Tulisa Contostavlos Sex Tape Video

Tulisa Contostavlos sex tape

British pop star and judge on the UK version of “The X Factor”, Tulisa Contostavlos recently had the below sex tape of her giving her ex-boyfriend a blowjob leaked to the web.

Before the cynics start questioning whether this sex tape is real, Tulisa has already taken to YouTube to confirm its authenticity. Of course it was stupid for anyone question this tape considering that Contostavlos is Greek for “cocksucker”.

So without further ado, here is the Tulisa Contostavlos sex tape video.

*Removed by request

In the end this may be the best thing that ever happened to Tulisa as her oral technique is superb, and she may soon find herself living her dream of sucking cock full time while serving in a virile Muslim’s harem.

  • Huge Cock Habib

    who is she again? if she is not in the US she is not important

    • Mr.fister

      Exactly, British celebrities are not really celebrities.

      • mohammed al jazari

        technically she’s Greek

        • rffe

          she was born in London, so unless her parents were Greek, she’s not Greek

          • Orla

            they are greek.

          • the mole

            nationality is determined on where YOU were born not your parents so what do i think? i know that if you didn’t know that the you are retarded

          • EnglishAndProud

            Nationality is NOT determined on where you were born, so YOU are a bit of a retard! If I go on holiday to Spain, and have a child born while I am there, that doesn’t make them Spanish! Hahaha! In Britain, since 1983, simply being born in Britain doesn’t make you British… keep up to date, yeah…!

          • Joseph

            Looks like some people doesn’t know the difference between nationality and ethnicity. I wouldn’t expect much intellect from a gossip website anyway.

          • Joseph


          • Die pakis

            All you fucking pakis GTFO of England all you do is cause trouble you smelly basterds

          • Martiza

            That doesn’t matter
            She’s awesome in that gossiptapes.com/videos/view/id/70-tulisa_contostavlos_amazing_and_provoking_sex_tape

          • kev


        • RetardsRYou.

          erm sir, You are a retard.

        • david smith

          well your technically a dirty paki

        • bullldogadsspaniard

          Am new to this site an there are a lot of interesting comments. However a lot of retarded and predjudiced people. Religion is not my game i am not an atheist and i do believe in god but i choose not to shove it in peoples faces. The world is ours to enjoy in our very short lifetimes and we should do just that!!!. live and let live. Oh and by the way the second world war was helped massively by the cracking of the enigma code for the german u boats in bletchley park milton keynes not just the americans joining.

          • Fuckuhairycunts

            Fuck you the British are better than you’ll ever be you dirty cunts

      • Captain Cock


        Would you like to fist my asshole? Its freshly bleached!

        • Huge Cock Habib

          im sure the real habib would love to he used to doing it to other muslims

          • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

            “Brittish celebrities arent real celebrities”
            You typical self-righteous ignorant yank.

          • Huge Cock Habib

            yes ofaggot bin got shot in the head jealous? piece of shit iraqi

          • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

            You’re just a faggot idiot. Keep coming back and you still don’t get it. You are dangerously retarded.

          • Huge Cock Habib

            ofaggot bin got shot in the headt he only “celebrity” the shitty middle east got Saddam, Bin ladin, Ahmadinejad you fuckers got no talent or anything decent to speak of

          • mule

            You look like a fukin iraqi to me ya balck fuk

          • John

            Is that your real picture or did you photograph your scrotum by mistake?

          • yomama bin shoppin

            habib if you were any dumber youd need a helmet

          • kristy

            Shut the fuck up you racist basterd u calling muslims dirty smelly pakis u dumb shit muslims come from around the world not just pakistan an thy are cleaner than u think so how the fuck am they dirty !! Go was your arse after you shit u dumb fuck !!

      • mark

        British celebrities are the original celebrities. You yanks would’nt exsist if it wasn’t for us brits

        • Huge Cock Habib

          Really? then tell adele, one direction, elton john to go back home take backham with you also

          • Kahlid

            Yes, Brits are the height of hilarity: men dressing up like women in all their various shitty TV shows has never been copied well by other Western nations.

            This is likely due to the fact that British men are all such huge cocksucking homoqueers.

          • Huge Cock Habib

            First time I actually agree with you

          • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

            One thing worse than a Brit is a Yank.
            Yanks are an unoriginal biproduct of Europe.

          • Huge Cock Habib

            HAHA an iraqi talking about yanks the country all you suffers want to come tp for freedom whats better than a middle eastern? EVERYTHING I’d rather be a mexican or african than being a towel wearing dog

          • danny

            you do know 66 % of americans are british and irish descent? and the rest of the your population is made up of muslim african chinese and mexican etc citizens! you are the biggest retarded ball bag ive ever seen in my life!

          • brit man

            im british and proud, we aint a nation of cross-dressers in fact we are thought to be the best street fighters… whereas paki’s are only good for one thing and thats blowing themselves up… FACT

          • Wakkaplate

            You imported them,YOU DIRTY SHIT-SKIN

        • rffe

          If it wasn’t for the British running our relatives out of Britain, yeah we wouldn’t be the Baddest nation in the world! :)

          • Mart

            sooner the better we get rid of bad rubbish

        • Keith

          Perhaps the dumbest thing i have ever read in my life

        • weqa

          wow, tough concern

        • Wakkaplate

          Well said that man,and the dumb cunts buy all our tv /movie ideas….uncle Sam can eat my dick!!

      • none of your buisness

        Uh, without the british half of the american shows wouldn’t exist. It starts in britain and moves to america.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          100% of british and american tv is perverted drivel and not worth watching.

          Only Muslim TV is worth a damn.

          • Big Pete

            Half ape Abdullah

            Muslim TV? That consists of man on man or man on animal porn on the Al Jizz-era network.

            You fuckin queers can’t get away from semen. I mean, the homos that be named their fucking TV network after a hot load.

            Fucking fags.


