Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked?

Taylor Swift topless

A topless picture of singer Taylor Swift has reportedly just been leaked to the Internet. As you can see in the picture above, a woman who bears a striking resemblance to country star Taylor Swift is lying on her bed with her breasts exposed.

After careful examination of this photo, I believe that this is in fact Taylor Swift. The wood paneling on her bedroom walls suggest that she is in some sort of top of the line trailer (possibly a double-wide) which only a hoity-toity country star like Taylor Swift would splurge on.

Add to that, the fact that the girl in the photo has strawberries on her panties and Taylor Swift has been known to eat strawberries, and there is some pretty damning evidence that this is a photo of a topless Taylor Swift. But don’t take my word for it, examine the picture thoroughly for yourself and draw your own conclusions no matter how wrong they are.

  • Oh my Lah

    Small tits and no ass. That’s a damn shame

    • Taylor Swift

      That’s not me. Please don’t post fake pictures of me and mislead my fans.

      • IHateCelebs

        Taylor not-so Swift,

        We have also seen your recently viral concert upskirt video as well. Are you going to claim that’s not “you” either?

        • idiot

          the pic is old as fuck and clearly not taylor, take your idiocy elsewhere

          • mbaaron

            im sorry…that does not look close to being taylor swift…both are pretty ladies but…the one in the pic above is not her..i dont see some of the same facial features that Taylor has in this other girls face.

          • KittyKatHiiissss

            I heard it was proved to not be her. And just look at the face. Anyone can tell that’s not Taylor. The eyes aren’t right.

        • viv

          Ever heard of wardrobe malfunction? Guess not.

          • Buttface

            Taylor Swift is SO sexy

          • KittyKatHiiissss

            I saw the video of the wardrobe malfunction from one of her most recent concerts. Thing is tho, this is obviously not a ‘malfunction’, and does it matter? No cause it’s nog her.

          • Amanda

            I am lesbian so I think Taylor looks fine

          • Kahlid

            Ever hear of a ritual killing?


            Well, you’re about to become one, you Diesel Lesbian.

            Suck on that, you skanky harlot.

        • Taylor Swift

          That is not me. I have large, flat, dark colored nipples, about the size of small pancakes, along with lots of dark curly hairs growing around the edges of them. I also have extremely hideous stretch marks on my belly, as well as extensive scarring around my midsection from a series of botched liposuction surgeries that became infected after I received them from an unlicensed backstreet practitioner before I became rich and famous. So clearly that is not me.

          • Ed

            it doesn’t matter if it’s taylor or not. the human body is a beautiful GOD created piece of art. HOWEVER, each of our bodies are ours to do with as we please. for someone to post a picture of another’s naked body without their consent is wrong. whether one’s body is another’s ‘type’ has nothing to do with the self image one should have about themselves. you chubby chasers can hate on this young ladie’s body all you like. she obviously knows how to do a sit-up. good for her.

          • Rosie Sinep

            wtf taylor would never say such a thing

            and btw what’s a 14 doing in her room why isnt it 13?!

          • E4RTH

            OMG 2 FUNNY

          • Emran Xafar Ch

            Taylor we know that… It’s nt ur pic…

          • mikie

            you also have a yeast infection, but i would still eat you mmmmmmmmm

          • ihateragheads

            taylor swifts not that sexy

          • khantmyatmin

            I know that it’s not Taylor.

          • Fuckface

            she is a fuckin god damn whore.

          • i’m in love

            look at those SEXY boobies!

          • Fuckdude

            shut up you asshole!

          • Somebody

            THAT is the most hilarious comment I have ever seen, Trolling win.

          • taylor swift

            and anyways stop posting fake pics get a real one im naked everywere

          • KittyKatHiiissss

            I highly doubt that’s even Taylor posting comments either.

          • Hi

            WTF “Taylor swift” you wouldnt have giant dark nipples or black hair around your boobs. And I have seen you in a dress your boobs arn’t that big. And people stop calling yourself Taylor swift because everyone who has a brain knows your not

          • Hi

            WTF “Taylor swift” you wouldnt have giant dark nipples or black hair around your boobs. And I have seen you in a dress your boobs arn’t that big. And people stop calling yourself Taylor swift because everyone who has a brain knows your not

          • Rya

            U did’t send me it so it is

          • Carly Rae Jepsen

            Hi Taylor! Your facial features are some what different than this photo of you [or not you].Anyhow I’d really would want to see you naked on this cite soon! You might have a hard time trying to find nude pics of me.But, I will tell you I dont shave my vagina at all.My breast are firm and some times bob up and down when I walk. I also have some black hairs on my arms.


