Top 15 Sexy Emma Watson Gifs

Emma Watson gifs

Emma Watson is one of the stars of the blasphemous “Harry Potter” movie series. Apparently a new Harry Potter movie was just released and the degenerate heathens in the West are all in a tizzy about it.

Frankly I do not see what is so appealing about movies glorifying devil worship, but then again I do not understand how people can worship the Jew God Jesus when there is a perfectly good Arab God to praise.

Anyway here are the top 15 sexy animated gifs of Harry Potter star Emma Watson with my mocking commentary because she is a Satan worshiping whore.



Emma Watson gif

There is nothing more attractive than an agreeable woman. I like to stare at this gif and pretend I am a Shia cleric questioning Emma Watson about her various deviant sexual escapades.



Emma Watson gif

Smacking invisible ass while wearing a white dress, Emma Watson has no shame.



Emma Watson gif

What’s the difference between two dicks and a joke? Emma Watson can not take a joke.



Emma Watson gif

Ugh a woman dancing is offensive enough, but doing it while dressed in a short purple dress is only something Emma Watson would do.



Emma Watson gif

Here Emma Watson is rehearsing her favorite sex move called the “London Bridge”, Google it.



Emma Watson gif

Emma Watson with 2 invisible cocks.



Emma Watson gif

Behind the scenes of Emma Watson’s photo shoot for Deep Dicking Magazine.



Emma Watson gif

Damn you Emma Watson and your lustful eyes.



Emma Watson gif

Sometimes Emma Watson comes off as a cold English bitch, and it is hot.



Emma Watson gif

To try and slow the spread of STDs the British government requires Emma Watson wear a special pair of panties.



Emma Watson gif

Not pictured, the mirror Emma Watson is looking at. Narcissistic bitch!



Emma Watson gif

I do not know what kind of kinky sex move Emma Watson is demonstrating here, but I am pretty sure it is illegal and very sure it is offensive to Allah.



Emma Watson gif

Now this is the definition of a “whore’s bath”.



Emma Watson gif

Emma Watson gets off on flashing her cooze on national TV.



Emma Watson gif

This gif is all the proof I need to know that Emma Watson is a horned up power bottom looking to get her anus stretched by a big black mule.

  • Walter

    Thank you for posting this, Brother.

    • Jay Dawg GOliath Kingpin Resurection

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  • Jihad Shah

    Not surprising at all that Emma Watson is a sexual deviant who gets off on displeasing Allah. What more could you expect from a witch? Here’s to hoping she develops a bloody-heathen-blown-up-by-bomb-vest spell and casts it on the set of her next movie.

    • bob wright

      You are an idiot. Emma Watson is Goddess! i humbly worship Her and Her alone! Her shadow is more valuable than your mere existence.

      • rrrr

        ALAH sucks camel dick.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          rrr…rim job giver

          Since the Muslim God is called Allah……you no doubt have to be speaking about your mother, the prostitute, Alah.

          • FuckAllah

            yepp you’re right… the Muslim god ALLAH actually sucks sheep dick !!

          • Abdullah The Gay Butcher

            just ignore what I say, I have penis envy issues.


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          • Cain

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          • JihadSwagfags

            So, you’d rape people for Mohamed. It really shows a lot about a person when he wants his sex slaves to do something like that. I bet Muhammad is just a burnt version of Bin Laden, with his fucking jihad’s and shit. You constantly talk about cutting off stuff from people, bumlick this Allah guy that’s so ugly you wouldn’t show his face, and talk about raping people for justice and getting closer to God.
            In other words, the definition of Islam.

      • blondie

        I dont see why you people are trying to make Emma Watson look like a slut and a whore when she clearly isnt. yea sometimes her dress is too short, or the fact that she shouldnt cross her legs, especially while in a dress. but that doesnt mean she is a whore! so back off and find something better to do with your life!

        • Storm

          thnx for saying that she is sooooo not a slut or a whore…We are there for you Emma

    • Garyth Evans

      Fuck You, Fuck Allah and I hope you fucking die… Get a life and spew your shit somewhere else you cock sucker….. Allah will not rule the world and is already in hell…..

      • John

        ‘ALLAH’ IS ARABIC FOR ‘GOD’ YOU FUCKING MORON. Fuck, I really hate religion. This is why. It breeds and teaches ignorance.

        • JihadSwagfags

          Nobody gives a shit. Moron.

      • your daddy

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          Learn to spell first. Bitch.

    • GB

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      • Abdullah The Butcher

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          • Abdullah The Butcher


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          • The one who stands for whats right

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        • John

          fear all of you what the hell you all are saying remember you all will not leave for ever.. even the Christ clearly says of one god but shame on all of you seriously shame on all of you…
          I dont believe I can encounter all this rubish in my life…….

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    • Ben

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    • child of MAN

      wont it be a laugh if all these allah guys die and end up with virgins…… guy virgins with great smiles on their faces !

  • Dead Ed®

    I saw this on another site. Thought I’d share.

    “Harry Potter: Snape dies in the next one.

    Yours sincerely, the people who read books ”


    “Who’s Snape?

    Yours sincerely, straight people.”

  • Dead Ed®

    How are unwanted pregnancies dealt in Hogwarts?

    “Fœtus deletus”

  • anon

    sexy gifs are cool.
    hating women, not so much.
    seek help faggot.

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    These 15 gifs of the transhomoqueersexual emma are not only unsexy……they are an abomination.

    I can understand why the lesboqueers are all wet crotched over this manly looking bull dyke but I can’t understand why infidel males keep saying she is hot.
    ugh….she has a face only a camel could love!

    I suppose there are things about the infidel which are best answered with the knife and AK-47.
    The weird attraction to this she-beast is one of them.


    • Parameses

      The attraction is from MEN who know how to cure the GAY in pretty young things. The reason you cant understand it is because your a man who gives the GAY to young boys. But dont worry, its nothing a Saiga 12 cant cure.

      Ayeree fee wij imaak bitch.

    • Kraven

      thats what ur camel says about u too lol

      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        • AWM

          bring it on!!
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          • Amerikan Kkkolonial

            Get fucked man! It sounds like you need it.

        • muslim hater

          listen butcher just cause you get ypur jolly’s off looking at lil boys dosnt mean everyone else does!!! emma is the hottest harry potter actor ever!!! now i havent seen any but im sure for the people who like it shes a princsess, so….with that being said, go suck a dick, tell your momma to go fuck her self and your sisters a whore… have a good one!!!

          • steve

            dude, u don’t post comments with the name “muslim hater,” its just not right…

          • g

            ignore him he is probably a just a coward like the rest of his kind now don’t get me wrong i am Christan and got a muslim friend im not racist but he is a coward he wont fight in real life he will just blow himself up

          • Ben

            I agree. Why do all of these Muslims think that Emma Watson’s ugly?

        • Alienchild

          Because you are stupid enough to still believe in the fairy tail of a god and love your pedophile illiterate jackoff Mohamed is a very good reason to ignore your idiocy. You are a pathetic waste of skin. End of story.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

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          • jade

            what the fuck is wrong with you?
            do you have no respect if you dont believe something that does not give you the right to insult it, i am not muslium but i know a lot of people who are and it is a beautiful religion, shut the fuck up if you have nothing nice to say or if you have no real knowledge about a topic cunt

        • Anna

          Oh, get over yourself. Stop misinterpreting Koran, you of all people should know what Jihad really means.

        • Kebab maker

          Ther is no god , at all. Just a bunch of insecure people who cant deal with reality and need to be controled by rules. Otherwise they would be lost and confused , and have freaky ass sex with themselves.


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    • Doug

      Muslim women must keep their faces covered because they are hideously ugly and make people vomit Fuck Mohamad…he was a child molester and he is rotting in hell

    • Anna

      You sick fuck. Does your God allow you to talk like that about innocent women you don’t even know? If you have hell in your religion, I hope you burn in it.

    • Carlos

      @ Abdullah,

      I’m sure your “superior” Islamic self has all kinds of higher standards in comparison. But you lack the taste for admiring a woman with fine features opposed to your cave-man-ish ways and dog-faced women you’re used to having in your retarded 3rd world surroundings. I hope the next US dropped bomb falls on your head while you’re taking a S#!t and go burn in hell with you Allah.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


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        • tailynn

          i wish i looked like her and so do you so leave her alone perv.

        • Dante Cozzi

          Before you can conquer the world you’ll have to learn to build a road out of pavement and a shelter not made of mud and twigs. After 5,000 years you should have done these by now.

