Taylor Swift Traipses Around Showing Her Bra

Taylor Swift bra

Taylor Swift traipses around Paris showing her bra in a completely see through shirt in the photos below.

Even the deeply depraved French must have been outraged by this American harlots brazen display of sluttery, because unlike Taylor Swift they still have some standards of decency.

The good news is us Muslims will soon be the majority in France due to the French’s liberal immigration laws, and large population of none breeding homoqueer men. Then American whores like Taylor Swift trying to feel “romantic” by prostituting their flesh on the streets of Paris will face the full wrath of Sharia law.


Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Taylor Swift

  • Kyle the Rapist

    I would totally rape her

    • aghmed

      you forgot to say first homoqueer.

      • Taylor Swift

        And I would totally cut your puny little balls off you before you could get a chance. You rapist puke.

        • American Citizen

          yes n i will help taylor cus ur music helps me out in points of sadness i will help u out with killin fake extremist or hurtin them

        • Steve exfan Ky

          I thought you never read about yourself Taylor…HUH? You sure answer on here you liar. but when a fan tries to write on your wall you never answer any fans on Facebook or twitter you snobby bitch!! I got pictures of you doing google men in 3somes anal and you doing Shania Twain too on countrykittiesXXX hardcore site. You are one sick little nasty bitch to tell your fans you are virgin & never will do scandals or have sex until you are married… What happened to your promises to fans..BAN TAYLOR SWIFT I SAY!!

          • Steve exfan Ky


          • The west is the Best

            Steve exhetrosexual.

            You sure like to post about taylor swift sounds like you have a thing for gher and she shot you down now your pissed well get over it.

            I would also bet your a stalker who going to hound the poor bitch to no end.

          • Rasool

            The west is the Shittest

            The west is out of punctuation?

          • Arcachnar

            @The west It is a bit weird. But. I must say that I totally agree with you. He posts this sort of posts in EVERY threads about Taylor.

        • Steve exfan Ky

          You seem to read comments alot Taylor..Why did you cheat on Conor Kennedy with his cousin all night long..The accuser of cheating is always the guilty one(Thats Taylor)

          • Steve exfan Ky

            Taylor promised on here “Blowjobs for everyone” on her last photo.. Then promises Conor she wants marriage& babies..Oh yeah Taylor i sent this stuff to Conors website& email account so he can keep tabs on you while you screw roadies and fellow artist in London or Paris.. I will destroy your lies to the world.. Why don’t you just tell everyone you are a tramp who is wild and can’t control your whoring lifestyle. WE WANT THE TRUTH OUT OF YOU IN INTERVIEWS TO YOUR FANS TAYLOR!! WE CAN’T STAND THE THOUGHT YOU GET $50MILLION DOLLARS BY LIES TO CHILDREN& MOMS… You become a broken record howling about another sexual partner who screwed you and said you were no good. Your pussy is as big as China letting Tpain & Usher bang your nasty cunt. while you smoked crack& heroin. YOU MAKE ME SICK AND I VOTED FOR YOU WHEN YOU WERE A NASHVILLE STAR..UNTIL I READ UP ON YOU ALL THE TIME & STARTED FOLLOWING YOUR LIFE AROUND..LOOKING YOU UP ON X RATED ADULT SITES..SEEING TRUE PHOTOS OF YOUR SCANDALS..SAYING YOU WOULD NEVER DO NUDE..LIAR!!

          • Taylor Swift

            Get a life you Loser.

