The Top 3 Celeb Nude Scenes of 2011

Nude Celebs 2011

2011 was another banner year for celebrity sluts, with degenerate whores like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez prostituting their bodies every chance they got. However, only a select few female celebs were chosen by their Zionist overlords to fully expose their naked bodies on camera this year.

The video below features the top 3 celebrity nude scenes from 2011. I can not disagree with the choices as these are definitely some of the most offensive nude scenes of the year. This video will be archived as evidence for when Islam conquers America, and morality charges are brought up against these infidel harlots. Allahu Akbar!

  • fuckyoumuslims

    I hate you fucking dumb muslims, you fucktards can’t even protect your most loved leader (Bin Laden) alive…you should all just leave America before we exterminate you retarded sand googles like the Germans did your jew kin-folk…lol

    • John

      It’s people like you that give the rest of us intelligent, peaceful and religion tolerant Americans a bad name. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion as the 1st amendment entitles you; please keep the hateful sewage that is spewing from your mouth to yourself. No one want’s to hear it. It’s people like you that make me ashamed to be an American.

      • Michael

        If some idiot spewing hate is all it takes to make you ashamed to be an American, then get the hell out, and don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way. Millions have fought and hundreds of thousands hae died so that such galactic stupidity can be expressed without fear of reprisal. Maybe you should walk the walk a bit before you talk the talk. It might give you some idea of what you’re saying.

        • Jackie

          Maybe we should end you and see where you go in the afterlife (Hint: it won’t be heaven)! This country wasn’t built on hate it was built on FREEDOM! So fuck a swine you rotted piece of dog shit!

          • Johnny

            You got your history completely wrong! This country was founded on the extermination of the rightful owners! You MORON!

          • Michael

            Ok I think we cann agree that muslims are the dirtiest mother fuckers alive…all you do is come to America, and then try to push your religion on us by having your women cover up shit!!! You all have to respect that this is a modern time and that you dipshits can’t just come to a modern nation and try to change it religions….you fuck faces are Hippocrates!!! You talk about peace but are the opposite…stop trying toconvert us and warn us ok…and I’m no idiot, I’m a fucken medical doctor and I work with some Muslims that are truly human, because they are respectful! you fuck faces on the other hand disgust me to my very core!!! Fucken leave already soou don’t have to complain about us anymore, and it would be most appreciated if you would all fucken kill yourselves while your at it!!! Fucken islamic explosive basterds, there nothing different from what the crusaderes did then what you pigs are trying to do!

          • Me


            Extermination of rightful owners? Native Americans did not own the land. They didn’t even believe in land ownership. You would know this if you actually studied history. No one really “owned” land up until recent times when international law was introduced. Before this land was merely fought over and the victor got the spoils. It was that way forever.

            Simply put, Natives were conquered by a superior force. History is filled with such situations. Every major civilization on earth conquered and subjected less advanced ones — Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Arabs, Turks, Mongols, Indians, Spanish, French, British, etc all did the same thing. Even Native American societies like the Maya, Aztecs and Inca partook in war, conquest, and slavery. Don’t go acting like America set some sort of precedent in conquering the Natives. They just adhered to what was a traditional practice.

            Funny how everyone conveniently acts like what happened to the Native Americans was unique. Sorry, it wasn’t. Seems people like you emphasize this case more than the others is because you have something against the perpetrators rather than having something for the victims.

          • Happy

            Stop pretending like you know ur history and then saying something as thickheaded and retarded as “America was founded on the extermination of rightful owners”. how stupid are you? America was founded on the solid belief in God and with that liberty and freedom. The biblical definition of freedom is the ability to do what you want. Almost all of the founding fathers were strong Christians and all believed in God and that is why they made the country the way they did. Just look at the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Even the pledge of allegiance and patriotic songs show it. Sadly a America has turned upside-down and almost half of the citizens are atheists who train themselves to say without thinking or researching that America is nonreligious and the founding fathers were too. This way they lead everyone to think that America is a place where everyone can do whatever they want because it’s a free country. That’s why people should really be ashamed to be American. Because people say things as a fact when they don’t really know a thing about the subject and only because they feel the need to overuse their freedom of speech to say things to help their opinions be mirrored by others. It makes me sick, especially the lack of intelligence.

        • reece

          you are my hero tall them ragheads whose boss

        • Arias

          People like you are the reason everyone else in the world hates americans and feels sorry for muslims.

          • U Islamic worshiping twat.

            No one feels sorry for muslims apart from themselves.

          • Proudmuslim09

            You all can shut up u dirty racist bastards you act all it but but one day you’ll realise you won’t be bitches

          • Me

            And what does that make everyone else in the world? Generalizing bigots who take the words of a few bad apples and apply it towards a population of over 300 million people — the vast majority of whom they never met or spoken to?

            Oh, and no one really feels sorry for Muslims. It is quite the opposite. Everyone is seemingly having problems with Muslims. The West (with Al Qaeda), India (with Pakistan), China (with Uighurs and Turks), and Russia (with Chechens) are all in conflict with them.

          • Happy

            This is what I’m talking about. People have this hate for Americans built on the fact that we’re intolerant. But one of the main things people try to press in America is tolerance. Mainly atheists and people who don’t practice their beliefs (or learn their history apparently) are the ones who press tolerance. Ironically though, and somewhat infuriating, those hippocrits don’t realize how intolerant they are being just by saying that. If a Muslim comes to America and expresses their opinion based on their beliefs, an atheist or someone who shares their view, would say that that Muslim is intolerant and shouldn’t press their views on other people. What they’re saying though is actually their view meaning they are pressing it on the Muslim as well. Hippocrit much? So even though the Muslim (or Christian or anyone of solid belief) is only saying that they believe something is wrong morally, the other person thinks they are pressing their views on them and trying to convert them. They just can’t tolerate them expressing their beliefs so they talk to them like they’re evil. Then they express their beliefs that basically say the Muslim’s belief is wrong. Whose the intolerant one now? Obviously the one trying to “press tolerance”. That’s why people hate America.

