Taylor Swift To Star In New Sims Sex Game?

Taylor Swift Sims

According to this image uncovered on the Interwebs, country music star Taylor Swift is set to star in a celebrity sex version of the popular “Sims” video game.

As you can see in graphic above, this “Sims” game will allow the nerdy infidel masses to act out extreme sex acts on their celebrity crushes like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and James Earl Jones.

Of course us Muslims find this game utterly moronic because we could easily bed any celebrity we desired as our raw animal sex appeal is irresistible. Even supposed good girl Taylor Swift is not immune to our charm, and would eagerly present herself for mounting if a Muslim showed so much as a hint of interest.

  • yes

    I’d play

    • Huge Cock Habib

      with me?

    • ulm

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      • ulm

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          • ulm

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  • Fatass McBride

    That is sofucking fake

  • Huge Cock Habib

    YARN anotha fake shit

    • Huge Cock Habib

      infidel imposter you are the fake. You must come to my city in Saudi Arabia so that I may behead you for your insolence.

  • Observer

    I play sex games with chicks like this every night……

    …and I don’t even have a console out here in the desert….

  • HONG


    • Anubis

      Hong, the Chaz Bono babe is way too much of a woman for you to handle. Better stick with your fantasy about sucking camels and goats.

  • phillip mccracken

    O… m… f… g…. that is beyond a fucking genius idea. Id fill up taylor swift than move onto james earl jones…. well, only if a darth vader helmet for him is unlockable. Seriously tho ifthey made that… I would so buy it. And id prolly never leave my house

  • Anubis

    It appears that Taylor Swift is branching out doing porn games to try to reach a greater audience of the depraved infidel masses out there. She rather resembles the blonde gal Jennette McCurdy who plays Sam on Icarly. If they meet, I’m sure they would hit it off being both into C&W music, and eventually will get around to rug munching and scissoring action, Miranda Cosgrove would join them as a threesome. knowing Victoria Justice from her past exploits of debauchery, would sure get jealous of this lesboqueer sexy orgy and would love to jump in.

    • Kahlid

      It is indeed a sickening vision you have given us, Brother Anubis. But one so compelling that he only way to expiate it is to make it happen.

      Several times in a row.

      • Anubis

        Brother Kahlid, yes that would be very sickening vision indeed. Brother Durka needs to check into the two gals on Icarly and do some news updates on them. Those budding lezzies have been escaping our Islamic wrath for way too long, and needs some notoriety on this holy site. They may become as popular as the limey whore Emma Watson and the beaner slut Selena Homo Homez.

        • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

          While us Muslims preach for our freedom of speech and find our ranks to be a place of open, frank discussion I still feel that amongst all the topics of sodomy, beastiality and child pornography, iCarly really just stuck out and haunted me after reading that comment.
          Please in future refrain from refering to the most horrible show of all heathen infidel shows. I am ashamed I know what it is, its horror burns into my soul.

          • Sanity

            I thought the Muslim way was of peace, not nonsensical arguing about child stars, i would not wish on my greatest rival what i hear on this website . why?

  • HONG

    Khalid and his friends CAN GO TO HE’LL AND BURN THERE FOREVER. That girl is not Taylor Swift.

    • aghmed

      Hong the moron, that is Taylor Swift and we are going to Muslim heaven for stoning infidels.

    • Anubis

      Homo chink Hong, you really need to come up with something more original to rant about instead of the usual “U GO TO HELL!” and “ME DUM CHINK, GOT EXCITED AND WET MYSELF. FAKE, ME TINK NOT TAYLOR SWIFT”.

      Why do you keep coming back to this holy Islamic site other than to play with your little Hong dong while lusting over brother Durka’s photo postings? You better stop doing that or your already squinty slanty eyes will go blind.

  • Ed

    This is faker than Pamela Anderson’s tits,I wish it were real tho

  • Dirk

    God, I wish this was real. It would be an all-time classic. Dreams would become reality

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    • Osama Bin Bad-Ass Motherfucker

      Need to call the grammar police on you!

  • HONG

    Aghmed and Anubis, both of u will be going to HELL for all your lies

  • ritu sahu

    maza ata h..