        • steveky

          I’m not the loser Taylor Alison Swift..Seems to me you are!! a sick ingrated liitle nasty cunt that turned bad& went against her religion& promises from Taylor of 2006-2008. Who turned nasty lesbian, google lover, and scandalous as hell.You are th eon egoing down the tube. See all those nasty comments you got on your newest video “we are never getting back together” when i looked seems there were 18,000 people dislikes you on it an dwas badmouthing the hell outa you. Showing the world is getting wise to your fraud&scams& dirty sex life and fake “innocent” drama. They know you are no good girl from Hendersonville. You were a snobby rich mans(stockbrokers) daughter from Reading, Pennsylvania with the idea you are better than Kentucky& Tennessee people. It shows.You are fake with “autotuning electronic voice changers” You can’t sing in real life and you wrote 200 songs about sex with boys and 2 about lesbian Emily affairs you had.Your pussy is nasty,slimy and enlarged to extremes and smells like your enlarged anus which was stretched so much you wear adult diapers on stage because you can’t control your bowels or stop anal leakage from dripping in your undies. I saw your upskirt and said “look adult padded diaper” After I witnessed your Federal felony porn pictures you did in private studios doing “Sodomy” which is a 5 to 15 year offense for anal &blowjobs or illicit pornographic material you did on X rated adult sites all over the web. I hope they DEA or LAPD bust you & all those celebs in Hollywood for drugs,pornographic material,prostitution,etc. and you get and they 25 years in prison. They should bring K9 dogs on your tour buses& backstage at VMA or your multi-star sellout shows like Vegas. where all you celebs snort cocaine,heroin,ectasy pills, pain pills,crack cocaine. I hope your plane crashes and you die soon for your sins against God& children in the USA.I hope you know how you pissed off one of your best fans you ever had was me. I hate liars& scandals like you. You will pay maybe with AIDS or CRASH soon or overdose bitch. You will pay Satan what you owe for that wealth you snobby liar& fake country girl. Oh I see it caused your mom& dads divorce too. You should be ashamed of yourself for that greed you live in.SO SELFISH!!!

          • Taylor Swift

            Hahahahaha! You’re SO pathetic!! I have it ALL and you have NOTHING, you white trash twerp! LOL!

            Yes, I will admit that I like black guys. Who doesn’t? They have the biggest thickest cocks and the best cocaine.

            Deal with it.

          • Arcachnar

            Wow. Frustrated and stalkerish indeed. Get a life.

        • these comments make me lol

          if thats really taylor your reactions make me laugh

    • Khalid

      Kyle, that is you standing right behind her in the sixth photo.

    • steveky

      Remember she likes it in her asshole&mouth. Just so you know. KKK

      • Taylor Swift

        Yes, I do like it anally…from black guys.

  • Christian whore

    What is she wearing?

    • Riddle Cracker

      Who cares? This slut is not wearing a burka and that’s all that matters.

      • Christian Whore

        She has no standards to be a whore that serves Muslims.

  • ObserversDickisaFatwa

    She is wise to attempt to prove she is a female…….

    …however…..my goat will require additional evidence…

  • sympatico

    I almost didn’t recognise her WITH clothes…
    Usually on this holly site, you can see her in her birthday suit.

  • Khalid

    I am so sick of this vile Western skank traipsing around, wearing next to nothing and caterwauling her nasal, inbred hillbilly trash music.

    Fifty camels, a cache of AK’s and RPG’s to the jihadist who brings her to justice at my palace in Basra!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      I would love to slam her in the face with a big, wet, camel turd.

      • fuckmusslims

        That’s how I know your American cause you say shit like that.

        • Khalid

          fucks himself,

          Your mind numbing posts are some of the most tragically retarded, mentally damaged flotsam that I have seen since that slope-yellow-chink-gook bastard CELEBS FAN was finally decapitated by the CJ Elite Mujaheddin.

          “Guy with the Eye” is a Rhodes Scholar compared to you, heathen window licker.

          • fuckmusslims

            Im the Retard, I know for a fact im smarter than you and that you live in the U.S CIA gave me where all of you live Durka lives in Oxnard California Abdullah lives on the East Side of the U.S SO TRY ME MOTHERFUCKER.

          • Abdullah The Butcher

            fucks faggots

            I agree…you are a retard.

            And the CIA (cock in ass) is what you get daily at your glory hole.

            And no…no Muslim will ever try you out…that’s for you homoqueers to do.

          • fuckmusslims

            If anything your the retard just look at your past comments and your a fuckin faggot cock rider cause all you talk about is gay sex either that or your father molested you when you were 4 hey @American Citizen maybe the fake jihadist on this site were raped by there father’s and that’s why there so fuckin immature and just playing out STUPID. And Abdullah CIA stands for Central Intelligence Agency.

          • The west is the Best

            Abdildo the shit smoker

            No abdildo he would have to go to one of your glory holes for gay sex.

