Top 12 Sexy Scarlett Johansson GIFs

Scarlett Johansson gifs

Scarlett Johansson’s life is at a crossroads. She has just been discarded by her husband Ryan Reynolds, and now without a man to guide her she is lost.

However, even though Scarlett has failed as a wife there is still hope for her. Her titties are large and bountiful, she could nurse many strong Muslim babies with her milk. If Scarlett Johansson could just learn to act properly I am sure a kindly Muslim man would consider taking her and luscious boobies as a nurse maid, or maybe even as his third wife.

I have compiled Scarlett Johansson’s top 12 sexy gifs, and will criticize her behavior in them so that she may learn how to conduct herself according to the teachings of Allah, and one day achieve the dream of being a breeding device for a Muslim man. Allahu Akbar!



Scarlett Johansson gif

No matter what the situation, a woman jiggling her tits is never permitted. Scarlett has a lot to learn about struggling like a lady.



Scarlett Johansson gif

That is not how you use an exercise ball! She’ll never get in shape like that, and come planting season she’ll be unable to work the plow!



Scarlett Johansson gif

Scarlett Johansson is a whore! It is never OK for a woman to be fondled unless it is by her husband or a male relative.



Scarlett Johansson gif

More of the same whorish behavior in this one. The only thing I can say in her defense is that at least Scarlett turns and presents her ass like a baboon in heat. Allah despises foreplay.



Scarlett Johansson gif

Ugh were do I begin with this one. Women are not allowed to speak in public, and they are definitely not allowed to have their tits hanging out like this. Wear the burka!



Scarlett Johansson gif

Scarlett Johansson needs to learn to sit like a proper lady, which is to say prostrating herself at the foot of a man with her eyes cast downward.



Scarlett Johansson gif

Scarlett needs to learn that when a man is forcing himself on her she must not struggle because she was asking for it. She should have to work off the cost of that shirt.



Scarlett Johansson gif

Why is Scarlett Johansson laying naked in bed? Do they not make sleeping burkas in America?



Scarlett Johansson gif

When having sex with a man there should be no kissing… or eye contact.



Scarlett Johansson gif

Scarlett had her boob groped in public which is to be expected when dressed like a whore. I can not emphasize enough how important the burka is, but I will continue to try.



Scarlett Johansson gif

Naked in a pool! Where is her swimming burka?



Scarlett Johansson gif

Naked in a shower! Where is her shower burka?

  • Ahmed

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    • KoldShadow

      LOL, I forgot you actually made a relevant comment as well . . . and a hilarious one, at that. PROPS! lol

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        • Blondie Geek

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    • AJ

      Sikh’s wear turbans, not Muslims.
      Gotta stress this as most people, hating on Muslims, hate on turbans which is unfair on the Sikh’s.

      Also, Scarlett Johansson is the hottest Swede I have ever laid eyes on.

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    Fuck everybody else, especially Lydia.

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    • Mr Diablo

      LoL is right! Just witnessing the love shared between these simians brings great mirth to the heart!

      • Dustin

        :) totally like that. Their obliviousness to the obvious sarcasm, racial discrimination and secular bigotry is exceeding hilarious. We are only responsible for our own soul anyway… just saying. Don’t care enough to name call or anything like that though.

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      • kyocra

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          • Blondie Geek

            So why even look at photos like this if you are so virtuous?

            80% of the population is Christian, so I very much doubt you have a chance of brainwashing the world with Islam. Plus you are only giving an extremely bad reputation to Islam and as such, people will not want to ‘convert’.

            If Allah seriously condones using foul language, being obscene to people, stereotyping them, judging them, having a superiority complex, sleeping around, threatening to kill people and actually killing people – I want no part of that. That is not virtuous at all and I do not believe I would make it to Heaven if I acted like that!

            But I suspect that any religion (barring Satanism) would not condone or encourage such behaviour.

            Just take a look in the mirror and concentrate on being virtuous – don’t worry about other people. If they are breaching the laws of religion, they will get their comeuppance and it is not your responsibility to judge or punish those people. Leave it to Allah if you respect him.

      • Blondie Geek

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  • Javier

    The more stupid comments about women behavior. And please respect Scarlett!! You should learn how a man have to behave before said anything about a woman!

  • zillaman

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  • viktoria

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  • Susan Mcnab

    The pics of nude blond women are in great demand all over the world ‘coz of their loose morals.

    is it not a shame?

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      susan mc-crabs

      You are correct infidel. Blondes are the sluttiest of all kuffar women.
      That is why we either make them our concubines or stone them.

  • zillaman

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  • loose

    Everyone deffending actresses… if it is was your wife would you be ok with her doing a sex scene?… doing one doesnt make her a good actress, infact using your body is a cheap and pathetic way of getting attention. Name one magnificent role and piece of acting done by a woman thats done sex scene?… these ”actresses” careers depend on the exact reason you are looking at the gifs, and yes you have every right to question there morals.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Scarlett is not acting when she acts like a whore; she is a whore. It doesn’t take much skill to flop her tits or allow some dirty infidel to grope her ass.

      She is nothing but a worn out cum dumpster and couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag.

  • Sikandar

    whoever has posted this, is not doing a favor to islam but inverse. I am a muslim but good work starts from one’s country, tell me there are no brothels or whores r sex workers in your country???
    This is an industry which is running because of its viewers which are around the world and many are non muslim states.
    I dont know wats wrong wid u…
    U just dont point finger at anyone like this, it starts from inside out— home–surroundings–community—city—country–

    • nida

      MY BROTHER, HONESTLY, A MUSLIM HASNT POSTED THIS LOL!! CANT YOU SEE THE HATE EMANATING FROM THE CHOICE OF WORDS OF THE AUTHOR???same old haters world out there..always putting down others but not bothering to take a peek in the mirror

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        I don’t know what country you mofos live in but here in Iraq, we take Islam seriously!

        I can also guarantee that the author of this post is 100% Shia Muslim.
        It is you who isn’t Muslim. You are an imposter. No Muslim would ever use the stupid google word, “hater.”

        You need to do something about your lack of moral direction. You are an asshole and a trouble maker. You are the one hwo needs to peek into the mirror.

        eat shit and die mofo

  • Kurt The Backstabber

    I like Hashish!

  • nida

    Such haters out there..I don’t know why people bother with SO much effort to put down our religion…And all these comments with the pictures about ‘BURQAS”, DISTASTEFUL. Learn to respect othersIf YOUR religion is better than Islam, how come your behavior is so despicable..wretched people! tsk!

  • Saint

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

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