        • Garyth Evans

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

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        • silver

          the butcher u are spreading a very wrong message about islam with ur stupid comments and pathetic insults. dude just fuck off already

          • Abdullah The Butcher

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

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            You talk big at the computer but in reality you would cower like a scared chicken in the presence of your Muslim superiors. The day will soon come when we shall see who is right: me the fine Muslim or you, the asshole with shit for brains.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

        • crusader

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          I’ll fuck u with my crusader sword.

          • Arcachnar

            They can do perfectly well without you Americans. Even better. Crusader sword? Are we in the Middle Ages again or are just that ignorant?

    • Human

      there is something wrong with you… if she is not pretty, then what is pretty to you? look at your username, “the butcher”, why so violent? come on …do not be hypocrite abdula, don’t you want her for a wife? i know you get a hard on just by looking at girl’s ankles, isn’t that how you are in the middle east? and aren’t you muslims the most sexually perverted people? you preach like you are the holiest but aren’t you people are the most easily tempted? aren’t muslims known to be the horniest of all people??? look…your religion allows you to have more than one wife tells it all.

    • MuslimSlayer

      Just kill yourself, already. We are tired of seeing your bullshit on here!

      Fuck Allah and the Prophet Mohammad… President and CEO of Cock-Gobblers, LLC.

      • silver

        the butcher is a bitch and i don’t think he’s actually a muslim so don’t trash our religion without getting a real taste of it…

        • Islamis stupid

          Muslims for the most part are ignorant.

    • uassholes

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        • Abdullah The Gay Butcher

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    • Abdullah The Gay Butcher

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      • shane

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        • Anx

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    • CANADA!!!

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      Violence is for those who can’t handle diction

      • Abdullah The Butcher

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        Canadians are the laughing stock homos of the world and the only time anyone thinks about you mofos…… is when some asshole makes a movie about how ignorant you fucks are.

        When us Muslims start in one Canada….you’ll see that violence is very good at ending infidel protests and that diction is no match for an AK-47.

        • CANADA!!!

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          • IHateCelebs


            I have announced that I intend to become a fan of your “hockey” sport because I have discovered that there is a hockey team known as the “Sabres” who use crossed beheading swords as their logo. I especially look forward to seeing these proud jihadi Sabres “face-off” against your Calgary Flamers team of homoqueers.

            I do have to say that the method of stoning used by our Canadian jihadi brothers is rather strange. Rather than using an overhand throwing method as we do, you Canadians seem to prefer using a long, curved stick to propel the stones. But you do use beautiful black, shiny stones. I must get myself some of those “pukhs” for my weapons cabinet. And I like the way you Canadians put the biggest homoqueer in front of a net, so that when the stones miss, they can be gathered and reused.

            Since there is no ice near my secret terrorist hideout, I must assume that this stick-propelling method must be because it is difficult to throw overhand while on ice. Still, I look forward to the beginning of “hockey” season and all that stoning to come!

        • crusader

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    • crusader

      u muslim here just split on ya own religion on sayin shits, threatenin & talking bad on mothers&fathers of others. what a mofokin religion ! a god who pushes his followers to violence, unrespect&no tolerance of human beings.. what a pity.. just take the shit outta ya eyes bitch & see tht u all worship SATAN himself camel suckers !
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  • Christian *ahem*

    WTF Man!?!?!??!?! Emma watson is NOT a “Satan worshiping whore,” you goddamn Muslim asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is NOT a hellish cocksucking whore like yourself!!! See, THIS is why the rest of the world hates you fucking Muslims!!!

    • jade

      well i hate to say that is not what musliums believe in fact they are told to respect woment this shaiee arseholes does not represent islam and ur a dumb bitch if u think he does, grow some brains and learn to distinguish between a crazy dickhead and a religion u bitch

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        jade the jerk

        You sound like another asshole who infests this site…she goes by the name, happy the asshole.

        • Abdullah The Gay Butcher

          Yes, I talk about assholes a lot here don’t I? Feeling mine filled to the brim with camel cock is the BOMB!


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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    Christian *ahem

    You stupid ass mohterfucker.

    Who asked for your rude ass and uninformed opinion?
    No one.
    But that is exactly the M.O. of you christian assholes and your jewish masters…you butt in where you’re not wanted and you steal from those who have what you covet.

    I tell you this you immoral, crude, degenerate, and socially unacceptable cock sucker….in the coming Jihad…you and all like you will fall to the will of Allah…and by fall I mean die!

    Also…emma is a demon possessed, broom riding witch….and she will burn in hell!!!!!
    But don’t feel bad…you will be there too!


    • WhiteBoy =)

      What the Fuck is wrong with you!!!!

      it’s just a fucking movie!! she obviously doesn’t ride broomsticks in real life you inbred ass-fuck!!
      and if you prefer your women to our British ones then so be it, but you don’t have to hate them all over the internet. And even though I’m an atheist, i have to agree with Christian *ahem*, your giving Muslims a bad name……

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        white trash boy

        You have a number of problems; you are an infidel; an atheist; and you are stupid.

        Take your witch defending ass back to the pub and resume drinking and dope snorting…the issue of Jihad is Muslim domain.
        I also should mention that you buck-toothed british need to get your noses out of america’s ass….. and quit supporting the illegal occupation of Muslim land….but then you assholes are like the americans….puppets of the jews.

        When Islam takes over your shitty island….you turds will see real change. In the meantime, I advise you to convert to Islam and make your women wear the burka.

        I also don’t care what you say….emme is a broom riding witch.


        • Mr Juicey

          Hey Abdullah Dude, are you really a Muslim or are you just here trolling to wind people up? Thanks for the laugh my friend, you are one very funny asshole…you’re right up there with the average obnoxius yank! Keep it up dude :-)

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            I am Sheik Abdullah Abdullah and I am known by my supporters as Abdullah The Butcher and I am a Muslim Jihadist. My home is in Tikrit Iraq….where I train the soldiers of Allah to kill the infidel.

            Jihad is not a laughing matter and the work we do on this site is intended to do two things: First…we want to expose the zionist machinery behind the immoral entertainment industry and rid the world of the infamous gang of lesboqueers and homoqueers which are known as “actors.”

            Second, we want to put fear into the heart of the infidel and urge them to accept Islam as the one true religion. This is the only way the kuffars of the world can survive the coming Islamic revolution.

            I cannot figure out how you can find humor in Jihad….. but then again…you are an infidel.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Kraven

            LOL a Jihadist Soldier Trainer writing endless paragraphs about hating a 18 year old on a broom.

        • Anon

          Does 9/11 ring a bell assclown? That made jihad our business.


          islam = death

    • zahman

      And what makes you the authority?

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        What a stupid ass question from a stupid asshole!

        Allaha has given me the authority to cleanse the Earth of the pollution we Muslims call infidels.

        • AWM

          ya know,
          you are just as bd as the Christians, who think their religion is the one true one! you stupid ass fuck, you both worship the same God…do you Muslims not study history? Or are you so blinded by your stupidity that history means nothing to you?

          anyway, Harry Potter movies are NOT about satan-worship, etc. Some of your predecessors learned old-fashioned Arabic magic,too, as did the Jews, that you hate so much. You and the Jewish race are not so dissimilar in ancestry, if you look. Don’t be so stupid. Of course, if you are really a Jihadist, you wouldn’t be wasting yours – and our – time, trash-talking a stupid movie for pre-adolescent kids. And no, I never saw ANY Harry Potter movies, but I have enough associates who have, and they tell me stuff about them. The movies are about good vs.evil, which I understand, if you people over there ares so friggin RIGHTEOUS, should understand very well, though you got your wires crossed somehow. How can a God who created everyone, and everything, pick one people over another and say ‘you are MY People’ and everyone else who doesn’t believe in some dude who spoke to God/Allah, whoever, will burn in a Hell created by your ancestors in the first place to scare everyone into believing in your fuckin propaganda machine???
          Get a life, and if you want to do some good to your religion and People, stop these stupid posts, and talk about real issues! Not stupid-ass movies.

        • AWM

          oh, and Allah gave YOU the authority???
          Who made you the Authority over people’s lives???
          You are just a power-hungry fuck, like everyone else who comes from over there, ancestors of the Amerikkkans, etc.

        • americafuckyeah

          omg keyboard warrior look at you! you mad bro? emma is hott and your hat is silly. that is all.

        • MuslimSlayer

          Just as I cleansed your diseased land of your family members… we took great pride in killing every sand-google we could get away with!

          I only wish you were the recipient of ‘one of my many’ rounds!

        • Abdullah The Gay Butcher

          He has also given me permission to eat copious amounts of camel cum too.

          ALLAHU AKBAR


          islam = hell

    • IrishBlaize

      Abdullah the cock sucker,
      Your “Allah” can suck my fat hairy dick. and i will laugh when you blow yourself up and your virgins are all fat nerdy guys who play World of Warcraft all day and live in their mothers basements. You know as a Christian, I was taught to be accepting of other people but you can go suck shit out of a camels ass hole. Go back to the fucking desert and have sex with your camels or whatever it is that you homosexual queers do out there.

