, and most of them leave their wives and kids without child support.

          Feminist just want you to think they are in control but the truth and the matter is.., they will never be in control……, they are the weakest gender alive and the most emotional.

          Don’t let them females brain wash you into thinking that load of bull because it is false!

          Men Rule !
          Females need to go back to school!

          • 87

            You probably live in a different America than I do.

            “Most of them cheat, most of them beat, and most of them leave their wives and kids without child support.”

            Are you serious? I am not talking about Niggers. I live in the suburbs. 3 out of 5 White suburban husbands are whipped.

            And ‘Brainwash’ is a single word, not 2 words. I could probably teach you how Feminism Brainwashing manipulates men, so kindly do not patronize me. I am on your side !

          • Man of wisdom

            You are correct but that is not all men. Most men are in charge of their households. Only a few let it get to that point. Men are still in charge, we just have to go back to the way we was.

      • 87, they didn’t show nipples because its ALLURE you moron. if anyone wanted to see nipples, all they have to do is pick up a 10$ playboy. those women know how to play hard to get*stifles laughter*

        • 87

          You pathetic nitwit. Remind me again, have you EVER seen these ‘Allure’ women

          Clare Bowen from “Nashville”, Christa Miller from “The Drew Carey Show”, Naya Rivera from “Glee”, and Jennifer Morrison from “Once Upon A Time”

          in a Playboy ?

          Bam! You lose boy. Ha!

          The ones I am talking about are the haughty, pretentious, stuck up bitches that will never do Playboy, because according to them, it is “Beneath” them to show their “Goods”. They consider themselves to damn superior…which unfortunately is the case with most regular American women too.

          • ….

            dumb fuck, if I gave half a shit, I would be writing long winded rants like yours. now go repeat your faggy signature word ”BAM!” and fly away. I hope you waste more time replying

      • Beastly man

        I”M BACK BITCHES!!!!! ……

        “Get it?”

        You sound familiar…… Very familiar. Hmm,
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        Oh that’s right….. you’re that Ms feminist bitch!!!!
        So you finally decided to switch teams to the
        men side or was you just trolling like the bitch
        we all know you to be?

        Listen here Ms Feminist bitch aka Women rule america
        don’t come switching sides now that you know you will lose.
        Stick to the lesbian side, you old fart. No booty gave
        a shit then and no one gives a shit now.

        Go tell your friend Tommy about it.
        (For those who don’t know this, she also sees dead people) shh!

        DIE MOFO!!

        • Abu Ali El-assaud

          Beastly butt rimmer.

          Another long winded post that says nothing from the queen of queers.

          • Beastly man

            Fuck up abu ali dick whore!

            Just because you love 10 cocks shoved in your mouth while another guy is fucking the shit out of your disgusting rat whole, doesn’t mean we all like that shit!

            Go choke on a cock then get hit by a bus!



      These pictures are very disturbing for a young boy like me.

      • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

        Pictures of your infidel body will be even more disturbing after you are tortured and beheaded.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    She has too much makeup on.


      And Photoshop too.


  • Anwar Hariri El Mahmud

    This woman looks very unhealthy. Likely she carries western STDs.

  • Chrissy the Lesbian

    Looks like the makings of a decent girl-girl-girl-girl-girl orgy!


    • Abu Ali El-assaud

      Leaking lesbo bitch

      You need to be whipped and put to work in the fields this is no place for your kind to be posting.