Top 10 Celeb Nude Scenes of 2012

The above video from the film “About Cherry” starring Ashley Hinshaw was named the top nude scene of 2012 by Mr Skin (an organization that specializes in the cataloging of celebrity depravity).

This year’s top 10 celeb nude scene list is an excellent collection of evidence which will be used to prosecute celebrity harlots like Ashley Hinshaw in Sharia court once Islam finishes conquering the US of A.

If one is of a keen legal mind (particularly in the area of prosecuting extreme acts of female immorality) then it may interest you to review the top 10 celeb nude scenes of 2012 in their entirety. For everyone else the trailer below should be all the naked celeb female flesh one can stomach.

  • Imam Khalid

    The Western world is like a rabid animal that needs to be put down.

    The USA especially.


    • jew boy

      these useless women have to earn a living some how and this is the only way they can do it with the skills they have been taught by their parents .To lie and take your clothes of is a great Jewish tradition .

      • Zohair – The Good One

        Brothers, I think I have finally figured out the origin of Sub- Humans that we refer to as ‘Googles’

        Here is the solution :

        Human = Hybrid Species

        Human Hybrid Species = Chuman/Humanzee Speciation

        Chuman/Humanzee = Google + Chimpanzee ( + denotes crossbreeding )

        Evolution = Chuman/Humanzee evolving over millions of years

        In effect,

        Chimpanzee + Google = Chuman/Humanzee………Chuman/Humanzee + Evolution = Human

        • Black Pete

          You are one Racist Mother Fucker. You Cock Suckin pale ass whiteboy.

          • Imam Khalid

            One cannot be racist against animals or livestock. That would be like calling me a bigot because I don’t like cats.

            On a related note, I can’t wait until I get back to Jew York City for my next fundraiser for the 9/11 Victory Mosque. I am going to crack some google skulls when they come into my Uncle Jaffar’s 7-11 and chimp out.

          • Black Pete

            Why you Mother Fucker. I will slap you up with my 3×12 hard as rock Ebony Manhoods.

          • Zohair – The Good One

            Black Pete/ Black Knight / Kwane / Sub human animal

            I am not Racist. One can be racist against a Human Race only….and you googles aren’t human…..rather a sub human species.

            I am a Speciesist, if anything…..look it up if you don’t know what it means

        • Robinson

          ALISSA C DICARLO = diseased vermin

        • gregory fuckin stockinger

          you rascist sons of bitches. your all jealous of the number one country AMERICA. be our friends or we gon kill y’all. ALLIES

    • Abdul Matin Haqq

      I agree brother Imam, yet why do you waste valuable time you could use enjoying stoning harlots to death with myself and others on these “USA” infidels?

      • Osama ul hak

        Imam is a title not a name

    • afsal

      Thn y u r watching these all bloody ass hole ? no one force u to do this. u quit nd all think world wl b ok its nt USA probs . its the people like u ….

    • mohammed bangs pigs

      I shit on your prophet. Christianity is the one true religion. Everybody else fucks pigs in hell.

  • Kwame

    Who cares. Bunch of slutty white bitches. What else is new? Black women dont stoop low and show their tits and pussys and shit. Black folk have class. White, Asian, Spic, and Muslim bitches are loose. I fucked them all and they all give it up easy to big dicked black men. They even admit that we deserve them because we are alpha male. Their own men cant satisfy them.

    • aghmed

      You are a very boastful son of a slave.

    • Anubis

      Ever heard of National Geographic? African bitches are the most filthy, uncivilized, naked, butt hole ugly heathens on earth. Ones with bones in their noses and big plates in their grotesque lips and humongous butts are considered “attractive” by other such google savages.

      You should be thanking the white Europeans for taking you out of that disgusting homeland of yours, put clothes on you and tried to get you at least somewhat civilized.

      But you know what they say, “You can take a google out of the jungle, but can’t take the jungle out of the google!”.

      • Moshe Dayan

        I normally disagree with Anal-Lube-is but the righteousness in his latest comment leaves me speechless. Plus I just got back from seeing that google-lovin un-Jew Spielbergs “Lincoln”. I was expecting Gettysburg but got essentially a piece of NAACP mindwashing shit, truly offensive. Sitting through two hours of sewage is one thing but giving Spitberg my money pisses me off even more.