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            penis pumping pete

            If us Muslims wanted to film some man on man action (which we dont) us Muslims would take a camera to your glory hole and catch you in action.
            Then we would shoot you with the AK-47

          • danny

            abdullah you dirty muslim wanker! your scruffy little race need to fuck of preaching your pathetic and worthless views on the world! no one but yourselves understand what you say and the people who do understand you dont give a fuck!! you jihad small dicked asian prick!

          • Mufti David

            danny tranny cock sucker

            Watch your anus which you speak and eat with.

          • Abdullah the Butcher

            Because what’s worth watching are porn videos with two males doin it all the way :)

          • semtex

            be a muslim and legally be able to treat women like shit….you lot make me laugh with…islam is a piecefull religion.

          • bacon rasher

            why are u even talking about your religion/race when really its ALL about the sex tape, some freaky shit going down in there :)

          • john


          • youvegotspunkonyourbhurka

            I am English. I agree with you that most TV here is perverse drivel. I would argue that all TV is perverse. It is a device used for mind control, as is the internet. But then again, here we all are on the page of Tulisa Constalvos Sex Tape.

          • I HATE Muslims bombers

            you fucking muslim bastard you dont know shit where ever you come from whatever part of the muslim empire .. england becoming a part to this disrespectful wankers who try to push laws against women who are equally rightful if it ws your way the tv shows would consist mainly of stoning women you pre historic bombing bastard. this hate is not directed at all muslims i’m not racist i just dislike his sought

          • Roadkill911

            I think its funny that you post that :100% of british and american tv is perverted drivel and not worth watching.

            Only Muslim TV is worth a damn.” on a thread that follows a sex tape. If its such drivel then what were you doing here in the first place.

          • BinManBadMan

            muslims munch cock u fuckn semen breath muvafucka

          • kaleem

            half my family are Muslim and occasionally watch Muslim TV and all i can say is that it is a boring load of shit as it is just people sitting down and talking and there is absolutely nothing interesting about that. if you want good tv watch some american or British TV where the TV shows are not very realistic but that’s what makes it interesting

          • fuck off home blacks

            ohhhh shut up i fink i watched a bit of ur muslim tv but all i saw was a man with sumin straped to his cheast then the screen went realy bright …..ye good tv that shit was

        • ramo

          yeah shut it paki. e.d.l all the way

        • Roadkill911

          and without American engineering the TV wouldnt exsist,along with the radio, the automobile, the airplane and oh yeah how bout electricity. I wont disrespect the UK as they have made many contributions and yes, I am an American and I’m white but heres a hard truth for all of you. Civilization started in the Middle East as did the first recorded history so before any of you start talking trash, how bout you actually do some research. We are all in this world together and we all started from the same place and it doesnt matter what your religious belief or philosophy is, facts are facts.

          • Andrew

            Roadkill… I am English, white, and I have many American, Mexican, etc friends, whom I class as family, because i have been going to LA for 22 years, visiting 28 times, so I have no problem with you guys, as I do love the States, and are very friendly people.

            But…….. the British invented the Radar (Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt), the Hovercraft (Sir Christopher Cockerill), The Jet Engine (Sir Frank Whittle), the Telephone (Alexandra Graham Bell), TV (John Logey Baird), The Worlds first computer at the University of Manchester, Science and Technology – U.M.I.S.T.), the Worlds first Jet Airliner (De Havilland Comet), World Wide Web (Sir Tim Berners – Lee), The Train (George Stephenson), the First Electric Motor, ( Michael Faraday), First Vertical Take off and Landing Jet Fighter (Harrier Jump Jet)……. need I go ON??

            As for the Automobile….are you kidding me?? Karl Benz (Mercedes-Benz) invented the modern car…….!! The build quality of old and modern American cars…. is absolutely CRAP! That’s why more and more Americans buy BMW, Mercedes, Toyotas…etc.

            Also, man originated from Africa…… not the middle East.

            As for civilization, Egypt had a civilization over 8000 years ago, and Egypt is in North Africa, China, well that’s in China and the Romans…… Italy !!! The English City I live in, Manchester, was founded as a Roman Fort in 79AD !!!!!

            Unfortunately, what I have found with Americans, is that you are quite insulated from the facts, because, although you are the powerful nation, you are not quite the best!!! And your government, and media, in a way, brainwash you into thinking you are……. like I said, I REALLY do love you guys, so it’s not a disrespectful comment, just an observation from my many years of visiting and talking to the ordinary Americans.

            This NOT one ‘Upmanship’ but fact.

          • tom

            Life started in Africa u dick the tv was inventd by a Scott as was the radio the automobile was invented by Henry ford from a lenanardo da vinci drawing and Henry ford was the don of British parents so ge

      • say woh

        not everyone lives in the US u retard. this is big news here in the UK.

        • Adam P

          Who the fuck are you? You didn’t give us our language you uneducated fag.

          Ye if it won’t for us you wouldn’t be here in first place. UK made you. So shut up ya ignorant uneducated loser.

      • say woh

        us brits made America, we gave you education, we even gave you our language which you took and ruined with your retarded accents lol, show some effing respect you would be a 3rd world country today if it wasn’t for us.

        • Big Pete

          Fucking idiot

          “Us brits made America.”

          You fucking bozo, we kicked your asses in the American Revolution. You pussies put your cock in the closest ass and went home crying like gay mofos.

          • Boss

            ‘went home crying like gay mofos’

            not really, dude we had a 1/3 of the world at out whim, you were stuck on a continent with nomadic tribesmen for a century. when it comes to war and things like that you yanks think you have the biggest contribution to everthing, because you join in when people start winning so you can take credit. and if it wasn’t for us you lot wouldn’t be there, you lot would indian tribesmen skinning buffalo hide while the rest of the world goes about its way.

          • Adam P

            silly yank shut up. UK made you thats fact, wether you like it or not.

