The Girl Who Took Tiger Woods’ Virginity Speaks

Tiger Woods prom

Dina Gravell, Tiger’s high school sweetheart and the woman who took Tiger Woods’ virginity describes a teenage Woods as a clingy, possessive romantic who liked to write love letters, and was not even remotely attracted to black women.

Her first date with Tiger was to see a movie, and it ended with an awkward hug.

“As we said goodbye, it was really awkward. You could tell he didn’t know whether to lunge for a kiss or not. So we had a hug instead.”

Dina speculates that her choice of movie, “Poetic Justice” with Janet Jackson, had ruined the mood for Tiger.

“Seeing that black woman on screen dried Tiger up real quick.”

The relationship strained in 1994 when Woods left their town to enroll in Stanford University.

“I was never jealous but Tiger was a little. He’d ask me what I was up to when he was gone. I never cheated on him, though.

It was college. He was a golfer. I don’t flatter myself that he was faithful to me.

Besides it was not like he was going to Howard or some college in Harlem were I would have absolutely nothing to worry about”

Tiger ended their three-year relationship in a letter.

“He said my parents are very concerned that you’re a big distraction for me, and I have to listen to them. We have to break up. I felt I was punched in the stomach.”

I think the real reason we broke up was that I was not ‘white enough’ for him. He hated the fact that I would listen to R&B music and eat fried chicken on occasion.”

Days later, Tiger tried to reconcile with her, but she refused.

“I always hear, ‘That could have been you,’ and I say, ‘Thank God, it’s not.’”

  • YKD

    Janet Jackson!! What a joke Tiger could never get that (during her hey day) 1989 – 2004, billionaire or not!

  • Lon

    Dina said she had a Tiger in her pants. With these pro girls saying Tiger is so good. It must be all down hill for her the rest of her life. Sorry girl you should have kept that Tiger in your pants it would have filled that void you must feel now. Because if ther was know void you would not be talking about this now Ta Da Ta Da

  • Terry

    As pasty as she looks, she didn’t think Tiger thought she was white enough for him? She sounds like a bitter slightly racist stuck up wannabee. I’m sure she wished it was her, so she could have his millions too. Cheap a@& trick!!!

  • Todd

    Tiger says “where de white women at?”

  • Lino Munoz

    The funny part is 2010 is the year of the Tiger someone needs to make a calendar with the girls and sell them! LMAO!

  • James

    Actually Tiger couldn’t get that now either. Janet has been looking sexy as hell lately.

  • Las Brisas

    Where’s the part about her popping his cherry?

  • mello

    janet is dat bitch…i doubt she would even fuk wit tiger…im sure hed dry her out b4 she had a chance 2 even get wet!

  • rick

    This woman is right on and whenever Oprah speaks to him, she should ask ” Why is it that you are not attracted to woman of your own race.”?