Taylor Swifts Shows Off Her Hard Nipples

Taylor Swift nips

Taylor Swift continues to be one of the most brazen whores in heathen Hollywood, shamelessly flaunting her rock hard nipples in the video above.

Taylor must have caught sight of a virile Muslim man which sent her into an erotic frenzy, and caused her to display her hard nipples to signal her eagerness to breed. Unfortunately for Taylor Swift no self-respecting Muslim will ever enter her overused meat sheath as her overt sexual behavior and suggestive song lyrics are an offense to Islam.

If Taylor really wants to be mounted by a virile Muslim (which she most certainly does) she must turn herself in to Shariah court to make amends for her crimes against Islam. Of course Taylor will almost certainly be executed by stoning, but there is a chance that her Muslim prison guards will occupy her repeatedly before her execution date. Thus making this righteous path of atonement more than worth the cost of life for Taylor Swift.

  • Wolly17

    I like how much you hate her :D

  • Big Pete

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      • The Real Huge Cock Habib

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  • The Real Huge Cock Habib

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      • Word of wisdom

        Respect for a … WHAT ?

        Good one, dumb cow.

        Now go back to your barn and don’t get out before your owner asks for food or refreshement.
        You’ll be lucky enough if he doesn’t have you beaten for having accessed the internet.

      • ManChiaow

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      • Anubis

        Big hairy cunt Marisca –

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    • Word of wisdom

      But when you’re finished with playing CoD, please remember to unplug your PS3, coz you’ll get grounded if your mom can get her way out of the aux channels in time for dancing with the stars.

    • Abdullah The Butcher


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      • Big Pete


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  • Tyrone shoelaces

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    • Dirty Orientals

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  • Anubis

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    She’s got to do a lot more than that if she wants a Muslim man to take notice of her. She may try having cut outs for her little erect nipples and titties to poke out of, or one for her shaved pussy. But if she just put on a burka and act properly without dancing around like a common filthy Hollywood whore, she may get lucky and get sold into a Muslim’s harem.

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  • Kahlid

    The day is arriving. Slowly but steadily. When this impure Jew controlled harlot will be called to account for her crimes against Allah.

    When Islam rules, she is on my “to do” list.

    And by “to do” I mean stone in the public square for being a shameless kuffar whore who flaunts her body, plays music and wear revealing clothing.

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