          • Taylor Swift [not]

            hey im taylor swift no but im not a fucken sand niger

        • let

          IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. and she wasn’t naked under the skirt.

          • michael meuse

            Its not taylor swift and shes got more class then that I don’t think she would pose naked .grow up

          • FuckTheQuranWithMyDick


          • DUM LIMP NUT

            swift is just a hooker

        • Danielle

          WOW a dress flying up in the wind and a purposeful nude photo are different things you dipshit. 1. doesn’t look like Taylor, facial features are not the same. 2. A LOT OF PEOPLE EAT STRAWBERRIES. that isn’t evidence! 3. “hoity toity”? leave bias out of it. 4. even if this is her its ridiculously old and obviously wasn’t for anyone else to see. leave the girl alone its not like the person in this photo is the only person in this whole world that has done it!

          Get a life. if this was some other girl that did not resemble taylor people would love it and think “oh hey topless chick” just because it looks like Taylor all of a sudden its cross examined and ripped apart. you’re an idiot.

          • Mr Anderson

            No Dani, you’re the idiot for not being intelligent enough to understand PARODY and COMEDY when you read it, DIPSHIT!

          • Aeneas252

            dude i agree with u one hundred percent danielle

          • KittyKatHiiissss

            Im with you on that one. Even I eat strawberries. The facial features are obviously not Taylor’s either.

          • Crazy Cool

            Her eyes are frosty blue and everyone can see that those eyes are brown

          • CreeperSlayer35

            True dat home.

        • kutter frazee

          dude i might be 15 and i know u fuck with taylor nd u be fucking upp your life shes way 2 nice 4 yall 2 b doing this fucking shit taylor i got your back k and im kutter frazee taylor hers my number let meknow if they start fucking with u 316-617-3042

          • Nemesis

            Dude, now you’re gonna get pranked hard because you posted your number.

          • i hate ihatecelebs

            woo woo woo wtf are u doing if ur 15this is for adults

          • CreeperSlayer35

            Fuck you i hate ihatecelebs. Why would it mater who gets on this site anyway. I’m 14 and i’m still getin on this site whether you like it or not. You should just drop dead or mind your oun bissness.

        • IHateCelebs

          I would like to apologies for my idiocy, i cant believe that I thought that Taylor Swift would comment on this website.

        • misrable99

          bull-shit and you know it

      • Billy d

        Obv not her!!

      • TallTexasGuy

        Taylor, we know thats not you… this is just an attempt to increase their market share at your expense.

      • marc

        Too bad thats not you. Whoever that is looks real cute and has a perky, perfect pair of boobies.
        If that was you, I’d be more of a fan.
        too bad.

      • Rick

        The only way to know for sure is to send me a real pic of yourself topless and then I’ll let everyone else know.

        • allahisgay

          haha genious

      • arkle

        i think taylor swift has way to much class to pose like that…shes all that and a bag of chips so pick on someone else….taylor dont let em get to ya darlin i love you no matter what sleezy tricks they try…

        • Alexander

          it’s not you. I know that.

      • i8taylorspie1time

        no need to be pissed taylor. when someone finds a photo of you that you screwed up and taken, you might as well claim up to it.

      • GR33D

        Of course thats not you, you’re a titless freak of nature, clearly you only share a hair resemblance with that bitch, we know you got ZERO tits Taylor, Don’t even trip, that girl is too hot to be Taylor “Flat Chest” Swift

        • jacobi hinde

          i can only assime you are ugly as sin and probably live in your moms basement still what right do you have to judge her breast size i bet you have never even seen a boob in your life and if that girl is so hot please tell me what page i can find her on the list of the worlds most beautiful people you know the one taylor swift is on you right it is clearly not taylor in this pic as she has more class then to take naked pictures your mean words clearly stem from tthe fact that is not taylor and you cannot sit whack off to her pic in your mommys basement i guess its back to the backstreet boys album cover for you WEIRDO!!!!!

