Top 10 Sexy Megan Fox Gifs

Megan Fox gifs

Megan Fox, the name causes controversy throughout the Interwebs. Women and homosexuals try to argue that she is “not hot” and that she has freak “toe thumbs”. Like any straight guy is going to care what her thumbs look like when she has the face and body of a goddess.

Having weird thumbs is no reason not to be attracted to a girl. The only unattractive quality Megan Fox has is her lack of Islam. To prove it here are the Top 10 sexy Megan Fox GIFs.



Megan Fox gif

This is what it is like waking up next to Megan Fox. Damn she moves around a lot. It is best just to keep her tied to the bed.



Megan Fox gif

Megan Fox is bisexual and admitted she use to date a female stripper.



Megan Fox gif

Yes Megan Fox has a nearly flawless body. So she has “toe thumbs”, with a body like that she could have “dick thumbs” for all I care.



Megan Fox gif

There Megan Fox goes again dyking out with another girl. If I was there I’d sit and watch them finish before stoning them to death for crimes against Allah.



Megan Fox gif

Michael Bay brought out some of Megan Fox’s finest acting. For Instance this scene from Transformers 2.



Megan Fox gif

When Megan Fox is on camera she does what she is told. So why wasn’t she told to pull down those panties further? I blame the Jews!



Megan Fox gif

Megan Fox changing into what I can only hope is burka in the next scene. By Muhammad’s beard that would be hot!



Megan Fox gif

Megan Fox felt up her legs and ass for the cover of Esquire. I can only imagine what she would do for the cover of US Weekly.



Megan Fox gif

I believe Megan is saying “more” but she may be referring to herself as a “whore”. Either way nice tits.



Megan Fox gif

Hey Megan it looks like you have a problem with your distributor cap. You are going to need a hard banging from behind or your car will overheat.

  • Dead Ed®

    I don’t care if Megan Fox doesn’t act in Transformers 3.

    Whether she did in 1 and 2 remains to be seen.

    She still looks hot. And a burka will not hide her from my imagination.

    • Bob Loblaw

      Recycling old jokes? I thought you were more original than that.

    • Abdulla The Butcher

      I admit she has a body hotter than Tikrit in summer but what about those deformed thumbs?

      At least force her to wear a hand burka….aka gloves to infidels.

      • Juan

        I have no problem with Colmes. He is paid well to be Hannity’s stogoe and who can blame him for it.On the other hand, for you wingnuts who think the show is “fair and balanced”, take a look at the banner they recently displayed on the show Face it. Fox news is the Republican news channel.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          juan homo

          You mean you have no problems sucking cock at your truck stop glory hole.

    • Dead Ed®

      So I recapitulated one of my own individualizations.

      Let me be self-condemnatory …

      But everytime I see Megan Fox I get transformed (normally by a few inches) and I disinherit entire potentiality to be innovational.

      • Whose

        No worries, it happens to the best of us.

  • tom smith

    this is the absolute worst comments from an author of a post i have ever read, you somehow managed to ruin the amazing images with your terrible words. honestly how old are you? this isn’t even funny immature.

  • Dead Ed®

    Just watched Transformers 2 with the girlfriend.

    She turned to me and said, “What are you thinking about?”

    What I said: “Was just thinking how amazing the effects look, its brilliant.”

    What I thought: “There really isn’t a single orifice on Megan Fox that I wouldn’t want to fuck.”

  • Jihad Shah

    I do see one flaw in this post. There is not ONE gif of her being flogged for her sins.

  • Birka Burka

    Please attack me with your hand birka!
    She obviously hates expressionism and is a soldier of allah!

  • Ricky

    I think that Megan Fox is the hottest celebrity in Hollywood now!!

  • Jihad Shah

    How dare you refer to a Zionist whore as a star? Your mother must be ashamed of you.

  • kumaram

    Undoubtly Megan has a flawless body.