            Big Pete ya talk bullshit, just shut up cause you know nothing.

          • FuckYOUamerica

            The americans copied our language. If brits wernt alive. America will be a scrap yard and they’ll probably speak chinese.
            America sucks ass. dumb nigga.

          • john


          • WTF

            If the US didn’t step in WW2 all of Europe would be speaking German and saluting the swastika. Get over the UK vs US bullshit already.

          • Brit

            Think you’ll find, you did no arse kicking, had it not been for the dick licking French rallying up ALL of Europe, it’s the big bit below the uk on a map, to keep our army occupied, we would have taken your ancestors arses, pounded them, returned them and repeated.
            Remember 1812, you felt cocky enough to take Canada? Remember when you had no help so Britain politely handed America its arse on a silver player and helpfully relieved you of several northern states?

            Before you get so cocky, remember, without Britain, there would be no America. There would be no India. There would be no australlia. There would be NOTHING.
            And, you can’t talk about being the best, you can’t even beat a few fucking ragheads in Iraq! Fuck me, you can’t even defeat a few third world people in Vietnam! You’ve only ever won a war when Britain has joined, and you think YOU did it all?!
            You speak, ENGLISH.
            That phone you’re using? ENGLISH.
            That telly you’re watching? The signal? ENGLISH.
            That food you’re eating? ENGLISH.
            That computer you’re using? ENGLISH.
            That Internet you’re using? ENGLISH.
            Those devices that won both world wars? (radar, plane engines, weapons, tactics, bombs, supplies) ENGLISH.

            Before you insult, remember, America is full of cock sucking morons that can’t even point themselves out on a map.

            And, if you’re so, ALL powerful, where’s your fucking empire, eh? We have had three since we were last invaded over 1000 years ago. How many have you had? Erm, none. Lulz.

          • texanfan

            Yall are stupid. UK didn’t make the US. We did. We are not all British. French, German etc. Also you brits are not the original inhabitants of your piece of shit little island. Yall invaded when the Romans left coming from the Norman coast.

          • your a dumbfuck go to school

            we only sent part of our navy to you the rest of our military forces were keeping a third of the known world under our control so dont be a cocky shit plus you wernt in the american revolution so dont try talking about it like your proud that lots of desperate people got killed during a war you wernt part of you have no right top do that as for all the wanna be terrorists commenting here stfu your relgion as of most is flawed you justify beating women and having too many kids your over using violance you retarded fucks your suposed to be part of a religion your holy book says you may cleanse your enemies with fire but thats contridicting the muslims who live in anywhere but iraq ect cos their enemies technicaly should be other muslims aka terrorists now get over yourself all of you grow fucking brains mature alil and maybe not as many morons like you will get killed also wtf is wrong with you all starting discusions like you have whilst watching a celebrity giving a bj and muslims you hypocriticle fucks you shouldnt even be watching porn

          • hAhA

            Mate you just did nothing then but change the subject, your such a badass. GO FUCK YOURSELF

          • M34shle

            The Americans only won that war because it was Brits v Brits! Remind me again how many wars has America won on it’s own two feet?

        • rffe

          William Wallace! Free Scotland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, my relatives came from Scotland, not England. I was born in the Great US of A. I’m a damn proud Scottish American! To say that UK created US is strictly bungholio! We “fixed” your language….do you REALLY know what a “fag” is?! Over here, to “smoke a fag” means to “gayly suck cock”…

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            rffe the proud gay

            Yes….we all get the message…you are a real american “fag”

            Shut the fuck up and prepare for Sharia Court.

          • Ectomorph

            Ab-DULLARD the Butt Jerk,

            Did you know they mis-translated it? It’s not actually “Sharia”.The word is “Shagass”. This is a well-respected English word meaning Muslims gonna get butt-fucked.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            shut up asshole.
            there is no such thing as a respected engliish word.

            And if us Muslims want any info on butt fucking (which we don’t) we’ll interview your daddy down at his glory hole.

          • Dick

            Fixed out fucking language wtf are you on about. Well I don’t record it being broken. And if you were truly proud of your Scottish relatives you’d shut the fuck up about an american dick head making pointless changes to the British language and speack the correct English language which i think you will find is the language spoke in England also known as the Queen’s English and we know how obsessed the American’s are with our royal family so you can shut the fuck up!

          • rffe is an idiot

            Scotland is in the UK you retard

      • Kahlid

        Technically, she’s a Brit/Greek halfbreed cum gargling infidel whore.

        “Among three Italians will be found two clergymen; three Spaniards two braggarts; among three Germans two soldiers; among three Frenchmen, two chefs, and among three Englishmen two whoremongers.” – German saying

        • alan

          You seem to like whores, treat women as second class.
          Thats all they are to u.
          The fact that your dick rules u is yr weakness.

        • ivekilled5whites

          english bastards cant admit without asains they would be nothing, firstly we helped kill the nazis secondly the economy grew cos of the work we did n u ddnt wna do so stfu u retarded mudafukas n go rape ur mums lyk usual

          • ramo cant stand muslims

            who you calling english basteds, its you pakis what eat curry for breakfast smelly cunts wi ya circumsized dicks

          • Roadkill911

            look up and actually read the comment ramo, does that look like a paki to you, really. I mean, its not the greatest english but ivekilled is definetly American and I point this out with embarrassment as I am an American and I’m white so I’m not really defending his point of view. As a matter of fact, I cant really defend any ones point of view in this thread as all of you seem to just hate for no reason. I think its ignorant to bash each other because of where they were born or where their parents are from or the color of their skin. We are all human beings and we all owe each other for who we are. First recorded history was in the Middle east. First plumbing was Roman ( and I know we all like toilets) Rome also conquered a lot of the world and expanded civilization as did the Greeks. The normans and the Saxons conquered the british ILes creating the UK who then went on to colonize and explore a good part of the globe. The Spaniards who actually came from roman civilization also explored the world. When colonized, the Americas are responsible for a great deal of our modern tech such as electricity, engines, motorized transportation for land, sea and air and comunication. Oh and the radar was also invented by Americans ( I say this as someone stated that it was british earlier). So what I am saying is that we all play our part so stop jabbing at each other. History lesson over.