          • grammar nazi

            OK. Seriously what the fuck was that? Dude, you seriously need a lesson in proper punctuation. Or any punctuation. That run-on sentence hurt my brain to read.

        • Stacey

          You’re a freaking idiot. I don’t understand why people want to act like this about every celebrity. You know what I didn’t see everybody acting all upset, especially the guys, when Bill Clinton supposedly had an affair with Monica Lewinsky. At least when he was president we weren’t in war and poor as hell. So the point that I”m making is that if you’re life isn’t interesting enough for you that you have to put that poor girl down, maybe you should post nude pics of yourself online….not saying that you will get many hits.

        • jill

          shes a B cup. thats average. shes not flat chested.

          • Iron Maiden

            You propogate this filth on yur website.Yu should be ashamed of what yu do.Yu are an afront to the human race.You will be judged by the Grand Architect if the universe for yur sins and sent to the bowels of hell.

        • cooldude

          shut up you assholes!.that’s my girlfriend you’re talking about

          • misrable99


        • CreeperSlayer35

          The chick in the pic may not be Taylor Swift, but you have no right to critisize her.


          All of you shut up about Taylor! How would you like it if you had a picture of you naked and she posted some hateful comments on you. So leave her alone you fucking retards.
          This is not Taylor, Taylor has grey eyes she said so at one of her concerts and it doesn’t look like her at all and I should know i have at least 10 posters and nearly all her albums.
          Its a fake fake fake fake fake so all shut up

          btw i was searching up Taylor Swift’s new album and this came up think of small children

          • misrable99

            piss off ass hole you are obsesed with her fucking wannabe

      • jacobi hinde

        you go taylor you have to much class to even respond to idiots with no couth just look at the stupid news articles they come up clearly this site is run by brainless children with a mind capacity of a 5 year old my 5 year old writes more exciting and better quality articles in kindergarden you are classy let them talk their trash your still on top and they are still just rejected wannabes who will always be nobodys

        • Has been to school

          That’s hypocritical, seeing as you are referring to everyone having a mind capacity of a five year old, when you lack the brain power to use a full stop. If you’re going to try and make a point, don’t act like a stupid fucking redneck.

      • Juredneck

        This is obviously not u Taylor, your to beautiful, it’s a shame that people might actually think this is you considering she is no where near as beautiful as you

      • noshame

        IF that is you dont be ashamed of your body it is fantastic. you are a beautiful women both inside and out. You have a big heart and a wonderful personality why shouldnt you be pround of your body. don’t freak out over this but I do understand

        • Iron Dude

          You are utter filth and will be judged by the Master of the Universe and sent to hell for yur sins.Neither does yur religion condone yur actions.

      • unknown

        wtf! Wats going on? This is shit. Taylor Cant do anything like dis, eva. Wats da benefit in misleading people and hurting sum1 and bringing her status down?? Dis pic deserves a dustbin

      • yourmom

        If that was u. Id say sweet holy thats hot!! Even still… Its hot no denyong there. Love u taylor

        • KittyKatHiiissss

          haha… nice username. Your mom says…

      • Some person who shall remain nameless(Michael Jackson)

        it dont even loook real bitch

      • lovin yo titties

        hey dont be mad that people want to see your tits thats more of a complement

        • Tray

          very true people like boobs it practilly a complement think of it da other way total complement

          • black ops freak

            ya dont have to get pissy about it i think its a complement and y da hell did u even look dis stuff up if your just gonna get pissed off its kinda stupid to look up taylor swift boobs wen u could just take yur shirt and bra off look at yur boobs

      • taylor swift fan

        why would you put this up descrimenating to people why not just delete this site and stop all of this im a huge fana nd i know this is not taylor that chick in the pic it not her taylor look better and she has more self respect then to do that

      • mikie


      • Your mom

        I believe you taylor ppl thes days dnt have a life nd start making up lies ppl hatin that’s why ther jealous

      • Tray

        u know wut no madder who the hell that is but still a sexy body and i know 4 a fact that not taylor

      • white jetta 01/01/2011

        Taylor this is clearly NOT YOU and whoever posted this pic plus the others clearly has something wrong with them mentally.Your REAL fans will know this is not you and wont listen to these lies.