        Eat shit and die mofo

        • Joe Aiken

          Who told you to see that film loser.

          • Moshe Dayan

            Ass Ache-ing,

            Your mother mumbled it was a good movie while blowing my 9 inch meatpole.

            Eat shit and die mofo

      • PLEEEEASE don’t put me on the tartan rug again, said the chameleon

        Hey, Anubis,

        You can’t take the google out of the google either!


    • White Knight


      Black women dont have to stoop very low anyway’s because their knuckles are already dragging on the ground…..BOY!

  • mayhem

    muzlims lick dirty camels asses………just like their momma and mohamid the bitch

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    When us Muslims take over the U.S. of A. this whore Ashley Hinshaw will be captured and sent to Tikrit for some “vigerous interrogation.”

    Specifically, I want to find out why an old maid like her, thinks that she can get the attention of a powerful Muslim, by pretending to be a middle-aged school girl and slut.

    When I’m finished with what the infidels call…”enhanced methods” she’ll be sent to Iran and put on trial in Shariah Court. Her execution will be conducted minutes later.


    • Captain Caucasian


      What in the hell is going on with your new avatar photo? Is that you receiving head at your Tikrit glory hole? As bad as your previous photo was, I think I liked that one better.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        captain corn hole

        That pic was taken last year at the Mosque. Your cousin was trying to earn her way into a Harem.

        All she got was a flood of “balls-juice” or as you infidels call it…..semen

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    The clip where Katy Perry is being pushed up a flight of stairs is the hottest.

    • Robinson

      Alissa C DiCarlo, you are a dirty diseased scab encrusted cunthole. Everyone wishes you would just die of superaids you fuckin’ pig.

      • Alissa DiCarlo

        Why? Are you so mean to me? What did I ever do to you? Are you TRYING to make me cry? Well mission accomplished asshole.

  • janjua

    man who ever u are plz dont abuse Muhammad coz he is the prophet of Allah and he was send by Allah if u have some concern about muslims of today no problum coz we muslims even are not following the teaching of Islam if we follow islam u dont have any chance to abuse us so plz mr dont abuse i request u coz we love Issa to u Jeses we love Mousa to u Moses we love Muhammad peace be upon him.

    • Moshe Dayan


      You are just another inbred muslim mofo who can’t fucking spell or figure out how a shower works. Your only function in life is to take cock from Big Gay Abdullah.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        mangina dog-humper

        Islam rocks and you suck cocks.

        Stop stalking us Muslims and especially stop fantasizing about my “Tikriti Trouser Python.”

        Your constant homoerotic posts are creepy and not appropriate for this family oriented site.

        Also, be patient. Soon some Jihadist will be shooting you with the RPG or AK-47 and then you’ll be in hell with your other jew relatives.

        But know this…Satan don’t provide anal lube in hell. When you get ass fucked there…you’ll know why the demons call it…”the flaming asshole.”

        • Moshe Dayan

          Abdullah the Buttfucker,

          You are such a demented fag, on your license under ‘sex’ it says ‘anal’ and even your camel asks you to wear a condom.. Tikrit is well known for its muslim gloryholes, otherwise knows as mosques…and among muslims there is only one king of the gloryholes, or should I say queen, and that’s you, Anal Abdullah. Now run off to go find Homo Hashim, he needs a tonsil massage..

          Eat shit and die mofo

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            Its a good thing you only suck cock with that filthy mouth of yours….otherwise it would be good for nothing.

            And….Watch the profanity asshole. Allah doesn’t like it.

          • PLEEEEASE don’t put me on the tartan rug again, said the chameleon


            No use telling him to run, his rear end is in such poor shape he can probably barely stagger. He’s had too many camels.

  • Khalid-ibn-al-waleed

    Brother durka,
    Should’nt we superior muslims be following lunar calander than heathen georgian one.dhimmi christian who follow calander derived from pagan julian calander and celebrate a pagan festival as birthday of their imaginary son of god which himself was an innovation of filthy paul, need not be followed.