          • Roadkill911 research yo facts..

            Roadkill…radar was invented by german heinrich hertz

          • 7 Nations

            Shut the fuck up and go climb back up your mountain you dirty paki cunt.

          • BinManBadMan

            so happy 4u now come try kill me im white u fuckn retard

          • Fuckuhairycunts

            Why Dafuq u assholes can’t get along! Everyone on this site should be ashamed of themselves arguing about racist shit on a sex tape site you dumbasses.

      • me

        Elton John

      • Your Mum has aids

        So David Beckham, the queen and simon cowell aren’t celebrities. Stupid American cunt

        • WTF

          THE QUEEN????!!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha

        • Hurp’derp

          The Queen isn’t a celebrity, she’s a Queen. There’s quite a difference, you fucktard.

      • fuck off

        go fuck yourself u americans are known for obesity

        • rffe

          You British are known for faggotry! British cops : “Stop! Or, I’ll chase you some more, till I can catch you with my baton!”

          • crimsta

            at least us brits dont need guns to solve our problems we use our fists like real men…………….hell i know women that could take down most american men lol

          • BinManBadMan

            wel i jus think muslims r spunk bubbles dat whack camels off

          • Restbite

            40,000 deaths buy bullet each year and growing
            1/3 accidental- half of them accidental deaths buy
            none other than our cops.

      • john

        what america crap u talking about stupid..only real celeb are from usa.away u and clean that plastis mug’ ( botox d/heads ) yous are all heavy fake .GLASGOW / SCOTLAND HARDCORE.. USA FULLS…FACT,,,

      • The way of ya dad

        Yeah just like bin laden lmao

      • jack

        shut it paki

      • tom smith

        you stupid paki cunt…

      • TrueDon

        oi yeh british celebs are just as important as ur yanky celebs

        • BinManBadMan

          americans munch cock all day & so dz evry1 else whos not british haha go bounce on ur mothers dildos u dumb fucks

          • kristy

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      • Mart

        So, remind me who Paul Macartney is again? Who have the yanks got? Who’s more famous, The Queen or Obama? Nuff said

      • Bilbo

        Have you ever heard of John Lennon, Sean Connery, Michael Caine, Freddie Mercury, J.K Rowling etc?

      • Khronos191

        has anyone ever told you you are a retarded shit-eating monkey with sperm for brains, you twat-faced spunk dribbler?

      • mick

        that mean americans not really human lol

      • you’reanonce

        Yeah I guess so, not like Ozzy, The Who, Russell Brand, more or less the ENTIRE Harry Potter cast etc. etc. or anyone famous was ever from the UK. You yank’s really show your idiocy at times

        • Arcachnar

          Don’t forget JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, Douglas Adams, Agatha Christie, Terry Pratchet, The Beatles, Lady Di, Churchill, Rolling Stones, Motorhead, Deep Purple, Lord Byron, Shelley, John Keats, Charles Dickson and most of all, William Shakespeare. All British and absolutely famous. Even I know this.

          • Bornagainwhitecunt….

            lol I’ve never laughed so hard at hypocrites…. UK rule still how many flags have we got…. Your all stupid little faggots with no life’s…. I just wanted to see something butiful like a white bitch taking it… Instead I get pea brains fighting over what they’ll never truely know for sure… We all do contribute to this madness but Id rather see womens faces not letter boxes cos I’m paranoid my bitch gets banged by someone else…. Only Fools and Horse’s enough said Yanks are not that clever to be that funny… Your all brainwashed and sad and that sums up the Human Race in general… Used to laugh at racist jokes but in the end truth is Whites are synomynus with Peado’s and Blacks with taking it without permission and Asians well you aint done much really we liked your Curry but now it seems you wanna be something and terrorists is wot you seem to be choosing so who the fuck can still hold they’re head high in appeasement and honour and a sence of rightousness when none of you will ever have a fucking clue what that is….. British English/Scot pure from the sensible island….

      • BANE

        your mums a man

      • brttish people are better than america

        yeah they are we have more know celebritys than you do cunt

      • Leez

        So, you’re saying Tom Jones, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Russel Crow, Andrew Garfield, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Robert Pattinson, Jason Statham, Michael Cain, Daniel Radcliff, Daniel Craig and SOO many more British people who are more well known than 50% of American Celebrities aren’t really celebrities…? You fail!!

        • Bornagainwhitecunt….

          Has there ever been a decent film from Hollywood that don’t have a Brit in it….. Name them

      • Liam

        Ohh you don’t think so? Roger Moore, Jony Ive, Colin Farrel, Sean Connory, Ian McKellen, Michael Caine, Judy Dench, MIchael Gambon, Kate Winslet, Christopher FUCking LEE! The list goes on. Dick headed morons.

      • ScreamSlasher5X

        Just shut the fuck up can you see no1 likes you here!

      • Zak

        So the Beatles arent celebrities? So Queen aren’t celebrities? So The Who aren’t celebrities? So Daniel Craig isn’t a celebrity? Think before you speak dumbass, and we have the best music, you just have Rebecca Black. Fuck off you ignorant twat

      • ^thisguyisadouche

        The f***? All the harry potter films? The producers made sure everyone was British. Alan Rickman? Amy Winehouse? Rick Astley?

      • pistol

        look mate shut ur mouth the british r a lot better than wat ever u say u r

      • Angel gal

        who do you think you are like? fister????? weirdo comes to mind …..pathetic…… there are so many fantastic british celebs,,,unlike your bimbos….kim thickbit ‘i am talentless’ kardashian!! her bimbo sisters!! ms Lohan….to name just a few!!! you should just shut up and disappear before we all magically make you!!!!!!!!!