      • fuckislam

        Wtf you people are all falling like flies for this jihadist troll… Does no one realize he is a big mofo flamer?
        Too bad he got to spew his shitty sexual fantasy on a cool girl like Emma. But come on, the crap he’s pulling out is pure mockery, don’t you get it!

        As for the real Muslim retards, yeah, they can all go fuck with their own assholes. Just like hasidic Jews, hardcore Christians and any other (?) self sufficient and monopolistic religious lackeys, they show the world how stupid, how moronic, imbecile and low a talking creature can be.
        In a way i’m pleased they will eventually annihilate each other. Sad thing is they’re still polluting this little planet and making a shame of our species.
        Inch’Allah, God willing, aliens will come and scrape this shit off the face of the earth.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          You are one impolite and racist bastard. How dare you come to this site to spread your agenda of misinformation and hate.
          You are not only an infidel…you are also the biggest liar I have seen in weeks.
          However, the people who post on this site, are too intelligent to fall for your zionist bullshit, and we collectively say, “eat shit and die you stupid mofo.”

          Also, when Islam takes over, I have a feeling you’ll be very popular amongst the Jihadists.

          As for now, shut the fuck up!

          ALLAHU AKBAR

          • FuckIslam2

            HAHAHAHAHA send me a postcard from hell when THAT day comes.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            You wont need anyone to send you a postcard you dumbass…you’ll be in hell.

          • Abdullah The Gay Butcher

            I need more camels. I am wearing out my current herd and they need a rest from fucking me up the ass.


            fouk your islam

        • CANADA!!!

          Well put bud! By killing others you’re killing yourselves. Science is the ONLY TRUE RELIGION.
          Abdulla the gay butcher, you’re fuckin hilarious dude! Are you Abdulla Akbars alter ego by chance!?!?

    • WhiteRaven

      We don’t steal from others. At least not as often as your people. And murders over here are far less common than among your people. We go to Wal-mart or the mall when we want something someone else has. By the way. How is killing everyone going to solve anything? You say you’ll have followers and convert people so they see the true way and our women (such as myself) will wear burkas… but you plan to accomplish this by killing everyone… There will be no one to dress up in your style of clothing or to convert if you try to kill them all….. Just saying you might want to rethink your plans here….

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        white raven

        You stupid little girl.
        After we kill all the infidels, there will be billions of Muslims left to enjoy the Earth…without the stink of you infidels.

        Eat shit and die mofo

    • Freewikki

      This guy, the butcher? Now he must be a put on. You know, not a real person. There is no way someone such as the one he is portraying would ever have lived this long. He is the epitome of the part of radical Islam that is hated all around this planet.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        free willie’s asshole

        I am loved and admired by all Muslims and my way of thinking reflects the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH).
        You, Mr. Infidel, are nothng more than a deranged asshole who knows nothing of my people or our great cause against the drunken west.

        You don’t think there are other Muslims like me?
        ….You forget the infidles whose heads we cut off while the fuckers were alive or the whores we stone to keep our society pure….or the beloved martyrs who brought down your twin towers and killed 3000 of you devils in the process.

        Then again….when Islam takes over the usa…perhaps you will personally get introduced to the fine art of beheading. It is indeed a sight to behold.

        eat shit and die mofo

        • MuslimSlayer

          How may dirty, diseased ridden negroid cocks did you have to suck to achieve that lofty position? As God as my witness, I would put 3 rounds at center mass just for looking in my direction.

          United States Marine Corps – We will cleanse the world of every fucking diseased Muslim, so help us God.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            big dumbass

            The only rounds you have experience with are at a saloon drinking cheap alcohol.
            As for the marines…they are a bunch of butt pounding homoqueers and boxer wearing lesboqueers.

            Considering your gutter language…you must be a bull dyke lesboqueer.

          • jade

            Abdullah the butcher you are shiee!~

        • jade

          haha saying all that shit is not in the quarn, the quarn offers peace and its idiots like you who give it a bad name, the quarn tells to appreciate all, ps the covering is more of a tradition in eastern civilisations, and allah does not tell them to do so. harming others is not in the quarn and is made up by crazy extreamists.
          islam is a peaceful and beautiful religion who accept all and to be honest if you are going to make up your own rules and do shit that the god did NOT say to do, do not name it after a religion that is pure

          • osama bin buttfucker

            what’s quarn?

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            The yellow shit that drips from her infected cooze.

        • Mountain man

          Fuck you camel sucking ragheads… you stupid fucks worship a black ROCK. And I will gladly supply the ammo needed for Muslim Killer and the USMC to dispatch all of you infidel fucks to your beloved ollah, praise be to his snackbar. That is what you camel turds are saying right? go to ollah’s snackbar

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            mountan moron

            Your mother visited the snackbar in my tent last night. She munched down on some “Muslim One Eyed Brown Snake.”

            Now she wants to join my harem.

          • Abdullah The Gay Butcher

            I need more camels. I am wearing out my current herd and they need a rest from fucking me up the ass.

            So sorry for being an ass though, I am a one tracked faggot with nothing better to do.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

    • anonymous

      are you fucking insane? her personal life is her own buisness, and as for what you said about butting in where we’re not wanted? who the fuck wanted you to come here and say shes a cocksucking degenerate broom riding whore?… she plays a witch in a MOVIE. movies are not real life you dumb fuck. and besides.. you’re probably just jealous that none of the muslim actors are famous enough to even be mentioned…and if you’re training your troops to kill all us infidels, wtf are you doing online talking about some chick who means nothing to you . . .?

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        another mofo

        You must be a sick homoqueer to defend such an immoral piece of shit as emma.
        As for my troops. You will find out soon enough how well they are trained.

        Eat shit and die mofo

        • jade

          you shut the fuck up and stop giving ur shit ass ideas u shaiee !
          you are immoral and hated by most musliums real musliums

    • Qaanita

      Are you honestly that stupid?
      Have you not the common sense to distinguish between real life and a MOVIE? a WORK OF FICTION? it’s people like you, and whoever wrote this stupid-ass article, that give muslims a bad name.

      Honestly, I think that Emma is a beautiful person.
      If that makes me a lesbian, then so be it.
      I know the truth.

      By the way. do any of you people know the true meaning of Jihad?
      Didn’t think so.

      Jihad is supposed to mean an inner struggle; a struggle WITHIN YOURSELF, to be a better person.
      So how about you shut the hell up about your stupid misconceptions and get your facts straight next time.

      Thank you.

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        Shut the fuck up infidel lesboqueer.
        I don’t care what you think because you are kuffar.
        The day will soon come when your mouth isn’t so loose and you will bow to Islam.

        • Abdullah The Gay Butcher

          I am so sorry for being a pent up faggot who likes camel cock.

    • Infidel

      To all you fucking believers!!!!!!!!!!!

      For Christians, you have no right to speak to a muslium like this. You Christians have been waging war for more than 2000 years. Shut up and keep your stupid lame ass religion to your self. I read the bible when i was ten, it was forced upon me as a child, although i made very clear i wasn ‘t interested. This tell ‘s me all i need to know about religions, without having to explain all of the contradictions in the bible.

      For Jews, probably those with the oldest religion. Always have been the engineers of that what will come to pass. Secretly and Silently!!

      For Muslims, except of Atheïst you probably have the youngest belief system there is. There is no record made prior to Mohammed (610-632), who was believed to be the messenger of God (spelled G O D, not A L L A H)! And after he died you idiots waged your own war upon each other for the interpretation of the Koran, WTF.?

      Now as my friends know, i don’t normally judge people. But you bitches simple asked for it! I always tell people, they can call me names be mad at me, anything! But simple, don’t start with this Religion Crap. That you people are to insecure, to live life, without having to belief in something this Stupid!! All of your religions hold several connections to each other, different interpretation, same idea. See where this is going???

      And if you people really think, that you will go to heaven, and the other will burn in hell!!!
      Then your God or Allah (whatever) will have some fucking ironic presents for you. And for those suicide bombers, to bad those virgins are all Christians!! See the irony!!!

      Now my regards to your God / Allah whenever you may die! For when i will die, my circle will have simply been completed. And will start all over again.
      BTW. : ever seen a dead body, tells you all you need to know, about what lies beyond this life. NOTHING. Except for the Earth (which is alive and the oldest), the Sky ‘s (which breath’s), and the ocean ‘s (that flow’s) whom together are that what you should worship LIVE!! Because in this fast universe we are all simply human. So try to get along, even though you have different beliefs and sexual preferences.

      This also means you should respect one another!
      And, yes. Emma is hot.

