Top 12 Sexy Shakira Gifs

Shakira gifs

Shakira was born on the mean streets of Bogota, Columbia. Bogota can be an unforgiving place so Shakira sought the protection of the Valdez crime family, one of Colombia’s oldest and most brutal coffee cartels.

The Valdez family patriarch Juan saw much promise in the young Shakira. He encouraged her to compete in extreme belly dancing fights, backyard ass shakeoffs, and cockfights. This forced Shakira to hone her talents, making her the entertainer she is today.

Shakira’s rise from cockfighting in the back-alleys of Bogota to being one of the world’s biggest pop stars is nothing short of remarkable. To honor Shakira’s achievement here are 12 of her sexiest animated GIFs.

*Warning: Shakira GIFs may cause seizures and stiffening of the penis.
Consult your doctor before viewing.



Shakira gif

It took 6lbs of grease to lube Shakira into this outfit (Fun Fact: It only takes one mouthful of spit to lube your way into Shakira’s ass)



Shakira gif

In my hometown of Kandahar, Afghanistan a green waistband means “will have sex for money”. I guess what I’m trying to say is Shakira is probably a whore.



Shakira gif

Shakira has successfully completed 3 marathons using just her ass muscle.



Shakira gif

ASSume the position.



Shakira gif

Shakira likes her men like she likes her amplifiers… black and loud… and with a hard plastic covering, various electronics inside, and plugged into a outlet.



Shakira gif

Shakira was one of the first Western women to realize it is cool to dress and dance like an Arab prostitute.



Shakira gif

Shakira’s hips don’t lie and right here they are saying that the Jews control the entertainment industry.



Shakira gif

Shakira nicknamed this move the “coffee grinder”. She famously used it to down one Kitty Vasquez in a backyard booty shakeoff.



Shakira gif

Show us were babies come from not were they sleep.



Shakira gif

Mmm I love a flexible woman. I bet Shakira could get twice the housework done using her hands and feet… so hot!



Shakira gif

Believe it or not there is a man with a yellow guitar in this GIF. Can you spot him?



Shakira gif

Caution: GIF may cause sea sickness, and should not be viewed if pregnant.

  • Mahmoud Jihad

    I don’t know if you realize, but Shakira IS Arab. Like me, she is Lebanese but grew up learning Spanish.

    • liza wright

      Her father is Lebanese but her mother is Colombian from Colombia

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