Top 5 Sexy Katy Perry Gifs

Katy Perry gifs

As you probably already know Katy Perry is a whore, but did you also know that there are things called “gifs” that capture Katy Perry’s whoreyness in action? Oh you did. OK well good for you. Here are the top 5 sexy Katy Perry gifs on the Internet.



Katy Perry gif

Look Katy Perry is shooting cum out of her tits. It is ok though because it is all part of her “art”.



Katy Perry gif

Katy Perry has big tits, and she likes to press them together as she bounces up and down. Nothing wrong with that.



Katy Perry gif

When Katy Perry is performing on stage she likes to simulate masturbation. You know to distract from the fact that she has no musical talent.



Katy Perry gif

Sometimes when discussing Existential philosophy Katy Perry likes to make a point by simulating oral sex. Just kidding she is just a dumb whore.



Katy Perry gif

This is what Katy Perry looks like when she is riding her limp-dick limey finance’s pecker. Hot!

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    Shut up she’s not a whore. Who you should be calling a whore is Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez,Taylor Swift. She’s not doing those things that you said that she’s doing. And she has musical talent. And she doesn’t have big tits. Katey Perry is one of my favorite roll models. And she is a great roll model. And Miley, Selena, Demi, Justin Beaver are bad roll models. Who you should be picking on is Demi, Taylor Swift, Selena, Justin, Miley. Don’t pick on her and the Jonas Brothers or even Lady Gaga.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Joe Jonas Girl

      I just knew you would be here posting your insane comments and talking up the homoqueer Jonas sisters.

      I tell you this…you are bringing upon yourself the wrath of not only the headchimp….but also every hater of the Jobros that frequents this site.

      Also….Miley is not only a supporter of Jihad….she is one sexy lady. You should try and be more like her.


      • Joe Jonas’s Girl

        Miley isn’t sexy. She’s an ugly wh*re.

        • Liza

          Joe Jonas’s Girl
          On top of that Katy Perry didn’t ride a Disney vehicle to success. Miley Cyrus is just a Britney Spears wannabe. And to want to be Britney Spears, you have to be one boink slut. I agree with you on most of that, but what’s wrong with Taylor Swift? And while Katy Perry isn’t bad, why is she your role model? And why do you misspell role model? And why do you misspell Katy Perry’s name if she’s one of your role models.

          And Abdullah the Butcher, why do you have to be such a mo fo? Miley Cyrus = MuglySaurus, a rare breed of dinosaur thought to be extinct but recently unearthed by Disney Channel archaeologists alongside her father, a BillyRaySaurus. The curse for unearthing these beasts is about two decades of crappy music between the two of them and plenty of pictures of their ugly faces on the internet. Or at least your crazy faith probably has something like that written in your book. Good luck ever figuring out the derivative of (X+3)(X-2)^5
          Arabs may have done some math a long time ago but they got nothing on England and Italy for developing calculus
          Engineering majors FTW
          Like the song, you Can’t Touch This (mainly because if you touched M C Hammer you’d be overwhelmed by your homosexual impulses, you horny gay Arab) because you’re all threats and you probably don’t know how to derive an exponential polynomial by simultaneously applying the chain rule and the product rule of calculus.
          In closing, the Western side of the world P0wns you Arabs in math and science and everything that really matters so once you understand basic calculus I might weigh your bombastic dogmatism a little more heavily.
          P.S. You flame like a girl, and that’s coming from me. I know you’ll read this and spew some religious doctrine, but before you do, change your diaper and take your hair diaper off your head and once the stink is gone I’m sure you’ll see the light and realize that it’s a better idea to make sense instead of flaming Joe Jonas’s Girl. Her misspellings make it obvious enough that she’s confused, as if her affections for Joe Jonas aren’t evidence enough

          • Sarah

            You are a cunt.

      • .45 Caliber

        Abdick, you can have the homoqueer Jonas but you have a lot of explaining during your prayers as to how you justify your perverted obsession with hot naked Caucasian women. Because a brief tour of your site shows that you are really enjoying these women in their various states of undress way more than you should. I suspect that you masterbate frequently also based on what I’ve seen in about 20 minutes of surfing, Aren’t you supposed to cut off your right hand to make peace with Allah? Yep, it’s in the Koran so you and your friends need to be whacking hands and maybe the body part that you were fiddling with. Chop, Chop big boy.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          colt 45 addict

          Shut the fuck up mofo….I suspect you suck cock while surfing…I hear you homoqueer infidels call it..”multi-tasking.”

          I call it…. “rampant faggotry.”

          Eat shit and die…mofo.

    • Sage

      comeon, her music is so annoying, and she just does anything her manager tells her to do.
      she used to be a sex addict, I would say she’s whore-ish.

      • Common Sense

        Don’t forget she kissed a girl and she liked it

      • Aly Smith


        • Abdullah The Butcher

          asshole smith

          eat shit and die you stupid cunt.
          none of you western mofos are normal and the only music you like is either slutty, googley or gangster.
          your opinion is stupid and irrelevant and us Muslims take offense at your drunken gall, which is displayed in your ignorant post.

          when Islam takes over, you’ll answer to Sharia Law and the stones.

          • Aly Smith


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            asshole smith

            This page is for the education of infidels on their shitty celebs….so I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing.
            You, on the other hand, jumped in uninvited and started running your brainless mouth about things you have no information on.
            You need to shut the fuck up.

            Also, that ton of shit you threatened me with….tell your mother to stay in bed….unless she wants to be sent to Egypt to work the cotton fields.

            When Islam takes over….you can expect being strangled until your eyeballs pop out.