    • anonymous

      you know what? if you were really a strong believer of your God, you would know that god doesnt open his door to people put other people down or talk bad things about other people. before judging someone else of their religion, take a look at yourself, you dont sound like a true follower of god. Religion teaches you to be nice to people no matter what they believe in. Does Allah teach you to kill? or does He teach you to treat others nicely and not discriminate people? learn your moral values. Its you who is the “tainted” one.


      fouk maca

  • Fuck Allah

    just wanted to say fuck allah. I had fun fun shooting you rag heads :-) Cant wate to get more of you to see allah :-*

    • MuslimSlayer

      You and me, both. I looked forward to taking on enemy fire so I could do everything in my power to kill as many of these filthy, fucking sand-googles as possible.

      Kill ’em all, then let God send them all to Hell.

      • jade

        you are discusting piece of shit!~
        get over yourself..muslium slayer you must have no life to hate on people and spend your time winging and threatning if you do not like something shut the fuck up u low life racist

  • anon

    all you “people” do on this website is abuse women or “harlots”, you people are the real perverts here, as you take everything out of context, make it look like sexual actions, then call them whores.
    oh and btw: its homosexual OR queers.. no homoqueers you fucking muslim retards.
    and if you think all this is offensive dont look at a website that publishes all this. and NO harry potter is not a devil worshiping movie. why dont you people just go back to the taliban. sorry to all the muslims who are infact respectful to women.

    • snowy

      seriously… these are all done by some stupid humans who has too much time on their hands and not done by emma herself so why are you blaming emma for? And what do all these religions have to do with this? tell me abdullah you believe that allah created all things don’t you? you believe that allah will provide, help and guide don’t you? then if so if allah hate us all that are not muslims then why in the world allah created us? just so that you people who hate people who are non muslims can go kill some people and stain your hands with innocent’s blood? i know allah will never ask that of any muslims… NEVER… not allah not any gods in the world… those who want us non muslims dead are bad muslims that are so selfish and so unacceptive of other kind’s existance that they have to have others dead before they can enjoy the world.. when other people including many muslims in the world CAN enjoy the world along with the rest of the world in peace…

      Abdullah, how about stop talking rubbish with that foul mouth of yours and quit using allah to express your hatred toward other non muslim humans? BEACUSE AS I SAID BEFORE I DON”T THINK OT BELIEVE THAT ANY GOD WISH ANYTHING BAD HAPPEN TO ANY THAT DO NOT LIVE THEIR LIVE ACCORDING TO THOSE RELIGIONS….

      PS. you better go fix that foul mouth of yours… i understand that allah want his people to be pure and good. i can understand why he wants women to wear clothes that cover them from head to toe. BUT I CANNOT SEE WHY ALLAH WILL LIKE THAT FOUL MOUTH OF YOURS EVEN IF IT IS TO CRITISISE OTHER RELIGION…

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        You are a dumbass infidel with shit for brains. Next time, instead of typing a bunch of nonsense; just drown yourself in your toilet. That’s where you and your shitty ideas belong…in the toilet.
        You currently know nothing of Islam or Allah but as Jihad spreads….you soon will know plenty.
        You will also have to answer for the disrespect you have shown in your poorly contrived post.

        Eat shit and die mofo


        • snowy

          hahaha… looking forward to learn what it’s about, adbdullah!

          by the way tell me something… if my ideas are shitty and i should drown myself in the toilet, what should those muslims do to themself if think along the same lines as i do? and am i wrong to say that allah wants his followers to be pure and good? does allah want people killing each other? excellent !

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            No real Muslim would think like you do, you stupid infidel.
            And since only Muslims are considered humans by Allah, killing infidels amounts to killing vermin.

            Eat shit and die vermin mofo

        • Abdullah The Gay Butcher

          In reality I really do love getting elephant dick too. So much more exotic.

          ALLAHU AKBAR for giving me elephant cock to ram up my ass.


          fouk suna naboia

    • jade

      there are many very respectful musliums all the close friends of mine are sweeter then any australian or american i have ever met and have upmost respect

  • James

    Whats a “mohterfucker” you dumb fuck shit Muslim
    P:S Allah is not real you stupid fuckers so keep blowing yourselfs up

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Fuck you asshole.
      So…. you want to show your racism by pointing out the spelling errors of someone whose primary language isn’t English…that’s just like you intolerant westyern bastards.

      I’ll tell you whats not real….the guy you call daddy.
      We in the East know your Western women are all whores….so how does it feel not knowing who sired your sorry ass?
      I’ll tell you…shitty!

      Suck on that you bastard mofo!

      If you ask your mommy with big cow eyes….she might recall the dude who knocked her up….but then again she probably wont.

      • DominusOfFealty

        In the end, all of your mundane religions will fall, when the iron will of Science proves that your god, just like every other believer’s are nothing more than words on paper. In the meantime, you keep sucking on the Jew’s cock while Christians suck on yours and have theirs sucked by the Jews

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          dominator of farts

          In the end, your people will fall when the iron blade of jihad, proves that your necks are easily severed from your degenerate bodies.

          Allahu rules…your science blows!

          Allahu Akbar mofo!

          • Infidel

            To Abdullah The Butcher,

            You intolerant son of a Bitch. I hope you die the worst possible death!
            And wherever you will go to, it won’t be pretty. Because all the people you killed will be looking for you!!!

        • Garya

          you are one stupid numskull, science as you think it is, is not, but it is the mechanism by which god’s or( allah) will is expressed in this “Space Time continum. i.e your existance,moron

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            The homoqueer geek detector just went off!

            Listen asshole, the shit they tell you at “star trek” conventions ain’t true; it’s just more infidel bull shit.
            When Islam takes over “numskull” we will first teach you to spell “numb skull” and then we will break your skull.

            eat shit and die you homoqueer cock sucker

      • jade

        that is bullshit it is because of an asshole like yourself that other good hearted musliums are put through hell. and trust me with your veiws you my friend will go to hell allah will not accept someone with your attitude, allah says to respect women and that your mother is the most important person, by disrespecting women you are dissrespecting other peoples mothers, kussomik

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          jizzy jade

          Shut the fuck up bitch!
          No one asked for the opinion of a low-life female.
          Us Muslims know best, and you had best remember that, or face ending up on the receiving end of a few rocks.

          You have been warned asshole


        all musliums women r whore like muhammid,s mother

  • Percy Applebottom

    Excuse me dear chap; but perhaps you’re being a tad harsh on the girl. The western world has advanced by a considerable margin in the last few decades. Now, I do not claim to be any great thinker; but perhaps if you and I were to get together over some scones and tea; we might be able to bury the *ahem* hatchet. I know what you’re thinking; this ponce would like nothing more than to bugger me up one street and down the other; well that is completely incorrect. I’ll be the one getting buggered; there’s nothing I like more than taking it from behind while a man of the sand screams….”lalalalalalalalalalala”

    Allah want is you deep inside me!

    Percy Applebottom

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      So…you stick apples up your ass.

      What a degenerate homoqueer you are.

      • Percy Applebottom

        Now see here my good man; I did not come here so that you could violate my good name…I came here so you could use your thick brillow pad like beard to tickle my knob.

        If you are unable to behave in a civilized manner; I might have to seriously consider sending you to bed tonight without any pudding. I don’t think you’d like that very much; do you?

        Baby likes his pudding, doesn’t he?

        There’s a good boy; make sure to wear your turban tonight; because daddy is backed up and there will be a necessity for cleanup when all is said and done.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          You are an obnoxious homoqueer and your futile attempt at sarcasm has only earned you a fatwa.

          I do not know why you shove apples up your ass or desire to suck the cocks of men but you are now a big laughing stock in Tikrit.
          In fact, now when I send my Jihadists out of country to kill infidels, especially homoqueers, I have instructed them to call their homoqueer victems by a special name; they call them “percy.”

          I tell you this degenerate infidel….your time is about up and your days of stuffing apples up your ass are numbered… live it up now, because when the jihadist is at your front door…’re going to wish you had never shoved anything up your “back door!”

          ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Percy Applebottom

            Alright; no apple pudding for you mister!

            = )

            How about if I promise to secure some “passage” for you and your friends; it’ll be very tight and you’ll all have to share. But I truly believe with a couple of wine coolers and some heavy breathing we could make it work.

            I know the only reason you spurn me is because you cant yet understand the deep yearning buried down inside your soul.

            So you have your men call their “boys” Percy now; you honor me kind sir….(wink).

            Tell me something my great butcher?….Do you know where I could find some juicy meat?

            Percy Applebottom

            Location: Abdullah’s heart…4eva.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            By offering homoqueer sex to a Muslim….. you have condemned yourself to tons of torture and an eternity of suffering in hell.