      • Jay Z

        Taylor,imma let you finish
        But Celeb Jihad has some of the best pictures of all TIME

      • Somebody

        Normally celebrities would not give a shit if a naked picture of themselves is on the web (they think it would have been photoshopped). Taylor Swift however is in panic mode over this photo, threatening to sue Celebjihad if they do not take down the photo. Obviously this is real or else she wouldn’t care.

      • Mike T

        dont listen to what they say T swift you got a bangin body

      • steve Tompkins

        TO TAYLOR:You don’t answer the ones on Xhamster or naked celeb naked star sites. You don’t answer none of those questions Taylor… Thats what we want to know?? Black man orgy with you getting banged.

      • the only one with a brain

        Taylor, if thats not you, you shouldnt be mad. thats a perfect fake! i hope if u ever decide to bare all, thats how u look.

      • Meg

        Im one of your biggest fans even though it looks like you somebody had to have took this pic i feel so bad 4 u i love u Taylor

      • sjohnny

        Show us your real boobs

      • jordan

        This girl is clearly not Taylor. For one Taylor’s eyes are much prettier, furthermore she is much to classy and smart to take nude pics. I’m sure living the life of a stare is hectic enough without such malicious filth being spread. Really folks grow up!

      • i hate ihatecelebs

        i belive taylor but who ever edited that pic done an amazing job

      • Jake

        i agree with her (if thats really her) but anyways dont be posting fake pics and saying that they are her.

      • Taylor Dickson

        You are right Taylor that’s so fake well yeah love u #1 fan

      • hello world

        How do we know it’s not you??

      • jame

        ur not taylor swift

      • hello world

        How do we even know that it’s “Taylor swift” that made this post that its not you?? For all we know you could be some fat bastard masterbating to the photo right now.

      • all american

        Thats not even her!!

      • CreeperSlayer35

        I belive you.

      • JustDoIt

        Then how about you post some like these. And a sex tape while at it.

      • responder

        shut up you dont have any fans

      • Ben

        We know it’s not you she looks nothing like you. You look much better

      • Person…

        course it isnt.

      • LIL DICK


      • bill

        what are you doing on a porn site

      • diealadie

        then post some real ones!

      • normal ass person

        Your still hot and I still wanna fuck you

      • doggies bro

        your not taylor swift you stupid fucking slut and if you were youd take credit for that sexy photo

      • Harzy Nguyễn

        Vietnamese : em yêu chị nhưng em không bao che cho chị đâu. Nhưng chỉ dựa vào khuôn mặt em đã biết cô gái này trẻ hơn chị rất nhiều, và đó không phải là chị, phòng của em có ảnh của chị rất nhiều nên em đã rất quen với khuôn mặt của chị rồi.

      • titanic 35212

        We all love you and think your hot………… so its kind of awsome to see this (=D

      • Bob Saget

        Yes it is

      • trent

        Don’t defend yourself. You don’t need to. But props. Not many people write their own songs anymore. I was surprised to learn that you did.

      • Your buddy

        If it is or not i love your boobs!! Plus that is a sexy picture! Oh and if it is not then show me your boobs and we will compare. I love boobies!!!!!!!! You are a sexy hot beautiful girl to!!!!

      • Bazli

        can you give me your real naked photo….please……

      • The True ZombieKing

        I’m sorry Taylor that there are so many dumb asses on the internet. No matter how hard you try to stop them, they will try to put fake pics out and try to pass them as real. I personally am not a fan of your music I am more of a Metallica fan. But again I am sorry that there are dumb ass adults( I’m only 15) that are so fucking retarded.

      • Penissucker

        Those look like my tittys

      • misrable99

        then show us a real picture of you if you are really “taylor swift” fucking cum guzzling whore

    • mike

      what’s wrong w/small tits & a tight ass?

    • Confederate Brother

      What’s wrong with small breasts? They have an advantage, when she’s 45 and up, they won’t sag down to her nave. And as for having a tight little butt, I’m in favor of that too, much better looking than a big ‘ol Janet Jackson, Oafrah Whipme she-boon ass with the cellulite and all.

      • mikie

        i would love to corn hole her

    • joey t

      Swift or not, you are a sick man to think there’s anything worth being ashamed of in that photo.

    • mikie


      • Cole

        Dude your have more then just problems. Why did you write all these comments you freak of nature. You disgust me, please please go kill yourself. Your beyond annoying, and your life defines the word LOSER.