        • I love Bugatti

          How is America fighting for their freedom when they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan for no reason, when was the last time America was invaded (12th July, 1812) they’re not fighting for freedom, they’re fighting cause they want all of the resources to themselves (you ungrateful country)

          • Josh

            Exacting I hate Muslims and most Americans but retarted sand googles most it is just for there dumb google recourses lol we don’t care bout terrorists

          • 360BOOM

            Actually were not invading the middle east, we are simply exterminating a pest that your OWN military couldn’t control you ungrateful dick. We do the world a favor by killing that phyco bin laden and what do we get? Ignorant asswholes like you claiming they know whats going on. You don’t know jack shit okay? We aren’t the ones who were hiding fucking bin laden were we. I don’t care if your country “doesn’t want our help taking him out” Too FUCKING BAD. He gets people to come on OUR soil on his behalf and hurt hundreds of people for no reason than to spread fear. Why? Because he’s a godamn terrorist. And you know what? His scumbag body is at the bottom of the ocean where it belongs.

          • absofuckinglutely

            Are you fucking retarded. When was the last time America was invaded was 7-12-1812. What about Pearl harbor 12-7-1941 or twin towers 9-11-2001. Dumbass.

          • Happy

            @absofreakinlutely. faaail. pearl harbor and twin towers weren’t invasions they were attacks. now whose the dumbass?

          • Sam american

            Ok so we invaded Iraq for no reason other than bush wanted to finish the job his pappa started. But in Afghanistan we hav a valid reason. Al queda is in Afghanistan and probably always will be. We can’t oust them but we can kill enough of them to shut them up so we don’t have a security threat. If our government would tell the truth every once In a while maybe congress could act in an informed way but until obama tells the truth about terrorist attacks then congress can’t act in a forward fashion they’ll just keep investigating and wasting time.

        • Ragweed

          Your an opinionated bigot, being an American doesn’t give you a liscence to be an ignorant hate machine. You use the freedoms of the united states as an excuse to show people how retarded you are and to what extent your red neck father sexually abused you

          • michael ferguson

            I dont understand why you all have to be racist. 9-11 was a fucked up incident that was rightfully responded to with the hunting down of bin laden. But to hate every muslim or middle eastern man for the work of only one mans doing and his proposterous army is unfair. They wanted him dead as much as every one of us americans did. We can not hate them. All for bin ladens work. But for those who harvest and believe in his ideas should be spit upon and killed in the same manner as he was. I am a proud american, i would die any moment of the day for my country and my beliefs. But do not expect me to simply side with racists because of this. I am proud native american as well. My people might have been first to this land but i understand that it was very common for conquistadors and crusaders of any country to want to conquer an area to proove their dominence, history is filled with stories of this. It was not ok however to exterminate and. try to destroy and convert every native or emmigrant to the christianity belief. I do not understand the point of pillaging and mass murdering an entire race or ethnicity because of their beliefs . How would they have felt to be herded off their lands and forced to convert or die. But i do not hate christians or americans for this. Ignorance is anger and stupidity, i have neither.
            Spoken by a true and proud native and American. Immaturity and ignorance are one in the same.

        • absofuckinglutely

          Fuck you. How many non racist people died on 9-11. Kinda hard to not hate if your child or loved one died there on that day. So shut the fuck up.

          • Islam tolerant

            How many innocents died in the wars against Islamic nations. You dumb shits fail to understand that if you want extremists to represent the fine religion of Islam, you need to look in your own fucking religion. Christianity is filled is shit. Literally. You say we are ragheads and such, migh I remind you that you christian folk dumped their excrement on the streets? Might I remind you who translated the Greek and roman texts to allow for your rennecise? Might I remind you the it was the Christians who started he crusades? Islamic culture is rich but you all brainwashed fools hate on Islam because if 9/11. Look into the Afghanistan, Iraqi civilian deaths, then use 9/11 as an excuse for hating on Islam

          • non fucked up western guy

            you guys disgust me. you know bin laden also fought for freedom, though what he did was wrong he still believed in it just like the us. every day there are leaked pictures of US scumbags discriminating Muslims in the most unthinkable ways such as raping them and afterwards urinating on them, just like their redneck fathers did to them and and their siblings.

        • will jockings

          why are we arguing on a porn site?

          • hummmmm

            Because that is not for human and it is for fucking allah. So that he can watch with virgins. Fucking Allah hu Fucking Akbar.

      • mikie

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        • James

          Fuck you google.

      • why the FUCK do u need to know

        nicely said

      • bob

        did you not read this part? “This video will be archived as evidence for when Islam conquers America, and morality charges are brought up against these infidel harlots. Allahu Akbar!”

        every american should be pissed at these sand googles for that, and not to mention 9/11, Plus there is no such thing as peace, there will always be war, there will always be hate, so leave fuckyouislams alone, because i stand by his comment

        • hummmmm

          Fuck ALLAHU Fucking Akbar

      • think about it


    • hahahahaha

      are you stupid Muslims most loved leader is your pee sized brain hurting after thinking so hard do you find yourself sitting in your room playing video games all day at your moms house, do you hate yourself so you project your own self hatred on other people. I’m white and american and i see shit like this all over the internet i see this shit because Americas media empire show you shit on t.v and you instantly hate anything they tell you to hate, Muslims have nothing to do with 9/11 you’re an ignorant piece of shit and should kill yourself

      • Limesy

        Punctuation is generally needed so that we can at least try and understand what YOUR pea-sized brain is trying to communicate. You should probably go play in traffic.

    • thatguy

      racist bastard! you think your tough because you say a load of bullshit from behind a screen. take the cocks out your ass and mouth and stop giving us whites a bad name.

    • funnyblackguy

      sand googles. racist but funny

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        stupid google

        googles are stinky and dumb

        • muslimsuckdick4run

          Oh my buddy the BITCHER… might want to take a whiff of your own people before dropping the stank label. peace bitch

        • bob

          first off ABDULLAH THE COCK SUCKER, i may be German American, but im still American and willing to die for my country, alot of my friends are black, and some may be stupid, but they dont stink and when you piss them off you better watch your back, cuz theyll fuck that shit up! so why dont you go hide in a cave or a hole or something like your people are good at? kay? and ill see you in the middle east soon, and ill bring my military buddies with

        • Abbas2011

          Googles will fuck you up. Racist. Now why are you racist?