            You are by far the sickest mofo I have ever encountered……and this site pulls in some sick motherfuckers!

          • Dead Ed®

            The diary of Hermione Granger age 14

            Wednesday : 10:30pm
            Can’t sleep & very bored.
            All I have to keep myself occupied is this magic wand thing with its stupid bloody vibrating tip and………….. hold it a second !!




          • americafuckyeah

            whats a fatwa?

  • theheadchimp

    You dumbass mofo you bitch about mohterfucker but what the fuck is yourselfs? Its yourselves you il·lit·er·ate asshole.

  • Aron

    All I have to say is at least my God isn’t a baby raping pedophile.

    • Troll


      • Abdullah The Butcher

        aron and troll

        I wouldn’t be too proud you assholes.
        Your heretical concept of God, is one of a being who supports thieves, murders, drunkards, and land stealers.

        • WhiteBoy =)

          Well at least ours doesn’t recommend we blow ourselves up you dumb prick…..

        • americafuckyeah

          i like being a drunkard!

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            Thats because your a heathen asshole.

        • Mason

          “Our” God does not support them, He embraces them to change their ways. Maybe you should read up before insulting another religion.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            mason the asshole

            your fake god supports fat tv preachers and butt raping priests.

            maybe you should read up on your religion before insulting another….you dirty cock sucker.


          the only asshole and murder and raper …… was rasol al mut muhammid

    • jade

      no god is, some of the people who folow religions are however they are not following the real religion they are just fucked up individuals that does not mean the religion is fucked up

  • Igotboobs

    Man, if only Draco had grown up to be as good looking as her.
    White blondes…mmm
    Oh well, at least Emma ended up pretty

  • theheadchimp

    Percy Applebottom
    You are one sick ass muthafucker. Your posts make me vomit you asshole.

  • Percy Applebottom

    Ok I admit I am an asshole and a homo ok?

    • Percy Applebottom

      Apparently I have a good twin who is without a mustache; but does possess poor grammar and punctuation skills. If I was an asshole and a homo; than all I would be doing is rubbing my own ass against other asses. My twin is a stupid fucking person; seek some help my twin/alternate earth construct.

  • theheadchimp

    Percy Applebottom
    What the fuck is wrong with you Sybil? Your posts sound like a skitzo homo. But anybody that would pick a screen name like Percy………….well I guess that explains it.

    • Percy Applebottom


      לך תזדיין אידיוט

      why must you wound me sir; at least take me out for fish and chips before you so virulently tear me a new asshole; buy me a lukewarm pint and only then do you attempt to go where only your father and his mates from work have gone before.

      I would very much like to meet a chimp that gives head; practice on bananas do you?

      I’ll wait here while you attempt to think up a witty retort.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      You know what chimp……maybe michael jackson did have a son…….by some type of artificial insemination….the above percy.

      it would explain a lot.

  • theheadchimp

    I am thinking a crow shit on a rock and the sun hatched him. These goddamn nitwits get dumber by the day.

    • Percy Applebottom

      What a rude beast you are….I like that. I have spoken eloquently and without any hint of malice. I only came here to inspire brotherhood and unity. I’ve only asked fro Abdullah to unsheathe his mighty scimitar and run me through several times in quick succession.

      To Abdullah; I believe Osama has hidden inside another cave, be a dear and go fetch him will you…my little Lemmiwinks.

      • theheadchimp

        I can hear that swishy Percy lisping when he posts. If it quacks like a homo, walks like a homo, then by God its a gay duck.

  • Malek Haleb

    Its funny that you call them heathens.Yet your cult is every bit as Luciferic.Lunar cycles slaughtering goats and lambs,come on if those arent some of the most Luciferian things I dont know what is.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      You stupid infidel

      I agree with you….you don’t know what anything is.

      It is best you keep your filthy mouth shut….while you are still alive.

      • WhiteBoy =)

        =0 …….shit just got REAL……

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          white trash boy

          You must be the homoqueer lover of percy applebottom; I bet you say, “shit just got real,” to him all the time.

          • please waste your time responding to this

            hey terrorist assfuck, How much time have you wasted giving your dumbass religion a bad name? you are the reason everyone hates muslims. I think you should do us all a favor and go blow yourself up

  • I hope you don’t get paid for this

    What fucking retarded “mocking commentary.” Learn to write, dipshit.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Listen infidel…

      No Jihadists go to the bus station where you are a homoqueer male hooker and tells you how to suck cock…..

      So keep your mouth shut about the commentaries….you don’t know anything anway.

      However…when Islam takes over all you homoqueers will be stoned.



        the fouking islam will be end soon

  • Irony

    She’s not a virgin! Jokes on you.Plus most muslims i know,would be very discouraged at your commentary.Pedo

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Keep your wasted comments to yourself.
      I stand for Islam and I speak the truth.
      You cannot stop me or the Jihad; you can only suffer.

      • WhiteBoy =)

        If you stand for Islam my friend the country is doomed…

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          white trash boy

          I agree with you….your country is doomed.

      • Mason

        Why must you continue to spread more chaos and violence. Its not going to scare people into converting. It gives people a reason to resist. Like the Christians did throughout the Middle Ages. You should realize that people do not just give in easily. You have to use reason or you have to speak to their emotions, not their “fears.”

  • A hippie

    “Why cant we be friends, why cant we be friends, why cant we be friends, why cant we be friends”.

    Come on everyone! Sing along: “Feed the woooorld, let them know its christmas time again, feed the woooorld, let them know its christmas time again!”.

    “Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin layed an egg, the batmobile lost its wheel and the Joker got away, hey!”

    “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends. Makin love is easy, Percy is my frieeend!”

  • Jim

    Jeeze… All this arguing because all you people believe in an invisible man who lives in the sky, and you people can’t figure out who’s god has the bigger dick, so you gotta fight over it.

    Religion is the only thing that is keeping mankind as a whole from progressing together, because everyone believes that the “all knowing” yet, incredibly helpless invisible man says we should all kill each other because someone wrote about it in an ancient book where everyone thought the Earth was the center of the universe, and the sun and stars revolved around it. Getting christians to try and see how ridiculous this idea is is hard enough, I can just guess how hard it is to get you muslims to understand. We have violent retards like you islam radicals here in the US, but most of them wear a swastika, and believe that they are the so called “master race”, and kill others in the name of their god, like the morons they are.

    I don’t even know why I’m arguing this point here. ALL you religious fanatics suck ass, not just muslims, christians, or jews… whatever. As soon as you people start becoming accountable for your own stupidity, and stop blaming it on the “will of god” (Or whatever you call your invisble man in the sky), the closer we’ll be to world piece.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      You are a lunatic atheist and you don’t know shit about anything.

      • George Carlin

        Listen you shithead. Has the sun toasted what little brains you’re hiding underneath that flammable rag on top of your shaved dick head? Abdullah the Butcher. Come on. Like there’s not a whole lot of better stage names than that. I really hope that your invisible man renames you when your supposed task begins, because with a name like that, most likely the people you’re going to kill are going to laugh at your face.

        Now it strikes me as odd, if you hate with oh such a passion whatever is not islam, why on earth would you bother learning English in the first place?

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          I learned english because you ameriturds are too stupid to learn Arabic.

          Have fun watching your drunken countery be taken over by the Muslims.
          And since you are too stupid to know it…my name is among the most famous in Iraq and I am beloved by all….except for jews, googles, and all manner of infidels.

          Suck on that cockcsucker!

          • George Carlin
          • Infidel

            So your nickname comes from an American Wrestler

            I like irony!!

            Because they are all show no go

            now Freefighting That is GO


            muhammid was the best cocksucker

      • AMessOfADreamer

        How do you know he is an atheist? He could be an Agnostic. I don’t completely agree that religion is the problem with our world, but religious extremist like yourself are. All religions can coexist peacefully if only people would put forth the effort and followed the true religions and not the bastardized versions that extremists have fallen into in all religions. People like you give Islam a bad name, just like there are many people who give Catholicism, Judaism, or Christianity a bad name. Our world has a pattern of greed, hate and a belief system that if someone else doesn’t think the same way that you do they must be wrong and THAT is why the world is in the situation we are in now with hateful people like you who want to kill everyone that believes differently than you do.

        If everyone could step passed the hate, the nonacceptance, the greed and the violence we could make this world a much better place without death and dieing for such idiotic things as I don’t believe in the same god that you do.

        and Abdullah, don’t mistake me for weak because I believe there are better paths than violence if you or any of your extremist friends come near me or my family I will put a bullet in you. I protect those I consider mine. I just don’t think it needs to come to that.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          a mess

          Ah, another infidel practicing his long-winded and boring community college thesis defense.

