The Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Celebs Plastic Surgery

Usually when you hear about celebrity plastic surgery the story involves some image obsessed celeb who went crazy and had their body and face mutilated. However, there are some celebs that go under the knife and actually come out looking better. Here is our list of the top celebrity plastic surgeries.

Name: Heidi Klum
What she had done: Boob job
Interesting fact: Although from an aesthetic standpoint the operation was a success. The doctors mistakenly removed Heidi’s taste in men resulting in her marrying the mutant singer known as “Seal”.

Heidi Klum

Name: Holly Madison
What she had done: Lots
Interesting fact: Holly paid for her surgery with the money she earned giving old men handjobs in the VIP room at “Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club” (a skill she famously capitalized on later in life).

Holly Madison

Name: Kate Beckinsale
What she had done: Dental veneers
Interesting fact: Kate demanded that her new teeth be sculpted from the ivory of baby elephants.

Kate Beckinsale

Name: Ryan Gosling
What she had done: Nose job
Interesting fact: Besides the nose job Ryan also received a series of injections to his face to increase the appearance of smugness.

Ryan Gosling

Name: Giselle Bundchen
What she had done: Boob job
Interesting fact: The surgery resulted in a free Tom Brady penis implant.


Name: Adrianna Lima
What she had done: Boob job
Interesting fact: After the surgery her boobs were bigger.

Adrianna Lima

Name: Marisa Miller
What she had done: Boob job
Interesting fact: Marisa’s doctors admired her vagina while she was under anesthesia.

Marisa Miller

Name: Heather Locklear
What she had done: Boob job
Interesting fact: Even with big boobs Heather has not been attractive since the late 80’s.

Heather Locklear

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  • chloe

    No doubt some of them had work done. However, I think Heidi might have gained boobage due to…you know…producing milk for kids. I could be wrong though.