‘Ted’ Sex Tape Video

Ted sex tape

If you have gone to the movies lately you may have been unfortunate enough to witness the latest abomination to come out of heathen Hollywood, the movie “Ted”.

“Ted” is the story of a demonic teddy bear, brought to life through Jew magic to smoke weed and have sex with slutty infidel women. Of course once this “Ted” was unleashed he continued his depravity outside the set, as you can see in the disturbing sex tape video we uncovered below.

No word yet if the woman in this video is Norah Jones.

  • Arcachnar

    Norah: Oh. Yes.
    Ted: Who is your teddy?

    • blackside

      Damn nigga you crazy, all the niggas know white girls love black packages. All white girls.

      • Arcachnar

        What has that got to do with my joke? Nothing.

        • Mnl

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      • Arapaho Native

        Backside (Asshole)
        Don’t lie, because everybody knows that the average white woman prefers someone of their own race. It’s not just being racist, but their just not attracted to African Americans. The best you could do is a fat, white cow in skinny jeans.

      • idiots

        Why do googles say this? Literally every single white girl that I have seen with a monkey was skanky, trashy, whorish looking, had an overall “dirty grease-ball” appearance and had an IQ of 25.

        As a white person, you can keep them. We don’t want them. Another mans trash is another persons treasure.

      • Sh*tdisturber

        NO white girls love black packages you fools are just jealous cuz black woman can’t hold up to white girls AND all you TOUGH fake ass bitches cant handle black woman……might as well use a burnt hot dog….a lot CLEANER get over urself…IDIOT

      • Habib the assassin

        No it’s only the fat ugly smell white women who want black dick

  • Einsam

    now this is one seen they should keep in the movie

  • Grand Dragon Pete

    Ted reminds me of a muslim….ugly and hairy all over.

    If Ted was doing a man from behind in the above video, I’d say this was 100% authentic muslim porn.


  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    She’s gonna have to lower her butt a little, or the poor thing wont be able to get inside her. So cute.

  • Fuck Muslims

    Huu i thought i remmeber Ted saying in the movie that he sent letters to Hasbro for not giving him a dick huuuu o.o

  • dede9999

    One thing we’ll never see. a sextape of abdulla the butcher. nobody would fuck him

  • Umar the Brown

    PTM will send you to HELL, you filthy whore harlot slut bitch.

  • UrMom

    I like Trains.

    (hey, someone had to do it eventually.)

    • Osama Bed Linen

      I will blow that train of yours up, white scum!


  • Dick Hertz

    That’s some angry and hard wood.

  • TheGuywiththeEyE

    Thats fake every one knows ted Has no Penis and has sent many Agery Letters to Mattel..So :P

  • blsab

    wht the fuck ted is just a teddy bear he dosnt has a dick so this is just a stupid little video and i think she used a dildo or some other crap as a dick

  • Kahlid

    The kuffar Seth McFarlane has been marked elimination by the Islamic Jihad. His services to us by being a subversive, anti-Great Satan (US of A) agent are drawing to a close.

  • Tur Yaragı

    Ne Am Var Kızda Süper :)

  • Ahmad

    Where can i get the full video???

  • Eric

    You can get the full video at a Wendy’s Drive-up Window. Just say the magic words….”I’m a pedophile who likes to watch stuffed animals get their littlle dicks wet.”

  • dallas daniel hessler junior

    u r the master of hump.

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    This photo with Ted and the model fucking on the beach proves that its not size that matters. Its the motion of the ocean.

  • Corey


    • Auth

      Astrid August 16, 2011 You remembered all those coonvs? I’m crying my pretty eyeballs out while reading this; I nearly died of dehydration (Ok this is exag already) For the longest time I was wondering when are you going to blog about me. (Hahaha. Conceited much? BUT HEY, you love me right? You conceited, I’m conceited. Great minds think alike!) I just thought of another formula (the Joseph the Dreamer one; will let you know soon) What I really, truly wanna say is:Hi I’m Astrid. I love you, my friend.

  • michael

    i guess hasbro finally replied to all hes messages and gave him what he wanted..