    • A

      Mate you are one ugly fucking troll. dick

    • Gribbo

      She can’t be from th us. She isn’t a fat ugly cow

    • person

      Fuck you ignorant piece of shit, retarded american!

    • Jay

      She was in british group N-Dubz and was on British xfactor, pretty big over here to be fair

    • Sean

      Lol at least in the uk we have intelligence it’s known the world over that Americans aren’t very well educated you must admit they aren’t the sharpest tools in the box.

      • Roadkill911

        read my post above. Americans are actually some of the sharpest tools in the box as you wouldnt have the electricity to post that mindless drivel had it not been for American intelligence.

        • Fred

          You do realise that Britain invented most of
          That stuff? Like the TV was a scotsman,
          By the way the atomic bomb wouldn’t
          Exist without the BRITISH SAS stealing
          Heavy water technology off the Germans
          And we invented the tank, and the telephone
          But you’re an ignorant yank so of course
          You think the yanks invented everything..

        • Guy

          U r all stupid btw I think you shall find all inventions listed above r british but either way americans bastardised (modified/defialed) british n claimed it as your own n the packies in this thread if you think all american n british tv is perverted do u not think thats hypacritcal as you are watching perverted things now
          Anyway its stupid fighting over religion oragi nt have it all this shit my advise to you guus is grow up get lives n women have fun sex n enjoy life whilst you have it coz you do.

        • 7 Nations

          Get a gun, load it.

          Put it to your head,

          Pull the trigger.

          You dumb brainwashed american fucktard.

      • aj

        kid I fucked ur mum I’m muslim I will bomb all countrys and I fucked ur nan in bed

        • Liam

          LOL! You;re such a faggot! You realised that you sand google cunts have nothing at all so you threaten us with a bomb! Please, I bet you’re the coffee bitch, you run around collecting shit droppings for everyone else. Your country’s dead, your religion’s dead and your messiah was a paedophile

          • Arcachnar

            @Liam Do not come with these kinds of assumptions that we have nothing. You should know that the technology, economics and education in the most countries in the Middle East are just as good in Europe and the US.

            Moreover, do not judge ALL the Muslims if ONE person (like JA) speaks this way.

            The most important is that you really should show some respect to the other religions.

    • Sean

      Lol at least in the uk we have intelligence it’s known the world over that Americans aren’t very well educated you must admit they aren’t the sharpest tools in the box.Just watch how they talk on tv they can’t even pronounce most word properly.

    • John

      You arrogant, second rate, motherfucking yank. One Brit is worth twenty of you shit kickers

    • John

      Come to England tosser and I’ll put you in your place.

    • John

      What’s the difference between an American and a piece of shit?

      Shit smells better.

    • John

      Just checking. Did I hurt your mother when I fucked her up the arse?

    • MC Ultra

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      The U.S. is not the whole world. You’re just a badly in debt, morally bankrupt country. No one cares what the States thinks anymore. And Adele has more talent than any current American singers you could mention. I dont know about Huge Cock Mister Habib but you are undoubtedly a prik.

    • Japatty Joe

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    • Iron Dude

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    • jim campbell

      what was the name of that young lady in afghanistan who was shot in the head for wanting young ladies to be able to study in her country.some nutter did this in the name of religion.thankfully the young lady is making a great recovery in hospital

      • John Nichols

        It was Pakistan NOT Afghanistan.

      • Restbite

        In the uk

    • Mumbles

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    • John Nichols

      Just because someone is not in the US doesn’t mean they are not important. America is not at the center of the universe. This kind of attitude from America has got it into trouble diplomatically all around the world.

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      What the hell is with this… we are all here watching a sex tape, clearly showing that none of you guys have the huge cocks that you claim to have because if you did, you wouldn’t be sitting here having an incredibly long and boring ‘debate’. This debate? who is better: US, Brits, Muslims, Jews? So basically everyone here says that since they are from a place, that means that they are amazing and are just the greatest representatives of their nations. Well you know what? You are all wrong. How do i know this? Because none of you actually have a point to make, so instead you just insult people, their mothers and claiming that you have a huge penis. Get over yourself, you are all sitting here watching a sex tape… I am from Scotland and I am not claiming that it is the greatest nation in the world, however, i do think we have done some great things, just like america, the english, the jews, the muslims; just like all of these nations have made some huge mistakes in thier time. But what it all comes down to is some stupid little boys playing the big man behind their computer screens while in the middle of a wank.

      • Roadkill911

        Cheers mate. Now your position, I can defend. Your obviously one of the few intelligent people here.

      • Bornagainwhitecunt….

        lol nicely rounded off piece of art….. Ayeeeee


    that girl in the video is not Tulisa Contostavlos. is just some girl giving a guy BJ. dun mislead ppl. and go do something useful then using someone else video and posting it as Tulisa Contostavlos

    • Captain Cock

      The vid still turns me on. I just wish it was of a beefcake sucking off another beefcake. They also should have included some ball and anus licking.

    • Salam the Sandalmaker

      Tulisa has confirmed that it is her, and that her ex-bf violated her trust. Hopefully additonal tapes will come out of the ex-bf violating other things than her trust.

    • # you must be dappy!!

      lol….so you must be Dappy??? trying to defend your sisters honour……BUT… It does look an awful lot like her…and the fact that tulisa admitted it was her?…. I feel that you will have a tough time convincing ppl that it is not ….idiot!!

  • Reza

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    • Big Pete


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      • Me

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      • Bornagainwhitecunt….

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    • Bornagainwhitecunt….

      Your just a knob if you think that’ll ever happen…. Why hide beauty you dumbass who do you think GOD banged to have all you children…

  • I Pound Pussy

    There has been a lot of cock on this site as of late. This comes as no surprise to upstanding Christians, we always knew that Muslims were some of the biggest fags on the planet. Our most merciful God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Or in a muslims case, Mohammed and and Aara, not Mohammed and Abdullah.

