Taylor Swift Wears See Through Shirt With No Bra

Taylor Swift see through

If there is one thing Taylor Swift loves to do (besides write terrible country music songs) it is to show off her unremarkable breasts and nipples (as you can see here and here).

That is why it should come as no surprise that Taylor Swift was out in New York City yesterday wearing a completely see through shirt with no bra, putting her sinful mammaries on full display.

Once again Taylor Swift has performed a shameful act of sluttery yet the Zionist controlled mainstream media refuse to cover the story because their Hebrew brothers in Hollywood make money selling Taylor as a “good girl” to the brain dead infidel masses. When will these kuffars wake up to the truth?

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    The only thing worse than taylor’s music are her flabby tits.

    • aghmad

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    • LOLhead

      She’s an attention whore

      • Steve Tompkins

        I agree with attention person type. But the mistake is it washes them up in eyes of all fans. The only ones who like xx smut is old men.Fans like to believe she is innocent is the only way they support people. Since she admits on here to doing nasty smut. Fans will reject her as any good of any faith. She is simply washed up Madonna trash or Britney trash or Paris Hilton trash or Miley (who never had a chance to begin with trash) I see her downfall in music&awards from now on and airplay. Like I said K93 Country banned her. More bans coming to Taylor Swift later on. Wait until next album arrives. It hardly will muster “Speak Now” status. Taylor opened her mouth on here too much plus people finding xxxsmut pics and John Mayer adding his comments also.Emily& Taylor lesbian out in open too now which was not known in 2006 to 2011. She is sick&twisted sexually.WHO WOULD MARRY TAYLOR NOW. I THOUGHT ONCE I WOULD FAST. EVEN TOLD HER SO. NOW, I SAY BOO!!! SOUR GRAPES WITH NEGRO CRACKHEAD SMUT PICS AND USHER.( EXFAN ME) SHE LIED ON JOHN MAYER. SHE IS TIED UP SUBMISSIVE TWISTED SEX PLAY GIRL. NOT JOHN MAYER.

        • Rahul

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  • Alissa C DiCarlo

    mmmmmm..lookit those nipples. wish i could put my tongue between her legs

    • Bettie

      I have, and let me tell. It was pure heaven on Earth.

      • I piss on muslims

        Beat Bettie

        Lies it was more like the stench from hell and it’s not her the tits are to big

    • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

      WTF… Now we have lesbians here?!!!

      Tyrone, is that you boy?

      • aghmad

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        • Hashim the destroyer of Evil

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          • Jonas

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      • Alissa DiCarlo

        Lesbians are some of the most interesting, kind, empathetic people you will ever know. Most guys would consider gorgeous too. Only very few are butch.

    • I piss on muslims

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  • aghmed

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  • LOLhead

    Next thing we’ll find is her sex tape.


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    • Kahlid

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    • LOLhead

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        • LOLhead

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          • aghmad

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          • Abdullah The Butcher


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            ALLAHU AKBAR Mofo

          • Niko Bellic


            I have to disagree with you. No one, I repeat NO ONE is gayer than Big Pete.

  • Reza

    Non Muslim women are so slutty. No class or modesty at all present in these infidels. Do they not have any shame? And to think Taylor Swift is considered one of the more conservative whores in the Western world. That only suggests that the rest of the female population over there is even more immoral than I imagined. I mean, if their supposed squeaky clean pop tart is walking around in broad daylight in a sheer top and hooker stockings, then what are other girls wearing? I shudder to think and offend Allah with impure thoughts.

    • Kahlid

      Brother Reza, you are a scholar and a true Muslim.

      May the blessings of Allah (SWT) be upon you and your house.

      • I piss on muslims

        Kuffar Kahlid

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

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    • Savanah

      You know, that is such an ignorant comment. Only someone of the lowest intelligence would make such a broad generalization toward an entire group of women. We DO NOT walk around wearing such things.

      Muslim women are forced to wear head to toe clothing because you men have no morals and no self control. Perhaps they’d be more comfortable in the heat of the desert if you immoral men could control your sexual urges. It isn’t their fault you are perverts. How displeased Allah must be with you. Shame on you.

      How sad Allah must be that you extremist, boastful, and prideful ways.

  • Kahlid

    She is such a nasty, backwoods, inbred, caterwauling, semen slurping whore.

    It displays the degradation of American culture that they find this anorexic slattern’s off-key garbage enjoyable.

    All the more reason Islam will soon rule America. They will rot from within and we will conquer without firing a shot.,

    • Savanah

      well aren’t you classy. Such language, befitting any other immoral “infidel”

  • Another dumb America

    Shit this site is funny as hell why would u come here for pics when the comments are hilarious and over half of the pics are fake believe me if real ones came out the news would be all over it. Just the Islamic people try to make the loved American celebs seem like whores when there not.