    • kid mikie

      I would give 1 million dollars to cum on her face

      • I will kick your ass 4 the USA

        me to only id give 1 million dollars just lick her pussy

    • Tushar

      come on dont be so cheap and give some fake pics

    • Fordman

      What do you mean “no ass”? Can you somehow see her ass from the angle of this pic? Plz let us know how you do that, genius.

    • boob.

      dumb-ass, thats not even her. perv.

    • Benniferrrrrrrrrrrr

      Now that is Taylor. I know Taylor, and THAT is definately Taylor Swift!!!

    • don

      but i think she is kinnda hot

    • Pickle430

      bitch I’d still fuk the sh!t out of her

    • Pickle430

      bitch I’d still fuk the sh!t out of her cute ass

    • Pickle430

      bitch I’d still fuk the sh!t out of her cute ass

    • Pickle430

      bitch shut the fuk up I’d still fuk the sh!t out of her cute ass

    • Amanda

      I went out with a girl from college and were fucking as always pussy licking and play with my toys she also put her 2 whole fist in my ass mm mm she was sexy

      • computerbeast123

        amanda wat does that have to do with taylor

    • Amanda

      Wait she don’t look like the real Taylor swift woww but she that girl in the pic is still sexy

    • kiann

      this is not true. nice Adobe Photoshop you did it agen this is so sick dud dont do anyting lyk this it not good for all.. if i make you mom nood du you ting you like that?

    • Big gal

      A Chicago bulls fan? Do some research this is NOT MISS SWIFT! Quit trying to take her down she is a good person!

    • Nick

      Taylor your a ugly mofo any way ya hillbilly lmfao

    • BatMan(^^)

      I’m not even close to being a Taylor Swift fan but I know that’s not her.
      Can people just get a life.

  • ahhgmed

    I shall tame this harlot by sucking the kuffar out of her mouth and blasting her sinful anus.

  • Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn

    Close but no dice, I’ve seen Taylor plenty of times an those are not her eyes,
    whoever this is though still needs to be roughly tamed.

  • Dufuck?!

    Naw. Not taylor. And guess what?? ALOT of people eat strawberries.

  • Ben

    That’s definitely not Taylor Swift.

  • ts

    that is not taylor swift.. yes she had a small tits, but this is not her.

    • theheadchimp

      Above 4 assholes
      What makes you dweebs experts on Taylor Swift? Beating your meat to her pix in a magazine does mean you know her…

      • alyson

        I do actually

    • Jackie

      I think you mean “she has small tits” because what you said makes no sense!

  • doingyourmom

    that is not taylor swift

  • Oops She Did It Again! xD lol

    That’s not Taylor Swift. For one thing; the eyes seem to be off. And another; Taylor has a longer face than that… # JusttSayingg :P

  • Demonwolf141

    All Sandgoogles can rant and rave about what they feel is right in their own lives, but it takes a real human being to supress their inner desires and compliment a individual on their own choices in life. you who believe in life after death have yet to experience death, praise not what has not yet been known to you.

    • Jake

      do you even know what a sand google is???

      • Ihatesandniggers

        yea the guy who makes this site

  • Farzaneh the Midwife

    Has anyone else noticed she only has one nipple? This is why you should try not to get STDs.

    • allahisgay


  • dude——

    like the boobs so i dont care

  • yuna

    that’s not taylor swift. her nose are much sharper and seeing at those related posts at the side, they are mostly photoshopped. -.- how stupid can everyone be.

    • Jackie

      Capitilize the “T” say “is” instead of “are”, and learn to form a correct sentence, because DAYUMN!

  • Giggity Greg

    FAKE. Her nipples don’t look like that in real life.

    • assfucker

      as if u saw them

      • all american


  • Aniimal

    That is definitely NOT Taylor Swift! She bares a really close resemblance, but if you have seen enough pictures of her, then you will know that it is not her. She has really distinctive eyes, and those aren’t it… Plus the nose is too big.

  • meow

    this is not taylor! taytay got blue eyes. this girl got brown eyes. and her nose is different! we are not silly , ok. you can’t make a joke!!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      monkey ass

      Take your google talk back to the ghetto.

      • usa

        Will you shut the fuck up. Get out of this country.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          usa asshole

          This country is now claimed by Islam. We took it in the successful 9-11 attack.