        • The messenger

          Stop using the n word.

    • not muslim

      i am not muslim . but you looks like a fucken asshole

      • fuckyou


    • Haris

      fuck u

    • Bill

      You are an idiotic human being. If you think that our leader was Bin Laden YOU should be riding the short bus, you are a disgrace to your own country. John is right you are why I am ashamed to be called an American P.S. i’m Muslim and do you see me blowing shit up? No so go home you ignorant twat.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        blow-job bill

        if you ain’t blowing up infidels, then you ain’t a Muslim.

        You’re just another trouble making imposter trying to cause trouble on this great internet mecca.

        • James

          Abdullah the ass-butch

          How dare you insult a muslim!

          This site is internet mecca, with PORN? YOU ARE A JEW!

          Shame on your filthy ass.

          • hummmmm

            Its ok Abdullah mom is prostitute and he dont know the name of his dad.

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          • antisemitic

            it is said that every word form a jew is all a lie. stop blabbering bitch, your fucking retarded leaders who create the 9/11 and put the blame on Muslim. that bin laden is one of your fucking agenda, including the free mason and all. jews trying to conquer the world people and they fucking trying to put blame on others. holocaust?its just an event for the world to pity them jews. raping other country and make it your own? where’s your fucking human right now? there’s no country is israel,its always palestine,from the beginning and forever will. you scumbags came from fucking mountain and expel from germany,dont act so ignorant.

          • to antisemetic

            is this antisemetic guy for real? i honestly cannot tell whether he is joking or if he is just tht stupid. i honestly think im a little dumber now bcuz ive read tht. only an idiot wud think tht the holocaust was an event to take pity on jews and tht osama bin laden worked for the jews, WHOME HE HATED. goddamn why are people so stupid. america is so fucked bcuz of people like tht. right there. dude, actually listen in school cuz then u might learn something, go to college, get a good job, and have a nice life. bcuz if u dont, ur gonna end up as a high school drop out (if u arent already one), living in ur parents basement, working at fucking wendy’s, makeing $7.55 an hour. dude, u r truly, FUCKED

          • Imam Khalid

            All Jews are poison,

            Islam is the cure

        • hummmmm

          Watever it is you muslims terrorist are trouble maker and your fucking Allah is enjoying fucking virgins. If you butt is virgin, be careful man your fucking Allah have Big dick and he might rip your ass. FUCKING ALLAHU AKBAR.

      • Me

        If you are ashamed to be an American just because the words a one person out of 300 million people, then you were never proud to begin with.

        • You

          I agree, but it’s not just one person. If you really knew how dumb america is as a whole, you wouldn’t be sticking with that theory. The mainstream average person is dumb, goes on facebook, watches american idol or something along those lines. And just lives, breathes stupidity. Oh and consumes everything in sight. Even if we were more intelligent than we are now. We’d still be the biggest assholes in the world, we have 7% of the worlds population and put out 70% of the earths total garbage in a year. 99% of what is made in the US is thrown out and in a landfill within six months of it being made. We are literally cancer for this planet. A virus running rampant, out of control.

    • Bnasty

      Then stop fucking them

    • JihadMyRod

      fuckyoumuslims….you truly are an ignorant idiot of the highest order. You really dont get it, do you?

      How mind-bogglingly dumb can a person be?

      People like this, who take websites and comments of this nature at face-value, should really be euthanized…before they can spread their intense and almost unbelievable stupidity.

    • ratio 10:1

      just for teh record muslims are every in the world not only in the Arabs.We are at China,Singapore,indonesia,thailand n many2 more places!!

    • absofuckinglutely

      Absofuckinglutely. Fuck those terrorist fucks I’ll put a suicide bomb up there ass.

      • Limesy

        “suicide bomb” would require you to kill yourself in the process…so you should probably do that.

      • executioner786


    • yogabbagabba

      Fuck muslims

      • bob

        fuck each and every 1 of those sandgoogles

    • hero

      Fuck u motherfucker!!
      That fuckin Bin Laden is no muslim’s leader!!!
      Got it bitch?!!

      • executioner786


        • bob

          bullies? we help out our friends, we step in for the little man, plus its not just us fighting in this war on terror, because no1 likes a smelly sand google with a bomb strapped to there chest, i hope the rest of your dumb fuckers blow your selves up, because atleast we know if you THROW the bomb you kill just as many people and you LIVE to fight another day, plus you get whores who know there way around a cock for being a war HERO, NOT 72 WORLD OF WARCRAFT NERDS!

          • bubba

            well as your so fond of lumping all of them in to the same group as the terrorists maby you would like me to do the same to you how many casses of friendly fire were there from the americans so you dont help your friends you kill them when there back is turned so maby you should be killed because your american and my sister was on the second of many helicopters that were with the so called friend americans who cant tell the diffrence between the allies and the enemy and thats why she is dead because you shoot down your own soldiers but i dont hate you all i dont hate them either i just hate racist bastards like you who if you dont learn some tollarence may end up being the cause of the next 9/11

        • hummmmm

          ISLAM my dick and KORAN your mom hairy pussy. So if they meet the go to heaven. Even your ass will do.


      Bin Laden was a fucker he shud be killed as soon as he was born.
      And hell fire is for him, he was a muslim but only before doing those bad deeds.
      B’coz of him many many many innocent lives r dead, Islam dont teach to kill innocent people or murder them, Bin Laden was a muslim only by his NAME, his deeds had made him a KAFIR.
      And Islam has no place for a kfir like Bin laden, I pray to Allah that Bin laden shud not be forgiven at any cost ! and Surely Hell fire is for him!

