Taylor Swift Wears Ridiculously Skimpy Bikini

Taylor Swift

Wow Taylor Swift was photographed at the beach wearing a ridiculously skimpy bikini.

Now I don’t use the term whore lightly, but by wearing such a tiny bikini Taylor Swift looks like the biggest whore to have ever whored.

Honestly I don’t know why it is even legal in the West for someone like Taylor Swift to wear such a revealing swimsuit. I guess she thinks that because she is a “celebrity” she can run around in public with a good portion of her thigh showing in direct violation of Sharia law.

Taylor Swift should be prosecuted for crimes against Islam for wearing this disgustingly slutty bikini. She needs to learn that there are serious repercussions for acting and dressing like a filthy street walker. I suggest a light stoning followed by scaring her face with a hot iron. That ought to keep her on the straight and narrow.


Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift


    Score one for modesty. I love you Taylor Swift. Beauty and intelligence. Be still $my heart

  • taylorfan94

    WTF its not even skimpy. the person behind her is wearing a smaller bikini than her. who ever wrote this really needs to get a life. Its obvious he doesnt have one.

    • Mac
    • trixx

      its suppossed to be funny. its called sarcasm.

    • Jack Haley

      Wow taylorfan94 it’s called sarcasm. Also, the questions are rhetorical. Get a since of humor and buy a dictionary!

  • Someone

    Omg! she is not wearing a skimpy bikini! all bathing suits show that much thigh and if anything it’s less revealing than what most other girls wear! Who ever wrote this is extremely stupid!

    • Mi Mi Jones

      I agree! Skinny bitches like that prancing around in skin tight apparel getting all wet make my husband wonder why my full figured rump continues all the way to just above the back of my knees.
      Her butt definently ends right below her rump area. Having to explain this yet again is frustrating. Either cover up your fattless physic or get a better song on the radio that instead of crying about all the men you have dumped sing about all the men who have dumped fat girls like me for skinny girls like you!

  • Travis

    You have GOT to be kidding me. This is an extremely conservative swim suit. It honestly covers more than any I’ve ever seen. Somebody needs to learn what to write about and what not to.

    • Captain Obvious

      obvious troll is obvious

  • Jessica

    all of you commenting are idiots! did you not sense the sarcasm in this article? it’s all a joke, because-clearly- Tay Swift’s suit is very conservative! this is a celebrity joke website! Come on, it’s pretty obvious…

    • Sarah

      i would probably agree with you, but considering the person is muslim and they have issues with showing someone’s hair on their head.. I don’t think its a joke.

      • Sammie

        Lmao! It is a persona you dumb a$$! ( like Stephen Colbert!) Take an English class and learn the word “satire” please? Im so disappointed in mankind right now :P

        • Cookie b

          Yeah seriously. The person who wrote this is named “durka durka”. They are joking…. Duhhh. Islamic people don’t really go by durka durka.

  • Captain Sarcastic

    Have none of you ever heard of sarcasim? The headline is a joke. Morons.

  • ashleylovestaylorswift

    wtf! leave this girl alone! i have seen so much worst. she is classy even when wearing a bikini! go back to fucking islam! this is america freedom bitch! how aobut i fucking punch you in the face! fucking muslem!!!!!!!!!!!! nobody like s you bo back from where you came from!

    • Bob

      Yeah, this “muslem” should definitely go back to “islam”.

  • Jabbar ibn Husayn al-Mutrah

    Think if your child saw this horrible image! They would certainly cry, as all children are Muslims until you raise them otherwise. I, personally, am crying and plotting to gouge my eyes for such a horrible sight. I shall repeat Allah’s names 1000 times each and beat a chinaman pagan to resolve this.

  • Eiluj

    Is this a joke?! HONESTLY!! that swim suit isnt skimpy or whorey at all!!! Is it the boobs because sorry to break it to ya bud but girls have boobs!!!