  • NotGay

    ZZZZZZZZZZZ…why post something everybody does everyday? Did she even swallow?

    • Captain Cock

      I don’t know, but I would have swallowed.

      • NotGay

        I know right? It’s polite and it’s kinda your reward…the bitch is crazy.

  • Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz Al al-Shaikh

    Earlier today I issued a fatwa against all churches of the gulf countries. They must be destroyed, the Christians, so we may continue this jihad further west and bring down the evil sionists that run wild in America. Grab your AK’s, grab your RPGs, IEDs, and grab your young boys and force them to fight in the name of Allah. It is his wish that Islam rule the world and we as his warriors must mipe out every race and ethnicity other than our own. Every jew must die at the hands of a muslim. What Hitler started, we will finish.

    Praise Great Allah!

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Us Muslims will put this slut on trial in Sharia Court and all we need is this perverted video.

    She has convicted herself.

    Now all that’s left to do is the stoning.

    • Tyrone shoelaces

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      • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

        Damned google.

        • Huge Cock Habib

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          • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

            Habib, the eunuch:

            I am a true Muslim, not a fake something like you. Google cocks is not my area of expertise. If one day I’ll need to write about it I’ll ask you.

          • Huge Cock Habib

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        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

          Tiny Pete (aka White Shit) :

          You are talking about things you ignore. As President Mahmoud Amadin Ejad clearly stated last month in Islam there are no homos (alive).

          That’s why you, as a KK Queer Jew, would have no chance in our righteous countries. Don’t try to mystify reality you mofo.

          Allahu Akbar

          • Big Pete

            Dumb homo hashim

            I’m talking about something I ignore? Seems as if I’m talking about it then I’m not ignoring it.

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        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

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  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    Big Fag Pete…..@2:43 p.m.

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    • u.r.envious

      is that an offer, assfag?

  • Bill the barber

    Ok the jig is up you lonely bastards everyone knows that it’s three or four of you on this site that make comments using different names your just four guys that think your muslims.It goes like this one comments as Habib then another make up a name like Big Pete and makes a rude comment about what Habib just said then they use Hong or Larry etc. So you Boys ain’t fooling anyone anymore.

    • Big Pete

      Bill the Bitch

      If you’re too much of a pussy to commit to war against the muslims then get the fuck out of here.

      The USA doesn’t need and help from ladyboys.

      • aghmed

        Sodomizing yourself with a broomhandle in your mother’s basement is not exactly committing war against us Muslims. You couldn’t fight your way out of a wet paper bag let alone take on a simple 7-11 shop keeper.

      • Bill the barber

        Pussy pete

        Why would I want to make war with the same four teens who are the ones commenting here as you are one of them you should know And if you are older than teens grow up.

        • Big Pete

          Ladyboy Bill

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          • me

            dear Big Pete,

            i do not condone your ignorance of not reading into the lines produced by ‘Bill the barber’ but i would like to reveal to you that this man is not mentally producing paedophilic images of teenage boy’s but simply reavealing the well known fact that – teenagers as is force of habit for those of a sexually in-experienced nature – masturbate as we all have, either currently or in years past. may i also note that the aryan’s are blonde haired and blue-eyed and i’m just wondering about the ratio of people without these features compared to the people with these features within the KKK who you seem extremely proud to be a part of therefore if the aryan race are to be the only people left alive when (and indeed if) the KKK come into power then all non-blonde haired and blue-eyed people left in the world must be killed off in any manner that you can think of.

            yours sincerely


  • blow meoff

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    • Huge Cock Habib

      we can let aghmads mom to teach her

  • Word of wisdom

    I think she will be prosecuted for pedophilia : she actually filmed herself playing with the genitalias of an 8 yo victim, maybe even younger.
    Because I refuse to imagine an adult male with such a small dick ? It is impossible. Or… are westerners THIS inferior to us jihadists ?

    • Kahlid

      They are inferior. If the Westerners weren’t inferior, then they would already be Muslims, Brother Wisdom.

    • Tyrone shoelaces

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      • Word of wisdom

        (try my best :)
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  • TimeBaron

    All muslims are fucking fags! I dont see “us wesrterners” running around with a fuckload of c4 strapped to my chest killing a bunch of women and children. All muslims are good for is showing their women how inferior their faggot muslim men when im balls deep in their female muslim whore MOUTH!

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    • Word of wisdom

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  • Tyrone shoelaces

    Mr Meat cutter

    Dars yous go again you gots to make up your mind first yous want to kill dat homo next you changes you mind and wants to send him to a stones concert yous must has a lot of tickets is yous a friend of dat big liped jagger?

    • sophia

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        • carl

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  • TimeBaron

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  • christina

    I wish she was a lesbian – she has a beautiful body

    • Kahlid

      You have sealed your fate, carpet munching lesboqueer.

  • First Date Fu_k.

    Her oral technique is superb? If these are the best cocksuckers that heaven has I’ll stay here with the sinners and the whores a little while longer thanks.

    • Kahlid

      Shut your cockhole, homoqueer. No one wants your semen breath befouling this holy website.

      • First Date Fu_k.

        It is nasty cocksucker Tulisa that has the semen breath, not I. My breath smells of smoked salmon.

      • TheNailBummer

        How did you change your picture?

  • dionisis anastasiades

    as for what you have writen contostavlos is not cocksucker in greek for your information it has nothing to do with that so pls next time you wish to translate something which is in greek use a translator not ur imagination

  • British people rock

    WTF is wrong with you! have this chat elsewhere
    Tulisa is probably in a state because her private things have been around the world and all you sickos care about is a fucking kiddie fight
    *i support Tulisa she still rocks*
    That cock man is a bitch

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      british subhumans will get rocked

      Soon us Muslims will be taking over your shitty island and all you ugly mofos will taste the “stones of Islam”
      That means us Muslims will stone you bastards to death…..think about that the next time you’re eating eel and lamb asshole.