          • your funny

            yea thats what you think…tel that to the men and women who are over there killin everyone who looks like you…not only that but we have killed the two most important people yall had. what are you gonna do when the time comes and we come knockin on your door? run and hide in a cave, or dig yourself a grave? your times comming…so get on your knees, put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye…cause trust me…your a dead man walkin ya pile of shit. SIMPER FI!!!

          • Yousuck

            Fuck u

          • Jackie

            We all know all you sand googles look alike, but damn do you have to act alike too?!

          • unknown

            die basterd die.

      • Bigman23

        You sandgoogle are a bunch of bullshit and thats
        why we know yous are going to do it again WOW how
        Dumb!! Heehee

      • DUM LIMP NUT

        abdullah u silly lil bitch ass sand maggot stop tryna b sadam ok his dead ur idol is dead

  • theheadchimp

    Taytay? You talk your google shit some place else asshole. You having a computer is the joke fuckhead.

  • jdog456

    it does not look like her

  • tkosiorek

    not Taylor,look at the background,she would’nt be in a dump like that,,it’s a shame that somebody would tag this pic like that,she is a sweet innocent girl,this is so disrespectful.

    • floridagirl

      sweet maybe..pure …doubt it….John Mayer and Jake G!!! Think they would even go out with her if she didn’t put out? She did and they dumped her. This girl is prettier than she is , she has a rat face.

      • Jackie

        She probably looks better than you do! I wouldn’t be surprised if you were a certain pig faced girl I saw on youtube!

  • youre an idiot

    “After careful examination of this photo, I believe that this is in fact Taylor Swift. The wood paneling on her bedroom walls suggest that she is in some sort of top of the line trailer (possibly a double-wide) which only a hoity-toity country star like Taylor Swift would splurge on.”

    Are you serious bro? “Top of the line trailer” wouldn’t have wood paneling. And nobody “splurges” on a trailer. Especially not millionaires. You’re an idiot. Not her.

    • theheadchimp

      You are an idiot alright
      Its obvious you have never dealt with hillbilly millionaires. Those dumb peckerwoods all live in homes on wheels.

      • trXXXtr

        whats wrong did you get fkd in the ass by a hillbilly? did he give it to you ALL THE WAY TO THE HAIR? YOU FKN LOSER!!!

    • Hans-Ulrich Rudel

  • tkosiorek

    you two are a idiot and a ASS ,:youre an idiot says and theheadchimp says
    just google images of taylor swift at home and you will see pictures of the Beverly hills home she owns and home she bought for her parents,

  • nadevilish

    great look alike but not her

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      Stupid asshole, how would you know that it isn’t taylor, did you do a dna test?

      • Jackie

        Abdullah you either choose to die or I’ll find you!

      • DUM LIMP NUT

        rag heads hav nothing better to do besides driver an ice cream truck around n make lame ass homo sights with lame ass homo muslims

  • hahahaha

    NOTICEABLE MISTAKE, that red thing behind her has the name kylie on it….ummmmm :s

    • duh

      That say “Kyle”, “14” and “Chicago Bulls”. which are all related to a single professional athlete. I’ll leave the athlete’s name, uniform number, and team as an exercise for the reader. ;-)

      • Matt

        Actually, it says NVIE, which is a high-end designer of things like shoes and handbags. It’s a sticker she probably got with something she bought- they give them out with thier products as a means of advertising.

  • dingdong dantes

    looking at the background seems not her room

  • FakeDetector

    photoshop ….editede boobs.. only have one tit??

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      What do you mean photoshop?
      This site has never published anything but the genuine article.
      I will say this….as soon as you posted…the homoqueer detector went off.

      • U Islamic worshiping twat.

        As soon as you posted your camel ran off. Since this is the only time your not raping it.

      • Abdullah the Butfucker

        Abdullah is blind because his dad, uncle and camel spugged on his face waaaaay too many times. No pictures on this site are photo shopped?! Are you fucking serious? You’re that guy that believes everything he hears and sees, like all those years when your dad was raping you telling you it was for your own good, that it was for the good of Islam and that someday it would help when you shoved a brick of C4 up your ass. Everything that comes out of your mouth smells of your camels cum. You have some serious homophobic issues, maybe you should just hang yourself, your life must be so miserable.