          No asshole; all religions cannot coexist. Religious belief is by definition exclusive. Us Muslims just happen to be right and everyone else is wrong.
          Infidels with their heathen beliefs are an insult to Islam and must be destroyed. Only when Shiite Islam remains will there be peace. Those Sunni mofos have to go too.

          One day soon Islam will take over and I shall rejoyce in your execution.

          Eat shit and die mofo

          • John

            Abdullah the Butcher: You sir is the epitome of the Islamic asshole; like many others have pointed out before enemas like yourself are the reason the civilized world hates Muslims. Do yourself and the rest of the Muslims a favor and STFU! Stop talking about conquering civilizations that are light years ahead of yours, you guys are stuck in time chopping each other’s heads off and, obviously that’s all that you idiots are good for. Harry Potter is just a preteen movie and only inferior sub humans like your kind would waste the amount of energy and time that you idiots have wasted criticizing stupid movie made for little kids, but that goes to show the kind of mentality that your kind have. The only thing that Islam is going to conquer is your Mother’s Bung hole!!!!!!

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            johboy the whiner

            The corrupt west hates us Muslims because we are putting an end to their immorality and devil lust.

            Homoqueers like you are making it easy for us to take over. You talk big but as soon as the fighting begins you flee like scared little rats (which you are)

            Islam is taking over and no amount of whining on your part can stop us from instituting the Great Caliphate.
            Also, insulting Islam with your perverted comments will only make your punishment worse. Us Muslims know who you blasphemous infidels are and we will get revenge.

            I also have another reason to be pissed at you. The last time your mother was in Tikrit, she fucked my camel and gave him the clap. Her visiting privileges have been revoked.

            Eat shit and die mofo

  • M.Y.O.F.B.

    I’ll bet all those virgins you stupid faggos get for blowing yourselves up, you cowardly camel cum wads get…are probably all MEN. Allah is SATIN!!! So burn in hell satin butt babies!!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      myofb you s.u.c.k.

      Allah is not satin you stupid turd. Allah is God.

      Satin is for sheets…the kind your prostitute mother works on.

  • Loki

    I really doubt that the guy who trains Iraqi terrorists would be posting GIFs of Emma Watson. This “Butcher” guy or whatever is one of the funniest trolls I’ve seen- keep up the good work man, nothing better than spreading hatred everywhere. But just in case you are some sad little Muslim teen who fantasises about looking cool, then dude you’re doing it wrong.

    Just sayin’.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      I don’t know what you mean by troll…but if you show up in Tikrit and ask for the butcher…you’ll find out exactly why the corrupt west calls me an “Islamic extreamist.”

  • Twisted

    Ok ”I have to put in my Two Cents ”I don’t even know why you Folks are wasting time on that Islamic Piece of Shit ”,,It clearly to me that he likes to hear him or herself Talk,, If he is a Extremist that The website Should get his I’P address and Let the Feds Take care of it,,Emma Watson is a Great Lil Actress, and shows that Jealousy From The Muslims are as Sick as they are Know nothing about Freedom or Freedom of Speech,or Anything about our culture,,These fucks are too busy trying to be Better than us well I would Say ”Good luck with that” Click Click”’ BooooooooM Dum fuck

  • theheadchimp

    Now who is the dumb fuck………….BooooooooM Dum fuck………….dumb ass its DUMB

  • Abdullah The Butcher


    this is a website which promotes peace and universal love.
    Islam is a religion which accepts all former infidles…regardless of their past sins.

    You are the one spewing hate and intolerance.
    What would your jesus say about your behavior?

    I’m thinking he wouldn’t like it.

    • Mason

      Our Jesus would would most likely spite our words, and yours. No one here is in the right because everything has a hurtful or malicious tone to it. This is why there will never be peace in the world.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Mason the mofo

        Your so called jew god jesus is a fraud…..created by first and second century jew dead beats, drunks and bums.

        Learn the truth; read the Qur’an.

        eat shit and die asshole

  • theheadchimp

    Yes, what would Jesus do? He would be on here fucking with you nitwits just like he did at the Temple when he threw out all the hook nosed money changers.

  • ehyeh-asher-ehyeh

    Abdullah, you have to be the saddest “Keyboard Warrior” it has ever been my misfortune to encounter online. your ranting and half baked threats and outbursts show you for the pre-pubescent, spotty,greasy , ill mannered, poorly educated clown that you are.
    You claim to be some sort of power in the “War on the infidel” , you couldnt find your own ass with both hands and a map.
    You had better ensure that your mummy doesnt find out that you are using HER internet connection for the masquerade or you will end up being grounded and having all your internet priveleges taken away… So why dont you just go listen to your Katy Perry or Justin Beber CD’s and leave the internet to people who know what they are talking about.

    Baruch Teheyeh

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      ehyeh-asher-ehyeh…I drink pee-ya

      Settle down little infidel boy…unless you want your mommy to take you to the doctor for crazy pills…which if you are an addict like most americans…you do.

      I can’t help that you don’t like my “Jihadism” and of course I don’t care. The opinion of a stupid infidel has no value to me or any other Muslim. We consider you less than most animals….that you need to understand.

      So let me set you straight.
      You might not like my message but it is true nonetheless. Islam is taking over the world and the Muslims will rule america….you cannot stop it.

      This is exactly what your infidel population statistics predict; look it up if you are curious.
      We Muslims are out reproducing you infidels…in short time we will have majority control of western europe and following that we will be the majority in america. We will take over your shit hole, google infested country, without ramming one more plane into anything. Our Jihad will happen at the voting booth.

      So take your smart ass remarks and write them on a 4X4 and stick it straight up your ass.

      And if I were you…I’d start getting used to the idea of being a slave to your new Muslim masters.


      • Gabriel

        “The opinion of a stupid infidel has no value to me or any other Muslim. ”

        The entire world was under the impression that the whole point of your jihad was to make us believe in what you believe. That seems to imply that you care about what we think.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          The point of Jihad is to unify all the world under Islam….not to convert a bunch of jungle monkeys, prostitutes, and drunks.
          And no…I don’t care about the deranged thoughts of the infidel….no more than the exterminator cares about the rats he kills.

          Islam is the true faith and we Muslims are the true humans and rightful owners of the entire planet. And we are about to occupy all that we own…..which means a lot of infidels are going to be chucked into the oceans and various swamps and volcanos.

          ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Gabriel

            Do you disagree that you are trying to convert non-Islamic people to Islam? And by your own definition, non Muslims are infidels. Who are you going to unify if you kill everyone who isn’t a Muslim? Why do you even want to rue a world which is full of so many, many rats? Wouldn’t suicide be easier and preferable( waiting virgins and all that)? And do you really want a world governed by fear? What a horrible life that would be. For everyone.

            Also, you just made fun of Allah’s angel’s name. Shows how much you respect your religion. No 72 virgins for you i guess.


          • Jibran

        the fouking muhammid is now in the hell and you will c him there

  • Kill Allah

    Fuck you paki.


    The Bible,
    The ending.
    Emma’s hot.
    JESUS Rocks!!!!!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      jesus is dead and he is not the son of anything but a hebrew woman and a daddy of unknown identity (probably a Roman).

      Joseph was one dumb mofo to believe that virgin birth bullshit.

      ALLAH is God….get used to it.

      Also…you must be attracted to little boys if you think that emma is hot…..(I’m saying you are a homoqueer)

      • Mason

        Allah is Muslim for God, they are the same thing. And you should not put down other religions when you weren’t there to witness anything. Its called FAITH and people wont lose it, no matter how much you try to threaten us.


        fouk your big asshole muhammid

  • Murphy3

    Wow! Somebody’s got issues! LMAO

  • AmericaBitch!

    This is the most ignorant thing I have ever seen. People that do things like this are a disgrace to ANY religion. There are sluts and whores in every country, even yours douchebag. America is not the great Satan you think. You’ve been forcefed bullshit and now you want to spread the propaganda online? Fine. Go for it. All you are doing is proving how ignorant you are to the entire world.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      I agree….you are a bitch

      • Mason

        its funny how this is the only thing you could come up with as a response..

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          mason the homoqueer

          Sometimes more is said with less.
          For example….eat shit and die mofo.

          • John

            Hey Abdullah the Choo-choo: is it true that you’re famous and feared in Tikrit Iraq because of your unorthodox method of training the newly recruits by having them run a Choo-Choo Train on you? It is widely rumor that you’re famous for forcing the poor near starved to death, illiterate bastards that you guys manage to recruit to run a long Ass Choo-choo right up your filthy bung hole! Hum… That’s one way to put the fear of God into those poor bastards.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            gayboy john

            It is clear you are a homoqueer, as indicated by the numerous and perverted homoqueer sex acts, that you put into your degenerate post.

