Tinkerbell Caught Working A Glory Hole

Tinkerbell glory hole

Disney creation “Tinkerbell” shows off her magical fairy vagina while working a glory hole in the video above. This re-imagining of the Tinkerbell character, from innocent girl to deranged sex whore, is all part of Disney’s effort to appeal to the next generation of kuffar children.

Thanks to the corrupt Zionist entertainment industry and hormone laden food supply, most kids in America today are sexually active by the age of 5. Disney knows that if they want to still appeal to this new slutty generation, they are going to have to make their characters more relatable.

Tinkerbell sucking strange fairy dick through a gloryhole is the perfect start for this new younger campaign, as most infidel children have probably witnessed their mothers performing the same act. One can only imagine what kind of kinky sex acts are in store for the rest of the beloved Disney family of characters, but one thing is for certain, Snow White is going to get gang f*cked by those 7 dwarfs.

  • ahhgmed

    clearly Tinkerbell is sucking Steven Spielberg’s microscopic prick because she has to reach all the way through the glory hole.

  • Really?

    Allah would be ashamed at the shit conent you’ve been reduced to posting.

  • Extreme Infidel

    is this really from the movie? I have seen some other sick things in Disney movies that you have to pause or look closely to see, is this real? would not surprise me if it was.

  • Anubis

    Knowing Disney they continuously try to push the envelope of immorality even further to corrupt the youth. In the sequel Tom Thumb will strip butt naked and do her tight holes from behind as she’s busy using the glory hole.

  • Asmir

    filthy jew media

  • sympatico

    Please Durka Durka, that was disrespectful. We don’t call them dwarfs. They want to be called “little people” ;-))

    Snow white and the 7 little people.

  • Bob Smith

    Wow, I really hope this is a joke website, so many things are wrong with this article. First of all that scene has nothing to do with a “glory hole”, Tinkerbell is trapped in a drawer. The exposed backside of her is the work of photoshopping, I am very familiar with this film and I think I would remember seeing that much of Tinkerbell. And in America 5 year old children are not sexually active, we have laws that actually make that kind of stuff illegal, we aren’t that big of sexual deviates. But Ido have to hand it too you guys you know how to write on hilarious article.

    • Tim

      Bob does not get it.

  • Mohammed Al-Islam Shariff

    Praise, Mohammed! The hormone-laden food supply will surely make me score a lot of minor tail these days!

  • mahummed

    wow imagine the damage a cock would do to that.

    even a muslim’s 2 cm long dick would still harm that

    • ishitonmuslims23

      nice photoshop as usual you stupid muslim shit

  • Jenn

    THIS IS NOT REAL. I’ve looked at quite a lot of these posts, and honestly, I’m disgusted. Not by the photos or videos. By your commentary. It’s revolting. The fact that you would blatantly photoshop this video of Tinkerbell (I’ve seen the movie a million times with my niece and there is no form of sexuality in it) to make her have crotchless panties and a glory hole… It’s despicable. I’m sorry for those of you idiots who can’t understand that word, it means contemptible, mean or vile. And I agree with Bob Smith: in America 5 year old children are not sexually active, we have laws that actually make that kind of stuff illegal, we aren’t that big of sexual deviates. Unfortunately, you Muslims think that we are, and that’s not fair. All you guys have talked about (especially the one where you talked about how you studied a woman’s naked body and it had no sexual effect on you. Bullsh!t. You were probably jerking off while you had your face pressed against your computer screen trying to see her body better). I’m disgusted by this website. I came here because I saw that Taylor Swift had a naked photo on here, and I know for a fact that she wouldn’t do anything like that. The fact that you said ‘Taylor Swift likes to eat strawberries so the fact that this woman is wearing strawberry underwear means it must be Swift.’ Seriously! Grow up! It’s obviously NOT Taylor Swift, and half of these photos/gifs are photoshopped! As for your comment in this article: ‘Snow White is going to get gang f*cked by those 7 dwarfs.’, it clearly shows your age. Does your mommy know you’re staring at naked girl’s pictures all day? Maybe you’re just upset because you’re too young to watch anything else other than Disney, so you fantasize about stuff like that… Sicko.

  • Anony Mous

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