Tiger Woods Voicemail Slow Jam Remix

Tiger Woods Slow Jam

Well it took one whole day, but finally someone created a slow jam out of Tiger Woods voicemail to his mistress (one of many apparently) Jamiee Grubbs.

I must say it was worth the wait, this song is glorious! I am going to play it tonight while I make love to my many wives. Unlike Tiger I am a moral man and stay faithful to all 16 of my wives. I guess some of us are just born with a stronger moral character. Praise be to Allah!

Anyway turn down the lights, light some candles, and listen to the Tiger Woods Slow Jam Remix.

  • Martin

    Woods go caught and that woman is going to get a huge lump sum of his money. Its cheaper to keep her but not when she can leave in 2 yrs and walk away wit 60 million or more.

  • egw

    Like whoa! They should have remixed it with Black Rob’s “Like Whoa” song.