      • executioner786



    • executioner786

      You ignorant inbred son of a whore! you don’t fuck us Muslims…. It is us that fuck you, your mothers, daughters, sisters and wives and they prefer our cocks to yours so don’t, fuck off and go masturbate you helpless little faggot. America is the Jewish bastard homeland and you red neck mother fuckers are their slaves . America won’t exist in the years to come and it was never your america you cunt, it was robbed from the natives after you murdered their old and young and then raped their women because your own great grand mothers refused fuck your forefathers as they (Surprise, Surprise !) preferred the larger brown cock to your minuscule tackle with massive foreskin. FUCK AMERICA, Fuck your dead, living & dying.FUCK YOU ALL. hail Osama Bin Laden. Hail Gaddafi. Hail Saddam Hussain. P.S. FUCK YOUR SOLDIERS WHO ARE KILLED EACH DAY BY MUSLIMS AND FUCK THE 911 DEAD TOO.

      • Osama Bin Laden

        fuck you and stop praising me you fucking asswipe

      • Peacemaker

        I’m sorry, but your fantasies will never come true.

    • Jason

      R u mad dude r u part of the Kkk u American bastard I’m not that mean I’m an American too I full white ur just fucking racist!

    • Hasan

      Hey m im a muslim and I tell u this 99% of muslims hate bin laden to death, Im sorry you feel this way about muslims when I read these comments all over the internet abt how hated muslims are it breaks my heart it makes me sad, you have the right to hold your own opinion but please stopspreading the hate ,I swear to you that we are being punished for something we had no part off you dont see anyone hating all the germans coz hitler started a world war, my friend I wish you happiness and joy in your life ,I dont hate you for what u said or blame you we are all mislead in this world…Peace.

      • Paulb

        Some of my ancestors, from this mother country of mine, England, pre date, the Roman, invasion from 300bc til 500ad, most of my ancestors were slaves, shipped in their thousands to Italy, we were slaughtered by the vikings ford next 150 years, before the Frenchoccupied us after 1066 battle of Hastings finally then the black death killed off another half our population , i make that 1,100years under occupation, yet did we in banging on Italys door asking for freehealth care free money, free housing, did we lay aguilt tip on the scandinavians, or the French, with the intention of tormenting them for century’s to come, did we FUCK we just did our own thing invented 75% of all modern inventions, and conquered three quarters of the world , even the country we had a bit more trouble keeping hold of, this being the good old folks of the 0U

    • Fuck muslims

      Muslims are fucking disgusting i hope they all die we need to wipe that shit stain of a race off this planet theyll eventually blow themselves up but theyre taking to long

    • Curious Reader

      Ummm….I think you better get your facts straight not all muslims followed Bin Laden. It was a only a terrorist orginization known as the al-Qaedans which just so happens that most people in the group happen to be musilm. So dont be knocking on something you know little about.

    • Zakkaryx66


    • Caleb

      Dude, not cool. You’re obviously a stupid asshole

    • asian love

      How racist!! Wtf are you doing on.this site spitting racial slurs…..people like you are the reason people got away with the holocaust and other genocide…I don’t believe in hell, but I know you will be born as something so.low!! Think about how your words effect people…take your loser wanna be ass somewhere else. And leave this porn .site alone!

    • you fucking moron

      you supercool idiot, Bin Laden was not the leader of muslims, he was the leader of terrorists, and you have no reson to hate muslims you can hate terrorits.
      P:S. im atheist fuck you all religiousts

    • WorldWentRed

      why don’t you put up your real name here, or too afraid? im neither muslim or dark skinned but i would do pretty much anything to watch you die a slow tortured death…

    • Nether mind

      The English sorted out the Nazis, we let you have the Japs

    • Anerican

      I agree, fuck all Muslims Americans rule. (Bin Ladin died on my birthday. May first)

    • LookAtAllTheHate

      Who thought a porn site would be the best place to spew out racial hate? I don’t see why people get so emotional over other peoples beliefs.

    • A.ABDUL

      u stupid, u did suppose to be alive by now, i know u exist by source mistake. ask ur mama to tell u the truth of how came into be, she must’ve slept with ur dad as one of her occasionally customer in a club(bcos by all indication she’s prostitute) futureless human being like u.

  • wow

    Wow such a powerful post. I guess this is where the failed political figures of the KKK can voice their opinions without getting they’re dumb hick asses kicked. If we could have just one blessing of a global extermination.. it would be dumb racist rednecks who post their political views on a wrong turn searching for porn.

    • Big Pete

      Wasted off weiner

      Shut your mouth sissy boy. You should be thanking us card carrying kkk members for keeping the nigs and spics off your ass. Its a fact that googles do nothing but terrorize us white folks, claiming racism at every turn. The spics, on the other hand, take jobs from ladyboys like yourself. We’ve also been known to hang a muslim or two, so we’re doing our part of the war on terror.

      The kkk is a great organization and we’re trying to take this country back from the colored people.

      You’ll thank us later homo

      • Person

        Hey Pete try blowing yourself up or hanging yourself – it would do normal human being a favor – the KKK is full of psychotic assholes like yourself who don’t belong on the planet.

        • mohammad

          please i am a Muslim and in Islam a killer like bin laden will be punished in hell
          do not blame a billion people because of one man there were causalities on both sides
          i don’t hate anyone one including Americans but i do hate their government

          • ChristianGodTheOnlyGod

            i hate our government too.

          • austin powers

            just cuz bin ladden will be punished in hell shoudent mean you shoud avoid him! Are you gunna kill the man that killed your and others familys or just wait till he kills others and dies!

      • Jack

        Terrorize? LMAO kkk burned crosses in peoples front yards, thats called terrorizing.

      • thatguy

        the kkk can suck ma juicy cock. those bastards are a load of homos too blind to see that unity is the only way forward. give the coulerd guys their lifes back , you slutty hypocrites!

      • Limesy

        Little Peter,
        I think it’s more like individuals like you, who clearly have an inferiority complex (along with a tiny penis), who are terrorizing people. Open up a dictionary and look up the word; it probably describes half of your day.
        Ladyboys generally deal in trades outside the realm of your everyday “spic”. Plus they take jobs is ladyboys don’t want. Let me know when you want to pick strawberries in 100 plus degree heat for 3 dollars an hour. I’ll hook you up with a job.
        Finally, you already took it from some “colored” people. Try about 500 years ago. You should go back to wherever YOUR immigrant forefathers came from. Unless, of course, you are native American. Then by all means, stay.
        I’ll thank you the day you accidentally hang yourself while masturbating to old pictures of an eleven year old Jonathon Taylor Thomas. I know how your rednecks secretly like the feel of a tight b-hole.