          • Aly Smith

            Congratulations ur a cunt!!! ….It shows how badly Muslim men treat their women…But I aint a Muslim woman and I will cut u and watch Jack the ripper RAPE YOU IN THE FIERY DEPTHS OF HELL YOU MUTHER FUCKER!!! OH and while I am watching him do so I will be smacking ur face with a slice of Bacon and I will make sure its a nice GREASY slice!!! looool CUNT!!!! NOW…..IF U DONT LIKE HER (AS MUCH AS YOU “MAKE OUT” THEN WHY ARE U ON HERE SERIOSULY? ARE U THAT MENTALLY PERVERTED THAT U NEED TO LOOK AT HER PICS AND WANK AT THEM U FREAK OF NATURE….FUCK OFF AND GET A LIFE YOU GOOD FOR NUTHING SON OF A BITCH!!!!! AND You Must be fucking Mental if u think Muslims are gonna take over the world….I’ll be right next to Katy Perry in my bra and knickers and I will be pole dancing with her On top of Bacon Sandwiches you Pathetic fucker!!!!

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            asshole smith

            You have just demonstrated to all Muslims why it is important to take over america.
            The loud mouthed, asshole sluts, who think they know something are the real problem of this world. American men have been de-nutted by their stupid lesboqueer heavy government and cannot take charge of their bitches alone….they need us Muslims to give them some backbone.
            When Islam takes over america the first thing us Muslims will do is give every woman over the age of 5 a good ass kicking….just to show them whose boss. The ass kicking will be followed by the wearing of the burka and then lessons on how to be a good Muslim woman.
            After this education period, any woman who speaks without permission will be quickly stoned.

            I know the lazy, pussified infidel men of the usa are waiting for this day…..but it won’t be good for you mofos either. Any man not converting to Islam will be burned alive.

            Also, all decent looking american women between 9 and 13 will be sent to Muslim Sheiks in all parts of Mesopotamia to work as concubines.

            Suck on those facts infidel bitch

          • Aly Smith

            hahahahaha YOU ARE FUNNY …MUSLIMS FUCK THEIR OWN MOTHERS AND U ARE LIVING PROOF OF THAT!!!!! U FREAKS LOOOOOOOL…..U R SUCH A CUNT GET A LIFE AND STOP WANKING OVER MY COMMENTS AND KATY PERRY’S FOTO’S UR PROBABLY A SMALL PENISED MONKEY WITH NO BALLS AND HAS A POSTER OF JUSTIN BIEBER ON UR WALL…..OH wow…..This was fun but UNFORTUNATELY I have a life….And Im gonna go live it *BY LIVE I mean NOT BLOW MYSELF UP LIKE U , U PATHETIC ABDULLABOLLOCKS* As I say….Stop sucking on ur mum and grow the fuck up!!! …Bye….If u reply to this ur either one of the internet trolls…(which u culd be cuz ur as ugly as fuck) orrr U really have no Friends and no life….Cuz me and my mateys Are going to see her in concert and I will be in my underwear later dancing to her music….Think about THAT when ur touching urself PERV!!! HAHAHAHA….FUCKING loser…..

          • Michael Johnson

            Abdulla Fuck face….Grow the fuck up and shut the fuck up….ur just a stupid prick mate….she’s hot and ur just jealous that none of your hairy mary muslims Look like that haha…cunt!!! Aly Smith…ur on it!! haha oh and Id like to see Muslims try and take on Irish catholics….U wont stand a chance u thick fucker…

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            asshole smithh

            I knew you were raised in a whorehouse and your use of obscenities proves it.
            Go ahead and show the world what a classless whore you are….it just helps our cause.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            michael the dumbass

            Irish catholics…..are you drunk yourself you dumbass mofo?
            Them drunken sheep fuckers are too lazy to even kick out the pussified Anglicans… Muslims will stomp them into the next century.

            You had best take out an insurance policy on your ass because sooner than you think, a size 13 Muslim boot will be sticking out of it.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Aly Smith


            Who told you I was a whore…was it ur dad …Cuz he would know…. I been fucking him enough times!!! Look at the bottom picture of Katy Perry….Thats what I look like when Im riding him like a horse!!! ;) Suck on that BITCH!!! I CERTAINLY HAVE,,

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            asshole smith

            My father, Abdullah Mohammad Abdullah, defiled many infidel whores, concubines and loud mouthed tourists in his day but he always left them floating in the Euphrates.

            Since you are still living, this means he has never “shook the tent” with you.
            However, if you desire to fuck a Muslim…come to Tikrit and I’ll fix you up with my camel.
            He has very low standards and I’m sure he will give you a working over.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Aly Smith

            How Do u know he has low standards..?? Did he fuck you first?? It wouldnt surprise me tbh …And when ur Pops is talking about how wonderful Aly is ….ITS ME not Mohammed….I was at one end and katy was at the other……..Suck it up Pussyhole…I dunno if its a fetish that you’re wanting me to keep writing these comments but you replying is just fresh Ammo …And ur used to firing that arent you ….But like the USA Ima keep fighting back til U surrender U whore fucking…B.O stinking…..cock sucking….HAIRY PIECE OF SHIT….. and for the record….ITS ALY not asshole….thanks Abdullahbollocks…Maybe you should learn how to read properly…OH sorry I keep forgetting you’re backwards… :( HAHA!!!

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            asshole smith….aka the happy infidel

            I see you have agreed to fuck my camel.
            Make sure you go to the VD clinic and get whatever STD’s you have cleared up before you and Habib get it on. If my camel gets the clap…you get the bullet.

            Also….Do not plan on making this a habit…..camels are not like pigs and they can be traumatized by you freaky, western mofos.

          • Aly Smith

            *yawns* …Sorry it took so long to reply Abdullah Bollocks I forgot about the argument I was having with a pathetic Cock face…I was out having a life u see…not perving over katy perry online….Anywho…Ur camel knocked on my door today and so did your Dad….we had a menage a trois….Sorry you missed out but then again..we’d rather fuck Jack the Ripper than you my friend…FRIEND??…woah rephrase that…DIKHEAD…thats Betterrrr …Anyways Catch ya later….OHHHH and a piece of advice…when sum1 looks at you and says…

            “Abdullah Bollocks You Are the BOMB!” Dont take it as a compliment, yeah??…

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            asshole smith

            The only way you could save a life, would be if you reported your VD ridden pussy to the health department and got it quarantined.