  • ronit

    she i not taylor swift !!!!!! thats a bullshit

  • Cuda

    as much is i would love to see her natrual Beauty this is NOT her, sure it has some reasonable look of her but it is not her

  • Bob F

    FAke or not, the pic works for me.

  • Bob F

    Here is a real pic of Taylor (face pic) without her makeup. The woman in the pic has 2 nipples, one is pressed into the bedclothes.

    • mike

      give me a break! u don’t notice the thick eyeliner?

  • Bob F

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    as ATB “asshole tickling bitch” and Monkeyfucker has said, the pictures are real. ignorant infidels.

  • endorphinchik

    This girl has PERFECT buttocks and PERFECT tits.
    And if you, who said about smallness, prefer two millstones and cow’s udder – please, accept my condolences… :)

    • Hamburglar

      i swear to allah people get dumber by the day

      • khzntmyatmin

        Don’t be afraid. It’s not you. Isn’t it?

  • Bernardo

    Yo pienso que no es Tailor, porque ella es muy cuidadosa con su cuerpo. No le va a gustar que su padre y su hermano le vean sus tetas en internet.

    • theheadchimp

      Press 1 for spanish
      Press 2 for english
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  • Adam

    FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! Taylor Swift is not a bulls fan!!! LOL… That girl in the picture doesn’t even look that much like taylor, facially… just has the curly blonde hair

  • Bushrod

    Trust me that pic is not Taylor.I have been there.For what its worth.

    • theheadchimp

      Are you trying to say you tapped this? Google please this is a truthful site……..

  • Bret

    LMAO. You guys think it’s Taylor? If you guys think that it’s her then you’re dumb. First look at the number at the background it says 14, we all know that her favorite number is 13. Second it’s not her room. Third geez, it’s obvious, that’s not Taylor, look at her eyes. It’s just not her. Y’all need to shut up and RESPECT TAYLOR. I’m pretty sure you have your moms or sisters. LEARN TO RESPECT A GIRL YOU FUCKTARDS.

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  • Team Taylor-Tyler

    Taylor isn’t the kind of person who would do this, she’s a great role model amongst alot of young people. How dare you do this to her!! She’s gonna sue your ass pretty good, good enough to shut this motherf*cking site down. This is definitely not her, there buch of sites photoshopping her head into a naked body. This is might just be one of thousand of it. I love you Taylor, and will support you though the whole way. Army of Taylor has been arisen!!!

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      team turd packer

      You are a fucking idiot.
      The army of taylor can only do one thing: put all the glory holes out of business giving free blow jobs.

    • Taylor Hater

      LMAO you act like you know her. Listen to her songs and you would know thatthis kind of thing is her. She sleeps with everyone in hollywood. Then writes songs about it and blames the failure on them and says she was to young and he should have known better. what a slut.

    • Mr Anderson

      Good Lord, Here we go again …

      First, learn to use the English language! Second, so you think this is not Taylor, well tell us, what was your first clue, dumbass?! Third, you’re actually stupid enough to think this is a photo-shopped pic of her head on another girl’s body! I don’t even know how to insult you for this statement since you just insulted yourself so bad. And fourth, STOP with the hero worship already! That is how an unqualified “community organizer” got in the Whitehouse, you moronic whore!

    • kutter frazee

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    • kutter frazee

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  • alyson

    Bc she us clearly a bulls fan….I think not seen her bus this isn’t it nore does she have any stomach at all I just saw her nd hugged her in the last month as you can see she’s to thin in real life nd always was so if it is her this is more than likely child pornography so congrats to you all calling a 14 yr old grl such names think if that was your daughter…..

    • Abdullah The Butcher


      No Muslim’s daughter would be photographed in such a whorish pose.
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      • viv

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        And no one will be granted such goodness
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        Qur’an 41:34-35

      • some other person

        you know nothing about us americas like you think you do stay in your our county and kill yalls kids and other and keep you mouth shut how about that

  • sympatico

    It’s even in the “news”. Taken from TMZ:

    “Taylor Swift is prepared to go to war with a website called Celebrity Jihad … claiming she was wrongly identified in a “leaked” nude photo … and now she’s threatening to sue their asses.

    The photo in question features a topless woman who bears a resemblance to Swift under the headline, “Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked?”