  • Osama Bin Bryan

    Watched this shit 10 times

  • Aidil Al Dossadi

    The Western celebrities are clearly trying to destroy Islam and convert us to their foul “Christianity”. We, and dedicated Muslims, should not let this continue!

  • Geeving

    ^ these girls have a right to do what they want,you cant stop them cam i also ask why the retards that belong to islam think there better than everyone? :/ you’re all just imbred fucktards who are quite pedophillic. go suck cock and die fucking ugly fags. -geeving :3

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      gay asshole

      Us Muslims do what we want because we can. That means you and all infidels will suffer the shots from the AK-47 and then hell fire.

  • New Viewer

    Amazing site! Awesome photos and clips! And terrific comments! Am glad I saw this site .

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      new viewer

      you had best mean it too asshole or else you’ll suck the AK-47 like the rest of the infidels.

    • Al Mumit

      Cum a lot, did you??

  • Jimmy.

    This web site sucks now. There’s nobody interesting here and it’s gotten less funny since Big Pete decided he’s gonna make a dumb shit of his persona. Arcachnar isn’t even here or some of the funnier users.

    • Indecisive faggot

      The quality of admin’s post are still great and would make Allah proud, but with more exposure, the site has attracted idiots who post here. And not the idiots who seem to lack common sense when it comes to these posts, but idiots who come across as 6 year olds. I therefore tend to not bother reading the comments as much. Nothing will beat the times where Brother Abdullah would only ever encounter senseless American infidels in each post. Though we do still get some pretty stupid heathens on here.


  • New Viewer

    I was wondering … and hey, I mean no offence, so please don’t start at ME … These comments are all meant to be funny, right?

    I saw this delicious pic of Emma Watson here (“eyes closed”), and just when I thought nothing could get better than that, I saw this collection of absolutely hilarious rants.

    Just checking … They ARE meant to be that, funny that is, aren’t they?

    Again, guys, no offence! (Although I suppose my overly wary tone itself sounds fairly hilarious?) :-)

    • Moshe Dayan

      Ass Skewer,

      All the comments are deadly serious on this Mossad run site. Israeli intelligence needs to monitor the homoqueer muslim community so our IDF boys know which areas to use flamethrowers on next time they kick gazan ass. As for you, I’m sure you’ll be able to hook up with all the puny muslim cock you crave at one of the many gloryholes the muslims on this site frequent.

      Eat shit and die mofo.

      • Zohair – The Good One

        What the hell Moshe,

        You need to tone down your ranting and homoerotism filled commentary

        That poor lad was commenting positively, disrespecting nobody, and you bombard him with “Eat shit and die mofo” and cock craving insinuation.

        For satire to sink in, either make it blatantly obvious….or keep it subtle enough…so that the new ones get it and don’t assume that you are trying to deliberately spite them…which of course, is not your intention

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Zohair

          Mangina Moshe’s brain AIDS seems to be near the terminal phase…either that or his hormone shots he is taking in preparation for a sex change have given him a bad case of PMS.

          • Zohair – The Good One

            Quite an astute observation Brother Abdullah

            Absolutely correct

          • Moshe Dayan

            Anal Abdullah,

            When you were born and the doctor slapped your ass, you sucked his cock.

            Eat shit and die mofo

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            moshe mangina

            when you were born, the doctor said to your mother, that he didn’t know how in the fuck you came out of her asshole.

            She replied, “his father is one big shit……and I guess he takes after his father”

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      infidel new viewer

      Do not pay attention to the gay jew called moshe. He is angry and has various veneral diseases he picked up from glory holes the world over.

      Stick with us Muslims and you won’t go wrong. Muslims have it all: oil, power, women, looks and class. Convert to Islam and you too can have a great future and possibly earn 72 virgins in the process.

      Do not delay
      Islam is taking over


      • Imam Khalid

        It has never been a better time to be a Muslim!

      • Moshe Dayan

        Anal Abdullah,

        Muslims also have bad body odor, shit-colored skin, small penises, women that are the ugliest and hairiest skanks that just scrape under the wire as human, raging gloryhole parties and a culture of man-boy ass love that would make a Greek blush. Famous pedo-muslims like Yasser Arafat and Freddy Mercury prove beyond a doubt that the only good muslim is the one that slides easily off your shoe after you step in it.