          • Aly Smith

            What was that…Sorry I dont speak Bullshit….YAWNS im getting bored of this…Ur boring me…Ur like the worst person Ive ever had a convo with….You have replied endlessly to my comments AND other peoples…People must look at them and think Omg….Get a life or get sum good insults…Whore? Slut? ass? Pussy? I mean Cummon….Thats what us Americans call each other for a laugh….U really think ur offending me….Please…Me and my “whores” gossip about Losers like you everyday in High school….People who perv over pictures online then keep writing comment after comment….Sorry you havent got a life…But I have and the fact that u keep writing time wasting crap to me…Its just nonsense…Seriously….If ur not gonna go out and get a life will u at least blow urself up..Its gonna happen someday anyway right?? I like Katy and I dont give a flying fuck what you think ASShole Abdullah…I LOVE HER…and I would rather fuck her anyday then a hairy smelly loser who looks like a he should be sweeping the streets with his hair…Do me a favour too please….Have a wash cuz I smell u over the computer screen…Like ur comments…U stink!! Chow!! >:P

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            asshole smith

            It may be impossible to insult a degenerate, VD ridden whore like you but when Islam takes over….I doubt you’ll like what happens in Shariah Court.

    • Anonymous

      You spelled “role model” wrong.

      • Anon 2

        And “Fiance”

    • KatyP’sbigB’s:P

      You’re right Katy doesn’t have tits, she has gorgeous melons! Not a whore either, but a really sexy bitch. Wearing spiked heels, red and black lace, fishnet stockings and a half-cup bra or in her case, a half melon bra. OOOooooommmmmmMMMMMama! Hell, a role model any man wouldn’t mind rolling with, as in the hay! Lady Gaga has nothing on Katy. Lady Gaga. Guess she had a speech impediment, only the pubescent lads would drool over her. Same as the Jonas Bro’s. They Blow! They give and receive roadside service. “In case of a blown tire”…”We’ll blow cause we’re the Jonas!” How ’bout you, how big are your tits?

    • Alan

      It is ‘role’ model, not ‘roll’ model.
      Unless of course she is a whore and you are referring to having a roll in the hay!

    • jonas are retards

      jonas fans are stupid, hence.. yeah. and wtf has sel or taylor swift done? why the fuck are they bad influences? i agree, katy’s all good, but wtf? you’re a retarded fuck.

    • Boss

      It’s role model, not roll model, you fucking illiterate retard.

    • juana

      i aqree but i dnt aqree on justin bieber the kid is sexxy and hes a gewd rolemodel he hasnt done nuthinqq ronq

    • jtm

      Nope, she is a massive retarded whore that should of been aborted as a featus

      • Katie Blaire

        So is your mom!! cunt!!

    • WeekendAtBernankes

      Umm… She doesn’t have big tits? Did you look at the pictures? Have you considered WHY there are even pictures to begin with? Those tits are ginormous!

      Oh, and it’s spelled “role models”.

    • zacknroll

      ROLE. For the love of everything that is sane, it’s spelled R. O. L. E. A bowling ball is a good ROLL model. None of these slut-bags are good ROLE models. read a F***ing book, you english destroying hack.

  • theheadchimp

    Joe Jonas Girl you are a fucking nitwit. For the 1001 time you dumb bitch its ROLE MODEL.

  • TomTom

    God bless Katy Perry’s boobs and God bless America

  • Osbama bin Biladen

    This vile skank! Is it too much to ask that she at least squirt frosting from the hood of her burka? This is a poorly thought-out attempt to replicate the vastly more talented and whore-like kuffar tramp Lady Gaga, and we ought to bind her to a pillar and stone her in the presence of all the other Zionist whores, except that her lustful expressions would likely make one final skanky music video out of the stoning, rendering the example we could make out of her into another vile expression of Western lasciviousness. Instead we shall bomb a bus in the neighborhood from which the harlot came! For Jihad!!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      We shall bomb two buses……and a Dairy Queen!

      For you dumbasses….Dairy Queen is an infidel fast food joint specializing in feeding big ass kuffar females…….it is not the title of the prettiest kuffar slut in Wisconsin.

      • Name Stealer

        I’m not entirely sure how to address a jihadist on this topic, but I hope that you’ve kept records of the infidels you’ve killed, and I’d like to know. Is Dead Ed on that list? He hasn’t posted for a very long time. Just wondering.

        • Fat Housewife

          And was I on your infidel list or have I just spent all of my jihad monitoring time eating ice cream?
          *Step, Step, Step*
          (Ground shakes, loud audible jiggling noises disturb the birds in the trees outside)

          • The First Amendment

            Freedom of speech means freedom to be a complete jerk to blobs for no reason at all! Thin power, hoe!

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            First Amendment

            There is always truth in well planned satire. The task is to be smart enough to recognize it.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Fat Housewife

            No, Name Stealer, I was not on Abdullah the Butcher’s jihad list. I just had company over and one of them crashed my computer. Would you stop making fun of me? Please be mature and stop stealing my name. My husband does a good enough job making fun of me, believe me.

          • Fat Housewife

            Actually, don’t stop stealing my name because I’m a stupid blob who never leaves her chair and in 10 years I’ll be on a walker wondering why none of my soap stars ever returned my calls. I just sit on a chair all day and watch bad television until I’ve gained another pound eating ice cream and then I go to the scale and look at the number and I cry because I’m too stupid to exercise

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            name stealer and fat housewhore

            You both must be of jew ancestry: the name stealer is not content with his own name…he must occupy others; much like the jews taking Palestine.
            And fat housewhore…it is clear you want somwthing for nothing….a common jew trait.

            You both need to get right with Allah…before the Islamic take over of america.

        • Dead Ed®

          What the fuck, Name Stealer,

          Why do you want to know if I’m on Abdul’s list of infidels? You want to see me dead or something? | Dead Ed® … DEAD | is that BRUTAL enough for you? Me being DEAD?

          Hey, Fat Housewife, how are those kids? Did you ever find them? I TOLD you to get up and check your backside.