      • Peacemaker

        Fuck the KKK. Nuff said.

        • Grand Dragon Pete

          Penis maker

          Ha. The dildos you make to shove up your ass makes me sick.

          How dare you come to our great KKK site and blatantly disrespect us.

          The punishment for such behavior is being fed to the hogs….aka death.

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  • bitcher

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    • Wellington

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      • Homie

        Wtf man

  • muslims suck

    Muslims are dushe bags how is flying a plane into a building full of people going to get u to heaven the way iv all ways bin told if u kill someone u go to hell to burn for ever

    • Alex

      Muslims are the not cause of 9/11. And sorry but it’s the truth. It’s not te Muslim people. Its the religion Islam. Not all Muslim people are bad, most just live like any other person in the world

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        asshole alex

        You have just insulted Islam and you will pay with your life

        • Fuck all y’all Racist muslim fucktards

          See how many people dislike your comments?
          I have nothing against islam. I have a fucking issue with you and this fucking racist site. Islam is a respectable religion and the people are so nice.
          If I’d met you on the street, however, I’d think you were a fucking atheist terrorist by the way you talk. You don’t follow any rules, any code or any guidelines of any religion.

          Plain and simple, You don’t deserve to live.

          • JordanCatolano

            athiests have morals! Not being religious doesn’t mean you don’t have any morals to live by! and its incredibly stupid to blame a group of people for the actions of extremists

          • Athiest

            I’m atheist. I have morals. Not to offend you in any way, but has any good come from religion other than hate and war? I would like you to know that KKK were all christian. They thought what they were doing was good. They crucified people and burnt crosses, even churches. What good came from that?

          • austin powers

            fuck all u athiest scum all the shit in this world by an explosion!? THAT IS SOME BULLSHIT!

        • ChristianGodTheOnlyGod

          Christianity FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go GOD GO

          • Paulb

            If your not religious then that doesn’t mean your am atheist, that is just another type of religious cult, preaching on about some other shit, nothing can exist outside the laws of physics can it, we will only know when judgement day arrives , i feel so sorry for the fate that awaits those suicide bombers who took extra pleasure from setting their device off when the market was at its busiest. No Virgins for you ME thinks;-)))))

        • islam warrior


        • Paulb

          I couldn’t give a rats Ass about all these stereotypes, saying same insults and same history lessons, whatever, but Mr Abdullah, you have the gift of the one thing worth living for the ability to make me go from taking an overdose of sleeping pills , to thinking FUCK it i’ll top myself tomorrow, after I’ve seen your stand up routine one more time;-) Cheers Abdullah, have a beer on me ;-))))

          • Big Pete

            English ladyboy

            I have the perfect “sleeping pill” for you….a bullet from the 9mm.

            That’ll put your homo ass to sleep for good.


          • Paulb

            Me no understand, what you mean, but i’m sure your about to tell me in your descriptive, foul mouthed, unique way which will probably have a free history lesson thrown in, telling us it was our fault for not letting the Germans slaughter the English army a year before you Americans decided to show up, then we would have avoided WW2 which would have meant no 9/11, although think you will just remind me how much you and your friends enjoy Fucking my mother up the ass, everytime, you pop over to my country full of..blah blah blah… Wearing just my jazzzzy grooovy funk pants. Hey if it wasn’t for the yanks, i’d be speaking Japanese! So peace

      • Asami

        There are definitely a beunmr of particulars like that to take into consideration. That is a great level to carry up. I supply the ideas above as basic inspiration but clearly there are questions just like the one you deliver up where a very powerful thing will be working in trustworthy good faith. I don?t know if greatest practices have emerged round things like that, but I am certain that your job is clearly identified as a good game. Both boys and girls feel the affect of only a second’s pleasure, for the rest of their lives.

      • ratio 10:1

        if muslims are the cause of 9/11.americans kill muslims everyday count that!!

    • John

      This has to be the the most ignorant thing I have ever read. Let’s blame all Muslims for 9/11 when only a few radicalized Arabs did it. I’m sure all the schools here in America have purged the Crusades from their books. The Great Christian Holy War. But I guess since it’s Christians it’s ok, right? It was ok for Christians to slaughter peaceful Muslims who were protecting their land from foreign invaders because Jesus says so, right? Religion is the plague that needs to be wiped off this beautiful planet. I can’t understand how people still blindly believe the lie of religion.

      • Abdullah The Butcher

        john the shitty philosopher

        Only the Muslim parts of the earth are beautiful. The infidel areas (especially where there are googles and chinks) is ugly as fuck.

        That is why us Muslims must take over. So we can restore beauty to the world.

        • insaneg.i.

          Yes Muslim areas are beautiful, if you love sand..

          That’s okay though, I understand and I pity you. Muslims all know how to read the Q’ran but only like 5 of them understand it.

        • Fuck all y’all Racist muslim fucktards

          Dude, you’re ugly as fuck.

        • Some so-called nigger

          how do you get a muslim pregnant??? cum on her feet and let the flies do the rest hahahahahaha get fucked u dumb cunt!!!! do the world a favour… choke on a bullet faggot

        • islam warrior


        • Paulb

          Me no understand, what you mean, but i’m sure your about to tell me in your descriptive, foul mouthed, unique way which will probably have a free history lesson thrown in, telling us it was our fault for not letting the Germans slaughter the English army a year before you Americans decided to show up, then we would have avoided WW2 which would have meant no 9/11, although think you will just remind me how much kyou and your friends enjoy Fucking my mother up the ass, everytime, you pop over to my country full of..blah blah blah… Wearing just my jazzzzy grooovy funk pants. Hey if it wasn’t for the yanks, i’d be speaking Japanese! So peace

        • Peacemaker

          … *barf*

      • Me

        The Crusades were waged to TAKE BACK the Holy Land from Muslims. Learn some history you dumbass. Islam arose in the 7th century AD. The Middle East for hundreds of years prior to that was under the Byzantine Empire. Christianity flourished there at this time. It was not until the Arabs came out from the Arabian Peninsula and conquered the region that it turned Muslim. They waged war and forced people to convert. They went on to invade North Africa, Spain, Central Asia, and India. Hardly what I would call peaceful!!!!