        • American Citizen

          exactly John n american or not i’ll kill the bitch

          • fuckmusslims

            There American and can get sent to prison for this site especially the creater.

      • Anubis

        That would be most enjoyable to see, brother Abdullah. And if the hillbilly trollop protests and gets whiney, then some enthusiastic Jihadists may have to rip her clothes off, shove her head up a camel’s poop chute, and get medieval on her bare hiney.

        • Khalid

          It would at least be a humbling experience for this arrogant Western tart.

      • The west is the Best

        Abdildo the shit licker

        If you did that you would not have any lunch.

  • Jabbar Muhommed Kareem Ali

    Vile skank hails from itty bitty tittie city. Blah! Her music is for shit.

  • Mr. Nutts house of Jihad

    Her music keeps the mice out of my warehouses.

    • American Citizen

      her music keeps me from killin u

      • fuckmusslims

        50 Cents music wants me to kill all of you except Arcachnar, American Citizen, West Is the Best and a few other Americans.

        • Kale`kona Kainalu Sexton

          eh eminem n 50 keep me from killin them actually but taylor swift makes me wanna kill myself wen i’m depressed cus her songs r sad lov songs n for me i hav alot of bad relationships i got obsessive ex’s dead ex’s ex’s out to kill me n quiet a few r in the hospital miranda cus she got hit by a car goin 60 in a suburbin street n the rest slit there wrist after i break up with them

  • rasheed the hung one

    i’ll take her to the synagogue. then at sundown on friday i will stick my hebrew national up her pooper, and it will be kosher.

    • Khalid

      Rasheed is an Islamic name, you ignorant Zionist mofo.

      May you choke on the next cock you service at your gloryhole, kuffr.

  • Moshe Dayan

    What a beautiful example of pure Jewish breeding. Of course Muslims like their “girls” with dicks and hair on their face.

    Eat shit and die mofos

  • Arcachnar

    I’m not sure why you are doing this, but Taylor Swift is definitely NOT Jewish.

  • Black Knight

    I dont like this bitch

    • Khalid

      That’s fair.

      I’m sure she doesn’t like googles.

      No one does except fat ass nasty mudsharks and other mentally ill people.

      • Black Knight

        You kiddin? Black men are the most lusted after people on the planet. Womens like alpha men with swag and we have that. White and Asian men cant hold on to there women. Black men take them.

        If everybody hates blacks why is a black man president? Why is rap so popular?

        Everybody hates Arabs and Muslims. You guys smell like my asshole after a nasty shit.

        • fuckmusslims

          I think Rap these days suck I liked it better with Tupac, NWA, Dr Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent, DMX. Rappers like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga all of um make Rap look terrible.

          • Kale`kona Kainalu Sexton

            very true now-a-days rap is crap older gangsta raps betta i like locked up by: tupac & akon but googles with attitude THAT’S THE SHIT man dre n em are pretty good my fav’s 50 n The Game

        • steveky

          Obama is soon gone..He has done lost the battle Black Knight..Romney takes the lead all over! I’m not muslim I’m a white supremist in Ky. I am saying Taylor sickened us whites when she turned “Interracial” for black men. Sick bitch lost my friendship& disappointed us all from the south. Betraying Nashville too.

  • Alissa DiCarlo

    She’s dressed perfect for 1962, 50 years ago. Very cool retro look.

  • American Citizen

    great someone with fashion since but ur a pornstar i use 2 be a model then i got fired for bein 2 tall

  • skeather

    Plenty of Europe has more people sleeping around than America has!!!

  • Einsam

    she to young to pull off this look now give me a 85 yearold granny ill knock the dust off that

  • The west is the Best

    Taylor swift does not need a bra two band aids would be enough for her tiny tits. If one more pic was taken of her on the bike you would see Abdildo the shit eater running up behind her knocking her off the bike and sniffing the seat.

  • N.R.B

    someone tell me how this is remotely funny or promotes islam as much as i disapprove of islam.

    • Abdul Muhaimin

      Here is my answer to your question:

      Fuck off and die, homoqueer.

      • N.R.B

        last time i checked i’d had more girlfriend’s than you’ll ever have in your life.

