Taylor Swift’s Shocking Oral Sex Pic

Taylor Swift oral sex

It looks as though Taylor Swift is up to her old tricks, sucking on a hard one in the photo above.

Of course the only thing “shocking” about this photo of Taylor Swift performing oral sex on some stranger she probably just met at an Arby’s, is that she isn’t completely deep-throating his meat stick.

Yes, after spending years as an unwed woman in the heathen entertainment industry Taylor Swift’s tonsils have no doubt seen more dick than a urinal, and she has probably swallowed more seed than Oprah Winfrey at a watermelon eating contest. You’d think she’d have overcome her gag reflex by now.

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      • Justin Beiber

        Bend over you Firsties Fags now!
        Your reward is here.

        • FIRSTIES

          Shut up pillow bitter! Sex with Canadians is not good for our reputation

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    • Wolf man

      That’s my Irish/British/native American cock

      • Imam Khalid

        In other words, your herpes encrusted microscopic mongrel cock.

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  • Beastly man

    I have to admit this one actually looks legit.
    Nice one, durka durka!

    • Terrorist

      Suck his dick already!

      • Beastly man

        I will not stoop to your level of gayness. If you want to see something disgusting like that, just look in the fucking mirror. No charge :)

  • Imam Khalid

    When she is not painted up like some Jezebel whore, she is actually not to egregious to the eyes. Still, she is a harlot, a defier of Allah (SWT) and an caterwauling emo bitch.

    A lapidation is assured for her followed by a quick trip to Hell.

    • Imam Khalid

      **too egregious to**

  • Taylor Swift

    Again, that is not me. Please do not publish these pictures again.

    • ObserversDickIsaFatwa

      Message received……but Taylor……can we still tape this pic to the backs of our goats…??

    • Team America

      Taylor Swift

      If you really are the real Taylor Swift than I have only one thing to say to you. I love you so much, you are my dream women and if you were my girlfriend I would treat you like a princess. Forget about these degenerate low life’s. I will kill every single person on this site for just one moment with you. I will cock punch John Mayer and Kanya West and any other guy who has ever hurt you. I will worship you with every breathe in my in my body for every moment of my life because you are a perfect goddess to me.

      America! I don’t know what to write here!

      • Team America

        Celebjihad fags

        For anyone that has a problem with what I posted, fuck you and the camel you rode in on. I demand you remove this disgusting picture from this site and stop objectifying women and treating them like pieces if meat. You are all disgusting degenerates and you should all be ashamed of yourselves for disrespecting this beautiful women like this. Shame on all of you.

        America! I love you Taylor!

        • True blue Aussie

          What a minute. You’re the biggest most disgusting low life degenerate on this site. You’re the worst one on here when it comes to degrading women and treating them like pieces of meat. Didn’t you post a message to Emma Watson’s mum saying that everyone on this site got together and gang fucked her daughter?

          • Team America

            True Jew Aussie

            Well, yeah but that was Emma Watson. I don’t give a fuck about Emma Watson. Emma Watson can go fuck herself. Taylor Swift is my princess.

            America! Taylor Swift is a Goddess!

        • hahahaha

          dude your a fucking creep like seriously righting that shit she will never be interested in you shes a celebrity so get over it…!

          • Team America

            Laughing fag

            Hahahaha, you sucked Reapers dick and now you have aids and you’re going to die. Of course I’m a creep that’s why I get laid because women are stupid and they fall for that shit. You’re just a pussy and a virgin who still lives at home with his parents and spends all his time playing video games and jerking off over Japanese anima porn. Although, when it comes to Taylor Swift I really mean it. She is the perfect women and I would worship her forever.

            America! You got aids from sucking Reapers dick and now you’re gonna die and that’s so funny!

        • Abdullah

          Team Ass-Pirate

          We can all be certain that you’d love to fuck us and our camels, but most of us don’t care to swing the way a fairy-homo-queer such as yourself does.

          If you want to chase after and adore a tranny-trollop such as the Taylor Swift depicted in the photo above, kindly keep that to yourself.

