Teen Mom Farrah Video To Be Used For Sex Ed

Teen Mom Farrah Sex

Education officials in the US have just announced that the Teen Mom Farrah sex tape is going to be used in all high school sex ed classes.

With no end in sight to the epidemic of unwed teen mothers in America, sexual education teachers hope that the Farrah sex tape video below will help illustrate to teens the importance of anal and pulling out and finishing on a girl’s face.

As you can see in the video below, there is no better role model than Teen Mom Farrah Abraham to show these youngsters how to take it up the ass, and a big load to the face.

See the Full Tape Here

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      • Umar the Brown

        Truly, Brother, the noble and wise Qur’an has influenced you in your patient and accurate rulings.


  • Ashlam

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    It does seem like a standard training video.

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  • Abdullah

    “Angel of the (whatever)” wouldn’t like this video, because It doesn’t involve male farm animals spewing on its face. It would certainly be disqualified in that the video lacks male farm animals in general.

    Some might argue, that this kike-trollop IS a variant of farm animal. However, there is little doubt that even if that were agreed upon by all (which would be highly likely), she would still be a disqualified because it is clear that she is female.

    This video, still, is clearly excellent educational material. For infidels.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    The soft core porn site celebjihad has turned the corner into hard porn. It is now a true competitor. I may have to leave this site due to a contractual conflict of interest. Would my jihad and non jihad friends miss me any?

    • Chrissy the Lesbian

      I know I would :-(

      Alissa, you’re one of the very few rational people on this site. Most of the people here are psychotic, repressed gay men. And thats only the beginning of the multitudes of problems these whack-jobs seem to have.

      That said, the jihadis are a riot :-D

      • Alissa C DiCarlo

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      Alissa C DiCarlo

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        As for the economy. Don’t bother taking credit for that. The economy was purposely destroyed by the Australians who are all secretly Jews and plan on taking over the world. Why do you think the Australian economy stayed fairly strong and they avoided a recession when the rest of the worlds economy hit bottom? Look it up if you don’t believe me.

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        • True blue Aussie

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        • imam Abdul Hussein

          Team Dumb-shit

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          – For the past 4 years, all our Islamic allies in the republican party did was try to blame the economic meltdown on the heretic Obama, pretending that our hero (George W Bush) never even happened.
          – And your hero (and ours) outed an active CIA operative, openly committing treason on our behalf. If we didn’t have so many allies in the GOP, do you seriously think he would’ve escaped the impeachment he would’ve deserved otherwise?

          It was that heretic and traitor to Islam Obama that killed Bin Laden. Our little George stopped looking for him because we told him to. He was a good little boy and bent over whenever we so ordered him to do so. The Catholic Priests would’ve appreciated him ;-D

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          • Team America

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            The only thing you terrorist have infiltrated is the DemocRAT party with there Kenyan born leader, Barry Adolf Hussein Bin-Laden Obama.

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          • imam Abdul Hussein

            Team Dip-Shit

            I didn’t have to ruin the name of George W Bush – he did that all by himself. He simply followed the orders of our Islamist Mullahs, performed according to the wishes of Allah (SWT), and did exactly what Osama Bin Laden said he would do.

            Smear campaign? SMEAR CAMPAIGN? Didn’t you ever listen to that drooling idiot TALK? Are you SHITTING ME? You ARE a SUCKER. I’m certain you’re feeling “misunderestimated” now aren’t you?



            All anyone had to do to make a fool of Bush was play back what he said VERBATIM!

            Seriously, you couldn’t make that shit up!

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            As long as the GOP remains the ‘PARTY OF THE RETARDED’, according to one of the few smart ones, the only way a republican will see the inside of the White House is if they’re mopping the floors!

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          • Troll

            Team America –

            Maybe you should go and have a look at the Presidential Ranking Studies results. The overall ranking for George W Bush was 39th (out of 43), making him the worst POTUS in well over a century (even by the most conservative study).

            FAR below that of former POTUS Jimmy Carter, who comes in at 27th (out of 43).

            GWB earned the dubious distinction of lousiest POTUS in US history for foreign policy, and second worst in history for financial management. These unpleasant facts are supported by multiple years of National Intelligence Estimates (annual reports based on the combined opinions of all 16 of the US national intelligence agencies), and in fact, many of the Bush Administrations own reports, which were written by their own staff, and are still readily available on line.