          Hey, Durka Durka,

          Did you hear from Jimmy at the school of How To Use A Suicide Vest?

          Hey, Abdul,

          You know you’re Muslim if you own a $3000 machine gun and $5000 rocket launcher, but you can’t afford shoes.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        I have not forgotten Dead Ed….he has been alive and well and incognito…on this blog.

        • Annonymous

          Abdullah the Butcher, you are one of the most sickening people of all. You are so caught up with your “morals” that you think you are Allah. You have absolutely no right to judge for Allah. People like you sicken me. You are sac-religious and quite frankly a pig. Islam also condemns swearing…how come you do swear? Radicals like you are the reason that the Middle East hasn’t left the 1800’s in technology and never will take over the world. Furthermore, leave the judging of who is going to hell to the only thing that can control that ALLAH (God, Gods, whoever is really up there)

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            Annonymous asshole

            You must be a zionist trouble maker because all you have done is throw lies at me and attempt to tarnish my good reputation as a fine Muslim.

            First, I have never used any type of gutter language in my life towards another Muslim. As such, I have never sworn at another human. You infidel animals are not considered human in Islam…so anything said towards you mofos is not what you assholes call “bad language” it is words of admonishment towards dumb beasts.

            Your assessment of Muslim technology is also laughable and shows you to be an ignorant liar.
            We Muslims invented science and all technology worth anything.

            Now I have some words for you: eat shit and die mofo

            When Islam takes over, you will be a slave…or you will be stoned.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Annonymous

            Algebra was the last thing a Muslim invented….that was a pretty long time ago. The West has moved on to Calculus. Don’t agree? Prove me wrong. Also I have read the Qu’ran…and you should probably take a few more looks. You are not God. You are making judgement that is reserved for God and God alone. Also…how do you know I am not Muslim? Furthermore, no Westerner is concerned about anything relating to the Middle East. If you’ve turned on the news in the last 6 months you’d have seen that Middle Easterners are tired of ignorant assholes like you. Your own people are kicking extremists out of power and calling them tyrants. Get with the times.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            wretched asshole

            you cannot remain anonymous from Allah. He will guide his warriors to you and your immoral, asshole friends, and he will have the last laugh while your stinking blood feeds the bugs and fungus which live in the soil.

            I look forward to watching subhumans like you perish.

            eat shit and die mofo

      • infidelsrock/muslimscansuckmycock,

        all musbots should be culled, just like any other vermin population problem.

        mohammed liked to kiss little boys & fuck little girls. thats when he wasn’t busy murdering, raping, stealing from & enslaving his fellow musbots. FACT! fake prophet? of course he was but you jumped up goat herders do not have the strength to admit it, oh well, the world will have to wipe you maggots out soon enough.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          waaa, waaa, waaa!

          I’ve seen bad infidel rants before but your’s tops the list of all time shitty rants.

          You must get this through your alcohol hazed mind; Islam is conquering the world and all infidels will be thrown into the nearest live volcanos.

          It will be the ultimate pig roast!

    • Laura P

      Woah woah woaaahh!!! What’s going on here then? Looks as if people are saying she’s a whore, she’s shit, she’s this, she’s that…..Umm…She’s FUCKING AMAZING…She is a fantastic ROLE model and She is a lovely person…Take it from someone who knows…..If ya cant handle it…Get off the fucking Page…. simple!!!

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        lesbo laura

        Shut up pagan lesboqueer.

        Just because you want to yodel into katy’s giant clam doesn’t mean she has talent.
        Katy is a degenerate pervert and a horrible singer. That is a well documented fact.
        Go to the infidel youtube and find a clip of her singing without autotune. She sounds like a blue whale giving out a warning of a big mofo squid.

        You are also a vulgar asshole and when Islam takes over, we’ll be looking you up for a stoning.

        Eat shit and die muff diver.

        • Laura P

          Loooool ur funny…..U wish I was a lesbian u perv!!! Ive heard her sing live U deaf retarded piece of shit ….keep ur overly Fucking pathetic comments to urself cuz ur wrong….1) about Katy Perry and 2.) About Muslims….Thats gonna happen as much as Rumplestiltskin….Its fantasy…and How many times are you gonna reply to my comments…IVE READ YOUR COMMENTS and they are the biggest pile of shit Ive ever read in my life…..Suck your mum and then go suck your dad…YOU queer!!! I’ll be waiting for you Muslims….I will take all of you down with one blow…Watch this space mother fucker…..I g2g now….me and my BOYFRIEND are going out to see the SMURFS AGAIN….get ur head out of your arse and grow up you captain hook wannabe! THIS WAS FUN….you can reply with whatever you want cuz I aint gonna argue with you…You’re wrong end of….!!!!!!!!

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          loony p

          Offering to blow us Muslims won’t save your skanky hide when Islam takes over. We’ll just introduce all you assholes to me AK….47.

          • Laura P

            Imagine how much fun women in burkas have tagging each other on Facebook.