      • Chris


        “Soon us Muslims will be taking over your shitty island and all you ugly mofos will taste the “stones of Islam”” Isnt your religion meant to be a peaceful one?

        And good luck trying to take over our shitty island, we have one of the msot powerful armies the world has, combined with america. What have you got? Oh wait… youve got fuck all.

        Allahu akbar, dont make me laugh. and tell ya what, next time im eating my lamb, and my pork, and whatever the hell else i want, whilst i sit taking a cock up my ass if i so chose, ill think of you in your shithole of a country, sitting practicing your barbaric religion.

        so go sit down, isnt it time you went and prayed?

        • TheNailBummer
        • Joanne Coften!

          hahaha, well said bro! I’d love to see them rag heads try and take our land. They’d get stomped on! bring it on you peado cunts!

          • Chris

            Lol stupid idiots prattling on about islam and what they are going to do, is this before or after theyve destroyed their own countries through civil disobediance…. Libya… Syria… Yeah them revolutions went down a treat without our help…

      • jack norman

        shut up u dirty pig

      • mow

        Abdullah The Butt Muncher

        ur dirty muslim ways will never take over Britain, you must be seriously retarded to even think that’s possible!

        i know we might be vulnerable at the moment, but thats only due to most of out army spending their time cleansing ur camel fucking muslim countries!

        ur a dirty, insignificant, pointless, ugly, ignorant, stupid, and totally worthless bunch of ‘people’


        • Abdullah The Butcher

          mows down cocks with big british teeth

          The reason you british assholes are vulnerable, is because you lazy assholes are too stupid to stop us from taking over.

      • Bornagainwhitecunt….

        Working out well for you then I’ll have a Chicken Madras and 20 Benson please……

  • ed farren

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  • Ben

    You are forgetting who’s language you are speaking, the English’s

    • Big Pete

      Blowjob Ben

      You buck toothed queers are the people that started homosexuality. This is why people fled that shithole England and came to America. Your tolerance and practice of all things homo is what sickens everyone and what makes you people such pussies.

      The USA is busy killing muslims in the middle east but you fudgepackers can’t take your cocks out of assholes long enough to pick up a weapon and do some damage to the shithead sand google queers.

      You English fags are a disgrace.


      • A Brit

        Homosexuality has been around since the beginning of time…it was particularly popular in Ancient Greece, one of the gresatest civilisations ever. Also, your racism only proves your ignorance and solidifies the belief that American’s are a sub-race…an example of humanity moving backwards.

        Lots of love and best wishes xxx

        • Big Pete

          Butt bangin Brit

          Shut your mouth you flaming buck toothed homo.

          Homosexuality began 400 years ago in a small town just outside of London.

          Many of the English became emmbarassed at the thought of their country becoming the birth place of homo-ism and proceeded to rewrite history books, blaming queer-ism on the Greeks.

          Well…I have new for you. You English butt lickers started it all, and now its become a filthy epidemic in muslim countries.

          You and your boyfriend “Big Ben” are in for a serious ass whoopin.


          • Al

            Big Pete,

            Homosexuality began 400 years ago in a small town outside of London? That is hilarious. YOU my friend, are hilarious. What a joke – I bet you’re one of those guys who also thinks that the sun still revolves around the Earth, and that our planet has only been here a few thousand years. Christ, male dogs try to bang one another – it’s not something that any human created, let alone a certain Nationality. You talk about homosexuality as if it’s some sort of trend that people caught onto. People can’t help who they’re attracted to. Please, do yourself a favour and educate your pea brain before you make dumb homophobic comments. We don’t have time for your bullshit.

            – But just to humour you with the most obvious example. Of course, it’s true – We’re all gay here in the UK! That’s after all why our population is still on the increase, since the men here are still shagging the wom— I mean men. They’re shagging the men. …And yet oddly still, women are having babies…

      • Bornagainwhitecunt….

        Wotevea Yank bet you don’t even know where England is…

  • me

    dear stupid people of the world,

    i do apologise for having to enter this idiotic domain of arrogant, arguing, ‘so-called’ adults. in case you haven’t noticed but the person you are commenting on as not being a real celebrity because she is famous within the british isles does, not give two shits, and will probably never see what you are typing about this poor excuse for porn. yes, the world has turned to shit, yes countries are fighting pointless wars, over unconsequential ideals and yes all countries, races, sexualities and even people all have differences whether it’s language, skin, the people you are attracted to or even your choice of music, you should all treat each other alike, not as muslims, afghans, americans or brits but as humans and a single species that, with the combined intellect of the entire world, could expand to what are seen as impossible hieghts within this technological age. BUT, if the entire world consists of such people as those above then the human race may have an extremely little chance of making it past this age of prejudice within our society so i suggest you all grow up act your real age and stop hurting the world with your arguments on such trivial subjects as celebrity sex video’s.

    yours sincerely


    • Big Pete

      Ass licker Adam

      You are one dumb mofo.

      If I wanted to read something long and boring, I would have picked up the bible.

      Get outta here you pussy ass homo.

      • me

        dear Big Pete

        i would like to point out that you are on a page with some of the worst porn i’ve ever seen. and that if you watched that whole video and could not be bothered to read that response which i can guarentee to a normal, literate person is easily read quicker than tulisa can suck a dick. so unless you are admitting to a limited understanding of the language of which you are currently speaking i suggest you grow up and listen to good advice when you get it.

        yours sincerely


        • Big Pete

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          The only point you make is the direction of your small cock to the closest asshole.

          At no point in your ignorant ramblings do you make any sense whatsoever.

