Topless Pictures of Megan Fox

megan fox

Here are some pics of a topless Megan Fox from the set of her new movie “Jennifer’s Body”.

From what I can tell from these pics of Megan, “Jennifer’s Body” is about a hot girl who frolics around topless in a lake. However, and this is were it gets interesting, this hot girl does not have any nipples and/or likes to wear flesh colored tape on her breasts.

I don’t want to speak to soon, but I see an Oscar in Megan’s future for this performance.


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  • Tony

    Her shorts are see thru. Notice the landing strip……………….

  • Spark11111

    She has pasties over her nipples :(

    • steelers83

      wow, you’re quick!

  • Evil

    she got a 8 tattoos but none of them shown in pic take a look at

  • jhvbirbgt

    are you guys nuts? give whoever this girl is her privacy

    • wakcedout


    • epicfail

      are you gay

  • ME


  • Anthony


  • Shana


  • Jim

    You can’t say it’s not her, because… well, it is. It’s pretty obvious with a good look that she has some sort of tape or something covering up the nipples.

  • UfuckedUpTwats

    these are fake pictures as if you look closely at some of the pictures you can see the texture line where you re-add the colour to and from pictures.

  • Anthony

    The pictures aren’t fake, but she’s not topless. That is a flesh colored skin suit.

  • Pancho


    • Infidel if you actually looked at the pics you can see her tats are covered by makeup, but you can still see them. May Allah smite your first born for such blasphemy !

  • Chris

    isnt it funny how you are the only one commenting you pervert!!!

  • Mike

    I SAW HER FIRST GO AWAY! No but these are fakes unfortunately

  • Sickboy

    That is her. You can see the makeup running off her torso tattoo. Plus look at those thumbs!

  • Brendan

    Back in Africa she’s the real deal, I hadnt noticed that theres make up that can give you a closeup like dis one………

  • the real OG

    I fucked her when i was in 11th grade, her pussy is tight, but the last time i saw her like last year it was beat, she gets around too much

    • Dead Ed

      I have a confession to make:

      I’m fucking Matt Damon…

      • Dead Ed

        In the Batcave, with Pat as our love slave.

        A most uncomfortable screw, but I’m fucking Durka Durka, too.

    • fuckin retards

      real og wat the fuck ever i guess u fucked megan fox back in 11th grade….ur a fucktard!!!!fuckin idiot

    • macktruck13

      i wwant to fuck her.i herd that here pussy is soft on the inside.

  • Pat

    If I was a transformer I’d transform myself into those shorts.

  • Raziel

    Theses have only been available for about a year

  • nicc

    she has stuff over hernips. she aint topless techniqually.

  • Dead Ed

    She’s not so hot. This was a waste of time. I can never get these 2 minutes of my life back. What a WASTE.

    • Silent Fox

      oh is that all it takes for you to get off?

  • dal

    shes portraying a high school cheerleader…how many cheerleaders you know have tatooes they are covered these have been out for a while they are real .the movie comes out later this year

  • You dumb fucks

    It’s fake, Megan fox has a condition where her thumb/s look like Big toes. In these photos, the girl in this photo .. has normal thumbs. Don’t believe me about thumbs? Google it, or watch transformers closer next time.

  • hu yu calln a dumb fuck?

    can you guys keep it down, i’m trying to rub one out over here……….

    jeez, some people…….

  • duckbutternutsquash

    Are you guys serious? If this is photoshop then the photoshopper should work for the int’l news outlets because it would be fucking flawless. there are NO evident drastic color shift lines . that being said , they are not evident to me . challenege : post the pics that her head or face were cropped from to create these. this will be reasonable evidence.

  • fuckin retards

    real og wat the fuck ever i guess u fucked megan fox back in 11th grade….ur a fucktard!!!!fuckin idiot

  • Matt

    These are not fake, these are from the movie Jennifers Body, there was a toppless scene where Megan Fox swims across a pond but it was cut she had flesh tone pasties to cover her nipples. You tools need to do some research before you scream about facts that are wrong. Her tattoos are covered with water proof make up. use the Internet for other things besides porn…you might learn something.

  • Jack King

    Megan is too gutless to actually go nude on screen. And now her career has died.

    • aks

      fuck you bastard


    Is this guy insane? Please read the CAPTION!!!! This pictures was taken from a “MOVIE” called “Jennifer’s Body” try checking the trailer, so that you will not look like a MORON to all of us!

  • aks

    fuck me megan

  • 167153

    Megan’s body is sexy enough to look. She has nipple covers in order to hide her would be best if she removes them.

  • risk

    i fuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccck her vry nicely and hardly her sound is ahahhhhhhhaaaaaaah…………

  • larry lamb


    you dont see her nude or topless in the movie jennifers body only pic of top half of her body from behind

  • jailing others is a atrocity

    She is comely but it looks as though her nipples have been censored in the above photos. Prisons are the device of devils. Courts are from the Devil to along with governments, kingdoms, etc. Belial works through kings and queens and other self-important people to make peoples lives miserable. Obama is making everyone’s live miserable. Humans don’t belong in cages yet everyone in North America still wants to have a misgovernment by a tyrannical leader who wants people caged if they compliment ladies busts, cleavages and rears.