    • cpt. obvious

      Im not a muslim but can sure as hell tell you this: muslims are belivers of god just lioe christians, catholics etc. So shut your dirty little whore mouth hand mayne, do some research before you open it.

      • austin powers

        no shit sherlocks! by the way i am a cristian and i know about the crusades IF the muslims did not interfere the world woud have peace (for once) and not live in fear of Religous wars and avoid 9/11/2001 peral harbour WW2 plus the world woud not be suffering from the girls being lower class system not to mention WHO THE HELL IS RIGHT AND WHO IS FUCKIN WRONG!

        • The messenger

          The kkk disgrace themselves. They don’t live truly by what god wants.

  • Yeyeeeq

    Lol, this site is ridiculous xD

    Silly moralism grounded in intolerance from a book. Lol.

    • Prince Ramses VII

      Yes, we live by the book, what do you westerners live by? You live by your television and your celebrities, while your ally Israel shoots the shit out of all those worthless Palestinians. Blind! One would say Muslims are blinded by their faith, just as one would say westerners are blinded by their over sexualization of everything, their affinity for anal, and their governments lies!

      • thatguy

        i dont. i hate sexualisation.

      • U Islamic worshiping twat.

        So what are you doing on this site then buddy?

  • Paola

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  • Real Nigga

    ahhh this site subject to all racism of any kind truly all i have to say is i like all races and people ha jk i hate all races except for white and black we should teamm up and enslave all other races

    • Realist

      Wow ur a black guy saying that?? … When 40 years ago you couldnt sit on the front of the bus with
      Them white folks hahah ignorant black man Dr king and Malcom X would be turning in there graves man

  • Diggit

    Anybody happen to catch that hot video at the top of the page or what?

    • what video

      I thought this was a site for naked celebs, instead most are bashing one another in childish ways.

      If you guys are so pent up about this, enlist.

      I’m going to check out some bOObs with Diggit.

  • Reza

    Why you just against America almost every other country is the same way. Some are worse. So why America?

  • Prince Omar

    If the drivel above represents the bigots “best efforts” at persuasion, they are not only total losers it would appear they also don’t really enjoy hot female flesh (remember anything in the video which had anything to do with your failed worldviews, racists?).

  • insaneg.i.

    In the Islamic countries there are only 3 types of Muslims, Terrorists, Terrorists-in-training, and Terrorist Supporters.

    Now the majority of Muslims fall into the third category, however, they are always ready to jump into the first and second at the drop of a hat.

    These people all cheered at the twin towers falling on 9-11, and cheered at the murder of almost 3,000 civilians.

    BTW, didn’t an Islamic country issue a decree that it was okay to have sex with a goat as long as you don’t sell the meat locally?? Check this out, it was the Ayatoolah (Supreme Goat Screwer) Khomeini. It seems that Islamic men prefer goats to women, which is why the hate the West and America so much. Now before you people get too mean with these poor fools about this, just think about what you would do if you were married to a burlap sack.

  • Dancing Llama

    Wow people. All religions islam and christanty preach love and understanding. I am not islamic but the islamic people are given a bad name by 9/11

  • excellent!!

  • mohamedwasahomo

    All you big bearded faggots got so much shit to talk on celebs being naked but u seem to know an awful lot about each one. Just go back to ur lil sand shack wit ur sandals and blow mohamed. HAHA and u cry when someone draws a fuckin cartoon of that pussy.

  • FuckIslam

    u people kill people eat human meat in name the of Allah a God Shame on u……..

  • TrueFreedom

    I think that we should let go of the past and forgive and come together. We are all of God and there is no reason to be separate from each other. I know you all will call me a fag or whatnot for posting this!! but that is ok because I love you all anyways :) Love is the greatest!! Love IS God!! Now just let it flow its never too late!!!

    • what video

      Wow, I will call you a fag for that.

      Evolution is whats in.

      Didn’t get the memo from Jesus I see…

      FYI. Big floppy donkey dick

    • what video

      I will call you a fag for that.

      Evolution is whats in.

      Didn’t get the memo from Jesus I see…

      FYI. Big floppy donkey dick

  • Jesus the mother fucker

    Hey christhian shitheads….do u guys know jesus was a mother fucker?gay?and his mom was a lesbian …she got some nice tits and she used to date with anyone.. nd thats how your fuck asshole jeez was born….go on assholes….follow that mofo

    • U Islamic worshiping twat.

      did you now mohammed was a pedophile? just followed it bitch.

  • Jesus the mother fucker

    You guys are only telling about the few young aggressive muslims….but remember one thing…islam haven’t any role in the first and second world wars….even if now u.s mofos are hunting down iran and iraq aren’t those lives? Dosen’t they have pain…..think before u say…….christhains had killed millions of people during the first world war……and the karl marx, william shakespear etc had beards , does you people call them terrorists….they are the sign of maleliness and nun of u fuckn shemales christhaian mofos won’t hav it……

    • Me

      Christians didn’t justify the wars with their religion though. The two world wars were just conflicts that included Christians (and non Christians like Chinese, Japanese etc). Muslim terrorists are committing violence and justifying their actions with Islam. They are doing these things in the name of Allah. That’s the difference.

    • Peace

      What about the Muslims genocide against the Christian Turkish people during WWI? The Ottoman Turks were Muslim and committed genocide against Christians in WWI.

    • The messenger

      Jesus was straight and he spent all of his time teaching others kindness and compassion. He is the one true God and I pray that someday you see the path of good.

  • guywithQ

    who is the girl in the picture

  • Ahura Mazda Miata

    How are all of you people so stupid? This sit is a joke, its a troll site. Read the Disclaimer link at the bottom of the page:

    “ is a satirical website containing published rumors, speculation, assumptions, opinions, fiction as well as factual information. Information on this site may or may not be true and is not meant to be taken as fact. makes no warranty as to the validity of any claims.”