  • Nada

    WoW u guys have no sence of humor.. I am on a Taylor swift biggest fans ever. I realy realy realy love her alot. And I am also a muslim and im proud of it! I wear pikinis that are way way more showing than hers. You american’s go on and on about shitt like the USA is a land of freedom, and about how fucken open-minded u guys are. But at the end ur just some racist shallow redneck son’s of bitches that still think arabs ride camels to school and that everyone has to wear that tent. Atleast arabs are not stuck in the past because we don’t think that u guys still wear tuxs and giant fluffy dress everday and talk like shakspear but somehow u still think that we are the same arabs we where 300 years ago and that we didn’t fuckin change. Seriously this article is CLEARLEY a joke. A pretty funny joke using sarcasim. If je stupid enough to believe it then dayumm u must be one dumb bitch baby. Anyways i shouldn’t generalize cause some american’s are realy cool. And u also shouldn’t generalize.

    • Aly

      Youre Stupid and Dumb For real….you Sound so desperate here U whore, What The fuck Is A Temple, The Hijab? U better sit up And Stop Mindind Them Stupid Americans that Ure trynna fit In With…U sound Like A whore Proudly Telling PPl U wear Bikinis(pikinis) Tht are skimpier than this…FOOL

      • swiftyfan

        anyone can wear whatever they want…what is your PROBLEM?the time u live is called middle age by any chance?stop annoying people because they are more open minded than you are and do us all a favor…bb

    • hahaha

      get over it. it was a joke. the people talking shit on “muslems” are more ignorant than those who think this was a real post. so how about everyone stops taking strangers opinions so seriously?

    • Big-B

      okay im an american and i agree with u but im not a redneck i love people of all races

  • War

    Wow its sarcasm, really???

    I think the people defending this article by saying its clearly sarcasm, and ripping on people who didn’t get it are completely missing the point that this article is horrendously, eye-wateringly unfunny.

    That’s why people may not have understood that it was in fact sarcasm. Geddit?

    • nope

      Nope. You might say it’s not funny, which is a fine opinion. But anyone who thinks it’s real is a moron, regardless.

  • carlota

    i think this is sarcasm because the bottoms are so revealing.
    kind of a really very ugly bikini.

  • really?

    Retards, that is the joke. They are making a point that she ISN’T WEARING a revealing bikini like everyone else that is famous for something



  • Amanda

    It’s not even showing that much skin. Shes a great role model.

  • a person. :D

    lol. is this site a joke? ._.

    • anonymous

      haha yes. it is.

  • fuckyoubitches

    skimpy?? dumbass it goes over her belly wtf.

  • redhot

    how ridiculous!what skimpy,You guys need to get a life!

  • Shelley Henderson

    Ok people listen carefully – this piece is actually complementing her on NOT baring it all like all the rest of her generation who want 15 minutes of fame for flashing something or the other – the piece is a play on the reality of today’s youth and how Taylor is obviously portraying the opposite behavior – really, how dumb are you folks or are you so ready for a fight that you will pounce on anything you read, hear, see without processing it – cant you think straight? I weep for the future.

  • teddy

    You search for pics of someone in a bikini and comment about how wrong it is? Go kill yourself for Allah and do us all a favor!

  • anonymous

    earthquake!! earthquake!! hehe

  • soph

    umm… thats not really skimpy at all, and teenage girls are gonna wear bikinis, famous or not. gosh i dont even think it shows her belly button!

  • swiftyfan

    are you people FUCKING crazy?leave her alone if you don’t want to wear that kind of bikini then…DON’T!i think you haven’t seen slutty bikinis.oh and if the laws of islam dont approve then go somewhere they do..and….STAY there!ha stupid people!!!!!!

  • ryan mega

    could be worse. it could be a one piece.

  • elle

    it could’ve been skimpier..right?


    ridiculously skimpy bikini.

    What is wrong with it? …. It covers more then most…. To the person that wrote this artical…. “U R AN IDIOT!”

  • muslim girl from the west.

    don’t you know,girl ,that there are muslim girls who wear bikini and go to the beach.
    people like that are everywhere ,even in our world.And stop saying bad things about them,it’s their business,and there’s God up there who’ll judge everyone in this world.

  • liz

    that is not skimpy. u need glasses considering your blind.

    • liz

      blinded by the sun.