  • Abdullah The Butcher

    When Islam is in charge of america (great satan) us Muslims have a real game for taylor to play and it is called “the whore gets stoned”

    and the whore always loses…..her head.

    • habbibut

      Islamic America will truly be a glorious thing.

      Behead the whores!

      • Sanity

        Never going to happen, not to be insensitive but, Christianity is the more… “Popular” Religion. Let others do and you do as you do.. no need to kill someone.

  • mynameisnotali

    I want to fuck her!

    • Kahlid

      Permission denied, kuffar.

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  • Habib the assassin

    This slut will do anything for cash .

    • phillip mccracken

      Oh my friend, u don’t know how badly and how much I wish that were true….

  • Kahlid

    Does the game have a mod where you can give them all cliterodectomies, acid burns and then place them in burqas?

  • Amurica bitches

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    • Dream DeathAngel

      America is spelled A-M-E-R-I-C-A America

      • Sanity

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  • Amurica bitches


  • did you touch cookies

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  • did you touch cookies

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  • Dream DeathAngel

    Yeah… they’ve just started the Sims 3 series, and haven’t even made the regular Sims 4 game yet.. so shut up and learn some stuff. This is some real fake stuff, and don’t even think about daring to mouth about other stars. You need to get some better sources. So how about introducing your upper lip to your lower lip and shut up.
    – Fire and Ice will reign, and Silver will rule.

    • Abdullah The Butcher

      dreams of asshole

      How about you shut your “cock hole” and mind your own business.

      Islam will reign and us Muslims will rule!


      • Dream DeathAngel

        Yeah.. That’ll happen when hedgehogs fly, jackass. I’ll do what I want, when I want, and nobody steps on my turf without getting a good pummeling. So I suggest you learn this: I don’t care, don’t wanna care, and I’m not gonna care what you damned idiots say.
        Fire and Ice will be one, and Silver will reign

        • Abdullah The Butcher

          dreams of ass-pirates

          Shut your face homoqueer!

          Your turf is the glory hole and the only thing you pummel is the cocks of gay-fags.

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          • Abdullah The Butcher

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  • greg

    J’ai acheter les sims pour mon fils et j’ai remplac√© la jaquette par celle-ci ! Et il y a vraiment cru !

  • Yoyoyo

    Sure hope it’s fake. Taylor swift was the closest thing to a good girl the entertainment industry had. I think it is fake though.

  • Fuck Muslums

    The fuck you damn muslums can, the only good thing youre good at doing is blowing shit up then getting shot in the god damn head for it!

  • Taylor Swift

    I’m starring in the new Sims game called Sims 4: Sex and Fame. Press a button to turn me on and stick it in. I may come from Nashville or a farmy state but I have great sex moves and I never got a blowjob. So sit down in your chair and if you have the game already, press on my name and I will do some great sexy moves that will have you speechless. I may be a Cute Country Singer with a peppy happy good side, but I also have a bad side like my Actress buddy Hermione (Played by Emma Watson) Pop it off!

  • Selena Gomez

    Doing it on Me? I know you all love my Latina butt (kiss it) and play the Sims 4 game to do some great moves on me and I will do some great moves back to you so enjoy it while you sitting on the couch trying to find out what you’re gonna do to my engaged Latina butt. And five seconds ago, so hi Taylor!! Even if I’m 20 I have an American Girl doll that looks just like me. I got it in Los Angeles. Back to Sims: Hope you enjoy having digital kids and nudity from me, Latina still a teenager to me, Selena Gomez.

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  • Muslim Killer Noob

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    • Arcachnar

      Huh? Muslims in the Islam? There is nothing right in that sentence. When will you finally realize that you can’t blame ALL the Muslims of the bloodshed that have been in Allah’s name or of this site? Only a small group. Go and learn about the Islam and the Middle East.

      • Sanity

        i am sanity, one who can respect all.

  • Muslim Killer Noob

    Hi Muslims I’m back……….. Atleast

  • ashley dustin

    i love sex and i love sims games this is good awesome job celebritys being romantic and falling in love and being with the special one u love all your life tho is amazing and having a family

  • simmingsince2001

    as a big time sims fan i see this as hilarious and obviously fake