  • Joe Jonas’s Girl

    Today is a good day.
    I woke up this morning and violently caressed my dog. He might wake up later tonight. I put on my usual deodorant of Tabasco sauce and Velveeta cheese and then I gnawed on the tree in my back yard. About a week and the tree will fall down. I’ve been planning very carefully and I’m going to make it timber on my neighbor’s house while he’s asleep and the f*t old wh*re will die!
    This time I decided to ride my rabbit to school but when I sat on him he died and so I put him by the dog so that when he wakes up tonight he’ll have something to bury. I tried to ride on my neighbor’s cat, but I couldn’t catch it and so I got my pogo stick out of the garage and tried riding it to school upside down. I couldn’t do it, so I wiped the blood off of my head and got down on the ground and crawled to school.
    I showed up for school and some jerk came up to me and asked me what happened to my forehead. I didn’t want to talk about what happened to my forehead so I smashed it against a locker until I had another injury and I said, “That’s what happened! You wanna die???” He ran away like they all do.
    I went to class and the teacher asked me what happened to my head. That makes me mad!!! So I ran up to the teacher and rammed my head against her and she passed out just like last week. What a feisty B*TCH that h*e is.
    The class all left the room screaming wildly. I think it was a victory cry because I’m their roll model. I left school and went home to go listen to the Jonas Brothers. I put the music on and I started beating a cardboard cutout of him with a baseball bat until the head was off. When he and I get hitched that’s how I want it to be every day.
    Once I had listened to the whole CD, I went back to gnawing at the tree outside of my house because I wanted it to fall on that nasty h*e of a neighbor I have. She is a h*e like Selena Miley Demi and Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are h*es and I wanted her to die. I got tired of gnawing because the new splinters were driving the old splinters out of my mouth, and so I got the baseball bat and smashed it on the tree and it was almost ready so I started gnawing again but I got bored and passed out on the spot. I woke up about an hour later and punched my dog because he hadn’t woken me up like he normally does when I pass out because I’m bored and then my parrot came and said, “Hello, Joe Jonas, will you marry me?”. I shot him because JOE IS MINE, YOU STUPID H*E BIRD!!!!!!!!!!
    And now one less thing is competing with me for Joe Jonas. And I don’t have to feed the rabbit or the macaw. Today was a good day. Maybe tomorrow I’ll kill my neighbor too, but for now I’m going to dyke out with my horse

    • Fat Housewife

      Something is wrong with you… try watching a soap opera. Buy every episode of Guiding Light and watch an episode a day until you run out. That was a good soap, and it’s a lot better for your health than The Jonas Brothers seem to be. After listening to you talk a little bit I’m starting to consider hooking my daughters on soap operas at an early age and getting them off of whatever you’re doing ASAP. The worst that can happen is they’ll run out of good ice cream mid-soap and have to resort to the bucket of goop I keep in my freezer for emergencies. Best of luck to you.
      And Abdullah the Butcher, you should try watching a soap or two yourself. It’s a lot better for the soul than ranting to people about what sinful infidel kuffar homoqueer whores you think they are… or is it? What’s it like being a jihad guy, and how does it compare to soaps? Try Guiding Light for a few episodes and compare for me, please.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Fatso Housewife

        Allah is my guiding light…and Jihad is my purpose for being on this planet.

        Stop watching soaps…..all they do is train infidel women to be lazy whores.
        If you want to live a better life….start reading the Qur’an and obey the will of Allah.

        I give this warning to all infidels…..your time on this Earth is short. Allah is repossessing the planet and presenting it to its rightful tenants….the Muslims.
        The bad news for you, is that Muslim’s and infidels cannot coexist; which is good news for me, because I get to do what I do best; and that’s butchering infidels!

        I urge you wicked swine to give up alcohol and drugs and prostitution and convert to Islam. It is your only chance of avoiding hell.

        And a word to homofags.
        All homoqueers can stay homoqueers….you sick ass-wipes are too degenerate to ever change and I look forward to butchering every one of you.


        The only infidel TV show worth watching is “Hannah Montana” because Miley supports Jihad!

        • Fat Housewife

          I’ll bet you’re only saying that because you’ve never given soaps a chance. And Miley’s attempt at reforming was after the conclusion of Hannah Montana’s filming. As I’m reminded by tweenage whiny voices every other day, Hannah Montana’s episodes are all completed. Even if Miley Cyrus were a saint in my eyes like she is in yours, though, Hannah Montana is a bad show.
          As for gay people, sorry but I’m not defending you here. Abdullah might even be right, as he has been before. The only openly gay people I’ve ever seen up close and personal were part of a vulgar gay pride parade in San Francisco. I’ll never eat a hot dog again.
          By the way Muslims can coexist with non-Muslims. Just look at Israel. There may be war from outside of the state, but within Israel there are Muslims and Jews cooperating and tolerating even with the threat of war. It’s almost like one of my soaps, but oh wait! You don’t want to hear the amazing story because the only good show is Hannah Montana, right Abdullah? I’m sorry for you now. I’ll bet you don’t even know what chocolate ice cream tastes like.

    • Joe Jonas’s Girl

      I didn’t say that. Stop stealing my name please. I’m sick of you stealing my name.

      • Joe Jonas’s Girl

        Actually, I really did say that. Forget what I just posted above. I love people stealing my name. Too bad nobody has ever actually stolen my name. They’re probably just scared of me like all the others are scared of me.
        So yesterday I ate my rabbit because the dog wouldn’t touch it. Why didn’t the dog want to bury it? It was right there in front of him! Well, I ate it raw and dug a hole below the tree I’ve been gnawing on and when the tree collapses and kills that f*t H*E neighbor of mine I’ll throw her down there too because she is a bad roll model. Plus she has no talent and does those things you’re talking about like more of a wh*re than Katy Perry is but Katy Perry has musical talent unlike Miley, Selena, Demi, Taylor Swift, Justin Beaver, and my neighbor. SO I put the bones in the hole and I’ll wait a week and hope my h*e neighbor will be there by next Friday. I’m so EXCITED! BLOOD!!!!
        I didn’t want to go to school this morning so when I went to the pasture to dyke out with my horse I walked behind her and she kicked me right in the face. I wanted to wake up in the hospital because last time there was a nice juicy squirrel out the window, but this time I woke up in the school nurse’s office. ****!!!!!!!!
        So I had to go to math and I hate math so I drew pics of Joe Jonas and dyked out with those since I didn’t get my morning horse.
        My math teacher asked me if I really love math that much and told me if I did then I could come to the blackboard and solve his problem. I told him his problem is that he has dentures, doesn’t have hair, and is a withered old prune. That makes him a bad roll model and a bad roll taker because his eyes don’t work.
        He got all mad and gave me detention just for being honest. Some people can’t handle the real answer when they ask a question. So school was almost over and I didn’t have to go to Mrs. Fields which is good because I knocked her out yesterday and last time I knocked her out she didn’t bring cookies like she normally does, the H*E!
        Last class was DANCE CLASS! I <3 DANCE CLASS!
        First I gyrated like the talentless h*e Miley Cyrus in her last 2 music videos, then I started dyke humping the corner of the room. My teacher asked me where I was yesterday and I told her I was practicing with my horse. I didn't tell her what I was practicing because she'd want me to show her and last time I showed her she gave me detention. Why do they ask when they can't handle it?
        Well she tried to show us a ballet move but I got up and upstaged her with some nice peaceful hip hop. She didn't like being upstaged and so she told me to get back in line, and then I'm like, "no YOU get back in line" and then she called the principle and he came over and asked me if I'm a special student. I am SOOOOO special! Nobody has my moves!
        So he said I should take some new classes instead. Special people get special classes. Isn't that cool? So I got to go home and realized I hadn't put on Velveeta Tabasco deodorant in the morning because I thought I wouldn't be at school and it hit me! That's why my math teacher was so offended when I stood up! I had OFFENDED him! But it's all for the better because now I'm special. Today sure was normal.