        Eat shit and die mofo

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Homo Gayan

          None of your lies will work on this Holy Site.

          Us Muslims know the truth and we could care less what the infidels think…they will soon perish anyway.

          Powerful Muslims like Khalid, Zohair, Anubis and Hashim…they are the guardians of Islam and the they carry out the will of Allah.

          Assholes like you are just pimples to be squeezed and done away with.

          When Islam takes over…all you glory hole, brown-eye bangers, will wish that you had died from AIDS because you’ll have to deal with Jihad.

          eat shit and die mofo

          • USA Rules, I love my freedom!

            Um… well, how exactly are we going to perish? Apperently the Muslims will bomb the USA, or at least that’s what I think. BTW, I know you hate Jews, but what do you think of Christians? And what is so “unclean” about us? Don’t give me any dodges like ” you don’t deserve to know” or anything. And why are you Muslims so violent? Dude, the bible teaches us that God ( Or Allah, in Arabic) loves us so much he send his only son to die for us. I know that’s not a lot for you Muslims who kill their children at like age 6, but it is great devotion to us. Whould’t you like to have a loving god that cares about us than one that tells us to kill everyone non-muslim and rapes 10-year-old girls? Oh, and BTW, not all Americans are as bad as our celeberties. I like a normal life. Come on guys! Are you going to let some messed up celebs ruin theUSA’s name? Come on. Oh, and BTW, I thought that Obama was a Muslim. So why do you want to kill him?

            A person who did not cuss at you once, just looking for some answers about Islam

  • amber

    hi everyone

  • N V

    Spent some time going through the whole site. Terrific! The pics are, well, awesome: I need to invent a new word to aptly express my delight. The morph jobs are beautifully imagined and expertly executed. You guys deserve a Nobel, no less! I haven’t seen such a collection at one single site anywhere.

    And the comments are A-One. Even next to such eye-popping pics and vids they hold and tickle your attention … What more than that can one say?

    Cheers, guys: parody or no, jest or no (I’m not quite sure on that, and no end curious), but either way, you have me hooked!

    Mashallah! Subhanallah! :-) Keep up the great work!

    p.s. what’s with the funny image that comes up with the comments every time?

    • Moshe Dayan

      V D

      You “delight” in getting pumped in the poop chute by muslim homoqueers and the only thing you are hooked on is Anal Abdullah’s puny cock.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Abdullah The Butcher


        You’re like a “fag black hole” you get faggier with each post.

        No doubt the millions of dicks thats been inside your various holes have turned you into the equivalent of an imploded star….but instead of a singularity…its turned you into a “queer-arity”

        eat shit and die mofo

      • n v

        moshe dayan

        what’s with the aggro? seriously? i mean, why pick on me?

        ok, one question, if i may: do you really do this thing, this exchanging of insults, in earnest? i’m simply curious, and have no vested interest whatever.

        after this (barring one more short comment to abdullah, below), i’ll not poke in here with my comments any mor … much safer, it would seem, to quitly enjoy the pics et al without opening one’s mouth


        • Abdullah The Butcher

          mangina moshe is an angry homo with a bad case of ass herpes and brain AIDS.

          He is not worth the rock to stone him with.

  • n v

    hi abdullah:

    i’ve no idea what mangina means. i do hope that tirade wasn’t directed at me? if it was, i’m afraid it was a bit of a self-goal for you

    if it wasn’t, if you were addressing that other chappie, well, sorry to butt in on the fight …

    carry on, and cheerio!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      I am Abdullah and I hate jews.

    • Moshe Dayan


      If you post on this site with descriptors like “delightful” and “tickle my attention” then you obviously are a muslim and a homoqueer and need to be executed. As for what “mangina” means, it is what you will see tonight when the eunuch called Anal Abdullah (AA for short) opens his crotchless panties and bends over at his Tikrit gloryhole.

      Eat shit and die mofo

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        maginia moshe

        The mangina is what the gays at the glory hole call your mouth when they are “cock plugging” you to the hilt.