  • Carry

    She looks strange in those old style clothes.

  • Steve exfan Ky

    I thought Taylor never read about herself…Why does she answer on Jihad all the time. She must be a fan of Jihad or something..thats why she never sued them. In all her interviews ahe answers” I never read or comment about myself or look at myself on websites” HOW COULD YOU LIE TO FANS TAYLOR SWIFT??? You are scandalous as hell to lie to public media like that knowing 200 millions of fans are tuned in to those interviews.. You proved to be a liar all along when they brought up your old Myspace account you *Sucking lollipops and was Drunk & Crunk(negro word for dope)You are a google loving bitch that talks & dances black style. WE WHITES HATE YOUR ASS IN SOUTHEAST KENTUCKY,TENNESSEE TOO& VIRGINIA. KLUE KLUX KLAN WHITE SUPREMACY ALL OVER THESE STATES IN SOUTH. HATE GOOGLE LOVING CITY GIRLS THAT MUST A DISGRACE TO MOM& DAD AND FAMILY THAT RAISED YOU WHITE.. YOU LIKE TPAIN& SUCKED HIS COCK FOR CRACK COCAINE& HEROIN…BAN TAYLOR SWIFT!!! SCANDALOUS LIAR TO MEDIA AND CMT RADIO..SHE DONE TURNED ON NASHVILLE MUSIC SCENE(TRADER).

    • Arcachnar

      Excuse me? Are you really THAT sure that this is the real one?

      • The west is the Best


        The guy has a screw loose he has been ranting on this post about this swift person many times. He sounds like a crazed fan or a celeb stalker.

      • The west is the Best

        One more thing Arcachnar

        If you have yahoo please add me. I have a webcam

  • Hasan

    Alissa C DiCarlo, look out for the superbug strain of gonorrhea. It is incurable. Contage it, and you’re dead.

  • steveky

    I say tell The truth is what I say..If she is guilty put everything on this webpage you look up on her. I did my research for over 3000 pages on her to know my stuff. I won’t hold back on it. I want her to know i found it all on the websites& photos. Since she so answers on here as herself.

    • Taylor Swift

      Please. Just get a life. You’ll feel better in the morning. Ya Loser.

      • steveky


        • Taylor Swift

          Gee wiz, take a chill pill ya Loser! You’re getting all worked up here. And for what? Because you have a small, tiny and insignificant little penis? Just do yourself a favor and cut off that little stub and join us women. You’re half way there anyways.

          • Kale`kona Kainalu Sexton

            OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOT DAMN TAYLOR’S TELLIN OFF THIS BITCH nice one Taylor i love to listen 2 ur music when i’m not depressed keepin tellin that bitch lol

  • SteveKy

    I got more meat than your sloppy hole can handle bitch..But i’m not gonna bet on it..Because you been passed around like an ashtray; all wore out and sloppy dripping with google infections. I wouldn’t date none of you fucking whore celebrities that got Tabloids printing you had over 30 men& lots of women too. When I saw you with that large dildo you got fucked by in those pictures(that sonofabitch was as big as can of spraypaint) You got a nasty stinking drippy hole. I would not date you bitch Taylor Swift. I ‘d choke your ass& sling you off a cliff somewhere in the foothills- figuring you would have AIDS anyways or infections uncurable..Ya nigga lover Swift. You will die young soon!

  • SteveKy

    Everybody vote for my comment put Taylor to shame. She thinks she is above common life now. Goody two-whore on drugs thinks she can outdo me on rude comments. She is right about one thing though “I feel better in the morning” I got new energy to punk her out and bring out more insults.. hahaha. Its great being me in Kentucky. She is a smartass city girl who thinks she can outdo me. I play guitar better than Taylor- I’m a better musician than Taylor- I know it for fact I am the greatest guitar player..I ran her ass into California because my guitar put her to shame.Taylor ya losing crybaby!! Boo Hoo Jake Gayboy-haal broke my heart!! he said men are better & tighter than me in the butthole. Taylor cries.

    • Arcachnar

      Oh man. Like I said before do you really think that this is the real Taylor? Porn videos? Oh. Sure. Just because it is on the internet, it must be true, right? Don’t just be so unbelievable gullible or keep posting these frustrated posts on every thread about Taylor. It comes of as frustrated and stalkerish.