        • Liza

          Are you okay? It seems like you have more issues than just being “special”

    • KatyP’sbigB’s:P


    • KatyP’sbigB’s:P

      “Joe Jonas’s Girl says” name stealer, U – R – B-O-R-I-N-G.

    • Guest

      The fuck is wrong with you?

  • Gio

    5 gif and most of you get crazy? insulting each other almost fighting? and why? just for a singer with nice boobs? Stop to jerk and start to fuck!!

    I like the one who wrote “she kissed a girl and she liked it” OMG what a terrible thing to kiss a girl, no? Burn her or them!!!
    It’s so funny to see that in USA nobody complains for a war every year done around the world that (we all) have to pay for your stupid idea to steal all the petrol where is possible, but everyone complain about a simple kiss between 2 girls!!
    Welcome to USA where Peter Pan get lost!!



    • Guest

      If you’re going to say something, speak English retard. -_-

  • peter

    i survived draw muhammad day! *draws muhammad on katy perry’s boobs*

  • Andrew

    That’s not Katy Perry in the second to last picture. That’s Zooey Deschanel.

  • the beard

    I wish I had tits to disguise the fact I’m a talentless whore.

  • RandomWeird

    WTF? I don’t really give a damn but really stop picking on Muslims. And I might dislike all these Disney Stars or whatever they’re called but seriously, GET A FUCKING LIFE!

  • Some Horny Guy

    Katy Perry has talent. The only songs I know are “I Kissed a Girl” and “Hot N Cold” and I love them. I dont even like that music. I listen to Led Zeppelin and Avenged Sevenfold and stuff. BTW Katy Perry is HOT!!!!

  • marlon


  • Umad?

    Seem’s like whoever wrote this article is just jealous. Katy perry is rich. You’re not and never will be. To further increase your fail you made one of the picture zoey. Lrn2google.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Learn to write and spell…you stupid ass kuffar.

  • jay

    Katy could get it….. HARD.

  • ahmed “hates lesboqueers and gays” bousba

    If i ever get my hands on this infidel lesbo, she will be receiving the cum instead of spewing it out of her kuffar balloons.

    that she has talent or not is irrelevant. All Is Islam. All is Allah’s will. Allah wants her stoned, Muslim stone her.


    Allahu akbar.

    • murn

      ahmed do you really believe in that stupid religion? you seem like you’re just trying to piss people off (it’s funny) btw – i’m not picking on muslims per se, but i think all religions are stupid and put us back to the stone age. people really believ this sh*t? yeah, fairytales are for kids!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, she is a whore. She has no talent and she’s also a massive homophobe.

  • orez

    u guys r just jealous of miley, taylor swift, demi lovato, selena gomez, ETC…
    hey Joe Jonas girl…dont insult them pls…as u know, u r not even better than them… =)

    • Abdulla The Butcher

      What are you…a google, wigger or wetback?

      You sound like a googleized wetback to me.

  • chigga

    hey didnt allah fuck goats or wait thats you,islam, abdullah the butcher what a gay name

    • Abdulla The Butcher

      The mangled words of a stupid google mean nothing to the Muslims

  • chigga

    and why does the picture look like he is about to suck a cock i think he is yelling “i want allah-t of cock in my mouth”

  • lucy

    “limp dick limey boyfriend”, are you kidding?

    Every reported girlfriend has commented what a massive cock Russel Brand has ( I repeat ‘has’ not ‘is’ ) and what a good lover he is. Even some of his male colleagues such as Jonathan Ross, himself reportedly well endowed, has commented on what a big schlong he has.

    Russel and Katy are perfect for each other and I wish them all the best for a sustained relationship (not often seen these days under the spotlight of celebrity).

  • CTFO

    first of all the UN Dec of Human Rights includes freedom of speech and expression– it’s a free world- we should be able to act the way we want as long as its not hurting anyone! I love Katy and she is a sexy goddess not a whore!
    honestly i think you are waay jealous of Russel Brand and also of Katy for being so open about her sexuality!sex isn’t a sin and women love it just as much as guys do (if you don’t think so you mightn’t be very good at it!) — if a guy was simulating sex on stage (many rock stars do) you would fucking love it! Fair enough if you want to follow your religious views but don’t expect others to follow- there’s no point in having all those rules you just gotta be a good person treat people well and chill out! Honestly whats the point in all this hate? chill out, listen to some music or have a nanna nap and enjoy life instead of caring so much about what others do

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Go and drown yourself you dumb asshole.

  • joe blow

    Get a life, all of you losers!!!

  • theheadchimp

    joe blow
    I’m sure you do………

  • Mster Poopy Pants

    This is the most vile page I have ever read. Congrats to you all.

  • theheadchimp

    Mster Poopy Pants
    Fuck off you ignorant asshole. There are pages that are a lot more vile than this. Your screen name is the most fucking ignorant one that has ever posted on this site. Shit for brains would be more appropriate for you.

  • OIC

    u mad bro?