            Islam stresses moral purity and righteous behavior. This is what us Muslims live by and it has made us into the only people on Earth favored by Allah.
            You ass banging infidels are a sickness upon humanity and us Muslims will end your existence through a bloody and holy war, which we call Jihad.

            Return to your cock sucking and ass munching while you can. After Islam takes over all you will have is satan, his demons and hell.

            Eat shit and die ass bandit


        muhammid was son of bitch

  • insert_offensive_name

    homoqueer? i should make up words too. this is the dumbest shit i have ever come across! you skeezy creeps.

    p.s. hermione’s beautiful

    • theheadchimp

      Heres a made up word that fits you……….FUCKWIT.

      Skeezy????? Is that like 23 skidoo?

  • geee

    Wtf Emma Watson is awesome. Fuck you all and keep your to your selfs.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Emma is awesome….an awesome what? Scientists are still trying to figure out her gender and her acting skills are up there with a trained chicken.

      All I can say is…… you are just a stupid mofo.

      You need to pay more attention in your special ed classes; otherwise you’ll never be able to write a decent sentence.

      Now, go and stick a pine cone up your ass.

      • oli

        you know what a pine cone is?wow.

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          You dumbass mofo.
          Have you never studied botany?
          I guess they don’t cover that subject in special ed.

          You can shove two pine cones up your homoqueer ass.

          Eat shit and die mofo

  • theheadchimp

    Don’t they teach English in schools anymore? Gee says your selfs, what a fucking nitwit. Its yourselves you goober and Emma is awful not awesome…….

  • unknoww

    this is a load of bull

  • Jihadfuckers

    What’s all this obsession about celebrities from these Muslim ass-wipes? I bet your Muslim women look like dogs beneath those burkas. You camel jockeys are so jealous of our Western women that you had to make a fucking website making fun of them. PLEASE NOTE: All I see on here are pics of tits and asses because the jihad assholes are drooling over what they can’t have.

    I bet your mommies are fucking whores and drunks or why else would they have spawned such ignorant fucktards. You don’t know crap about us Westerners and accuse all of us as drunks, whores and dopeheads. Got news for you piece of shit so called Muslims- I know a couple of Muslims here that are drunks and addicts as well.

    There is only one God and he sure as hell ain’t Allah. We know you are just teenage wanna-be-terrorists so shut the fuck up. If it wasn’t for most of us non-Muslims, you wouldn’t have a fucking website so keep your mouths shut or we will see to it that this site gets knocked off the internet.
    My neighbor is an FBI agent and he is watching this site as we speak. Take heed little boys, don’t threaten us with your jihad bullshit or think we will want to become a stupid Muslim.

    I also would like to know whose picture is that showing up on every post because he sure as hell looks like a google monkey

    If you created this site to make fun of celebs so be it, but don’t open up your filthy mouths if we disagree with you. We all have a right to speak our mind (freedom of speech) and not to be called names or threatened. You little pricks are unappreciative.

    Also don’t tell us we don’t know who our daddies are you ignorant assholes. I know very well who mine was. You should talk, your mommies are one of many wives…what a way to live!! Your beliefs are so ancient it’s almost funny. You live in the dark ages. I think you are so fucking jealous of us non-muslims that you have to make up shit. Someone said you like to hear yourself talk-boy that is the truth.

    When we don’t agree with you, you call us bitches or homoqueers (is that really a word)?. I think you are running out of names and soon you will be running out of time. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • theheadchimp

    You must be an old geezer for sure. “Stick that in your pipe and smoke it”, for crying outloud that hasn’t been around since the 40’s. Turn down the hateaid volume gramps, nobody has to make fun of you dumb fucking Americans. You do a damn good job of that yourselves. Electing George Bush once was hilarious but twice was a tragedy. Obama……oh man give me a break on that fucking nitwit. If that is the best that America can do then you better flush now because you motherfuckers are circling the drain. All America is now is a bunch of lazy googles and hard working Mexicans (who don’t pay taxes} so nobody has anything to fear from you pussies. You send the best and the brightest to Iraq and Afghanistan to die because they don’t have any jobs at home. So don’t tell me how great you are.

    Turn on the tv and you will see that homoqueer is a real word. Those faggoty assholes are broadcast into your homes daily. If a show doesn’t have a token fag then it has a token google. No more Waltons for you geezer boy. Goodnight John boy, goodnight gramps. Stick that up your ass and pull the pin.

    • IHateCelebs

      right you are, head chimp. Obama the Kenyan goat-herder who plays “President” of the USA is a particularly informative example of the sin of miscegenation. Real human lips do not come in the color “royal purple.” Such purple lips, along with the jagged head scar that the news always has to photoshop away, his enormous, freakish ears and his inability to pronounce the letter “s” without a shrieking dog whistle are all examples of what goes wrong when races mix to produce a mutt. Plus he’s scared of a girl (Sarah Palin.)

      Someday soon the Americans will realize that they elected a wimpy, retarded Kenyan goat-herder as their President.

    • Mason

      homoqueer is not a real word. the only place it is a real word is and everyone knows they make up words/meanings.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        mason the homoqueer

        Homoqueer is the Arabic translation of the english phrase…. “man who fucks other men’s assholes.”

        It is clear that this word pertains to you 100%.

        eat shit and die mofo

  • Abdullah The Butcher


    It’s time to change your depends diapers you old piece of shit.
    As far as you westerners being whores, drunks, and dopeheads…well….that’s what you fuckers are.

    You americans are the most deluded and fucked up animals on the planet. You live in a moral cesspool but act like it’s some sort of “Leave It To Beaver” utopia. What a crock.

    Your entire country is one big den of iniquity…. a modern day sodom. And you have the gall to deny it!
    You are too stupid to see that you are the one causing your own destruction. Like I said to another asshole; Islam will take over by the vote….not the gun.

    America has to fall.
    There is no other way….you fine liberitarians are freedoming yourself out of business. You let the worthless welfare class grow and grow and you allow these bums to reproduce like rats… 50 years there wont be anybody left to work to keep up the lazy googles and ignorant white trash.

    I see now why my words of prophecy irritate you so much….you know I speak the truth… know your time is about finished….and you have no one to blame but yourself.

    You could have kicked out the googles and stopped the mexicans…and stopped the welfare…and told the jews to fuck off….but you didn’t….and now your over loaded with doped up gangsters and hookers and just plain lazy ass fuckers who are good for nothing.

    If you ask me….you should welcome the Jihad!


    • Mikael

      You can all go to hell and be judged by Loki the God of the dead.

      Yes, I am a heathen and I’m fuckin’ proud. What can a battalion of live soldiers do against the might of the Glorious Dead that ride alongside Odin?

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        You’re some heathen…with a jew handle.
        What you are is some dumbass, pimple popper, who thinks life is one big role play game;well I got an RPG for you…and it ain’t no game.

        So fuck yourself you laughable infidel pussy.

        • Mikael

          I really do follow Odinism. I have been for the last 40 years of my life. I have seen the wonders of Valhalla. And you, my dear boy, are less than the scum I scrape from my shoes every night. I will personally hunt you down and so help me Týr almighty, I will sever your head with my teeth.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            I doubt you even teeth you old asshole and the tough talk don’t suit you.
            You sound like a pissed of tranny wearing a leaky depends diaper.

            The best thing for you to do is shut you heathen mouth while you still can. There are Jihadists all over the planet and they love digging up smart ass infidel motherfuckers and showing them the anger of Allah.

            “I really do follow Odninsm.”……. What a crock…you must be one sad ass, basement dwelling, mofo.

            When Islam takes over the west….all you goofy bastards will regret being so fucking stupid and wasting your lives in nonproductive pursuits.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            I meant to say even have teeth.

        • Mikael

          My heathen mouth isn’t going to be shut any time soon. And all my teeth are in the right place. You just wait. I swear upon this holy earth that I will find you and end your sorry ass life with my own hands.

          Or will you chicken out and tug at your bomb jacket when I get close? That seems more likely, coming from scum like you.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            ha…you stupid loud mouthed pussy.

            I doubt you could beat your own meat without assistance from the staff at the old folks home.

            Face it old man….we Muslims are taking over and anybody not fit to be a slave (such as an old bag of bones asshole) will be used as fertilizer for our california fig orchards.

            Eat shit and die gramps!

          • theheadchimp

            Mikael rode the boat ashore
            Another big talking asshole trying to earn points towards asshole of the year……


      fouk jihad

  • Jihadfuckers

    I just changed my Depends, so what if I am old. You won’t get old right because you are so SPECIAL! ha!!. I also have been around for a long time to know that you assholes that made this site have nothing better to do. I bet you are lazy bastards and are probably getting some kind of welfare.

