The Jonas Brothers Molest A Fat Man

Jonas Brothers fat

Wow just look at this picture of the Jonas Brothers attacking a fat man on the beach. These little punks think that because they are celebrities they can do whatever they want.

From what I can gather from this picture Jonas Brothers, Nick and older brother Ugly Jonas were walking down the beach when their Satanic urges got the better of them. It appears that as their devil worshiping friends cheered them on they attacked and killed a helpless fat man.

They then proceed to either molest the man’s dead body to get their sick perverted Jonas brothers kicks and/or they started harvesting the man’s organs to be sacrificed to Lucifer later that night.

Why haven’t the authorities arrested these sadistic freaks? I’ll tell you why, it is because they are protected by the Zionist scum in Hollywood. May Allah the righteous strike them down and bring an end to this terror that is gripping our nation’s fat men at beaches!



    • hi


      • RF

        soo… nice to know you guys know what a joke is.
        Even though i think they are obviously preparing to molest him alive. It’s just way more probable

  • Kalee

    Obviously the writer has no responsibility to check their facts. Although clearly facts are not what you are searching for. This was a shoot for a television show. No one hurt the man. He’s an actor who was pretending to be asleep while they were searching for treasure on the beach.

  • hi

    that’s just dumb u should get ur info checked before u talk again u may never now u may never know if those are rumors if ur a true lover or the Jonas brothers u wouldn’t of posted this !!! >:/

  • dreamer156

    totally agree karen person who wrote your stupid and you are an idiot for writing this and your also jealous and probably don’t have anything to do in your life besides criticise people who are better than you!!!!

    • dreamer156

      person who wrote that thing sorry typo

  • Vivian

    the writer of this definitely does not have more to do! first to probe the facts right before making statements!! Can u think!!?? I´m agree with Kalee..

    Get a life!!

  • Angela

    I think something is wrong with your eyes Kevin is gorgeous! Kevin & Nick where filming new scenes for JONAS their TV show.

  • breta

    ha the author of this article is so ignorant,they are filming the JONAS series…and none of jonas brothers is might be ugly

  • elvago

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha i don’t know what’s better… the article or the responses…

  • Mendooran MSW Australia

    It’s true – I seen it. And credit to Celebjihad for not publishing the photos of when the sick little monkeys then started fucking the corpse in the butt – without consent! Satanic little fuckers may have fooled you younguns, but I know pure evil when I drive one of my tomato stakes through their black hearts…

  • fuckyou


  • GreenDay03

    You’re lame, get a life! Omg, it’s for their TV show, was it JONAS? And what? Ugly Jonas!? “-_- He’s not ugly! Jealous because of their fame? Probably..

  • xD

    are u an idiot ? u stupid idiot. dont talk about them like that -.- theyre doing it for their tv programme, the only satan worshipper here is YOU. now go get a fukin life u bastard .

  • xD

    and his names kevin, get it right u fuker. and if u think hes ugly, u must be fukin blind. ever taken a look in the mirror? oh yeh u cant, cos they crack every time u try. you fukin wasteman, go geta life. -.- jheeze, think u no evrything, u suk u dikhed, i hope “allah” strikes u down -.- u deserve it . acting like u no them or sumthin, hu do u think u are. and theres no way that their “satanic” so get ur facts strait. & in what way, does it look like they’re molesting a dead mans body after killing him ? wow, get ur facts straight. u are in serious need of glasses, i cant see anyway you could gather that from this picture. stupid little idiot, go back to school & do us all a favour and go to specsavers, if u can afford it. stupid little prick.

    • xD

      dont dislike it fukers.

  • xD

    gosh i wish i knew the person that rote this, feel like slapping them . -.-

  • paige

    R U KIDDING!?!? this is such a lie!!! first off thats john taylor theirr guitarest and they were doing this for disney channel….they were looking for berried treasure that found some under the man…they tried to roll him over than nick tried to pick him up…..and KEVIN IS AMAZINGLY HANDSOM!!! STOP THE JONAS BROTHERS HATE!! THAY ARE AMAZING AND U NEED TO STOP HATING!!! I WILLL FOREVER LOVE THE JONAS BROHTERS….O AND BY THE WAY WHOEVER WROTE THIS IS NEVER GONA GET ANYWEAR WITH THEIR WRITING CAREER BECAUSE PEOPLE DONT WANT LIES

    • Wow

      “they were looking for berried treasure”

      Berried treasure? Sounds delicious!

      • Bob

        I know, it wasn’t ANYWEAR near the correct spelling.

  • Dumb people unite

    I heard they had sex with his lower intestines after the murdering and whatnot.

  • Loren

    Ahahahaha I litteraly peed myself reading this. Nick and ‘Ugly brother’ omg that was hysterical. I can’t believe the morons on here still havnt gotten that it’s a joke

  • q

    died reading aff will be so stupid. or should know
    what satanico alok kkkkkkkkkkk for the dictionary and
    tries to learn more jonas kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk haha thanks
    for making me laugh (: if not understand I translate for you:] the next time write something that provides,

  • James.

    All Of You Suck xD- Now Go get a life then molesting children on the internet- pedo’s. You have some serious problems you need to see a doctor itll help your problems dickheads -.-

  • xD

    dont dislike my comments u fuktard . u no its the truth . little gay shit, geta life -.-

  • James.

    Hey xD owns soo now you all stfu before we get usman on you then your dead [x isnt that ryt :D

    • xD


      if u think the jonas brotherss are badd, &
      killlers and w/e ,
      u dont wana meet a terrorist 8D

      • jonas#1boom

        hey xD stop opening your mouth about things i disliked most of your complains because they SUCKED so if i were you i would change my name get a life stop talking shit and get on the subject now where were we oh yeah i think that the fat man was not breathing and the Jonas Brothers were just trying to help by getting them 2 a hospital.

  • James.

    LOOOL and noor thatll scare you, i bet this dude is some 50 year old dude sitting behind his computer watching dodgy dvd’s in a scrapyard go GETTA LIFE CUZ JAMESSHASSKILLLS! AND SO DOES LIBSZ XD

  • Anne

    get a life u r so stupid

  • thisisfunny

    this is funny lol

    • LOLLOL

      xD needs to shut your mouth and stop talking shit to people were talking about the Jonas Brothers here not xD so shut the fuck up ok the last thing we need is more drama

  • Dirk Diggler

    The one on the left has a hand full of nutsack, and the one on the right us wrist deep in that fat guys colon.

    • LOLLOL

      hey someone once told me to speak my mind because if you do then life would much easier. some of you guys here already speak your mind and you guys need to stop becauuse it is not helping here. the Jonas brothers are being blamed 4 murder and u guys r just going to sit here and argue. well now it is time to put your mind to the Jonas BROTHERS ok the jonas brothers would do nothing like that ever oh and 1 thing where is joe in this picture when they say the Jonas Brothers here its only nick and kevin

  • peace out 101

    hey i agree with LOLLOL because she or he is right by the way what are you a boy or a girl because she is right all you guys ever do is speak your mind all you guys r r a bunch of snutty bitchs you go LOLLOL


    i am a girl y are u a boy who wants to hook up or something



  • RF

    I love the people that can’t take a joke.

  • PiFF

    LOLOLOLOL ugly Jonas…. I love how u piss off all the teenyboppers….

  • Rebecca

    They are not attacking the man. They would never attack anyone especially a girl.

  • anominos

    that picture is from the JONAS LA its not that they were molesting a fan.
    Dont put pics if you are not shure