  • Taylor Swift

    OMG THAT IS ME…………

    • Steve Tompkins

      OMG that is you Taylor….I found those pictures about 3 weeks ago on Xhamster along with 200 mor eof Taylor swift with 2 black men in double penetration and Taylor Swift with women. Are you on drugs Swift because You sure act suprised these photos show up. Look at yourself undr Kanye Revenge You an dMiley washe dup your career by acting smut in California. I’m convincing other fans to hate you . I am your ex fan when I seen these pictures. K93 country banned you and Miley slut Cyrus. Madonna &Britney is banned for life. Go ahead and wash up your career. PEOPLE HATE WHAT YOU BECOME IN GAY,AIDS, CALIFORNIA WORLD. MILEY LOOKS LIKE A 1970 HIPPIE AND YOU A CRACK HEAD NEGRO LOVING LESBIAN, YOU & EMILY HUH? IF I KNEW THAT I WOULD NEVER “VOTED” FOR YOU. TRAILOR PARK SMUT FROM ROLE MODELS OF CHILDREN. YOUR FAN BASE IS ONLY 7 TO 16 YR OLDS. YOU DON’T HAVE ADULT FANS THAT OFTEN. TOO NASTY FOR CLEAN SEX THATS FOR SURE. FROM YOUR KENTUCKY BOY (EXFAN) ON FACEBOOK.

      • Steve Tompkins


        • Steve Tompkins


          • Word of wisdom

            Dear Steve Tompkins,
            although your name sounds kuffar, I see you have a very promising mental health. What about becoming a full time jihadist ? We could use you on Taylor-Swift-only operations.
            Maybe you would end a martyr in heavens, where Taylor Swift would be your sexslave forever ?

    • I piss on muslims

      Not very swift

      Yeah well your pussy smells

  • Kati

    the fact that you are on this site looking at pictures of naked (or half naked) pics of western women to than bitch about it just shows how pathetic muslim men are, so go and do something constructive with your lives . . .like shoot yourselves

    • Abdullah The Butcher

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      • Savanah

        Yep, there’s that intelligent banter we love so much. You are such cowards. You kill with no substance, destroy God’s children, and live in ignorance.

  • the only (mentally) stable person here


    I agree when you say these racist motherf***ers should shoot themselves. When you say to do something constructive to their lives, you should rethink that because these losers don’t have any lives to do anything constructive to.

    • Mufti David

      the one of many (genitally) unstable gay here,

      The only racist here is Big Kueer Pete and his tranny buddies.

      We here at our holy soil are defaming and degrading your shithole country by showing the world how perverted, sick and evil the filthy west is (otherwise known as the devils lair). We are also giving a clear reason to other kuffars in the world to demolish your cities and build an Islamic empire. The filthy west has given enough freedom to you homos. You can enjoy sucking semen (with shit) out of cocks and your asses for the meantime because soon we’ll exterminate every pest from that wreched land and mark the end of every homo disease on earth.

      Consider yourself dead mofo because we’re gonna use you as bait for queers, and handle the rest with the AK-47.

      Allahu Akbar !!

    • I piss on muslims

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      Speaking of people with no lives by posting here shows you have no life other than jerking off to pics of young japanese boys and sniffing your sisters smelly old panties.

  • jynx

    you guyz are crazy !
    do you believe this shit ?! This site is filled with fake photos like this ! ridiculous !

  • Hubabuba

    I agree with kati and “the only”

  • Deli

    My God! How can c do dat?! Just now, i realized wat kind of celebrity Taylor Swift was…i feel very sad as c was my fav. star!

  • al-Sukitclean

    We need more donkey and camel sex on this site. Being from an OPEC nation, I thrive on hot burro porn.

  • Steve Tompkins

    I found lots of pictures on Taylor Swift myself and i was a loyal fan to her until I got sick. Seeing her with black men doing double penetration smut pictures on Xhamster(pictures) Under Kanye Revenge catagory. There is about 100 there plus NAked celeb Naked star and Adult empire gallery of about 200 in total. She admits on here. She is getting double penetrated and cummed on. I read it. Said she is drunk. Stupid bitch. Coudl have a white boyfriend and be clean but chooses to do nasty stuff with 2 google men instead. Googles are nasty as hell.Stinky Black afro american jungle people with” wireheads” of grease and shit.

  • the only (mentally) stable person here

    Mufti David,

    I realize that you are trying to defend yourself there, but what I’m saying is that there are a lot 40 year-old gay guys that with their mothers (Abdullah the Butcher) here. These motherf***ing bastards should get off the site and stay off.Especially if they are going to be racist assholes. Am I right?