            And those findings are in keeping with the opinions of virtually every other nation on the planet, regardless of friend or foe.

            Those are the facts, and while the Imam clearly is yanking your chain just for kicks (via exaggeration), what he says unfortunately has a strong foundation in fact.

            And I do mean it when I say unfortunately.



          • Team America

            Ass Troll

            I don’t care about your facts. Facts can be used to prove almost anything. I’m going to write a book about Bush titled: George Dubya Bush, President of the United States of AWESOME. I’ve been doing some research and I’ve come up with the following.

            Bush was a hero: Bush fought in the Vietnam war and single handedly took out an entire Viet Cong battalion with nothing but a standard military knife. He then went on to single handedly free south Vietnam from communist rule.

            Bush was a revolutionary: did you know that Bush was the first man to discover his G-stop and is the worlds leading expert on performing fellatio?

            Bush is a genius: did you know that Bush went to Yale university and Harvard business school were he was a cheerleader and graduated with top honours and was named Cum Mega Lord?

            So you can keep your facts to yourself because like most Americans I don’t care about facts.

            America! United States of AWESOME!

          • Troll

            The only reason why Bush got into any decent schools was because of his daddy. And neither of these schools accept legacy student like him anymore, because of his performance.

            He got lousy grades, failed in every business he ran, and failed running the nation. Unless of course, you’re an enemy of the USA, and then he did AWESOME.

            But here’s a simple comparison for you to think about:

            State of the Union inherited by George W Bush, versus State of the Union inherited by Barak Obama.


          • Team America

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          • David

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        • So and so..

          Well that is a total load of crap isn’t it.. What exactly did USA win? Lots of dead soldiers? USA are idiots for going there in the first place. Always stick there noses where it doesn’t belong and wonder why they end up with a cold..

      • So and so..

        Well it’s a nice thought, but since you guys still have civil war constantly I think you may want to think again about who is getting fucked lol and I’m not American nor have I ever been there for the sake of putting out there

    • Mr.Cool

      Your either fucken stupid as a bag of shit with no knowledge of what your saying or & I hope it’s the ladder your just hear to piss people off & if you are just making people mad for fun that’s awesome cuz I do that but if you truly believe what your saying I’m amazed at how stupid you sound

  • Osama Bin Laden

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    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

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  • Jubair Ibn-La’Ahad

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    • imam Abdul Hussein

      Brother Jubair

      Given the horrifying stupidity of Team Douche-Bag, it is possible that we should let him live. Dumb-shits like that who are too stupid to realize how pathetic they are simplifies the taking over of America in the long run.

      We can only hope and pray that this infidel moron breeds! That would further pollute the American gene pool with retarded, short-bus-riding spawn that will never have a hope of becoming useful citizens. That would only make our job much easier (once we take over, we can deport all the inbred retards to Kike-Land, formerly known as Palestine!).

      Currently, moronic infidels like him that support our allies in the Republican Party ensure that America will remain weak. Ya gotta love it when a plan comes together!

      Allahu Akbar!

      • Jubair Ibn-La’Ahad

        Brother imam Abdul Hussein

        Your words are very wise. As I continue with my journey, I will pray to Allah for guidance regarding this matter. You may be indeed correct in your conclusion that letting this one live may be more harmful to the infidels.

    • Team America

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      • Jubair Ibn-La’Ahad

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      • The Reaper

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      • Wickedleaks

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    Vivid bought the rights to Farrah’s sex tape, but this is only a short clip.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    I don’t know if I’d let my future kids watch my porn scenes. Probably not.

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  • justin

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  • Ahsan

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    Hey son of whore, u need to know about messing up peace of other religion by reading bible on daily basis. A true religion always teaches that dont interfere and try to create an obstacles in way of other religion. Religious freedom is an important for mankind..

    • chris

      you really think religion brings peace? you are all deluded, religion brings nothing but WAR,and as for the american talking shit he knows nothing about, no country that allows guns is allowed to talk about peace, you learnt everything you know from the british, the only difference is that the british military teaches you to only harm the enemy (extremists) and not innocent people that really do believe in peace (im english and not muslim), the real muslim people believe in peace the same way real believers in any other religion do, the extremists are the enemy and not the good muslims, everyone has there own beliefs and if anyone kills innocent people they are not standing up for there country, they are extremists aswell, we should all be taught peace, not through religion but as 1 human to another we should all respect each other rather than putting yourself into categories. simple