          We pious, masculine, and heavy-hung Muslims don’t care where you stuff your puny, less-than-manly, plague-infested and reputedly heavily calloused little boy weenie. From what can easily be surmised from your obnoxious postings on this holy site, it is far more likely that you get routinely turned down by your own hand, let alone get into bed with a female homo-sapien.

          You and the “Angel Of The Drag Queens” should move in together into its mothers basement. Then you can commute to your place of work on a pink bicycle built for two, to spend you day on your knees at the local glory-hole.

          Brother Khalid was right – you most likely do think jizz should be its own food group.

          • Team America

            Abdullah the ass pirate

            First of all, don’t disrespect Taylor Swift , she’s American royalty and my goddess. Don’t disrespect my goddess, I don’t disrespect your God, Allah or Satan or what ever you call him. The reason you don’t see how beautiful and elegant she is, is because you prefer to fuck camels and women who look and smell like camels. Taylor Swift is perfect and a goddess, how dare you disrespect her. Now get on your knees and beg for her forgiveness and stop posting your stupid dune coon gibberish, you delusional camel fucker.

            America! Suck my big, white, American cock, sand monkey!

      • Your maker

        You all are so immature plus dude I respect your feelings about Taylor swift but there’s no need to argue with him it just brings you closer to his level. P.S. Taylor probably didn’t see this thing so there is no need to for that comment


        That’s fake clearly but If ıt she, don’t hang my friend :D That’s your sister-in-law :D She’s my wife :D I know I’m really fuckin crazy pervert :D

  • Abdul Rasul

    Brother durka,

    Are you sure this is Taylor Swift? I mean, all Americans are cock sucking pieces of shit and they all look alike. Either way lets pray to Allah Americans die of the American disease anal aids real soon.

    • moshe dayan

      Abdul Arsehole,

      Surprise. Actually its a shot of you wearing a wig at your last gloryhole banging. You can’t see it in the photo but that’s Anal Abdullah behind you giving you colon cleansing and the meat popsicle you are sucking belongs to none other than that retard, Ass Reaper.

      PS: Better get an AIDs test fast homo.

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      • Abdul Rasul

        Gay Jew

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

          Brother Abdul

          mangina moshe is a kind jew….the kind you’d like to shoot with the AK-47.

          • Imam Khalid

            Hahaha! That is funny because it’s TRUE!

        • US Marine

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      Abdul Rasul the ass tool

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    • Paul Nathan Jr

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  • Abdullah The Butcher

    When taylor gets a mouthful of Muslim cock….aka “trouser python” she’ll ask us Muslims to beat her ass for waiting until Islam took over before she gave up the pussy to a Muslim man.

    • Imam Abbas

      Brother Abdullah

      The strumpet Taylor Swift would most certainly be better off and far happier if she converted to Islam and became an respected member of society. As it is written, anyone who dedicates theirs lives to the will of Allah (SWT) and the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) will find peace and harmony.

      I would be willing to offer 1 dozen fine breeding camels, 1 case of AK-47’s (with 2 cases of ammunition, high capacity magazines included), 1 case of RPG’s, a years subscription to “Harem Girl” magazine, and three recently imported Indian “untouchables” (for cleaning toilets, camel washing, and dung-hole pumping) to purchase her.

      My intent is to offer her as a gift to my 12th son, who has been wanting to spew upon this strumpet for reasons I don’t understand (he is however, a good son, so I feel I should humor him), and he’s more fascinated with tall girls than tall camels (go figure!).

      She would, naturally, have to convert to Islam.

      • moshe dayan

        Imam Assfuck,

        Figures a fag like you would have a case of AK-47s (Abdullah’s Kock – 4.7 inches)

        The AK-47 is a third world gun, useful only for plinking squirrels and gophers. Only trannies and googles use them. Straight men, like the brave shock troops in the Israeli Defence Forces, use only the HK-G36, a superior German assault rifle that can kill a muslim dead at 900 metres yet has the bottle opener on the buttstock that can help you to crack open that cold one as you are entertained watching the flies eat Abdul.