  • Destiny

    what the fuck that is ridiculous…..
    old slimy ladies walk around in thongs or, on european beaches, NAKED. this is the 21st century. get over it or i will find you….
    YOU ARE A MUSLIM. i am not racist or anything, but in your culture you are used to women wearing turbans for gods sakes…
    if you dont like it, you. are .GAY

  • Swiftie4eva

    I don’t think this is a joke, considering this is a Muslim website. I don’t mean to be offensive, but what sort of person goes about digging up pictures of people in bikinis and then saying that they are whores? A person with bi-polar disorder? And if you would spare the photo a second look before commenting, you would realise that the girls behind her are wearing even skimpier bikinis, but then and again those are considered usual ones. I don’t consider bikinis skimpy unless it’s a unikini or what. And then and again, you religious Muslims are used to going about with a headscarf and long-sleeves.

  • Taylorswift4life

    I’m a guy at age 17 that believe in Allah
    and i love Taylor Swift so much that i would help her with anything and I’ll support her 4 ever,
    I know that’s illegal for Muslim to be half naked. but I’ve seen worse woman who doesn’t even wear bikini.

    She maybe doesn’t even have a religion and that means she can do whatever she want.
    So just stop it let people wear whatever they want and let them believe what they want.
    Don’t judge people, it’s Allah job to judge not our.
    and there is 5 reason why i love Taylor Swift
    1.I love her personality
    2.She loves Animal like i do
    3.She is cute
    4.I love her Music
    5.She is nice to other people.

  • Matty R

    How is that skimpy at all?!

  • I.say.taylor.FTW!


    I am a Muslim. I believe in Allah. I wear scarf. And I’m a superduper big fan of Taylor Swift.

    Ain’t a bikini a usual thang at west? So why this big deal? To the west peoples, this is all normal, so I think you should take back your words saying she’s a whore. Have respect for others, dude. :/

    Anyways, open up your mind, look through collections of bikinis, and make your decision, whether the one she’s wearing is skimpy.

    You, hold the responsibility managing this website, so as a Muslim, shouldn’t you correct yourself first?
    Hey come on, you’re making those non-Muslims think we are dumb!

    PS// The others.. Stop giving dumb comments on Islam if you don’t know us.

  • Paul

    Why would she even wear that and try pretend she’s not a whore?

  • Dr Doc

    You fool! The one posted this is not a Muslim! You have been dragged to this easily. He is just trying to pull naives like you in a provocative way to attack Islam and guess what you where stupid enough to such an idiots :)

  • Aloca

    Again, the narrow vision of the Islam strikes again.

  • UNKNOWNymous

    yes, that IS taylor swift. but this wasnt in a “muslim” beach! it was in the US u idiot.

  • The “V.V.”

    Skimpy? Someone has never seen skimpy!! French beaches are topless and some require no swimsuit at all. A few of the jihadist need to visit Orient Beach, St. Martin, F.W.I. or the naked city of Cape D’Agde. Life expectancy is too short to miss the beauty. The camel-jocks ride them with the camel’s dick dragging the ground. It seems to be a contradiction in terms that the suicide bombers are hoping for 72 virgins > > There will be no virgins, just the bomb blast – but if the fairy tale was real > How much can you enjoy 72 women who are fully clothed. And if the virgins are not dressed then they would have to be considered sinful whores. If you find a woman’s body sinful to show then you don’t need virgins, you need blow-up dolls; you can pick the gender.

  • Muslimsareidiot

    You Muslims are such idiots and don’t understand that Americans don’t give a fuck about your suicidal religion. Women are allowed to dress how they want here in America unlike your male-chauvinistic country

  • L.C.

    Go fuck urself and ur sharia law who gives a fuck about u ugly ragheads u don’t like go back to ur shithole of a country and ststay there no one needs u in the U.S.A. anyway. Taylor Swift is beautiful like most American women unlike ur ugly hoes.

  • Johnny

    These pictures show what an idiot Taylor Swift is wearing something like this. It is the year 21st century and she is wearing a bikini that went out of style in the 1960s. She lacks style, fashion and class.

  • lord jack

    If you don’t like the way the woman dress you are welcome to leave and go back to where ever you come from but mostly you can go to hell

    • Word of wisdom

      No, it’s the other way round.
      We don’t like the way your women dress, so we are going to come and change it because we decide, and we will mostly send you to hell because you are an infidel.

  • nigger

    if you think that this bikini is whoris then youre a fucking texas inbred that’s making the world a worse place day by day with your fucking ignorance, please suicide or down yourself in some religion and disperse from the world you faggot.

  • dean

    This is about as modestAS you can get in a two piece bikini. If this offends you stay out of BRAZIL

  • morris