    You, chimpface seem to know alot about what went on in the 1940’s. Hmmmm kinda strange. All you fuckheads seem to know quite a bit about the Western world. You are living here and getting charity and then mocking us?

    The Q’ran mentions that you will be punished after death for your malicious gossip. I know, I read some of it. Here is something else to ponder you self-righteous morons and this is quoted from the Q’ran:

    Bismillaahir Rahmanir Rahim,

    Allaah has created us in a world of trials and tests, and He has made Paradise the abode of His friends and beloved ones. Without any doubt, One of the fitnahs with which men are tested is the fitnah of women, as the Prophet {Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam} said:

    “I have not left behind me any fitnah (temptation) more harmful to men than women.”

    How to deal with Fitnah of Women?

    (1). Having firm faith in ALLAAH:

    Faith in Allaah and fear of Allaah provide a safety valve and protect a person against committing haraam actions and following his own whims and desires.

    (2). Lowering the Gaze:

    The gaze can generate bad thoughts in the heart, which then lead to ideas and then to desires, then to will and resolve, and then inevitably to doing Haraam things. And this is why Allaah has asked men to lower their gaze:

    “Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze…” [al-Quran, Surah: 24, Ayah: 30]

    (3). Warding off evil Thoughts:

    Bad thoughts pose a danger to the heart. If a person dwells on them and does not push them away, they will develop into an idea, then into will and resolve, then this will inevitably lead to Haraam actions.

    (4). Marriage:

    It was narrated that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn Mas’ood {RA} said: The Prophet {Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam} said:

    “O young men, whoever among you can afford it, let him get married, and whoever cannot, let him fast, for it will be a shield for him.”

    [Sahih Bukhaari: 5065]

    (5). Fasting for those who cannot afford to get Married:

    Muhammad {Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam} said:

    “…and whoever cannot, let him fast, for it will be a shield for him.”

    [Sahih Bukhaari: 5065]

    (6). Avoiding bad Companions:

    Prophet {Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam} said:

    “A man will follow the way of his close friends, so let each one of you look at who he takes as a close friend.”

    [Abu Dawood: 8433]

    (7). Staying away from places of Temptation:

    It is obvious that we are living in a society that is filled with temptation – media of all types, magazines, flirting in the marketplaces, satellite TV, the internet, etc… So you have to flee from all of these in order to keep your religious commitment sound.

    We ask Allaah to help us to avoid temptation, both obvious and hidden. All praise is due to Allaah {Subhanahu wa Ta’ala} and may peace and blessing of Allaah be upon His Messenger Muhammad {Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam}, his family, his companions {RA} and his true followers.


    • Abdullah The Butcher

      blabbety, blab, blab

      Your long winded and convoluted rant means nothing…..and you know my words are true.

      You can’t stop the inevitable…..your country is headed to hell in a 67 plymouth….and the metaphorical wheels are; googles, white trash, whores, and drunks/dope heads.
      It is too late to turn your country around: welfare, feminism, democrats, civil rights for idiots…..all this has left your society destroyed….and ripe for the picking.

      So…stomp your feet and whine…but in the end…all your surviving women will be in burkas and the surviving males will be working (many for the first time!) hard labor.

      Now….eat on that motherfucker!

      • ShweeBish

        Funny thing is, your coming Jihad has long been predicted since the beginning of the world, has been documented since around 800 bc, has unfolded just as all the past prophecies have said it would… and ends with Satan and his hate-filled Islamic armies, after having laid siege to Israel, bowing down to acknowledge Christ as the son of god before they are burned to death.

        Keep hating, keep threatening, keep hurting, keep killing, keep seething, you only make yourself more enraged, and I’ll get a nice little chuckle out of it. God bless~

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          You deluded infidel.
          Jesus was the illigitimate son of a jewish skank…… and a bunch of dirt farmers and lepers turned him into the son of your jewish god.

          I used to think the jews were stupid but american christians have to be the dumbest infidels on the planet.

          Get ready to bow before Allah because the Jihad will soon begin.

          • WhiteRaven

            I just happened to stumble upon this page while my friend and I were having a competition to see who could find the most random and funny websites to top each other’s finds. This definitely made me laugh.

            1.) Men are idiots.

            2.) Mr. Butcher, you look like a camel.

            3.) You know nothing of other religions. Harry Potter was based off of Pagan/Wiccan views, which hold Mother Nature and her male counterpart of many names as the creators of the Earth. Not Satan. To them, Satan and Jesus and “the one and only God” did not and never will exist. To them, Jesus was a carpenter and the Bible and all other names the related writings go by are just stories. Like Harry Potter.

            4.) After I read this post, I thought it was ironic that you say the Christian/Jewish God supports murderers, thieves, whores, etc. So if your Allah is so great, why do YOU have the right to kill people? If your diety supports piece, then I’m certain you and all your men will burn in “Hell” when you die. Correct? No support from Allah there.

            5.) Your people are far outnumbered by the people of other countries who follow other religions. Even if you guys do randomly decide to fight a war and take over the world with your religion and “manly” views of killing everything you see around you… which I’m sure leaves you with oh-so-many followers after the destruction… you guys will be defeated and life will go on as it always did.

            6.) From researching how things in your countries go along, I’m certain you got the name Butcher that you’ve so strongly earned by killing innocent lives and raping and plundering because you’re all driven by ignorace and greed. Very good qualities.

            7.) If your religion is so important and your diety so great, why does he do nothing more than use you people as tools and not care if you all die? If there was a true religion with a conceited God, I’m sure he would have struck all of the non-believers dead with lightening by now instead of send puny men out to do his bidding, which if that’s the case, will obviously never get done.


          • Abdullah The Butcher

            white raven

            Shut the fuck up you boring ass infidel.

            We Muslims have the true religion and are in conflict mainly with the the Satanic backed forces of zionism and christianity and every other heathen religion too.
            The best thing for you to do is to convert to Islam and wear the burka.

            ALLAHU AKBAR

          • Mason

            You are just as ignorant as Americans are. You do nothing to learn of other cultures you go only by what you are told and take things out of context. You should just stick to what you are good at, blowing yourselves up.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            mason the homoqueer

            I will stick to blowing up infidels with IED’s and you stick to blowing off infidels for beer money.

            eat shit and die mofo


      fouk quran fouk qouran fouk quran

  • Jihadfuckers

    So you had nothing to say about the Q’ran huh? I bet you don’t even read the damn thing you phoney piece of camel shit.

    Don’t tell us about welfare, because if my guess is right, you are on it. I seriously doubt that you have a job- I mean how can you, you are always on this site.

    Yes my rant is long, as it should be. You devil worshippers need to be put in your place. You know damn well we Westerners or Zionists are right, that’s why you have nothing else to do but threaten us.

    No you eat this motherficker .Oh and why in the fucking hell are you so worried about our country anyway?

    Yeah,like I would wear an ugly non-designer type burka. In your dreams motherfucker. I want a mini-skirted burka that’s low cut so my tits can hang out. Why do you call other people in here racists when you are the biggest racist of all?

    Guess what? I love googles and Jews most of all. I am not one of them but now I love them even more since I came to this site just to piss you off.

    Actually I am tired of coming to this boring site because it’s the same shit over and over with your fucktard jihdists. Get some new material already.

    Read your Q’ran a little better about malicious gossip which is what you spread in here about celebs.

    Tata assholes.

    • Matt

      Wait, you just mocked Islam and then you take somethings out of the Koran to share? What are you?

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        He is a piece of shit asshole….that’s what he is!

  • theheadchimp

    You are one long winded son of a bitch. I know a lot about history, well lets just say I know a lot about history. And the history of America is a joke. You dumb fuckers piss and moan about 911 but refuse to accept any of the blame.
    1. Muslims come to USA and want to learn to fly commercial jets but don’t really care to learn to land. You dumb fuckers go DUH……
    2. George Bush refused to quit reading to little kids the day the planes hit the towers because he wants to know the ending of the book. You dumb fuckers go DUH…….
    3. George Bush dresses up in his little uniform and says mission accomplished in 2003. Now in 2010 mission is still not accomplished. You dumb fuckers go DUH…..
    4. America attacks Iraq to get rid of WMD. Bush lied, Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction. You dumb fuckers go DUH………
    5. Obama gets elected by promising change, he changes your money to googles welfare money and Obamacare. You dumb fuckers go DUH…..

    Man I could post these facts for days but I don’t want my post to be as long winded as your bullshit. But if you need more facts to tell you how fucked America is don’t hesitate to ask.

    • Mason

      its funny how you just assume that all americans respond the same way.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        mason the homoqueer

        Do not assume anything asshole.
        When you assume….you get your throat cut.

        eat shit and die mofo

  • Jihadfuckers

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