  • opinionator

    She looks like a dumb cow lost at the mall. whenever i see her “proactive” commercial i am reminded of how retarded she is. Isint she married to Russel Brand?, that crazy drainclog probly gave her ten types of aides. Theres way better set of ta tas out there to worship, if she was flat, she wouldent have a career. Her music is interchangeable with all that lady gaga/miley cyrus crap that pop-tarts rott there brain to. She dosent play an instrument, or write her own songs. Im guessing a computer program alters her voice to acceptable, otherwise anyone out on the street could do just as well.

  • Whatever

    Yes, what someone chooses to do with one’s own body is definitely your business. Even if they don’t actually do those things and you merely have some bizarre skewed perception of that individual. Also, it is wrong for all women to be sexually liberated in the same manner as men. Shame on all those ‘sluts’, ‘whores’, and ‘tramps’ for seeking fulfillment or daring to enjoy sex. What right have they to express themselves?

  • Phoenix

    whoever posted this garbage is a moron. katy perry is not a whore, she does have talent. it’s sad to waste your time dissing celebrities. like that isn’t done by a million people everyday. but it’s okay i understand you must be jealous and feel inadequate when thinking about the success and money celebrities enjoy. and same goes to you moron’s who named every major disney child star as a whore, or otherwise untalented. you don’t know these people or why they do what they do so do the net a favor and shut up.

  • Lovecraft

    What as asshole you are

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      What kind of name is that? Are you some type of infidel prostitute? No doubt you are. If you are female, you are a whore; if male, you are a homoqueer, man hooker.

      I see you have difficulty typing…proof positive you are intoxicated.

      Also, why do you attempt to insult this site with the first thing you say?
      I’ll tell you why….because you are an ill mannered infidel and you have no morals.

      Prepare for Jihad.


      • Howard Phillips

        Lovecraft was the name of the man who wrote the call of Cthulhu.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          This lovecraft was a satan worshiping infidel and is now burning in hell; the fate all you unrepentant infidels have coming your way!

      • Guest

        Please , can you tell me just what the hell your problem is? You come on this site and first thing you do is start insulting people saying that your false religion is true and we Americans are below humans, like you are any better, I understand that we have problems over here, but we are trying to fix them. I’m an atheist, I don’t care AT ALL what religion you are, I simply believe in facts. Also, here is your system over in your racist, third world, next-to-worthless country, if someone has different society blow them up, if someone has a different religion blow them up, if someone has a different system of government blow their asses up to, if women speak beat them half to death, if women show anything but their eyes beat them to, different views on how the world should be? To bad because Mr. Badass over here hates us just because we aren’t one of them. Oh, and the AK-47 comment, we don’t need that piece-o-shit, we can just nuke the crap out of your filthy fucking country and not one person would care, only thing is, we are trying to help that pathetic excuse of a country out of the shit hole it dug itself into and has been stuck in ever since, but NO you can’t let us, we are simply guiding you but we are finally leaving, Obama called back the troops, thankfully, I guess we just gave up, after all is it really even worth all the damn trouble? ALSO, THE ONLY FUCKING REASON WE ARE IN THIS DAMN MESS IS BECAUSE YOU RACIST EGOTISTICAL ASSHOLES CAN’T ACCEPT WHAT YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, BECAUSE YOU’RE TO BUSY ACTING LIKE A CHILD WHO DOES NOT GET WHAT THEY WANT AND THROWS A TEMPER TANTRUM AND ATTACKED US FOR NO FUCKING REASON OTHER THAN THAT YOU ARE BLINDED BY THE BULLSHIT THAT YOU KEEP TELLING YOURSELF! REMEMBER THE TWIN TOWERS? I DO!!!!!!!! MY FUCKING GRANDPARENTS DIED IN THERE YOU FAGGOT!!! SO BEFORE YOU JUDGE US, COME SEE OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY AND BEFORE YOU SAY THE SAME TO ME, I’VE BEEN TO YOURS, IT IS HORRIBLE!!!! btw, you can go back to dryhumping your disease ridden camel now. and to those that read all of this, thanks <3<3<3

  • Bárbara

    Are you a fat and depressed girl that no man in the world is willing to f*ck??
    Go live your life… if there’s any

  • Johnelle

    no one should be picking on anyone. period.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Grow up you stupid dumbass. This is not a playground and you are not in kindergarten.
      There is a battle between good (Islam) and evil (the infidels) and Islam must win.
      The only picking you’ll find us Jihadists doing, is “picking” out our targets for bombing!

      So, shut your mouth, eat your fruit loops and prepare to become a slave…..because when the revolution begins….we Muslims are going to need someone to keep our tents clean.


      • RiPtIdE

        oh plz press the button on your jacket!!!

      • Guest

        What fucking revolution, you are too underdeveloped and too retarded to do anything but blow the crap out of everyone else, and as for your country, you are all going to die soon, now how does it feel you asshole? Not to well, is imagine huh? NOW GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

  • Pink Panther

    This whole thread of comments is absolutely hilarious. Abdullah, you are a fantastic comedian. Are your talents just in internet based humor, or do you reach elsewhere? ;)
    The whole “infidel” thing really tickled me; do you do stand up comedy too? I can imagine you being brilliant live, maybe even equal to the likes of Frankie Boyle.
    I’d like to offer you a contract, but I’m not sure how to contact you.
    If you’re interested – [email protected]
    “This lovecraft was a satan worshiping infidel and is now burning in hell; the fate all you unrepentant infidels have coming your way!”

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      I was being serious about Lovecraft….that Satan loving bastard is burning at this moment.

      I must decline your offer…I am too busy running the Jihad business in Tikrit.
      If, however, you find yourself in Iraq, drop by Tikrit and ask for the Butcher….I would like to meet such an infidel as yourself.

  • RiPtIdE

    katy is not looking bad she has no big boobs just normal (in my opinion)
    nice singing voice good performer but still

    disturbed,rammstein,metallica and drowning pool are beter :):):)


    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I’d like to see you drowned in a pool.
      BTW…you sound very girly….are you joe ‘the hoe” jonas girl trying to pull a sneaky one?

      Yes…I beleive you are that racist bitch joe jonas girl.
      Ha….you’ve been found out cunt!