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        • Abdullah The Butcher


          that was a faggy comment even by your standards. I’d tell you to go suck a big one but that would be like telling a google to go smoke dope or telling a catfish to get wet.

          • Team America

            Abdullah the butcher of camel ass

            It only sounded faggy to you because it turned you on, asswhore. Quickly, run outside your cave and fuck a camel before that lovin’ feeling disappears.

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

            team homoqueer

            moshe mangina must have been pumping you for all he was worth to inspire you to make a post faggier than his.

            Also, I’ll remember that camel comment the next time I’m pumping your mother’s big ass down at the Mosque…she is a real “2 humper.”

          • Najid Hussein

            Brother Abdullah

            Indeed, Moshe the Skype-Drag-Queen has pumped Team Homo-Queer so full of jizz that he’s foaming at the mouth!

            Soon, the local vet or animal control officer will soon be after him with a dart-gun!

            The sooner that puss-infested douche is off the streets the better!

            Allah Akbar!

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            Abdullah the Butcher of camel ass
            Nutsack who-is-insane

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        • Imam Abbas

          Moshe the Drag-Queen

          The AK-47 successfully was used to evict the pussy American’s out of Iraq, and will soon evict them out of Afghanistan.

          We did of course get help from our dear friend and ally George W Bush, and our Al Qaida allies in the republican party. Otherwise, we never would’ve been able to destroy their economy, divide the once-powerful nation, and leave their military almost useless.

          And we have another ally, in your Netanyahu, who is cut of the same treasonous cloth, and is just as gullible as George Bush. Every time he opens his mouth he alienates more people. You might think you’re strong, but so did the Americans.

          And then their entire roof, and that of most of the western nations, caved in. And our allies in the GOP are still in the fight, obstructing any progress to recovery!

          You time will come, fag-boy!

          Allahu Akbar!

          • moshed dayan

            Imam Assfuck,

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          • Imam Abbas

            Moshe the Drag Queen

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          • Team America

            I’mam dumb-ass fucker

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  • Imam Abad

    Fellow Brothers

    It looks as if the whore strikes again, infecting some Caucasian puny dick with her “gonnorehaenciphaids” or GED. Fortunately, powerful Muslim Brothers like ourselves only allow harlots such as these a few inches near our meat snake before we string their necks onto the nearest tree found.

    The poor white fool who let Tore-Up Swift near his puny noodle must be executed very fast, as the GED allows the infected to spit fire and regenerate damaged organs. This was well observed in the Jew-Owned franchise “Iron Man 3”. I mean, how are us Muslims suppose to destroy these infidels if they can fight back. Brothers, this must be under control ASAP!

  • Hottest boy

    Thats my dick by the way

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      Gayest gay

      Your dick is puny. A 6 year old Musliminina has a clit twice the size of your wee baby pecker. You are a laughing stock to us virile Muslims.

      • Faheem

        Brother Abdullah,

        Once again, you have foiled the efforts of these pests that persist to infect our holy site.

        BarakAllahu feekum

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          ASSALAMU ‘ALAIKUM Brother Faheem

          Us Muslims have to conduct Jihad 24/7 to keep the perverted infidels at bay.

          That you for your encouragement.

          Allahu Akbar

  • Troll

    She has “kind” eyes.

    The “kind” I like to see looking up from my prodigious trouser snake!

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    that puny cock looks so fake……

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    who the fuck is taylor swift btw

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    Is that the prophet Mo in a wig?

  • Alissa C DiCarlo

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  • Ali Buster Hymen

    If she gave head then she would be keeping man friends around longer. If I am wrong then the ho will wright a country song titled “I wanna swallow your load everyday”.

  • Realityspeakes

    This shit real or not?

  • Brycin64

    Taylor Swift would look so much cuter with my dick in her mouth!!!!!

  • RIAN66

    she is ahh but she would be hot if she was sucking my dick

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    Haha all you Muslim sand critters are hilarious. Most of you, in reality that is life, is either uneducated or your a female and your retarded brothers stop you from going to school.
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