    Its not actually run by Muslims. Funnily enough, its run by a Jewish person out of Lansing, Michigan.

  • Ikavob anashlondalondahabut abdul

    Hahahahaha…………. White power!!!! White ppl are the best and all other races are dog shit. Hahahahahahaha all you intelligent ppl should get jobs and quit fighting us perfect flawless American white folk. Hahahahahaa kill the googles kill the arabs kill kill kill!!!!! Hahahahaha now jack off. I love ppl who have time for conversation. And masturbation and controversy. Good combination. I’m racist.

    • Reminisce

      White people power? Honestly, if you’re going to be racist, try to look intelligent while doing it.

      Don’t look like a fucking idiotic 12 year old trying to be cool on the internet. Kids like you make me laugh. But don’t go. We, the older people, need some idiots to laugh at.

  • bobfakeperson

    You see this website is racist but I believe its not mada. By a white or a Muslim it is made by some1 that wants the 2 to fight. So all of you can fight online like pussies while the maker is sitting at home luaghing and jerking off to the fake piece of shit website that just makes people angry.

  • bobfakeperson

    I have also read some of the responses to the website and u people are savages calling people names and making fun of religions will get u no were but with war just like any other war started from people hating religions. And I have to say some whites say how they are really nice and are like gods but there not and some Muslims are saying some very bad things about whites and Christianity. Every 1 should stop fighting and point there anger at the creater of this site because hes the 1 who started all of this crap.

  • Emily

    That comment below was soo fucking racist! Dude there is absolulately no need for that, sand googles? Really? Grow up. By the way bin laden twisted the muslim belief so that isnt the true muslim belief! By the looks of it 95% of muslims give or take a few are alot more nice and peaceful than you

    • Kahlid

      Shut up, you ignorant, white vaginal life-support system

      • GoBackToYourShitHouseAndFuckOff

        Dumb muslims… It seems you generalize Americans as much as we generalize you. I don’t hate muslims… I don’t care enough about any of you birthdefects to give a shit. Israel too.. If you dumb fucks want to spend your miserable existences on some faggot jihad shit, go ahead… I’ll continue enjoying my nice life here in the States.

  • I will shoot you in the ass dumb fuckface ass-hole

    Niger ass sandface fucks just go eat cum of your moms face muslifags


    wow… its amazing how hate can blind one’s judgement… im an american, and honestly, our history is a good example of america’s so called righteousness. we bought imprisoned us citizens in WW2 because of pearl harbor’s attack. we forced thousands of native americans out of their lands and give them crappy reservations. we cant seem to stay out of other countries problems, when we have troubles of our own. we trained the guys who are, supposedly responsible for 9/11. we keep giving out money in welfare and spending a shitload on useless things like space exploration. we need to look in the damn mirror before we are quick to judge. to quote someone not believe in Islam, “”Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      couldn’t suck more

      Shut up asshole.

      Us Muslims know that you infidel americans bought googles during WW2… don’t keep bragging about it.

      When Islam takes over, we’ll kill all the googles and make you white infidels the slaves of us Muslims.

      Eat shit mofo

      • Americandude123

        What military power can Muslims use against superpower America?

        • Abdullah The Butcher


          your homoqueer military now spends so much time “loading up” each others poop chute that us Muslims can as you fags say….”catch them from behind” and execute them with the AK-47.

          The funny thing about this method of killing infidels, is that they often “come and go at the same time”

          Ha…that was a Muslim joke at the expense of faggy, limp-wristed ameriqueers.

          eat shit and die mofos

          • Americandude123

            Whered u get the ak? Russia not anywhere in the middle east

          • GoBackToYourShitHouseAndFuckOff

            We LITERALLY kill you terrorist faggots daily with remote plans…. In afganistan/iraq we would laugh at how weak you little fucks are.. Not too mention shooting a fully automatic rifle.. LOL LOL LOL LOL

          • Americandude123

            Seriously it’s true

      • conquer

        A religion which valourises wasteing of lives and endangering your life in the mission u set up never stands to reason icon of rest assurement and peace.If i tell you how many souls that have been lost in the name of Jihad,u as an Islam will smile cos is what u have been taught by At-subah tubrah 29vs9.But Christians will shed tears.But all i know God will judge every man even,Islam, Muslims and Christians.

    • thatguy

      thats also in the bible.

  • Mustafa

    Wow.. you stupid Americans really are uneducated idiots. You all believe what the t.v tells you right? Muslim this, and Muslim that.. Do your research on Islam before you flame it with your redneck attitude. and keep believing what the media portrays.

    • GoBackToYourShitHouseAndFuckOff

      And did you not just stereotype Americans? Life must be hard for you.. being that you’re poor AND dumb.

    • Me

      Please, a Muslim calling Americans stupid? Every statistic and all of the data on earth suggests Americans are much smarter and more productive than Muslims.

      Average American IQ is about 100, Average IQ in the Muslim world is around 80-85. In America there is a 99% literacy rate, in the Islamic world it barely surpasses 80%. Americans have contributed more advancements to the world in the last 100 years than Muslims have in the last 700 years. You no doubt revolve your pathetic life around an assortment of American products — i.e. movies, tv shows, music, websites, tech gadgets, video games, clothes, literature, food, beverages, universities, businesses, celebrities, etc. There is a reason why millions of your kind seek to immigrate to the U.S. every year. It’s simply superior to any nation you Muslims can build. So it’s understandable why you must always lash out at America in hate… it’s all rooted in an inferiority complex. Pure bitterness and insecurity on your part.

  • to thr bicht ho insulted Islam

    hey asshole just know some thine that i will meet and i do not forget waht you say and when i meet you kill you stupid bicht fuck you

  • Khush

    Fuck off you all..
    What can u do to say againt Muslims anything here???
    Shut the fuck off ur mouth.. You cannot do anything,..

  • Fuck you america

    American are completely donkey ass and can not do anything.They just do fucking talking.they are the worst nation in the world because the whole world has a hatred feeling about america.they use to say that they are the most powerful nation in the world.Well fucking powerfull!!! It takes them 10 years to catch one person.fuck u america!!!

    • U Islamic worshiping twat.