      • theheadchimp

        That DeadEd Rosenberg sure gets around.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Dead Ed has more frigging persona’s than that loony infidel Eve.

          And they all suck.

  • theheadchimp

    Are you a dumbass or what? Katy has NO boobs, a titmouse tits are bigger. As for you opinion…….who fucking cares. You probably are a jerkoff, no wait anyone who admits they like metallica is a confirmed jerkoff.

    • RiPtIdE

      yes i’m a jerkoff beats being a dying breed like your’s (you know push button and kaboom?)

      • theheadchimp

        Man you Americans are a sorry bunch. Who in the fuck admits to being a jerkoff?

        Well I guess a jerkoff would………..

        • RiPtIdE

          american? are you an american? oh my good poor you must suck beeing an muslim chimp in america
          i feel srry for you
          but let me tell you there is a way out for you just light your jacket’s fuse hun

          • theheadchimp

            Spelling isn’t the only thing you suck at I bet………….

  • Abdullah The Butcher


    There is no hope for you. Just jump in front of the nearest train and turn yourself into bird food.

    • RiPtIdE

      wtf kinda reply is this cant you do better there is no fun in it c’mon give it some effort!!!!
      everyone else gets a better reply then this

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Come to Tikrit…I will give you a life ending reply.

        • Guest

          Ha, that one was funny

  • Geronimo

    I think the saddest thing about this website isn’t the fact that it’s run by nonsensical extremists, but the fact that more people come here to FAP, than to actually read the content.

    That being said, I congratulate Abdullah the Butcher and others on being successful Trolls and bid you all a Happy New Year

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      And a happy new year of jihad to you.


  • Mark

    Oh man you are all idiots, check out this websites disclaimer located at the bottom center of any page. In case you are to dumb to do that, here it is, copied and pasted!

    Disclaimer is a satirical website containing published rumors, speculation, assumptions, opinions, fiction as well as factual information. Information on this site may or may not be true and is not meant to be taken as fact. makes no warranty as to the validity of any claims. uses invented names in all its stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental. is not intended for readers under 18 years of age

  • Mark

    Don’t you all feel stupid :-)

  • Mark

    PS Katy Perry is really hot.

  • Happy Infidel

    If readers under 18 aren’t allowed on here, what the fuck is Joe Jonas’s Girl doing on here? She has got to be 12-14 if you read her dribble. She makes no damn sense.

  • theheadchimp

    Mark says Katy Perry is really hot.

    Now don’t you feel stupid?

  • cee_jay

    Katy Perry actually used to be a Christian singer

  • theheadchimp

    She took the “Come to Jesus” a little bit too literally……..

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      I guess she was really filled with the “holy spirit.”

  • ipsofuckto

    Woah, woah, woah,
    you guys are acting like she matters…

  • grillagardnr

    My, what a viscious little prick you are.

  • American Soldier

    OMFG KATY PERRY IS DELICIOUS… So a muslim walks into a bar… I kill him :)

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      american pussy

      Your drunken joke is as funny as your wife’s oath of fidelity……and a Muslim would not be in a bar……you dumbass mofo.

      Eat shit and die mofo

  • American Soldier

    HAHA i didnt expect that comment to go through but i guess your dumb ass jihad filter just isnt good enough to keep us Americans out. I burnt the Qur’an one day for fun and the smoke was muslim colored.
    Q. Did you hear the one about the violent 53 year-old paedophile?
    A. Yes. He is revered by one fifth of the world’s population as the one who started the world’s most intolerant, repressive, misogynistic and violent religion.

    HAHA if this one goes through then infidels are completely retarded.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      american pussy

      I agree, infidels are retarded.

      And just for your information you stupid asshole…infidels are what we Muslims call nonMuslims.
      This lack of knowledge on your part reveals you to be a fake….if you had been to any Muslim land, you would have known this simple fact.

      Go back to your nintendo games and surfing the internet for gay porn, you lame homoqueer; you cannot spar with a Jihadist.

      Suck on that you fraud…..and then eat shit and die.


      • American Soldier

        typo there i meant you’re fucking retarded :)
        and just because i dont dont goto land of goat fucking doesnt mean im a fake? wherever that came from. Gay porn is nasty and i cant spar with a jihadist cause i would kick your turban wearing ass or you would commit suicide… oh wait :D

        whats wrong with america anyway?
        are you just upset that we have freedom and toilet paper?

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          american pussy

          You are too stupid to waste words on.
          When Islam takes over, you’ll be put on trial for crimes against Allah.
          And by trial, I mean a rock throwing squad.

          Eat shit and die mofo

      • CGBHBC

        HEY, Abdullah the Dick Sucker

        YOU ARE NOT A SHITSWORTH OF A JIHADIST…JIHADIST was a term created by Zangi in the 1100s to describe Muslim warriors against the Christian Crusaders..YOU DON”T KNOW SHIT ABOUT ISLAM LET ALONE ANYTHING ELSE…FIRST OF ALL IN THE ORGINAL KORAN, people don’t get stoned to death, women don’t even wear burqas, There was no mention of Christians, or Jews or any religion being inferior to muslims…Yes I agree the American government is full of assholes as well as the American Population, and that these dumbass americans are easily influenced by their bullshit media and have not a shits clue about reality…BUT you neither Islam will defeat the avaricious American government…I WILL DEFEAT THE U.S.A through pure science not fucking religion…your thoughts are shit and won’t work

  • American Soldier

    Q. How many muslims does it take to change a roll of toilet paper?
    A. What’s toilet paper?

    • CGBHBC

      You must be a proud dumbass…U KNOW HOW TO USE TOILET PAPER OMFG…UR A FUCKING GENIUS!!!…Since ur probably a hardcore media brainwashed american I’ll let u know that was sarcasm…oh wait u dumbfucks don’t know what the fuck sarcasm is …Arabs might be fucked up because of too much islam…but you Americans are equally fucked up because you people are the most gullible fucking flies on the planet…America Will fall…God does not bless America because there is no god…you americans rely on god, that is why you’re country is failing…All HAIL the future of the world: U.D.O. !!!