  • amber


    i wanna be a muslim.
    i feel that if i covert to islam,allah will take me under his wing.i hope u guys win the battle with the US of A so u can teach us infidels the proper way of living.i have been reading ur comments for a while,abdullah,and i think im in love with you.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Many infidel females have converted to Islam and they found being the concubine of a Muslim the best thing that ever happened to them.

      • amberthegirl


        yes,i bet u i would be the best
        thing that ever happened to me.
        to prove that i am willing to
        convert to islam,i have made my
        own personal gravatar.the pic for
        my gravatar is REALLY me,i took
        it today in my bathroom.and that
        way i can ensure that no one will
        steal my identity,because this pic
        cant be found on google images.
        if u want you can you
        can talk to me knowing its really
        me.i dont know if you already
        saw my bio on the jennette
        mccurdy pic,but if i get to know
        u better maybe ill give u my
        number and i can tell u more
        about myself.btw,i will now be going under the name
        “amberthegirl”(Amber The Girl)

        • amberthegirl

          btw i meant,“i bet u IT would be the best thing that ever happened to me”.

          • Bull shit detective

            14 years old ? get a fucking life ” DUDE “

        • The West is The Best

          Ass lick amber

          Abdildo the boy raper is a flaming fag he does not do women his harem is 30 dancing boys he also fucke camels and goats.

        • Moshe Dayan


          First off, Anal Abdullah or ‘AA’ as he is known is a muslim and you would appear to have a pussy, though we can’t be sure unless you post that in your gravatar image as well. I’ve never heard of a muslim that sexes women and AA won’t be the first. Now if you have a 12 year old son expect AA to be calling you shortly from his Tikrit gloryhole.

          Second, the best thing that could ever happen to a race-traitor like you is to hitchhike a ride on a private bus in India.

          Eat shit and die mofo

  • amberthegirl

    i know i will enjoy converting to islam

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      infidel amber

      It appears you are too old to become a concubine.

      However, there are many manual labor positions that you may apply for. Such as; goat and camel tender, well digger, water hauler, mule skinner, chef, concubine assistant, grave digger, fig picker, chicken feather plucker and many more.

      Just go to your local Mosque and ask for the ML application and soon you’ll be in Yemen or Iran.

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      Miss Piggy,

      Your relentless quest for male cock is impressive.

      Of course this bleached blond with the nick “amberthegirl” is just another alias from yourself.

      I wonder why all this permanent obsession about brother Abdullah…

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        Brother Hashim

        Someday, one of us Muslims will settle things with gay pete….and the AK-47 will have the last word.

        • amberthegirl

          if u guys dont believe that im a 14 yr old gurl,then how do u want me to prove it?i can send u pics of me and my pussy,maybe that will make u believe.just give me ur emails and ill prove it.

          • Abdullah The Butcher


            If you’re a 14 year old girl…why do you look like William Bendix from the life of the infidel riley?

            answer that one trannyklan mofo!

    • The West is The Best

      Ass licker Amber

      You can apply for the cleaner of the muslim glory hole and camels ass washer after the muslims finish butt fucking the camels

      But you can’t apply for sex slave because this is for dancing boys only.

  • this site sucks balls

    Abdullah the big gay butt butcher likes a big black cock in his ass

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      sucks nuts

      Stop with your infidel fag lies. Us Muslims are fully heterosexual and in the entire history of the world, there has never been one gay Muslim. So eat shit and die you fag.

      Also……….you have open 24/7 tattooed on one ass cheek and “take the brown-eye exit to the hershey highway” on the other ass cheek.

  • nv

    z :

    thanks for clearing that up. of course it’s satire, what else could it possibly be? dense of me not to see right away, although i did wonder.

    so what have we here, a site full of folk who apparently enjoy throwing these insults at each other? well why not, after all i did enjoy reading this hilarious series of rants, so why should others not enjoy participating in it? and the insults are way out … Like the one on this page about the baby born from the ass because the dad’s an arsehole …

    nice combo … a-grade pornpics and vids, plus a side-dish of offbeat and extreme (mock) back-and-forths between (purported) muslims, jews and kkk-types. absolutely original idea …

    but that’s just the side dish … The main course is the real thing

    i guess i’ll stay off commenting myself, though, henceforth :-)


    • amberthegirl


      • not-so-new viewer

        pleased to meet you too, amber

        if only you weren’t as make-believe as all the other main characters here (and of similar gender) … If only, my sweet, if only!