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          • me

            dear Big Pete

            just to inform you i am nowhere near the age of 12 and stating that a twelve year old sucks dick is a clompletely hyppocritical comment compared to your earlier comment, and i quote ‘You’re fantasies about teen boys sickens The Brotherhood’ so not only have you furthered proof of your ignorance but you’ve also managed to make a contradicting, hyppocritical fool of yourself all in one reply. for this enormous feat i give you my sincerest congratulations.

            yours sincerely


    • Bornagainwhitecunt….

      Adam when was your 8th Birthday… Cos you obviously have more sense…

  • idiots

    Why is this site filled with racism when its a site for celebrity news you guys should take your bull shit somewhere else. Nobody cares bout these petty differences honestly you all are the ones that need to be testing strength of rope tied to a tree your what’s wrong with the world. Your a dieing breed stuck in your old ideologies evolve a little show some damn compassion don’t even bother writing to me ill never see it as I wont be checking back here.

    • Big Pete

      Inferior idiot

      You are a fuckin pussy. Keep your fuckin mouth shut.

  • A Brit

    I try to defend Americans with the mantra: “they’re not all stupid and ridiculous” but sometimes I don’t know why I bother… And if you ‘Americans’ are going to speak the ENGLISH language, then at least learn to spell and use grammar correctly.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      Forget that heathen tongue english….it’s the defunct language of homoqueers!
      All you infidels will have to learn Arabic or else us Muslims will shoot you on “first sound”

      All westerners who can’t speak Arabic when Islam takes over will be executed.

      You have been warned and you don’t have much time left. Youassholes had best be getting that Rosetta Stone today.


      • carl

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      • Big Feller

        Quite fitting that you just so happen to speak English too. You’re about the biggest homo i’ve ever seen.

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  • Seriously..?

    I thought most of you Muslims had morals? Clearly not…

    I see why there is such stigma surrounding your kind…. Perhaps you really all are terrorist cunts?

    Anyway lets hope you are the first to die :-)

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    These women can’t be this stupid. What, I wonder, do they think will happen after they decide to go on film with some guy? Men don’t ask women to tape themselves getting fucked. Just guys. And guys have no idea how a man is suppose to behave.

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    the middle east is a shit hole. even though english hate americans, i think we can all agree that we hate these fucking rag heads. try to bomb us because we are better than you. uk and us have nice house good governments and good lives, what do you guys have apart from a hut and some fucking goats. we could destroy any of your countries we just dont because we have the morale high ground. we will always be better and more advanced compared to you dog shit rag heads. fuck allah! god is not real and your a moron if you think he is you stupid fucks.

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    P.S. Hey Tullisa, your gorgeous don’t be ashamed, your ex is a dick for releasing such a video. XXXXXX LOVE AND PEACE

  • David

    Though am fully american am proud to say I converted to islam. Bloody assholic americans like big fag pete disgust me!! I wish I were never american damn it, hate america. They are the source of everything porn, homosexuality, motherfuckin everything. Im glad I went out of that wretched religion christianity where there are no restrictions fuck anyone mother, father, dog, pastor, the pope anything any age, SHIT!! The rotten bible changed by a million cracked/fucked scholars. Actually anyone can change the bible acording to his gay needs. They started believing in that fucking jew they call jesus(ofcourse not the real Eesa A.S who was raised to heaven & not hanged) who was penetrated & then hanged naked as every woman and child saw his schlong and nutsack hanging out before he was castrated(SURELY can God really let such a thing happen to his own son??!). And what do you mean by jesus being gods begotten son? god fucked mary to produce jesus? How sick!! This explains how disgusting, filthy & evil minded christians are(not forgetting the JEWS). Such infidel nonsense will not be tolerated when islam takes over! Wise christians fall not in the trap set by people like big pete(who will obviously land in hell where they will be fucked by a huge dragon though the ass and out from the mouth!) and instead listen to our wise words and join the righteous religion of eternal peace & happiness. Then let us together wage jihad against pete and his filthy dark hearted people(I would personally love to hook up my AK-47 in big petes big aryan ass and then out of his mouth and fire it up to kill the rest of his clan!
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    • KTA

      Here’s the thing. You’re on a site dedicated to a video of a girl sucking cock and somehow you’ve spiralled into this hate rant. RETARDED.

      Not only that, but due to the fact you’re absolutely blinded by ignorance, you never made the effort to learn how to articulate your beliefs using what we call grammar. As a result, all you’ve done is make yourself look stupid. And when I say stupid, I mean fucking RETARDED.

      Perhaps if people like yourselves paid attention at school, you might actually be able to communicate clearly and therefore win people over. But all you have done is make you and others like you that share your beliefs look RETARDED.

      Nothing ever got done by using violence. Why do you think people like yourselves are hunted down and killed like dogs? Perhaps if your beliefs weren’t so at odds with everyone elses and you weren’t so aggressive, your points actually might get heard? But no, you persist in coming across in this retarded, blinkered fashion that only makes you seem completely RETARDED.

      Oh, and Mohammad would scowl upon you. What you are saying is completely the opposite to the traditional interpretation of his teachings which is tantamount to blasphemy, which I believe in Islam is punishable by death. However. I’m sure that in reality he’d forgive you, like he would forgive all innocent, ignoramuses like yourself who can’t help themselves but be complete idiots.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Bornagainwhitecunt….

      How can you say our peaceful religion and then rage Jihad in one sentance…. Fucking pea brains….

  • chris jones

    are you all just racist then? because regardless of how shit brittish tv is how fucked would you all be with out western aid?

  • David

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  • Woah!!

    This david guys hardcore, I wouldn’t want to be against him.

    But hey though you have every right to hate yourself being american not all of us are that bad.OK I know all the disgusting things that go on in america but its mostly a few…(ok,a bit more) assholes who are involved and they give the rest of us peace loving americans a bad name. We americans don’t hate other religions. We know your islam is peaceful and most moslims are pious & good people, you’ve really achieved alot with your great religionwe would also love to do the same. The same with us christians who really follow our religion we are indeed peaceful. we respect your religion and others.


  • Proud JEW

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