  • N.R.B

    As much as i’m not a fan i dont think its a big deal people sometimes wear shirts etc that go see through in the sun it happens as for do i believe this is the a fore mentioned individual. no she made 56 million last year a person that makes that much would be going out with security no body guard just a pause for thought.

  • Steveky has newplan

    I have a change of heart for Taylor now. OK, SORRY TAYLOR I GOT MAD! I want to marry you so I can control your life now..Do you forgive me?

    • Taylor Swift

      Your Sorry? Good. Now quit Stalking me you Degenerate with a tiny penis.

  • Caribou North

    I don’t understand the purpose of this site.

    • The west is the Best

      It was created just so you could ask that very question.

      You’re in your very own Truman Show.

  • Hasad El Haqtar

    She has the large red eyes of the devil.

  • Taylor Swift

    Just FYI I love it when black guys use lard to lube up their monster hogs and take my poop chute to cocoa city!

    Suck on THAT, Steve!


    • SteveKy is BADASS

      I hope you shit on yourself & get infections that bleed all the time after getting Black greasy aids infected googles& Die!! of anal cancer.I’ll stop your album sales in my territory there google loving white trash Swift. I’ll have radio stations take you “OFF THE AIR” Did you know I am a part time DJ at radio stations all over. You just hurt your career. See you don’t know who you are messing with Taylor13 “negro slut” Swift.

      • Taylor Swift

        13 Negroes? Ha! More like 26 at one time. You’re just jealous I don’t like tiny white peckers like yours. Black men are REAL men. White men are pathetic and weak.

        • Kale`kona Kainalu Sexton

          u sayin that wen u neva had a black boy u only hav whites THIS ISN’T THE REAL TAYLOR

  • N.R.B

    Stevesky probably has a face like a slapped arse

    • SteveKy

      Actually, I’m a former model from a magazine N.R.B. and I’m young& clean.I have bee married & engaged 8 times after that. I also had over 30 women after that plus married women too.I do married women,single, single with children. It don’t matter to me.One thing for sure is I get sick of a white girl fucking googles in the USA. I hate girls that use drugs and sleep with lots of men+women and googles and have no religion. Taylor Swift is exactly the one I hate for that. Being with black men and doing women too she does. Thats not the baddest thing she does. She won’t confess it in interviews to her fans or to media outlets- SHE LIES!!! I HATE LIARS WORSE THAN PROSTITUTES ON NEEDLES. I HATE LIARS WORSE THAN MURDER. I HATE LIARS WORSE THAN RAPIST.. ITS I HATE A LIAR(FRAUD) TAYLOR13 SWIFT FRAUDS THE MUSIC INDUSTRY&CHILDREN,MOTHERS,ANY FAN. SHE WON’T CONFESS FOR WRONGDOINGS OR FACE PUNISHMENT.THATS WHAT IT IS- ITS NOT HER LIFE TOTALLY. ITS SHE TELLS SHE IS “PURE& GOOD” SHE NEEDS “SHOT TO DEATH” FOR LIES..

      • N.R.B

        hmm someone sounds like an extremist and last time i checked she was dating one of the Kennedy’s and had dated numerous men before that rules out lesbianism, also they were all white not that there’s anything wrong with being of another ethnicity. she has also publicly said she doesn’t do drink or drugs

  • Hasan

    Social Security # 155-84-1267
    Date of Birth 08/04/88
    2553 Washington Valley Road
    Martinsville New Jersey

    Santa Catalina
    San Luis Obispo
    West Los Angeles
    North Hollywood

    • Alissa C. DiCarlo

      You ASSHOLE FUCKFACE! OOOOOOH! I will have you Beat up.

  • Your all retard

    you are all retards i think she is rocking that paris ceque look

    you looks like a sophisticated woman, a very sexy sophisticated woman

  • Emperor amuul

    Oh no call the police she is showing her ankles!!!!!!

  • taylor swift


  • al cahoal

    you sand google i shit on mohamaed face and your koran

  • bobby

    its a shame you cant see mor. i say you, cos she showed me