    Swift’s lawyers are pissed — and fired over a letter to the site demanding it take down the post immediately … or else she’ll sue for trademark infringement.

    In the letter, Team Swift says the site contains, “false pornographic images and false ‘news” about the singer.

    A rep for the site tell us the blog is considering it’s options. Swift’s people had no comment.”

  • The “V.V.”

    SIMPLE SOLUTION … Taylor appears for a photo or submits one of herself; compare the 2 of them and the argument is over – the lawsuit is moot > and I like small tits (as long as they are perky-and they are).
    What if EVE had threatened to sue God for putting her in the Garden of Eden naked? Since I “really” do like smaller – (but perky) – tits then I’d rather see these than the ones that eventually stretch and touch your knee-caps by the time you’re 60. Taylor’s cute … but the tits look better.

  • Taylor Hater

    Its not her. She has devious Squinty eyes. I hope it is her though. Hopes she loses the case that ought to teach her sluty stanky ass to sue a little bar in Idaho for playing her CD. Besides this bitch deseves this shit for sleeping around with any man with a pulse thats a star in Hollywood. It doesnt hurt that making stupid teeny bopper Pop music makes you look like a stupid child Taylor. Seriously a song about being MEAN??? What a retard you are. Glad Kanya punked your ass.

    • Taylor Swift

      I’ll suck your cock.

  • Bolo

    From a painters perspective and someone who’s familiar with facial structure, it’s apparent that this is not Taylor. I’m sure you already know that though and posted it anyway.

  • viv

    Definitely not her. Use your brain.

  • Big Neal

    While I do wish that this was Taylor Swift-because she is beautiful and WAY out of my realm/league-I have looked closely at the picture at this is NOT Taylor Swift.

    This girl is fuller in the face and the room doesn’t look anything like a room that she would lay down in-let alone get topless in.


    • Abdullah The Butcher

      big nerd neal

      What are you, an authority on all things taylor?

      If it’s posted on this site….it’s the truth.

      • vtxrider

        If its published on this site its nothing but opium induced dreams you camel humping POS.

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          VD Rider

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        • Abdullah The Butcher

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          • Hi

            haha Butcher you are funny xD

      • u-r-very-funny

        butchette, i have been reading through several of the “stories” on this site and reading your and chimps posts. while they have been entertaining, i became obvious early on that neither of you are Muslim. In fact, just by what you say and the way you say it, its obvious both of you are Americans. if your gonna pretend to be something then at least try to do a little research into what it is you want to pretend to be. as it is, you appear as a couple of juvenile dumbasses with very low self esteem and no life. Chump, err. Chimp is apparently from Detroit and you act like a redneck from the backwoods of Mississippi.

      • u-r-very-funny

        oh by the way. since u have gotten the court order to take down this story by now, i would hurry up and comply. i don’t think your parents can afford to fight Taylor Swift in court.lol

  • viv

    I can’t believe people are buying this. It’s FAKE.

  • teltech543

    It would be nice if it was Taylor. She is hot. But it can easily be a look alike college coed. And the cheap wood paneling was is even the cheapest of mobile homes. I know. I had one.

  • Jow

    Get those assholes, Taylor! What a bunch of fucking pussies fabricating stories about the most beautiful/kind person in the World.

  • KKFG

    Just found out about this via TMZ.

    Clearly, her lawyers can’t see this post is a parody of celebrity nude picture leaks.

    “Add to that, the fact that the girl in the photo has strawberries on her panties and Taylor Swift has been known to eat strawberries, and there is some pretty damning evidence that this is a photo of a topless Taylor Swift.” makes it clear it’s a joke on celebrity nude picture sleuths.

  • yeah right

    This obviously NOT Taylor Swift!!!! its just a regular double wide trailer and there is a Chicago Bulls thing in the background I could go on and on about how this has damning evidence as to it NOT being her

  • chris

    man this is soo fake you should take this shit off its only starting trouble coz taylor would neva do shit like this because shes classy and not a fkn trashy slut

    • true

      So true! BTW, this is soooo not taylor. Look at her height, her nose, and her eyes. Taylor is tall, has a small nose, and cat-like, blue eyes.

      • Taylor Supporter

        Thats not Taylor, I can see this website getting sued by Taylor.

        go Taylor Swift sue them !!!