      It’s gonna take more than 10 years for all you muslims to find your cocks. Since it is scientifically proven that Asian males have the smallest dicks.

    • Americandude123

      If America wanted 2they could blow the middle east off the map

    • Me

      It took 10 years to catch Bin Laden because Pakistan was protecting him. Would you like to have seen America start a war with them too? It would result in millions more Muslims being killed.

      Muslims should be grateful that America has mercy and doesn’t use its full military potential (i.e. nukes and other advanced missiles). We can wipe you guys off of the planet and end this ongoing conflict with Islam at once. But like civilized folk we do not want to hurt too many innocents. Unlike Muslim extremists we attempt to reduce civilian casualties as much as possible.

  • Wow

    the amount of racism on this post is amazing

  • dnd

    quit bitching to eachother about bull shit and suck it up you both hate eachother! no need to continue pointless arguments… damn… i thought muslims were smart enough to blow them selves up but throw the bombs and amercans were smart enough not to egg it on so they dont do another god\alla damn bombing of america… muslims… go conquer fucking africa least they dont use guns… ps africans dont believe in alla and america is trying not to kill you but you shoot we shoot back… dumbass wholes… good bye. dont bomb me. dont shoot me and im not racist. fucking asswhole an the us army already dicovered this website

    • You freaking retard Africa has a crap load of muslims.. Also learn how to use the word hole.. And get ur facts straight and research about Islam before you start saying shit

  • dnd

    ps the only reason we have found ben ladin is cause he’s damn good at hide and go seek… and actually europe asia australia canada south america and africa are our allies with technical… muslims just fucking hate us

  • dnd

    and yes america has alot of sluts… thats why i hate some of america… but theirs still other shit to do other than watch fuckin disgusting porn… bye…

  • fuckyouchristianandjews

    fuck you guys back christian are most dumbest person ever that follow all jews path.stupid so called holy bible.How come christian praise jesus when they know father is the father of jesus and if jesus is so called son of god why he been killed by weak humans.can you guys explain that?

    • U Islamic worshiping twat.

      U have never read the bible, and you clearly know nothing about Christianity.

  • muslim savages

    Below shows what muslims are lead by, fucking animals, be yourselves fuckers and stop following a fairytale…….

    Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, The Supreme Leader of Iran, the Shia Grand Ayatollah, 1979-89 said in his official statements:

    “A man can quench his sexual lusts with a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. Sodomizing the baby is halal (allowed by sharia). If the man penetrates and damages the child, then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl, however, does not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister. It is better for a girl to marry when her menstruation starts, and at her husband’s house rather than her father’s home. Any father marrying his daughter so young will have a permanent place in heaven.”

  • fuck muslim

    fuck muslim’s mother u mother fucker

  • AmericansAreRetards

    Americans are dumb fucks. Americans are no better than the shit i stepped in this morning and if they all just disappeared the world would be a better place all together.

    • Me

      If Americans disappeared whose movies and tv shows will you watch? Whose music will you listen to? Whose websites will you visit? Whose video games will you play? Whose technology will you use? Whose food and beverages would you eat and drink? Whose clothes will you wear? Whose companies will you buy from? Whose politics would you obsess over?

      There is a reason why America has the highest GDP, 7th highest per capita income, and is among the leaders in the manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment, technology, sales, and banking industries. There is a reason why it has most of the world’s millionaires and billionaires, top corporations, and elite universities. You non Americans clearly consume American products at disproportionate numbers. You love what we create, and this love makes us rich and dominant. There is not an industry on earth where Americans do not hold a solid position in. And much of it is because of support from people like you. Thanks.

      Be honest, your whole fucking life revolves around America and its contributions. Don’t be mad because you live under American hegemony and your own nation is an irrelevant joke. Just accept that YOU are no better than shit and move on.

    • ass

      u like men

      • Niko Bellic

        Big Pete likes men more.

  • catatafish

    Quote:This video will be archived as evidence for when Islam conquers America.
    How does Islam plan on conquering Anyone? LOL
    I think there most dangerous attack would be throwing their own fecies at people LOL
    Just like the sand monkeys they are LOL

  • umm

    I hate Scienctologists, thats a stupid religion. It just goes to show how many ppl are idiots in this world!

    • Wise Man

      You are the biggest idiotic hypocrite in the world.

  • grenadeh

    Is this site for real? Their Zionist overlords? Rofl.

  • An intelligent person

    What’s with the all the racism you nazi bastards shut t he fuck up

  • Mufti David

    islamic stuffs are not even considered human

  • Fuck You muslim !

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    • the punisher 9/11

      are u physcopat or insane,you comment like a stupid idiot moron jerk asshole bastard why u born on earth with big mouth..hahahahaha

  • Anonomus

    Best website ever

  • matt

    I’ve never heard of any of them

    • All muslims belong in hell

      Fuck all the muslims thay can all go back to hell where thay belong

  • Troll


  • Troll






    • Me Gusta


    • Vladlac1

      WOW !!!!! Is that the ONLY word you know ? The constitution says we have the right to believe in or not to believe in a God. So who is anyone to judge others. If celebrities want to show their bodies thats their personal desition. Who are we to say that we wouldn’t do the same thing, if put in the same position that they are ?

      • English dude

        Jesus i’ve spent the last half an hour reading through some of these and all I can see is that the vast majority of American’s are retarded redneck racists. It’s good to see that there are some normal people who know that you can’t blame the majority for the decisions made by a relatively small group of extremists.

        I’m a white english man and have Black friends, Indian friends and Muslim friends, I dont dress up in a white dress and burn crosses and call people “sand googles” and “googles” and don’t understand what has happened to the majority of you.

        I think that the majority of you American’s need to grow up, get a hobby and stop hating people for things that they cannot control. To be completely honest, I would rather live in the Middle East than America if I would have to put up with people like you.

        • Curious Reader

          I agree. As I read through this i realized that people have such great hate for the muslims which I do not understand why. It was al-Qaeda that we should hate, or at least dislike, not muslims. We dont hate a group of people because one person acted out that was from that group. We only hate that one person.

          Americans just cant seem to grasp that fact that we are ignorant.