  • nv

    Mangina moshe:

    i,ve nothing against other jews, many my friends, but YOU are the son of a whore who doesn,t remember the name of your father

    (ha ha, saying that felt GOOD)

    eat cock and go fuck your mater, mofo

    ) that,s for picking on me, unprovoked ( go sod off dickhead …

    • Moshe Dayan


      You are a Brit and all Brits are muslims and fags. Go back to your local pub gloryhole, Prince Harry is waiting for you.

      Eat shit and die mofo

  • Robinson


  • Robinson

    That’s right you Alissa C DiCarlo. The world would be better off without you.

  • Alvin

    Alissa DiCarlo you gave my hog warts you fucked up pussy.

  • The West is The Best

    These ars hot American women not ugly muslim women who are hairy and smelly this is why muslim men are homosexuals and camel fuckers.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      west sucks best

      Muslim women are the sexiest and most beautiful women of all.

      You gay, ass-pirates ain’t interested in these american ho-bitches for sex, you just want to copy their fashion and style.

      Anyway…a woman who displays herself in a state of undress is guilty of about 100 violations of Shariah Law and the punishment is death by stoning or the AK-47.

      When Islam takes over, many whores and homoqueers will die.

  • nv

    what on EARTH is this weird pic accompanying all comments?

    and is that george bush’s face under the shrubbery in the gravatar of hasim?

    totally, TOTALLY wacky sense of humour you chaps have! Never seen anything like this site!

    • Anubis

      Nv, that is the half groid Obonga being rear ended by the laughing hyena idiot Joe Biden. It was so hilarious that it was used for all newbie commentators to this most holy Islamic site.

  • nv

    Heh …

    anubis, that’s jimmy’s face!

    just read your “about” page, the three bios, and had a laughing fit! If i were swede, the author wold get the lit nobel

    so what’s your story, o egyptian god of laughter? Are you one of the insiders, one of the creators (gods?) of this particular world (as some of the regular ranters clearly are) or just someone who liked the party and stayed on?

    • Anubis

      Nv, very good, you did some checking. Most newbies to this site don’t. Yes, that is none other but of the handsome debonaire likeness of Jibril “Jimmy” Jihad himself, cofounder to this blessed site.. His peaceful, sophisticated good looks is a welcome sight to behold to confront all infidel newbies to this site.

      This most holy website was created to educate our fellow Islamic brethren on daily newsworthy stories of the decadent west, especially of Hollywood tarts, their degenerate fans and other vile homoqueers. Serious commentary on their sinful depravity is our passion and duty to merciful Allah.

      • not-so-new viewer

        Sure ;-) cheers, from one all-knowing one to another! Allah keep you, and Ra as well.

        Ask your creative people do one of their masterpieces on princess k, can you? You can do good commenting with that, h got his first kill recently …

  • wealthy american

    Fuck all u arabs all u mother fucking people in the middle east you little pussies i am suprized you dumb asses have internet hahahahhahaha fuck u guys pussy

  • Fidelity Inv


    SOC SEC # 155-84-1267
    DOB 08/04/88

  • Jobiw

    It would appear that the Muslim community is divided over the real Qur’an meaning, the retarted inbred Muslim extremists like our simple friends here, are now starting to show they lack of education interpreting Allah’s holy word. I and others can only feel sorry for such simpletons as Abdullah. And by the way if you think an AK 47 makes your kind powerful and manlike, then again you are sadly mistaken. It only shows that you are a week and an inferior species to what the mighty one intended. And we can only hope that one day Allah wipes your kind from our world. “inshallah”

  • Jobiw

    Abdullah, it would appear that you are hiding your true feelings for gays. It is time you came out of the closet Abtoolah and face the truth about your anger issues towards gay men. Also In my country the burca is the same as a paper bag on a women’s head, it covers the heads of something undesirable.