    • Kahlid

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    • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • the only (mentally) stable person here

    See, you’re the kind of person that i’m talkin’ about. you guy just sit around trying to affend people with your unconventional words, but quite frankly, i’m just pissed off at you people.

    • Mufti David

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  • luke dee

    this is fake. notice how her shadow goes directly behind her, while the photographers doesn’t. also, just above the waist line and to the left of the right photographer, you can see a shadow pointing in another direction. fake.

    • Marcus

      It’s real because the photographers shadow is to the left because of the camera flashes affecting the shadow.

      • Muammer

        Abnormal this post is totaly utrelaned to what I used to be looking google for, but it surely was once listed on the first page. I suppose your doing one thing right if Google likes you enough to position you at the first web page of a non related search.

  • I piss on muslims

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    • Larry

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  • Ahmed

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  • Muslims are shit

    You guys are too much. This one chick on here is a porn actor and your problem with her is that she is a lesbian. So its ok to attack her for the thing she cannot help, but you think its ok she is a porn girl which shows she has zero character. That’s what I meen about you muslims. You think you have all the ansers and no how to live life right, but you don’t know dick about living on this earth. I hope you all kill yourselves off.

    • LOLhead


      this is a muslim site, if you dont like it, fuck your kuffar asshole and go back to your google’s dick.

    • Christianity is bullshit

      Christians believe in an invisible man in the sky that wants you to do ten things for him. If you disobey him he will send you to hell to be tortured and burned and choke for all eternity…

      But he loves you.

      • Pisst Off

        You obviously have never pick up the Bible in your whole life. So stop pretending to know what christianity is or what it and God stands for. Because your attempt at explaining it is so far off it makes you sound like a moron. Nuff Said!!

  • Ahmed Zahiri

    She is a mistake of Allah. she would die in an islamic culture. They would pour gasoline and set her on fire or tie her to a post and have the children stone her with small stones until the flesh come off from her body.

  • Proud Mississippi klansman

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    KKK Forever White power

    • Alex

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      • Proud Mississippi Klansman

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        KKK Forever White power

        • Alex

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          • Proud Mississippi Klansman

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          • Proud Mississippi Klansman

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  • Jemima

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  • Big Pete

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  • sasa

    nice edit u there, its not see tru its a normal black long sleeve people dont be so damn taylor would never wear like that.

  • papa-donald

    dam taylor swifts tittys look nice, id look to perch my snork on them and choke the chicken and dump my load on her face.


    This is so fake. LOL. Nice photoshopping though! Too bad there are pictures of her in this outfit with out the ‘see through’ tits. Reading your comments makes me not even want to live on this planet. You men are pigs. Taylor swift is classy and beautiful, she’d never have a wardorbe malfunction like this. Nice try. But really? No.

    • CJ

      LOL, NO

  • pissed off at mufti david

    Mufti David,

    By gay porn sites do you porn sites FOR gay people or porn sites ABOUT gay people ( in which case, you should be on one of those)

  • scobethitter

    nice pictures

  • falsie

    This is obviously fake, you can’t even see her belly button, but you can see the boobs clearly.

  • Hewy Greyhat

    yea, this isn’t real. go watch some porn anyway.

    • Weylin

      Go fuck yourself.

  • american hater

    I hate america as much as you people do…if i didn’t believe in GOD, 9/11 would look so minor compared to what i would do. I’d make your fuckbuddy osama bin laden look like JESUS! I hate this culture and I hate the celebrity worship…because celebrities are not to be worshipped. only GOD is! I do “like” some celebrities because i admire their singing and/or acting abilities, but i don’t kneel down for them.miley is just a whore, britney spears is america’s slut, julia roberts is uglier than osama bin laden as is cameron diaz…and J-HO spick is just useless and overrated…much like the religion.of ISLAM. America is not a christian country…it is a theocracy…and the worshipped are humans…I hate it.

  • Doyle


  • Feats

    this is not taylor swift. actually you can not enter the website.
    you should be in law for making false news

  • Conor

    Im jerking of to the pic of her right now

  • mke

    there awesome r u kidding r u used to cows

  • jim

    The picture is a fake. You’re a moron posting faked photos then pretending like you’re somehow morally superior. Try worrying about your own soul instead of everyone else’s.

  • Dr sensible

    You’re all a bunch of racist fags, go get a life instead of blowing up our country!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      doctor shit-sniffer

      Us Muslims will get a life…yours.

      Prepare to meet the AK-47

  • fuck you, humanity

    whats up with you and ak-47’s? why not some other gun? oh right, its cuz you’re poor and can’t afford a far superior rifle like the m4 carbine

  • Allah can lick my B-hole

    What the fuck is a kuffar you towelheads?

  • Mark Twain

    Good photoshop Mujahids